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on March 10, 2017
Keyboards are highly individual-preference items but for me this is head-and-shoulders the best keyboard from Logitech in terms of tactile sensation. Key presses provide positive feedback with a travel distance of about 2mm. Key pressure is moderate which ensures decent tactile feedback.

Other considerations. The keyboard is indeed very slim, elegant and the white back-light is even across the keyboard. Not super bright but appropriate to our office environment. I have no need of an illuminated keyboard - unfortunately Logitech does not (appear to) make a comparable keyboard without the back-light.


Since first writing this review (yesterday), 3 of the keys have become skewed or have fallen off entirely. The CTRL key isn't working properly.

I read in one of the earlier reviews that quality has suffered. Unfortunately I can confirm this observation. Looking at the keyboard several of the keys are lop-sided and probable candidates for falling off or jamming. I have not seen this issue on the previous 7 keyboards (all K740) so I have to guess that Logitech have changed something about the manufacture or assembly of these keyboards. Only Logitech can answer that question!

Anyhow, for an expensive keyboard this should not be happening. As a result I've taken 3 stars off the review. Logitech, whatever you've done in respect of manufacture, you need to rethink.
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I have a love/hate relationship with Logitech and their products. I can't deny that some (not all) of what they make is vastly superior to any other brand/model available. I'm talking about a select few products when I say that and the K740 is easily among them. But the trade-off with all Logitech products is that they last only so long and when they die, they are pretty much useless. The other thing Logitech has built up a reputation for is their callous lack of after sales support. My experiences trying to get support have always been met with a "don't care" attitude. So with that in mind, why did I just buy my third K740 in 5 years? Because it's the best (if not one of the most expensive) general purpose keyboards out there. I've learned a few things along the way to share:

When a Logitech mouse or keyboard fails it can't be fixed. I tried saving $10 by buying a so-called "certified refurbished" K740 through an unknown Amazon seller but it was junk and the seller wouldn't do anything about it, not even reply to me. Pay the extra few dollars and get a brand-new one!

If you are going to get a K740 don't even consider shopping around, no one comes close to Amazon's price, not the office supply stores, not the membership clubs, not the discount superstores. The other store’s prices aren’t even close even if they have the K740 on sale. Just be sure to check closely that Amazon is the actual seller, not a third party. Look closely, as that changes often, sometimes even after you save it to your shopping list.

Wait for Amazon to put it on sale, which seems to be every few weeks. The difference can be substantial.

And finally, just learn to grin and bear it like I did when your Logitech keyboard or mouse drops dead, because one day it will. I've learned to stop getting frustrated with them or even making an attempt at contacting Logitech service. If I get 2-3 years of good use out of any Logitech product I'm satisfied and I've learned not to even try switching brands. I just swallow hard and buy another new Logitech.

I like this keyboard, but I’m not too fond of having to buy a new one every few years. Overall it earns a 4-star rating but I still recommend it.
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on April 18, 2017
I love Logitech. They stand behind their products. I wouldn't buy anything else, Logitech has made me a loyal customer.

I bought this keyboard for the backlighting. I'm on my second keyboard (warranty) because the keys are very fragile.

This is a scissor switch keyboard. Scissor switches were common in older laptops. Most of those hold up fairly well but this setup does not. The keys begin to crunch and will not depress normally at times as if something is stuck under them. I've tried compressed air to clear it but there were no foreign objects. I had three keys not functioning (left shift, #6 on the numpad, and space). It was going back for warranty so I decided to see if I could fix the keys before calling it in.

I work in IT. In older laptops you could remove the key, clear the object or fix the scissor. I could not with this keyboard. There was no way to reassemble the scissor once the key is pulled off. What I did learn was that there were no foreign objects as I had suspected. The switches are just that bad.

If it weren't for the bad switches this would be a rock star keyboard. It's thin, quiet, and the backlighting is very helpful for my situation.

You could still take you chances because Logitech will stand behind this if you run into a problem.

Sorry Logitech, I've never given you a one-star review. I want you to succeed. There's something wrong with these switches.
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on October 14, 2017
If you don't get one from a bad batch, this is a 5-star keyboard. I had one for years and it was the best keyboard I ever owned. Great software features too. But eventually it got too dirty and worn-out, and I needed a shiney new one.

The new one was defective, with the space bar and surrounding keys very hard to press, and the press not registering unless you REALLY slammed it down.

Underneath the keys are two layers: 1 layer of a rubberized material, black, probably to control the backlight spill. But UNDER THAT is another layer of plastic. Both of these layers are supposed to be FLAT. The 2nd layer was curled/bubbled up at the bottom of the keyboard. It was laid in wrong. To even get to this to see if I can fix it, I'll have to remove ALL OF THE KEYS.

Just know that Logitech has some serious manufacturing QC issues here. You might want to buy two or three to try to lessen the odds of getting a bad one. It's worth it if you've got the cash, because really, as long as it's not a bad one, this is THE BEST keyboard, period.
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on July 28, 2016
While I still have and like my Logitech G710+ mechanical keyboard, a change in venue (move) meant I was going to need a quieter keyboard for my tower - the G710+ was a little on the loud side, particularly late at night. At this point, I was not going to settle for a non-illuminated keyboard, so that limited my choices. The K740 didn't have as many programmable keys as the G710+, but the keys themselves were almost identical to what I have on my laptop (Clevo P770), so it would be relatively familiar and comfortable.

Once I received it, my expectations of the keys were correct - very similar to the Clevo and much quieter than the G710+. And like the Clevo, the LED backlighting was more even in the keys but not as bright as the G710, but still very usable and easy to work with in low ambient light. While I liked the extra programmable G-keys on the G10, I adjusted my tiles in the Windows 10 start menu to make the apps I use most easier to access with just the Start key, so I'm not losing the efficiency.

The only drawback I've found is the double-sized Delete key, which moves the Insert key to the F-key line. Still not fully used to that after a couple of months, but I'll get there. Otherwise, it's just what I need in my new locale. Illuminated, quiet, efficient, and easy to type.
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on December 14, 2017
This is simply the best keyboard I have ever used. Bought mine back in 2009 for use with my Linux desktop. Only stopped using the keyboard when my desktop died. Got a Macbook Pro in 2013, have a Logitech K750 (wireless, solar) for desktop use, which is nice ... but no backlight. Personally, I prefer a wired keyboard for desktop use, with a backlight. Batteries tend to die at inconvenient moments, and wireless connections are just more complication.

Of late, this keyboard mainly is used with a Raspberry Pi 3 (for my 3D printer build). Bit of a fall from grace. At the moment, hunting on Amazon for a better replacement for my K750 (which stopped working). Which is why I am writing a review at this late date.

Really, really wish there was a Mac version of this keyboard. Tempted to build another Linux desktop, for this keyboard. :)
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on September 16, 2009
Here is my story:
*** Okay...I have wasted so much money in my quest to find even just a 'good' illuminated keyboard. Usually you cannot find an illuminated keyboard that contains the normal keyboard setup...you get a scrunched version where the delete key is combined with the number pad....or in some wild location elsewhere....home, page up, page down, end.....gone.

*** I resolved myself to the fact that I would have to settle for an illuminated keyboard that just would not have the normal keyboard layout. Okay...I accept it. Now...let's start looking. Seven keyboards and 4 years later, I decide to give it one more shot. I have been so disgusted by the performance of the only decent illuminated keyboards...sticky keys...loud, obnoxious keys...poor etching in the keys so that they letters and numbers are so poorly illuminated that it makes it worse than if they were just black.

I have tried them all. I have read reviews, bought them first-hand, second hand, well-known brands, obscure brands. Gaming keyboards to professional boards created for IT. None made it past a low-level of mediocrity.


This is by far, hands-down, thumbs-up, smile-not-a-frown....ABSOLUTE BEST illuminated keyboard out there.

* The keys are fantastic! They are silent, well-padded, and the KEYBOARD LAYOUT IS STANDARD! WHOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEEEE!
* The illumination is by far the clearest and best on the market. The laser-etched letters on the keys glow well at every angle. Whether you type directly over the keys...whether you lean back and type...whether you have the keyboard set low or elevated...the illumination is PERFECT!

This is everything you want in an illuminated keyboard. If you are a game-freak, then maybe you will be less than perfectly satisfied because it utilizes a standard layout...but it does have the new bells and whistles of the 'system' hotkeys. Audio control, illumination control, Email and Home page shortcut keys, etc etc.

Look no further if you want a fantastic illuminated keyboard. Look no further if you are looking for a slim, lightweight, fits-in-your-backpack laptop-style keyboard for your laptop.

Four years I have looked. Many keyboards sold on Ebay or handed to friends or family because they just did not cut it.

This is it, folks. You won't get any better than this. This is the Alpha and the Omega of the illuminated keyboards. Forget your 'Fangs.' Nevermind your 'Saiteks I, II, or III.' Toss them all.

This one puts em all to SHAME...Shame I tell you.

Get one.
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on December 28, 2015
I decided to switch back to a wired keyboard after using wireless for years. The occasional inconsistency of wireless keyboards and the quirky repeat/connectivity issues were causing me too much trouble. I did a lot of research before deciding on this keyboard. The action of the keys is what I love most of about this keyboard. The keys have a very crisp action which increases speed and reduces mistakes drastically. The thing I hate the most is mushy keys on a keyboard so this thing is awesome to type on. This keyboard is the best wired keyboard I've used so far but like anything else, is not perfect. These are the minor grips I have:

- As a software developer, using tools like Visual Studio, the default debugging keys are the F keys. I do a lot of work at night so the back lit keys are great. The issue is that the F keys are not illuminated. The quick function icons are but the actual F keys are no visible in the dark. At least they are spaced correctly in groups of 4 so I know which are which but it would have been nice if they were illuminated as well.

- The other small gripe I have is the noise. It's not loud at all but it is louder than my previous Microsoft keyboard. Maybe it's just as loud but the keys make a higher pitched noise than the MS keyboard it replaced.

- They keyboard has feet to raise it up a bit but I still find that it lays pretty flat. I'm sure I can get used to it but I prefer it be more angled. I put a spacer under it which made it more comfortable.

- I wish the Backspace key was a little wider since it's a key commonly used and I can see myself accidentally hitting the "=" instead.

- I love the tall Delete key which makes it impossible to accidentally hit the pesky insert key.

All in all, these issues I pointed out are very minor and none are a deal breaker in any way.
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on March 4, 2017
I like the buttons that are not huge, more flat and have a good feel to them. I have been using light up keyboards for years and it is the only way to go. I often use my computers in low light so that makes it nice if I need to use a key I seldom use. I go with corded keyboards and mice anymore after having years of the most expensive and reputable ones I fould find either not connecting consistently, getting interference or typing the wrong input. The reason why I had used wireless was for more freedom of the mouse, now I just add a usb extender cable and then I have plenty of easy and free movement.
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The K740 (wired) is a nice keyboard. I do not like that the Function Key Numbers are not illuminated - just the FN icons above the Function Key Numbers are backlit, noticeably at any rate.

I purchased one of each of the K740 and the K800 as I wasn't sure if I really wanted to bother with wireless on my desktop PC.

For fully covered back lighting I prefer the K800 (wireless) keyboard.

The K740 keyboard is comfortable enough to type upon. The F and J keys are a bit subdued but with some concentration they can be detected, eventually. It has a nice, quiet touch and is easy to use. I don't care for the K800's enlarged Delete key taking the place of the INS key which is moved up next to the (difficult to see in subdued light) F12.

I found the K800 to have a more comfortable feel, easier to detect the location of the F and J keys and the placement of the INS and DEL keys next to HOME and END are more to my liking.

All in all, I think the K740 is one of the nicest wired keyboards I've had...I had this same model once before and liked it a lot. I am glad I took a chance on the K800 wireless keyboard though and I wish I had purchased two of them instead...so far. Will have to see how they do over time.
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