Customer Reviews: Logitech Pro Protective Case with Full-Size Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (920-006319)
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on August 4, 2014
I had just come off of a couple of bad relationships with some Windows 8 hybrid tablets (i.e. tablet plus detachable keyboard) and was ready to give up on the idea of having a 2-in-1 because of ongoing connectivity issues. Looking at the newer Android tablets I noticed that Samsung's Note Pro 12.2 had this case/keyboard as an option and checked it out. I am a HUGE fan of Logitech's K810 bluetooth keyboard- I liked the spacing of all of the keys and the back-lighting, and the multiple bluetooth source connectivity was extremely convenient and reliable. I noticed that the pictures of the keyboard on this case looked quite familiar- in fact it is the exact same layout, but the function keys have now been optimized for the Android OS. I would hazard to say that this similarity is what sold me on buying the Note Pro because I had such a good experience with the K810.

When used in conjunction, the Note Pro 12.2 and this keyboard case go together beautifully in terms of functionality. The case has a very heavy, hard feel to it on both sides- so much so that I could see how it could be viewed as a turnoff for some. It is not an elegant case, but it does seem sturdy, and that's really all that I care about (you don't buy a 12.2" tablet for elegance!). I cannot account for all for the negative reviews stating that the tablet pops out too easily, except that perhaps there were some production inconsistencies and there are some bad units out there. I have not had any issues at all with the friction points being loose- when I put the tablet it in clicks. When you flip it into the flat position I guess I could see how a faulty unit could be an issue as the friction points only grasp one-half of the tablet, but I've tried holding it up to see if the tablet slides out and it doesn't; seems like a good fit to me. I have read some reviews that state that they have noticed smudges on the screen from when the keyboard presses against the tablet in the closed position- I haven't experienced that.

Ports and buttons are on the right side: there is a micro-USB port for charging (charging USB cable included), a sliding power button, and a bluetooth pairing button. I am assuming it is a pairing button as the manual is about as minimal as it gets and makes no mention of what it is for but it does have a bluetooth symbol on it. Once I turned the bluetooth on my tablet on and the the case on, it paired up rather quickly so I never had to use it. There is a holder for the Note Pro's stylus but as the tablet already has a silo for it I haven't used it.

Of course it's not a perfect product. I would have liked the keys to be backlit like the K810 but considering that this is a niche product I guess that wouldn't be too financially feasible. It is rather bulky and adds a bit of heft to the tablet, but as I said earlier I feel the tradeoff is worth it for me personally. As it is a bluetooth device, that will obviously drain your tablet's power but the Note Pro's battery life is nothing to sneeze at.

I don't think there is really any way to add a decent keyboard to a case without adding a certain amount of bulk and I think Logitech got it right in this case. In my opinion, this is a quality product and definitely a must-have if you have the Samsung Note Pro 12.2.
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on March 16, 2014
Unfortunately, I needed a case now and this case was not yet in stock at Amazon, so I had to buy it elsewhere. I tried both the Belkin and the Zagg and thought this one was far superior and well worth the premium price. After a month of use, here are the Pros and Cons:

The case has a great keyboard that allows me to touch type as fast as I do on my laptop.
The bluetooth connection is seamless
The battery seems to last forever
It has a hard shell which protects by Note Pro better than any other I tried.

The tablet is not held in the case very securely. It pops out at least once a week. The tablet is held in place by 6 friction points one each on the top corners, two across the top and two on the sides above the middle.

You must be very gentle and careful to support both sides of the tablet at the friction points when you move from flat to keyboard or to closed. Otherwise the tablet will pop out. If you are in a hurry or not watching closely, you may see your tablet bounce off the floor. Some minor changes in the design of the attachment points in the case would have avoided this problem.

For me this is a fatal flaw. I'm not going to risk an expensive tablet because of the shortcomings of this case. I'll try to return it, but regardless I will find something else to use. Logitech should never have shipped this case in its current state.

I would not recommend this case to a friend.
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on March 5, 2014

If you have the option of checking this out in store, I would do that first. The keyboard is in a magnetic packaging, which allows customers to view and get a feel for the product without breaking a seal or anything. It also means there could be a fingerprint or two on your brand new case. That could be an issue for some who would rather be the first and only person to touch their new gadget.

Otherwise there isn't much to say about the packaging itself. There is the case, a short USB to MicroUSB charging cable, and a quick start guide. To set it up, simply flip the switch on the side and go into the Bluetooth settings on the tablet. Hit search. The keyboard is already in pairing mode and ready to go.


The case is made up a few different materials. Most of the back is a type of nylon material that feels similar to the strap on a backpack; while more textured, it can feel a tad slippery at times. The top half of the back, around the camera area, is a synthetic leather/plastic material, which has more grip to it. As a result, I've found carrying it with the opening towards your hand to be preferable. It also feels more secure since there is a bit of movement with the covering at the other end.

The tablet easily snaps or slides into the case. I mean, very easy. I can use the tablet on it's own whenever I want, instead ofhaving to forcibly remove it from one of those stubborn covers. Then to use it in "keyboard" mode, you simply insert the tablet into a slot on the keyboard base. This is a single fixed position. As the hinge on the cover itself is that flexible nylon material, it allows the tablet to easily slot in there.

Alternatively, you can lay the tablet flat, covering the keyboard, so you can use it like a normal tablet. This works rather well and even allows a descent angle to use the onscreen keyboard.

Beyond that, it seems to offer good protection for the screen and corners of the tablet. When closed, there are magnets in use that help keep it closed. This can result in some movement depending on how you're carrying it. Rubber points along the case will prevent the screen from making contact with the keyboard or any other part of the case. It also only adds a little over 1lb to the tablet, bringing the total weight on my scale, to 2 lb 14.8 oz. Which feels lighter than it sounds.


I'm of course typing this review on the bluetooth keyboard. I can normally type up to 90 wpm without error on a normal keyboard. I'm not sure how fast I'm typing now, but it's actually pretty darn quick. There was an issue where if you press the the space bar and Shift key at the same time, it ignores the space bar and has a text notification on-screen indicating the language selection. It's the same thing that FN + Space will do and would ignore key presses.

However, some helpful suggestions have provided an acceptable workaround until Logitech/Samsung can find a fix (none yet, as of now). You can either change the default Samsung keyboard to a 3rd party keyboard or get an app called External Keyboard Helper that allows you easily switch input methods. While not something I should have to do, it will work for now.

Otherwise the keyboard itself still works great. It has good key travel and feedback. It feels rather similar to other ultrabooks and netbooks I've used recently. There are also several Android specific shortcuts to bring up the menu, home screen, music, e-mail, calendar, app drawer, voice commands, browser, etc. All quite handy.


+ Good quality protective case
+ Bluetooth keyboard
+ Relatively light weight
+ Easy to install/remove tablet
+ Long battery life
+ Solid keyboard feel
+ Android specific shortcuts


- Expensive
- No back light
- Nylon-like backing can get slippery
- Shift+Space Issue
- No auto on/off function
- Magnetic latch allows some movement


Now that the Shift/Space issue has a workaround, all is working well so far. And as I'm sitting here typing away on my couch and on my desk, I really do like this keyboard. It's remaining sturdy, appears to be secure, and is making a really good "case" for replacing a small notebook. I can now consider this keyboard case recommended, although you may want to wait for a sale.
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VINE VOICEon March 26, 2014
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I'm using this review to compare this Logitech Pro keyboard case with the Zagg Coverfit because they are the only two approved Samsung keyboards for the Galaxy Note 12.

First of all - the packaging; Logitech has a very nice heavy packaging with a small ribbon to open the case. It comes with the keyboard and a MicroUSB charger cable. The Zagg has a cheaper box, but same contents. Both certainly get the job done.

The fit and daily use is entirely different between the two; The Logitech is a semi-permanent case for the Note Pro - you simply open it up and fold to the angle you want. The Zagg is a loose plastic cover that snaps on. It is clunky and often hard to remove.

That said, the Zagg is extremely light, and the Logitech weighs a ton. In fact, with the Logitech Pro case on, my Note Pro weighs more than my Samsung Ativ Book 9 plus in its case. It is extremely bulky. This one is really a matter of taste, but I prefer a lighter solution.

The keyboard on the Logitech is by far the best of the two. The Zagg isn't bad, but it is so thin that you need a flat surface to use it at its best, otherwise it just flexes. The Logitech has excellent key travel and is responsive. Certainly not as good as a good quality laptop keyboard, but good for on the road none the less.

The Logitech snaps in place, but still regularly manages to slide out of the latches - it is only held on the top, so it manages to pop out sometimes.

The Zagg has a good wake on open magnet - always manages to turn the Samsung on when removed. I have NOT managed to get that on the Logitech, and I can't figure out whether it is supposed to have the feature.

I can't comment on battery life, but both tablets claim months of use. They both charge off MicroUSB.

All in all the choice between the two is about what you need to do with it. The Logitech doesn't snap shut, so often slides open and shut in my bag, the Zagg has never come undone, but that also means it can be a pain to remove.

The Logitech also supports multiple viewing angles, the Zagg only has one option there.

For me personally, I prefer the Zagg. It feels like better protection, doesn't get in the way and doesn't add much weight at all.
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on July 8, 2015
**See update on edit below**
Buyer beware! Keyboard does not work with android lollipop (5.x). Keyboard was great until my tablet updated to 5.0.2 and now my keyboard is useless and logitech basically said we are SOL

ON EDIT: Samsung has released a fix Android Lollipop version so the keyboard is working again. The problem was that the Lollipop version for some of Samsung's products did not include the Generic Bluetooth driver, making non-samsung bluetooth capable hardware incompatible. The issue has since been fixed on at least the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, and the keyboard is back to working!
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on July 12, 2015
I've had this keyboard a few months and it has been a 4-star experience overall. The keyboard has worked very well with my Note Pro 12.2 (SM-P900) but some aspects of the case, how it flexes and folds and how the tablet locks in (others have detailed), are imperfect. But no deal breakers in my view--it's still been very good and my primary case.

HOWEVER, with the Samsung upgrade to Lollipop 5.0.2 this keyboard NO LONGER WORKS. It will pair but will not operate. This has been documented on multiple forums: Android, Logitech, and Samsung. No resolution or path to resolution identified. So, I strongly recommend that you DO NOT BUY this unless you are sure to be/stay pre-Lollipop or until a fix has been implemented. We need some urgent help here from Samsung and Logitech!
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on July 10, 2015
This bluetooth keyboard no longer works with the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 since the operating system was updated a few days ago. If you go to the Logitech support blog you will see that everyone who owns this device is having the same problem. Keyboard used to work great before the update to Lollipop 5.x. However, it no longer works. Do not buy this keyboard if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2!
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on July 20, 2014
I tried several covers and cases for the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 before giving this one a shot. I had one cause digitizer problems. Another refused to stand the tablet up at all, yet another would see the bottom of the tablet kicking out when touching the screen any higher than the backing angle piece. The tablet is very secure in this case. The keyboard is what you've come to expect from Logitech. The whole package is well designed, very functional. It has looks that complement, even augment the aesthetic of the Galaxy Note Pro. The keyboard has excellent key feel, response times and surprisingly useful hotkeys. As someone else monetioned, it would be nice if the hotkeys were assignable to apps of your choice but that is Android's problem and not Logitech's where it is applicable. Some have expressed concern about maybe damaging the keys when folding the cover into a position where the keyboard is exposed and on the very bottom. I have tossed this thing about the car and house in both modes of fold and don't think it will be a problem unless the keyboard were exposed to forces that would definitely damage the tablet itself if it to be subject.

This is well worth the MSRP and I recommend it
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on July 12, 2015
Don't buy this product if your NotePro 12.2 has updated to the lastest version of Android (5.0.2). That update came out a few days ago and the keyboard no longer works. Logitech support and Samsung support are not silent while the newsgroups are bursting with complaints.
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on July 13, 2015
DO NOT BUY THIS CASE if you have a Samsung tablet running Android Lollipop - IT WILL FLAT OUT NOT WORK. I just upgraded from kitkat and it will still pair, but not type at all. Logitech has provided canned resposes to support tickets (try turning it on and off type reponse) and ignoring fact that it is a widespread problem as evidenced by the multiple pleas from owners on their forums, all with the same problem. Please, read the Logitech support forums before you consider buying this for an android tablet you intend to have run lollipop. My experience is with a Samsung but I'd be wary and make absolutely certain it IS compatible with your other lollipop device before you consider purchasing.

I will update if Logitech provides a fix.
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