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on June 25, 2016
A straightforward, elegantly-designed, rectangular and wired keyboard with backlit keys so you can see what the computer buttons are that you want to depress when you're typing in a darkened room. I decided I wanted a wired keyboard -- since wireless keyboards are more fragile in comparison, and, wireless keyboards that have backlit keys will drain their rechargeable or removable batteries much too quickly. Thus, I settled for a wired one that's, "low maintenance." And if you're looking for a keyboard with multiple colors and wild housing designs to appeal to the eyes and minds of gamers from ages 10 to 17, this isn't the keyboard for you. All the alphanumerics are backlit with white L.E.D.s. -- looks more professional, more elegant (and in my opinion, it's more appealing to practical-minded adults) to keep the color scheme limited and consistent for its backlit design. The alphanumerics themselves are laser-etched for a precision appearance. All the keys have a shallow depth and a responsive, light touch with a near-muted, click-tactile feedback for ergonomic finger strikes; they're part and parcel to its overall low profile. Like a lot of electrically-powered backlit keyboards -- don't get it wet -- otherwise, keys simply won't respond for shorting it out. (If this keyboard was waterproof I would have rated it with the full five stars). Function keys on the top row are either software-programmable, or they have preset functions enabled via the same software. Even if you didn't use the keyboard's software that comes with it, Windows recognizes it as a standard keyboard device anyway, and it starts working as soon as you plug it into any viable USB port. A nice, clean, fast feature are its manual adjustments for key brightness and sound volume, and these four keys are located in one row in the upper right corner. After I wore out the first keyboard after using it for several years (I shorted out the backlighting of a few keys for accidentally spilling drinks on it over the years), I decided that this keyboard was good enough for me to purchase this exact same model, again ...and I did just that.
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on December 27, 2016
I really liked this keyboard. Loved the fact it was illuminated (and the brightness could be adjusted), and keystrokes were pretty quiet. Unfortunately after less than 2 months some keys started jamming but seemed to resolve themselves if I put a small screwdriver under the key to gently lift it slightly (without taking it completely off) and free it from whatever was holding it down or preventing it from being pressed; now, after about 3 months of owning it, the "enter" key jammed and I attempted to lift it slightly but the entire key snapped off and the thin, plastic clip underneath broke. There's no way to fix it, and it's well past the window to return it.

So what I've found is that I spent $67 for a keyboard that lasted 3 months (and started having issues after only 2). I've owned previous keyboards for years without issues, so I feel this one is a horrible value if its keys start jamming and one can't resolve the issues without breaking the keyboard.
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on August 17, 2016
I normally LOVE Logitech's hardware. I have a logitech keyboard and mouse at home that I love. However, I bought the K740 a few months back for my office and i've had nothing but problems with the keys. As you type, the plastic keys keep popping up off of the keyboard. Finally, one of the keys have broken off and it won't go back on.

I wish I could return it and get another one but I do NOT want this model. :(
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on September 16, 2009
Here is my story:
*** Okay...I have wasted so much money in my quest to find even just a 'good' illuminated keyboard. Usually you cannot find an illuminated keyboard that contains the normal keyboard get a scrunched version where the delete key is combined with the number pad....or in some wild location elsewhere....home, page up, page down, end.....gone.

*** I resolved myself to the fact that I would have to settle for an illuminated keyboard that just would not have the normal keyboard layout. Okay...I accept it. Now...let's start looking. Seven keyboards and 4 years later, I decide to give it one more shot. I have been so disgusted by the performance of the only decent illuminated keyboards...sticky keys...loud, obnoxious keys...poor etching in the keys so that they letters and numbers are so poorly illuminated that it makes it worse than if they were just black.

I have tried them all. I have read reviews, bought them first-hand, second hand, well-known brands, obscure brands. Gaming keyboards to professional boards created for IT. None made it past a low-level of mediocrity.


This is by far, hands-down, thumbs-up, smile-not-a-frown....ABSOLUTE BEST illuminated keyboard out there.

* The keys are fantastic! They are silent, well-padded, and the KEYBOARD LAYOUT IS STANDARD! WHOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEEEE!
* The illumination is by far the clearest and best on the market. The laser-etched letters on the keys glow well at every angle. Whether you type directly over the keys...whether you lean back and type...whether you have the keyboard set low or elevated...the illumination is PERFECT!

This is everything you want in an illuminated keyboard. If you are a game-freak, then maybe you will be less than perfectly satisfied because it utilizes a standard layout...but it does have the new bells and whistles of the 'system' hotkeys. Audio control, illumination control, Email and Home page shortcut keys, etc etc.

Look no further if you want a fantastic illuminated keyboard. Look no further if you are looking for a slim, lightweight, fits-in-your-backpack laptop-style keyboard for your laptop.

Four years I have looked. Many keyboards sold on Ebay or handed to friends or family because they just did not cut it.

This is it, folks. You won't get any better than this. This is the Alpha and the Omega of the illuminated keyboards. Forget your 'Fangs.' Nevermind your 'Saiteks I, II, or III.' Toss them all.

This one puts em all to SHAME...Shame I tell you.

Get one.
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on June 9, 2016
Keys snap off easily and customer service does not' respond to emails but every 48 hours and can't seem to look at attachments and miss information provided that they asked for in emails and threaten to close cases due to their inability to use email.
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on May 8, 2017
I am a computer programmer. i got through a lot of keyboards.

This keyboard is going in the trash after less than a week.

1) Left ctrl KEY (on my keyboard) doesn't click right unless you exactly center your finger on the key. I use the left CTRL key a lot and about half the time, it "jams" when pushing down and doesn't quite click. Very annoying.

2) I wanted a back lit keyboard, but the FUNCTION keys are not backlit. I use the function keys a lot. Instead the stupid FN keys (like MAIL, EJECT, MUSIC) which I never use are backlit.

3) The clear bezel around the keyboard is useless and just makes the keyboard bigger for no reason.

1) Quiet
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on April 18, 2017
I love Logitech. They stand behind their products. I wouldn't buy anything else, Logitech has made me a loyal customer.

I bought this keyboard for the backlighting. I'm on my second keyboard (warranty) because the keys are very fragile.

This is a scissor switch keyboard. Scissor switches were common in older laptops. Most of those hold up fairly well but this setup does not. The keys begin to crunch and will not depress normally at times as if something is stuck under them. I've tried compressed air to clear it but there were no foreign objects. I had three keys not functioning (left shift, #6 on the numpad, and space). It was going back for warranty so I decided to see if I could fix the keys before calling it in.

I work in IT. In older laptops you could remove the key, clear the object or fix the scissor. I could not with this keyboard. There was no way to reassemble the scissor once the key is pulled off. What I did learn was that there were no foreign objects as I had suspected. The switches are just that bad.

If it weren't for the bad switches this would be a rock star keyboard. It's thin, quiet, and the backlighting is very helpful for my situation.

You could still take you chances because Logitech will stand behind this if you run into a problem.

Sorry Logitech, I've never given you a one-star review. I want you to succeed. There's something wrong with these switches.
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on July 13, 2015
Most perfect keyboard ever made. I repeated the review title because it is, for a third time, the most perfect keyboard ever made. I have used many types of keyboards since 486 computers, manual typewriters, standalone electronic wordprocessor machines, dozens of different keyboards across dozens of computers. No contest. This keyboard outperforms them all.

It is not silent like the advertisement suggests but that is okay. Noise is nothing. It does have perfect stroke as it says and even more so that later models I've tested out. The keyboard feels clean to the fingers. The value of that is the keys are so comfortable to type on, you get a slight boost in your typing rythm that improves your unconcious flow.

The palm rest is like having your palms on silk. So comfortable that it greatly eases your engagement with the keyboard. The keys have an excellent light that is quite noticeable even when the sun bleeds through the windows at the highest intensity. The reason that is useful is your peripheral vision regarding the keys while you view the screen is greatly enhanced.

I do not know if the palm rest will remain as comfortable as it feels fresh out of the box. The best advice may be to minimize oil and persperation on the hands. Clean hands before use.

The keyboard has a very nice trim that resembles glass and it is an excellent aesthetic touch. A significant amount of thought went into the visual design of the keyboard. Best of all is how it feels and supports touch typing at 30 - 60 wpm and up. Anyone who has been trained in touch typing will find that this keyboard easily and is far beyond competent in supporting sustained rate of speed in typing. The keys are not layered like the keyboards of old but they work much better.

I saw this keyboard on display in a store. Never saw it before or perhaps simply did not notice it even though it looks like the keyboard has been around a while. I decided on a whim to try it out and instantly recognized that it was genuinely different than any computer keyboard I had used. The store price was like $90 for the keyboard. Amazon had a very deep discount at the time and so the opportunity was right.

The last keyboard similar to it that I had was the Logitech DiNovo Edge around 2006 or so. Excellent keyboard. Spilled tea on it by accident. Too expensive to replace. This keyboard is far better than any Logitech keyboard or keyboard from any brand that I have used. I had grown to accept that the chiclet keyboard style introduced with early Macbook computers was the direction on keyboards. That is probably true for laptops, but for a wired keyboard in which you do not have to replace batteries as often, especially given the backlight, this is far more productive and compelling than the standalone chiclet style keyboards.

With the laser etched keys, I do not get a sense that the letters and numbers will fade or wear off. The overall construction of the keyboard is solid but not in a way that is a lifeless industrial product. It is a very nice combination of durability and graceful style.

The bonus is I am using a Linux distribution and it works beyond what I had expected. My core reason for getting the keyboard was the backlit aspect. I had many choices but the added benefit of the key design for comfortable typing and the overall style (in that order) was what put this over the top. I did not expect function keys to work in Linux. Possibly due to the inroads Logitech has made in Linux, most of this keyboard's function keys work in Linux. A few exceptions are F4 (instant messaging program launch); F5 (Windows 7 Aero 3D Alt+Tab); F6 (control panel). The other web and music function keys work inside web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and video playback programs.

An excellent keyboard that offers tremendous benefit when it comes to long duration typing that extends into the evening. The backlight is a great productivity enhancement and there is a key right above the minus sign on the numeric keypad to adjust the backlight brightness. If you use home and end buttons, page up/down, you will gain the gift of instant ability to tap those keys with much less time looking for where they are located on the keyboard.

Other keyboards are just as worthy, especially if you do not spend a lot of time on the keyboard. Wireless keyboards are useful in that category and offer great convenience over wired keyboards. It is when you type fast with both hands looking at the screen and type for possibly hours at a time or otherwise draft several paragraphs in one sitting is where this keyboard proves its value. You will need the wired connection for more intense keyboard use where you have a backlight in which the combination of activity and illumination may impact battery life in a wireless version. Considering everything, this keyboard has it all.
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on January 27, 2015
I have been writing software since the early 80's. I learned to type on a manual typewriter and have a "heavy handed" typing style. My favorite keyboards are IBM type, click keyboards. Still, even on regular keyboards, people often get annoyed at my loud typing style. When working from home, I always attach a full sized keyboard to my laptop. Lately, I've been using a Microsoft Natural. Since I end up going to client sites, using my laptop, it's starting to become irritating to switch between an external keyboard and using the laptop keyboard. I decided to give this one a try, partially due to the backlighting. Although 99% of my typing is done without looking at the keyboard, sometimes it's necessary and I like to work in low light.
1. It's quiet
2. Keys have good travel range with typing due to the scissor switches.
3. Keys are a little closer together than more manual keyboards, which makes it similar to a laptop keyboard. It takes a little getting used to, but after a week, I was typing at my regular speed again and have the benefit of not fumble keying when I go laptop only, due to the similarities.
4. Backlighting
5. Comfortable

1. This is not enough to remove a star for me. After all, this was not marketed as a "Developer Keyboard". I use the Function Fn keys constantly with my development tools. In backlit mode, the Fn keys do not light up. It lights up the specialized key functions like email, home, play, pause, etc. On a positive note, the 12 Fn keys are layed out in groups of 4 so it's not hard to hit them by feel, once you get used to it.

If you have the money to spare, it might be worth a try. We all search for the perfect keyboard. I'm happy with this one, right now.
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on August 4, 2016
This is my second from this Logitech keyboard series. I set up a Windows 10 system. I really only bought it for the illuminated keys and because this brand is durable. The Logitech software is pitiful and you may as well forget the Set Point portion ever functioning correctly - especially if you have multiple devices and use the dongle. The main criticism I have for the software, however, is you have no keyboard functionality at boot. If, for example, you need to boot in Safe Mode, you will need to use another wired keyboard. This wired keyboard isn't operational until after the operating system loads along with all the drivers. Logitech has no plans to "address" this issue. Why do I still give it a 5-Star rating? It is extremely well-made. I have 4 Logitech keyboards and 4 mice. The oldest wireless mouse (with charging cradle) and wireless keyboard (uses regular batteries) set is approximately 10 years old and still fully functional (and mouse is still charging the original battery). I must point out that I am not a gamer and have no "power user" requirements so that does account for some of the longevity experiences of my devices.
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