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on November 27, 2017
This mouse has the best form-factor of any ever created in my opinion. It's my go-to mouse for every computer. It's the same as the MX-500 and MX-518. However, this mouse suffers the same problems as the previous models - the cord is too thin and wears out at BOTH the mouse and the USB end. The middle-mouse actuator switch (the click you hear when you press down on the mouse wheel) wears out, as does the DPI-UP and the window-toggle button.

I now own 6 of these - all of which (except the latest) have had their cords replaced and resoldered, and some of which have had the aforementioned switches replaced and resoldered.

Also, the pads on the bottom wear off very quickly and the rubberized finish on the sides also wears off after a few months/years.

THAT SAID, the "logitech gaming software" (button mapping driver utility) is awesome, the mouse fits perfectly in the hand, it has the perfect weight, the switches are the perfect sensitivity, the red sensor on the bottom works on basically any surface (frankly the new laser sensors are terrible, this mouse is much better), and it has a really nice number of buttons (not too many, not too few).
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on November 12, 2014
Update: I purchased this mouse from Amazon five years ago.

The Logitech logo has worn away this year. Otherwise, it's Like New.

This is an excellent mouse that has withstood the test of time. The simplicity of the design combined with the comfortable shape and impressive performance ensures that I never go looking for a new mouse. I don't game as often as I used to [...when I was in college...] but I can appreciate an excellent mouse. Gaming is still one of my favorite pass-times and I have high standards when I do sit down to play.

The cord is completely intact. All of the buttons are as firm and responsive as ever. The wheel still clicks and functions normally. I am always able to find the perfect level of sensitivity, and the sensitivity can be adjusted in real time with the press of a small button by the wheel. The extra thumb buttons are in a good position where I can reach both with my thumb. I map those buttons in every single game. Every game.

This mouse got me through college and beyond. I have 400 hours in New Vegas alone. That's a lot of clicking.

$66 / 5 years = $13.20 per year. It's a no-brainer for me. I've been very satisfied with the mouse and won't be replacing it until it breaks. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

In response to other reviews here, I've never had an issue with cord weakness despite daily use, moving several times, marathon gaming, etc. As long as you leave a bit of slack to the cord, and barring some accident with the mouse that strains the cord, I can't imagine how it would break. I would say use your discretion on how the mouse will be placed and handled when considering this issue.
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on August 27, 2016
This mouse is very comfortable to hold. I don't think that I've ever used a better one in that regard.

The default sensitivity is too high, but you can change that with the buttons or through Logitech's software.

The side buttons are nice, but I often click them accidentally, which sucks when I'm using a web browser. To be fair, that's probably just me being clumsy, and Logitech's software lets you disable them.

Most importantly though, I've been having issues with the mouse randomly losing power. I've looked up the issue and it seems that a lot of other people have been having the same issue. The fix is to unscrew the mouse and push the power cord further into the mouse. This works, but after a while it gets loose again. It's a shame that Logitech doesn't make a fixed version of this old model.
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on February 1, 2013
This is a great mouse overall. It hits the sweet-spot on just about every category needed in a mouse.

The general design and shape of this mouse is clearly ergonomic. It fits my hand well and is clearly meant for a 'palm grip' style of mousing.

The buttons - all of the regular use ones at least - are great. The left/right click are solid, yet easy to push. You know when you've clicked, it isn't mushy but it doesn't fight you either. The 2 side buttons are great and placed perfectly. I didn't think I'd like having a smaller forward side button, but it works just well in daily use. The finish/feel is great - not too chintzy but also isn't like gripping leather (some 'premium' mice have that feel to me). Also, the weight of the mouse in general is great. I hate heavy ones and this is a pretty light beast.

Scroll Wheel - Technically also a button but deserves its own part. I love the scroll wheel on this thing probably the most of any other single thing. It's fast, you know each 'click' as you scroll through. It doesn't have the stupid side to side scrolling that I've never found a use for except to annoy the user. The middle clicking you do with the wheel is also perfect like the regular buttons. It's firm, yet smooth. You also know you've pushed it unlike many cheap mice you use at the office.

The sensor is great and deadly accurate. No stutters or any other BS. Optical is the way to go - any laser mouse I've ever used is on hyper mode (even with the correct software settings). You can't use optical on as many surfaces as laser - but as a desktop mouse I don't see how that'd ever be a problem anyway. I also keep mine set at the default DPI of 800. This works well, especially with acceleration off (which any person should do - who wants an inaccurate pointer?)

My two complaints about this mouse, if you can call them that. The first are the 3 buttons dedicated to DPI switching by default with no additional software. It's fine I guess but I've never had this before and don't see a use for it. I've even used some of the 'ricer' Razer gaming mice and the ones I've used didn't have DPI switching. My old, legendary Intellimouse 3.0 didn't have this - never needed the feature and that's back when I used to do heavy MMO and FPS gaming. The second that is more annoying/shocking to me is the somewhat smaller size. As I said before, the mouse fits well and doesn't hurt my hand, but coming from the Intellimouse 3.0, this seems smaller. Yes, I tried holding it in the box at the brick and mortar store, but that clearly can't convey the real feel. I will note I have big hands and am a big guy standing at over 6'. This trend of tiny mice stinks and I feel when I use an office computer or a friend's that I'm pinching the mouse.

Overall, this is a great mouse and the best thing I can find. It hits all the good points and works flawlessly. The button issue is just me and the size thing is more me too. It'll have many years of use operating my computer.
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on April 2, 2013
I updated my rating from 2 stars to 5 stars after figuring out what was going on. For anyone experiencing the same problem as me and if you are a Mac OS X user, here is what you need to do. Go to System Preferences -> Mission Control and on the bottom half of the screen, check to make sure none of the shortcuts are assigned to a Mouse Button (I had 2 which were set as Mouse Button 3 and Mouse Button 4). If you have any that are assigned as Mouse Buttons, change those to the "-" option, unless you indeed want your mouse button to perform that action. Interestingly, the Logitech Control Center software overwrites these values but apparently the Logitech Gaming Software does not. One thing I do miss about my MX Revolution is the hyper scroll wheel. That was especially useful for smooth and quick scrolling through long pages, the G400's mouse scroll wheel is like a typical scroll wheel, but definitely for me, once you are used to the hyper scroll it's hard to go back. Oh well, I'll live with it as I do like everything else about this mouse.

Original Review:
I bought this to replace my Logitech MX Revolution mouse. The problem I was having with the MX was it stuttered when there was large data being transmitted via wifi, ie. someone in my household watching youtube. I like how I don't have the stuttering problem anymore with this corded mouse.

The problem I have is with Logitech's Gaming Software (LGS) application (downloaded from the logitech website) which lets you assign the buttons to other functions, keypresses, etc. When I try to assign the Back button to the Enter key, it does map it, but pressing the key not only does an Enter, it also does an F3 which is the Mission Control. No matter what I do, the Mission Control always pops up. Same with the middle scroll button, that one will always go to the Dashboard no matter what.

With the Logitech MX Revolution which used the Logitech Control Center, the button assignments worked flawlessly. The LGS definitely needs work. I really wanted to use the side Forward and Back buttons to map commands I use frequently in Microsoft Word and Pages. Until they resolve this, I can only use one of the side buttons, and the other I map to the Default DPI button. Pretty inconvenient.

P.s. The version of the LGS software I am using is 8.45.147, the latest as of 4/2/2013.
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on March 9, 2013
I did a lot of research before buying this product. Apparently it is a descendant of the legendary MX518, which literally lasts forever. I have high hopes for this product and so far it's held up to my expectations. Please note that I will only testify to features/faults of the provide which I like/dislike, and not every feature of the product. My review is only a small subset of which the product actually is.

+ 8 Programmable buttons (5 more than standard mice). The two thumb buttons look rubbery by the picture but they are actually hard plastic and very responsive. They don't have a lot of travel distance before registering which is great for games that require instant feedback. However, I do find myself bumping into it accidentally at times.

+ Long chord. The chord is very long and will no doubt reach your desktop even if it's fairly far away. I own a laptop so I have to keep it wrapped up. Not a big deal.

+ Thin chord. It's very thin! Not so much that it's cheap, but thin enough that you won't feel it dragging and inhibiting movement.

+ Logitech Gaming Software provides plenty of customizations. You can program any of the buttons on the mouse to do an array of tasks from hotkey binding, autotext, window minimizing, show desktop, and even run your own custom scripts.

- USB Adapter looks flimsy. It is very thin and small, and because of that it looks pretty flimsy. However, I have not testing it's durability and if it's just left plugged in, it's not a big deal at all.

- No tilt scroll wheel. Not a big problem with wide screen monitors nowadays.

- A lot of the window control functionality (minimize, maximize, etc) from the Logitech Gaming Software would not work with my install of Windows 7. It could be a conflict with stuff I have installed. I managed to go around this by using a scripting language Autohotkey and then mapping hotkeys to that.

+ I am a claw grip mice user. This mouse is on the bigger side and is sculpted in such a way that you have to palm grip it. It took a couple days to get use to it and now it's VERY comfortable.

+ Overall, this is a very good buy and I would suggest it to anyone who needs a responsive gaming mice with a few extra buttons. I would ask claw grip mice users to try out the mice at a store or something before buying. It's pretty comfortable to get used to, but it's pretty hard to claw grip it unless you have decently big hands.
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on October 24, 2015
I like the shape and the texture. It functions really well when new. Problem is (as many mentioned) this particular mouse doesn't seem to be very long lived. Most mice I have owned, from cheap generics to expensive name brands, have lasted many years with no problems. The only exceptions have been some older Razer Diamondbacks and the Logitech G400. Great when new, but seems to stop working after a year or two of use. Problems range from "pauses" to not being detected (unplug/replug during a game!) to left button no longer clicking.

I still have an old Logitech MX-518 that started suffering dropouts where Windows would "bloop" that a USB device was unplugged, then "bloop" that a USB device was plugged in. However, that mouse probably has a good decade of hard use on it! Well worth the $80 or so back then.

I got the G400 because I liked the shape. Very disappointed with the longevity.
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on December 8, 2012
I was replacing a Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500. I was never happy with the Comfort Mouse (though I had been a fan of previous MS mice) and finally got fed up with it (a year and two months after I bought it) and decided to try this Logitech. I had avoided contoured mice and mice with the back/forward buttons on the same side before now, and wasn't sure how I would like this one.

My fears were unfounded! This mouse fits my (large) hand perfectly (especially since I tend to palm the mouse rather than use my fingertips). The construction seems very sturdy, and the black part of the body is not rubber, but a soft textured plastic. I think it will hold up well. The scroll wheel is well constructed and coated in rubber (my previous mouse had a band of rubber around the wheel which became misformed rather quickly, causing scrolling issues).

The buttons click well, and I love the adjustable dpi! The only thing that is going to take some getting used to is the placement of the back/forward buttons, but I am sure that within a couple of weeks I will be used to it!

The only thing this mouse doesn't equal the Comfort Mouse in is that it is the old red LED optical mouse, not a laser mouse. While the dpi is higher, but on a shiny surface it won't track as well. I can live with that.

2 years out and this mouse is still performing well! I was able to quickly get used to the button placement and now it is second nature to use them. The rubber parts on this mouse have held up well, far better than my previous mouse, and show no signs of wear. I have also come to love the software that came with this mouse. It lets you set different profiles for different games (based on the executable for the game) which is wonderful. Every button on the mouse can be custom programmed. I highly recommend this mouse and am now a fan of Logitech's gaming mice in general.
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on June 3, 2016
I came back to this page to check it out as a recommendation for a friend and I see that it is now around 150 dollars which is a ripoff. I bought it for 40 dollars in 2012 but there are other options for less than 150. Mine is still going strong with only some cosmetic issues (The Logitech logo has chipped off a little bit somehow but the rest of the mouse cleans up good with a wipe). Functionally there have been no problems through these 4 years and I will keep using it until it breaks. I enjoy the simple look that doesnt scream "1337 gaming gear" combined with the great precision and ergonomics, plus it pairs very well aesthetically with my Leopold keyboard. It has been pretty good for use with FPS games but lacks the features and extra buttons that could be good for MMOs and stuff like that. If you can find it at a fair price I would recommend buying this mouse.
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on December 18, 2012
I had a Logitech mouse that is nearly identical to this one, except that it was wireless. That one was great until my 1 y.o. son borrowed it to use in his sandbox. (It never recovered from this incident, and I have since learned the value of corded mice.) Since this mouse was essentially the same, I felt comfortable ordering it. I also considered other options including the Razer Naga Hex. I really liked the 6 thumb keys on the Naga, which would be great for my standard rotation or extra macros. I couldn't justify the extra $25 for just 4 more buttons, so I originally purchased the Logitech. I was satisfied with the feel and layout of the buttons. It glides particularly smoothly across my desk. The software included with the Logitech mouse is amazing! I really enjoyed creating different key profiles for different programs. By some strange coincidence, I visited a family member's house only three days after ordering the Logitech mouse for myself. They had a Razer Naga Hex! I had plenty of time to try out the mouse at their house. Upon returning home I boxed up my Logitech mouse and ordered the Naga Hex instead. I've been using the Naga Hex for about 10 days now. The extra money for the Razer Naga is totally worth it. Below is a summary of my findings. Keep in mind that I use these mice for PvE gaming, including raiding, in WoW. I don't do super twitchy things like PvP or FPS.

Logitech G400 Strengths:

1) the software is amazing
2) teflon pads glide super smoothly
3) better for larger hands
4) thumb buttons don't get accidentally pressed

Logitech G400 Weaknesses:

1) shape of the left and right buttons is not ergonomic
2) thumb buttons are far away from where your thumb rests
3) cord is thin and plasticy
4) can be awkward for small hands
5) no ring finger rest

Razer Naga Hex Strengths:
1) The thumb buttons are just the right size and arrangement for easy pressing without mis-clicks
2) the left and right mouse buttons are indented so your fingers rest naturally in the right place
3) the cord is woven and appears very durable
4) glowing green lights look neat
5) It has completely revolutionized how I play WoW (and I've been playing for nearly 8 years.) I now have my standard rotation on the 6 thumb buttons.
6) ring rest is nice
7) better for smaller hands

Razer Naga Hex Weaknesses:
1) the software is worse than nothing - forget about it and just use keybindings in WoW
2) for the first couple of days I kept accidentally pressing thumb buttons - disable auto dismount in flight until you get the hang of it
3) glowing green lights attract various small creatures
4) cost is almost twice as much

Final notes:
I wouldn't have bought the Naga Hex had I not tried it out in person. As soon as I tried it I fell in love and I won't part with it now. I tolerate the lack of usable software. If I had multiple games that required different setup and didn't have a built in keybinding interface, I would choose the Logitech. As it is, the WoW keybindings works fine. I have medium sized female hands and I find the Razer naga just a touch small. I like to palm my mouse with my fingers stretched out flat. With this arrangement the mouse doesn't touch the base of my palm unless I pull it in. A claw grip would be fine. If you have large hands and palm your mouse you might find the Naga Hex awkward. The ergonomics and feel of a mouse are difficult to describe in words and are different from person to person. However, I find the Naga Hex to be overall better construction and better ergonomics and worthy of the higher price tag.
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