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Enthusiast: Pokeron August 1, 2015
I have to say that this is my favorite keyboard ever owned. The look is sleek and modern without appearing like some alien technology. The illumination levels are adjustable and I prefer medium or low (3 levels). I've seen keyboards with something like 200 levels of brightness and I can't say that I see much practicality in that.

The switches in these are of the scissor type which is typical of laptop keys. In my opinion the amount of pressure it takes to depress each key is ideal. The keystroke is short, but I don't feel as if my fingers are jarred at the bottom. It is not noiseless, but not excessive. I find the clicking of the keys very satisfying. I type faster and more accurately with this as compared to some other boards. I'm learning to use a mechanical keyboard, but at this point the Logitech is still my preferred board.

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure if there are reprogramable hot keys. I have Logitech software installed for several keyboards but I can't find the settings for this one. I'm sure this info is easy to find.

In conclusion, this board would be a fantastic upgrade for almost any board, especially the stock pieces of junk that come with desktop computers. I would recommend this over any rubber dome type keyboard. You will find that with the shorter keystrokes your typing speed may improve. Those who like mechanical keyboards may like this as well, although this is highly subjective. Fortunately, many computer stores have this on display so you can try it before you buy it, which is a huge plus. I would rate this 5 1/2 stars if I could as I could not find a single negative thing to say about it. Well, with the palm rest it may take up just a little extra real estate on your desktop than other keyboards.

There is a wireless version which is similar to this, but I like the feel of typing on this better. I used to much prefer wireless keyboards and mice for everything. However, after going back to corded it just feels more responsive. How often do you really have to move your keyboard and mouse anyway? Plus, no more dead batteries.
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on September 3, 2017
Nice looking keyboard - 3 backlight settings with the key on the top right plus off. Totally solves my problem using keywords with strange characters in them in the dark. It remembers the light settings you choose after it is turned off. Quiet keys with a positive keystroke feel. Not much else I could want for (other than perhaps media control keys (pause, play, stop). The backspace key is not as large as my previous keyboard, and in the 6 key cluster, the 'insert' key is gone to be replaced with a double sized delete key. I think I like this new arrangement better. The illumination is very well done. 3X as expensive as my other illuminated keyboard but I'm happy with my choice.
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Enthusiast: Campingon December 8, 2014
As keyboards go this has to be one of the best.
I'm a Server Admin in a large enterprise and I also build computers fairly regularly. I've never come across a keyboard I liked more.
I replaced a Saitek (I guess Mad Catz now?) Cyborg v.5..
This keyboard feels much higher quality to me - even though that one cost a little more (2 years ago - and now).
The backlight effect is much more precise on this keyboard... Like a tiny LED is used for each individual key, whereas the Cyborg had a washout effect that indicated one or two centralized bulb(s) to illuminated all keys.
The light "bleeding" between keys on the logitech is present, but hardly noticeable.
The slim design is really great. Invokes memories of switching from my first Nokia cell phone to a Razr.
There is a nice little clear bezel that runs around the sides and top of the keyboard that enhances the look.
The typing is a dream and very quiet.
After experiencing it, I prefer this integrated palm rest, as opposed to the type that snap in. Why add another point of failure if not necessary??
The Cap locks, Insert, and Num Lock indicator are on the bottom of the keyboard which is nice for me, since the upper portion of mine is hidden often by my desk.
The "F" keys double as media related controls - which I'm assuming you can program with the included software (although I don't use such features - it's nice to have)

Some things that could possibly be interpreted as cons.....
The "F" numbers are not illuminated. However, the "media" icons on the F keys are illuminated. For instance you can see the home function icon but F1 is not lit up on the same key.
The delete key takes up two spaces, therefore moving the Insert key in line with the function keys row. This is just "different" to me, and not really a con as it'll probably preclude me from accidentally hitting that sometimes.
For some, the typing may get used to. It's more of a laptop type feel, but I find it very satisfying after 3 or 4 days of use.

Other thoughts. The ability to change the backlight color, and possibly, an illumination for the surrounding clear bezel may cater more towards the gaming crowd, but I highly enjoy the relatively professional appearance.

If you're looking for a seemingly high quality, thin keyboard that looks about as close to a spaceship as a keyboard possibly can.. Then this is probably the one for you.
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on July 28, 2016
While I still have and like my Logitech G710+ mechanical keyboard, a change in venue (move) meant I was going to need a quieter keyboard for my tower - the G710+ was a little on the loud side, particularly late at night. At this point, I was not going to settle for a non-illuminated keyboard, so that limited my choices. The K740 didn't have as many programmable keys as the G710+, but the keys themselves were almost identical to what I have on my laptop (Clevo P770), so it would be relatively familiar and comfortable.

Once I received it, my expectations of the keys were correct - very similar to the Clevo and much quieter than the G710+. And like the Clevo, the LED backlighting was more even in the keys but not as bright as the G710, but still very usable and easy to work with in low ambient light. While I liked the extra programmable G-keys on the G10, I adjusted my tiles in the Windows 10 start menu to make the apps I use most easier to access with just the Start key, so I'm not losing the efficiency.

The only drawback I've found is the double-sized Delete key, which moves the Insert key to the F-key line. Still not fully used to that after a couple of months, but I'll get there. Otherwise, it's just what I need in my new locale. Illuminated, quiet, efficient, and easy to type.
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on February 10, 2016
Been using this keyboard for the last 6 or 7 years. I spilled coffee all over one, so just got a new one. That was a rough couple of days, using some other clunky feeling keyboard.
The keyboard is stunning and has very clean and crisp back-lighting that shines mostly only through the laser engraved characters on the keys instead of in the spaces between. They keyboard is very thin, but has collapsible feet on the back if you want to lift it up. They keys are perfectly spaced. The amount of movement in the press of the keys is perfect.
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on March 27, 2015
Light's up wonderfully with 3 brightness settings.
Each key is independently lit from behind (see photo) and the motion of the keys when typing just feels good and solid.
HOWEVER- I have had this keyboard for only 5 months and the " I " key just popped off and it is not easy to put it back on unless you want to void the 3-year warranty. I have to return the product to Logitech directly for the to replace this keyboard.
Also you will need to relearn hitting that "back" button and "Delete" buttons which have been moved around some.

Bottom Line:
It's a delicate keyboard that I would not recommend for gamers or heavy typers. But if your a light typer and like a "laptop styled fully lighted keyboard" then this keyboard might just be for you. I really enjoyed it while it lasted and wil be contacting Logitech for return information or maybe another keyboard since I tend to type with emotion (getting angry pounding out letters) which this keyboard did not like.
review image
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on April 10, 2016
Once upon a time, I searched long and hard for a basic, practical, wired and illuminated keyboard. It was a frustrating process sifting through all of the ugly, tacky "gaming" keyboards, but I finally found this little beauty, and never looked back.

Simple, mature design, and individually lighted keys that have a nice feel, and good feedback. This model has been on the market forever, and is probably still the best wired and illuminated keyboard out there. My biggest gripe is that the F keys arent fully lit. Only the alternate functions are illuminated, and I dont use them enough to associate the alt function symbols with their respective F number.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

While it is more than sturdy enough to handle constant use, it isnt built to handle big impacts. I had to buy another one after giving my old one a hefty slam with my fist during a bout of gaming. Even though it remained perfectly functional, the J key was dislodged, and I managed to break the clasps trying to get it back in.

I also discovered it isnt waterproof after giving an even older one a bath... It can handle common spills, but if you run it under a warm faucet for a few minutes trying to clean it, you might run into some issues.
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on November 29, 2016
Product worked beautifully until today (7 months later) when the Caps lock key decided to just work whenever it wants. :,-( Noooo!
Too expensive to have this kind of problem. I tried lifting the key and cleaning underneath to make sure it wasn't just a debris problem and it's completely clean. Too bad because I loved this keyboard.

UPDATE: I called Logitech to see if they could walk me through troubleshooting the problem. They said it seemed like a hardware issue and that they would ship me a replacement for free, knowing that i purchased it on Amazon. UMMMM what?!?!? THAT'S AWESOME!! What amazing customer service!!!! They've won my business for life. I'm so grateful because this is my favorite keyboard I've ever used and I was really bummed about this. YAY! Would definitely recommend. 5 stars all the way!
case no 04444554
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on March 9, 2017
This is the best keyboard I have ever used/owned. It has a very light touch - I actually had to get used to it. I didn't realize I was pounding on the keys so much until I started using this keyboard. It's also very quiet. The low-profile is really nice, but it's great that's it's not totally flat, like they keyboard on some laptops. The illuminated keys are a great feature for low-light situations, too. I would venture to say that using this keyboard might even increase your typing speed - it's that good.
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on July 17, 2017
I was concerned about the shipping packaging, but it turned out fine. I like that you can change the lighting feature and the keys are so smooth and easy to type on. I like the feeling of typing on this keyboard. For me it was worth the extra expense. I take away one star for lacking a button for putting the computer to sleep. The software I downloaded doesn't seem to allow you to assign any of the keys for making the computer go to sleep. That is the one thing I like about the junk keyboard that I got with the computer.
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