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on July 1, 2014
I bought a 700n and two 750e cameras (plus their software) for our house. The first 750e died after a few weeks, and Logitech replaced it. The remaining two cameras (a 700n and a 750e) died after a little over a year; the warrantee is only 1 year, so logitech will not replace it. I let the replacement sit in the box since last summer, I finally put it up (to replace the dead one), we'll see how long it works.

Beyond not working, these cameras are super flakey. Even when working they need to be rebooted every few weeks or months because they get into some weird state that needs to be cleared.

Their software setup is fine; run something on a computer in the house, and you can control, watch and review video from the web or mobile devices.

Overall, I can't recommend them. I'll be looking elsewhere for replacements.
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on November 29, 2014
Bad, bad purchase. The camera did not work out of the box, so I returned it to Amazon and they replaced it. The replacement camera worked great for about 10 months, until Logitech reset their servers in July. This knocked my camera off the network and made it extremely difficult for my system to find the camera. Even though I was able to view the camera images locally, the Logitech Commander said the system was offline and would not allow me to change any settings. In August, just before the 1 year manufacturer's warranty was up and while I was on vacation, a family member decided to unplug the power controller; after it was plugged in again, the camera was completely locked up and not working. I tried for a week to get it working again, but nothing I tried could re-establish communication to the camera. I called tech services and they wanted to walk me through all their first-level help desk scripts, which were the very same steps I'd already tried for countless hours. After a lot of wrangling with them, they agreed the camera was not working but wanted me to send them the original receipt showing the date of purchase. By this time I had one day remaining before the warranty expired, so I emailed a copy of the receipt to them, and received a help desk ticket number. I was told they'd put me on a list for a replacement, but I never heard from them after that and have pretty much given up hope, Maybe I can recoup some of the money I spent by selling off the network adapter and power supply.

5/4/2015 UPDATE: Customer service finally replaced my camera in April under the original warranty; I have not yet tried it out but at least they finally have people working the claims.
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on January 23, 2013
After installing this system around one year ago, I've had many issues with it, though it was working correctly and maintenance-free for quite a while, with a spare computer running as a storage device and a RAID array attached.

This system used Powerline networking, which is the main issue I seem to face. The connection seems to always be weak, whether all of my devices are connected or not. Both the homeplug to the router and the camera are on a line which has little to no interference, nor is the electrical line old. The router has many ports open, as well as UPnP enabled, along with a host of other functions.

The main problem, again, is that the camera is unable to keep a steady connection to the computer which it is supposed to store recordings on, as well as be monitored from.

I've tried multiple things, whether it was moving where it was plugged in, to checking plug polarity to make sure they were correctly wired, to no avail.

Another issue with the system is the microSD card in the camera. After only a year (or so) the SD card is showing as failed in the Logitech Software, and formatting it does not help. The camera has been reset, updated, and the card formatted multiple times, to no avail as well. I'd take down the camera and remove the card, but the camera is attached to the wall and requires a lot of work to be taken down.

This is apparently a recurring issue on the forums, as many people mention, though if asked, Logitech will apparently send you another SD card.

A few other small complaints; the camera occasionally lowers the frame rate to around 12FPS when it senses motion. It's not a defect in my specific camera, as this was mentioned by other users in the forums as well.


Now, for the positives.

The recording quality on this camera is very good, surprisingly; the night vision feature which uses infrared lights works exceptionally well. The video is almost HD quality (not quite), and is more then good enough to be used to identify faces if necessary.

The Logitech software lets you customize how the recordings take place (you choose the areas which will activate recording). Quick note***: This camera is not a full-time recording device. It only records on motion activity in the zones you specify, along with the sensitivity you specify.

You can also change whether the LED on the front lights up, whether to turn on certain functions of the camera (night vision, etc) video settings such as brightness and color, and more. Recording can be stored wherever designated on the computer in which Logitech is installed on, though the recordings do take up quite a bit of space, especially if the camera is set to a high sensitivity or large motion area.

Anyway, not to make this review unnecessarily long, but at this point, for the money, I'd suggest another system. Unless your house is brand new (which should eliminate any issues with Powerline connection problems), there are simply too many issues related to dropped video, random drops in FPS, SD card failures, and more, for me to recommend this product.

Overall: 5/10
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on June 6, 2011
INITIAL REVIEW: After doing a lot of research (so I thought), I purchased the outdoor system. Once I unpackaged it, I had it up and showing video images on my PC within 15 minutes, and had web and phone access (the free stuff) working in only 5 more minutes. Other than not being able to set time frames on the alarms, I love everything about this product! The initial system worked so well that I bought another outdoor camera and an indoor one. Adding them was another piece of cake. It may be a bit pricey, but the merchandise is high-quality. My whole experience with it has been positive.

UPDATE1: Six weeks later, the honeymoon is over. Unexpectedly, the indoor and outdoor camera started to not be available much on my Droid phone. Then they became never available. Then the Logitech Alert web viewer quit seeing my cameras. Resetting a camera gives me one more viewing, but then they are unavailable again the next time. The downhill slide has taken about a week to reach this point.

UPDATE2: Soon after I wrote UPDATE1, the response time and success rate of the internet and phone-viewing suddenly became dramatically improved... better than it had been when new! What explains this? Dunno -- could be Logitech's server, my Verizon connection, flakey hardware? So I bumped the product rating up to 3 stars. They'll get 4 if this holds out for a few weeks. But right now, I get my live feed super quickly and consistently.

UPDATE3: The last month has been a good one: zero at-home failures (even after automatic resets due to summer storm power outages!), a near 100% success rate getting a live feed over the internet, and about 80% success with live phone-viewing. And when there is a remote-viewing connection problem, it is gone less than an hour later.

SUMMARY: Maybe Logitech wrung out some bugs or got more/better servers, or maybe Verizon, as my ISP, did something to improve things, but overall I'm happy with this system -- unlike the way I was a month ago. If it didn't have that earlier weirdness, I'd give it 5 stars.
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on September 14, 2013
Logitech has really outdone themselves with this setup. First of all, it uses your house electrical wiring to transmit the video to your PC or MAC with a clever converter. When you install the operating software, it is extremely well thought out and gives multiple options for how the information is managed; you can get an instant jpg of what the camera is looking at sent to your phone(s) and/or email(s) (multiples in both cases if desired). This camera's night vision is impressive and low light capture is astonishing. Its very good quality. What I think really makes this system great is the way in which the software application displays activity by camera. You have a simple bar graph with darker colored areas where the camera(s) picked up and recorded movement of something in its field of view and lighter colored where nothing was recorded, so you don't have to fast forward through hours of static view video to see something. You just grab the slider bar and go directly to where the camera recorded and watch. Traveling or home, this system will instantly notify you of anything warm that approaches from out to 100' or more in the form of a jpg snapshot to your smartphone of what it is recording. This camera system (3 cameras) are installed in the home of a family member who is a State Trooper that works night shift. He has comfort knowing his family is safe and he can tap in and see what's going on or not going on from his smartphone instantly from anywhere on the planet. That's a pretty impressive capability and peace of mind for someone that travels and worries about the security of his family in his absence. Again, Logitech really thought this application through seems to cover all the bases. Easy to setup, make sure you don't install any cameras prior to testing them. We had a bad camera that would not power up and had we jumped the step where Logitech's installation guide says to test before installation, we would have been chasing ghosts troubleshooting for hours. We called the 24 hour help line and they walked us through a few additional steps and testing to confirm the camera was bad, and then had Amazon send a replacement (overnight) at no charge. That's service from both Amazon and Logitech!

Severely impressed is not sufficient to express how great this system is for us. Short money with big benefits.
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on September 5, 2013
I have used four of these for over a year, and just added an indoor version (700i) to replace a lesser camera in my barn owl box. At night so many insects are attracted to the light on the 700e cameras that many video clips of insect activity are recorded, so I have turned off night vision. Even though they are advertised as outdoor, one of mine leaked water to the inside while under warranty and was replaced free. Since then I have enclosed all of my outdoor cameras in bird houses that I made to hide and protect them, and I have had no more problems with water getting inside. The "live" display on the computer screen is not truly "live" all of the time. Nevertheless I am generally happy with my setup, and I especially like that they record color video clips when motion is detected (as long as they have AC power), which are automatically stored for several months on my computer hard drive when my computer and network come up again. Two of my 700e units use Ethernet over power line for part of the 900 foot distance to my computer and two use separately purchased 48 volt power over Ethernet injectors, all with satisfactory results.
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on November 25, 2012
4 stars instead of 5 because of the software.
This has got to be one of the best cameras made, hands down, regardless of price. I was expecting crisp, clear video, both in day and night vision. It exceeded my expectations! The 130 degree (plus) viewing angle is awesome! I set it up over PoE rather than use their power boxes. Going PoE with a UPS insures uninterrupted video feed in the event of a power outage.
However, I do have issues with the software.
Yes, it's 720 HD, but in the old 4X3 format. (Old TV format), instead of current 16X9 format. That's minor compared to the fact there are no software options, such as; NO PTZ, NO continuous record mode, NO record on demand. The motion detect mode function either detects everything or nothing, no in between no matter how much you adjust it. The notification of video motion detection will fill up your mail box in no time due to over sensitivity, so it had to be disabled making e-mail notification function worthless.
Logitech has hidden the user name & password for camera access, as well as the camera frequency over PoE from it's customers, FORCING you to use their limited, inferior, glitchy proprietary software. I tried both Blue Iris and iSpy security camera software, but was unable to access the camera. The only web browser viewing is through their web access set-up. I have many other complaints about their proprietary software, mainly that it's proprietary and customers are locked out, BUT....
Despite the crappy limited software, I ordered a second camera, and will probably order a few more before I'm done. The video feed over PoE is the best I've ever seen! Well worth every penny! Hopefully, Logitech will listen to it's customers and improve the software and, or, make the camera open source.

Update 5/10/2014
Good News! iSpy has finally "cracked the code" and can now access the Logitech 700e! (Port 554). I can now record on demand, digital zoom, and audio record, and have much better control over the motion detect mode. No more dealing with the limited proprietary software. As for the camera itself, still going strong with no issues. Still one of the best surveillance cameras available!
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on November 15, 2012
Not sure why so many other people are having problems with it as it works just fine for me. I don't leave it on all the time but only when I leave the house. Call me paranoid but I don't like the idea of having a live camera feed from inside my house going out on the internet 24/7 when access is only a password away. But anyway it works as advertised giving me very clear live video and sound on my iphone. I moved into a new neighborhood recently and it gives me peace of mind when I'm away.

I didn't bother with the subscription ($80/yr) just to get rewind on my phone. If it alerts me I can easily do my own iphone screen shots if the bad guys are in my house, (press the power and home buttons together). It also emails still shots. Really don't need remote camera control as I use the wide angle setting. There is nothing to control unless you are zoomed in. Needless to say the iphone app works well. Once set up all you do is tap the app to see what your camera sees.

It's fast and easy to install. With the included Powerline module you can put the camera anywhere where there is an electrical outlet. Powerline works ok, but for the smoothest video you might want to use PoE, which is an ethernet wire with a power injector ($20) which you can buy elsewhere, straight into your router. There is a lot of data coming from the camera so wired just works better, and in my case the camera is next to my computer anyway. I'm thinking of adding the outdoor version camera in which case I will probably use the Powerline module.

I have tried putting the camera in the window using the included suction cup mount. Works great in the daytime. Night time not as well as the infrared LED reflects back off the glass. You can still see out but not nearly as far, unless you have other lights on outside. My pool seems to attract a lot of birds and they kept setting off the email alerts, so now it watches over my living room instead.

The night vision is very good. However, the infrared LED it uses is very visible at night and draws attention to the camera, so be aware of that if you want to use the outdoor model on the front of your house or where ever people are walking by.
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on July 4, 2016
There is NO Logitech support for the camera anymore which means they will not repair or answer support questions. These cameras have a history of problems. I have three working and two dead. Logitect dropped the ball when they suddenly stopped making and supporting these camera causing some customers to be out a lot of money when there are problems.
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on January 2, 2014
I bought this camera in an effort to begin setting up a surveillance system at my home. There were two goals: observe my dog while I was at work & monitor my front porch, as I had been experiencing package thefts. I researched systems and was torn between this one and Dropcam. This system was much more expensive, but offered more options in terms of saving video, as well as better picture quality, so I made the leap. After going through two systems, I returned the last one for a full refund.

The biggest problem was spotty connectivity. I never did figure out the cause of this. I had a brand new wireless router, high-speed broadband internet, and yet, even when the camera and adapters were in the same room, I could not get them to connect consistently. When I did get the system running, I was scared to unplug the camera to change its location because I was afraid it would not connect again.

The second problem, and the *likely* cause of the connectivity issues, was with the adapters. The system comes with two huge network adapters that communicate with each other and connect your camera to the internet and to your local computer. I went through two of these. One overheated and stopped working after less than two days of use. The other did not work right out of the box. On my third attempt, the adapters functioned, but the above-noted connectivity issues arose again, which led to my decision to withdraw the $300 investment and return the entire system.

Other issues: Logitech charges for cloud/online access/live streaming of the video through smart devices or remote locations. However, it is free to have the video live stream to your local PC. To overcome this issue, I installed a desktop access software called Teamviewer. It worked great, as Teamviewer even has an iPhone app that allowed me to watch my dog anytime, from anywhere. I installed the program on my home computer, my work computer, and my iPhone and I was able to monitor the dogs from anywhere. Logitech's app was not reliable and gave only blurry images. However, as well as this all worked, it was a lot of effort and very time-consuming to get it all set up. I am pretty tech-savvy, so I was able to get things to work, but I can't imagine the outcome if my mother had been the one trying to set this all up. It never would have happened. The other drawback to this is that my local PC had to be on ALL THE TIME. The impact on my electricity bill was notable, though less than the cost of Logitech's cloud service. Nonetheless, once all costs were combined and the time investment was added in, this system just wasn't worth it.

The picture quality was OK, not great. It was difficult to find a proper angle for the camera, especially when hanging on the inside of a window to monitor my porch. All in all, just not worth the very high price for so much hassle and very little return.
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