Customer Reviews: Logitech Squeezebox Radio Rechargeable Battery Pack and Remote (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on January 8, 2011
I just got the Squeezebox for Christmas and the battery pack and remote were must-haves to get the full functionality!

With the battery, I can easily unplug the radio from its usual place beside my bed and take it to my office, basement, deck, wherever I plan on listening to my music - for up to 6 hours. Nice.

The remote is great, but unless you memorize the menus or have really, really good eyesight, you'll still have to be fairly close to the player to navigate. It IS handy for turning off my alarm in the morning (can be viewed as a bad thing, ha!), just changing the volume, or changing between tracks on or Pandora, though.

As an aside, YES - the other reviewers are absolutely correct! Do NOT spend $150 on this product, since it is available directly from Logitech for only $50. You hardly would want to spend the same amount on the accessories as you did on the player itself, right?
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Kudos to Logitech for improving its packaging. The battery and remote are sold in a hard plastic package, but the back side has a clearly marked easy-open thumb tab that made reaching the products easy; and the plastic insert tray that held the products in place was imprinted with a recycling triangle.

I can only assume that the battery will perform as expected, so I will focus on its installation. First, note that when the battery door screw is loosened, it will likely fall onto the floor and bounce its way underneath an immovable object, so take care that you perform this operation in a secure location. Second, the door itself is not attached to the Squeezebox, so it has the same potential for an escape. Third, plug in the battery BEFORE trying to insert the battery into the slot. Fourth, as there is no marking to indicate which way the battery plug should be inserted, focus your attention on the two nearly invisible ridges on what turns out to be the "bottom" of the plug, and guide these into their appropriate slots. Fifth, when the plug is secured, begin sliding the battery into the Squeezebox, keeping in mind that the fit is so tight, you will have great difficulty ever removing it. Sixth, bury the extra wiring securely before attempting to replace the battery door and then tighten the replacement screw that you unearthed in your mathom jar.

The remote is a little simpler to handle. It slides apart fairly easily, and after the button battery drops into your lap, just remove the orange sticker and replace the battery. The plus side goes down, and that's made pretty clear by the giant + sign inside the remote.

Since I wanted the battery more than the remote, I've tried to find reasons to use the latter, but I really haven't. My Squeezebox is too far away to read the screen, so pushing buttons on the remote isn't very practical. In my view, the remote would have been far more useful had Logitech included one or more buttons for the preset stations.
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on January 23, 2011
I bought this directly from logitech for $50. I was going to make my own from a tutorial i saw online, but i figured this was easier and i wouldn't have to worry about possibly voiding the warranty. unscrew the small door on the bottom, cram in the battery, and plug in the connector. you can plug the power cord in at any time and it will start to charge automatically. my battery arrived with about 1/2 charge

-you can use your squeezebox wirelessly around the house now
-around 6 hours of battery life, possibly more if you dim the display
-i found out by accident that the remote control has a magnet built in, i wish more small remotes had this so i can stick it to something metal
-the remote slides open, so changing a battery is a snap
-logitech makes the plastic package easy to open with a ripstrip in the back

-the battery smelled like dead fish in the package...?
-i wish the remote had a thumbs up or down button....on that matter, i wish the squeezebox had these buttons instead of having to press the wheel and scroll
-one day i left my radio on pause for a couple of hours, when i came back it had powered off. when i powered it back on, it still had plenty of battery life left
-you are still paying $50 for only a battery and a remote
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on December 29, 2010
I ordered this item from Logitech's website for $49.99 on December 21, 2010 and received it on December 23. Crawford's Superstore and their $149 price must somehow be affiliated with the oil industry, where raking people over the coals is standard practice. I would cut them some slack if I thought it were a typo or mis-print, but it has been on here for weeks ranging from $79 to $149.

As far as the accessory pack itself, I love it. The remote is built well, operates very well, and is 1000 times better than the remote that came with the Grace GDI-IR2500 I bought in the Summer of 2010. I have yet to fully test the battery, but in on-again, off-again use the 2nd day of owning the Squeezebox I got approximately 10 hours of listening without recharging.
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on January 4, 2012
Originally I thought it was too expensive and that I would have preferred to not order the remote and pay less. I am using it for almost a year and must admit that I am satisfied with both the battery's capacity and use the remote every day. Hence, after using it for a while I am glad that I have both battery and remote as offered.

I use it every day. At night I listen to it while plugged in on the nightstand. That is when it is especially convenient to use the remote. During the day I take it with me to wherever I go and because of the battery can listen uninterrupted to the program I am tuned into.

The battery easily takes me through a day and I have never run out of power. Hence, the manufacturer's claims are probably correct. It is actually worth the price.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Probably one of my favorite pieces of recent technology is the "internet radio." The ability to connect wirelessly to your home network and play music, be it from streaming internet sources or personal libraries (off iPods, PCs, etc.) is great. Of the various makes and models available, my favorite has always been the Logitech Squeezebox Boom, with the Squeezebox Radio close behind.

But you are probably asking why I am rambling on about the Squeezebox itself, since the review is supposed to be about the battery pack/remote.

OK, well where I am going is this: As much as I love the Squeezebox product line, and give a nod to the Boom simply because of its speaker configuration and slightly better sound, the one place the Squeezebox Radio was always lacking was the absence of a remote control, something which ships with the Boom. The battery pack adds portability to the Squeezebox, provided of course you are in range of a network (or want to play your iPod through the radio)!

Setup is a breeze. For the remote, just pull the shipment protector that keeps its battery from making contact with the terminals, and its ready. The button layout is simple, and most things are similar to the control panel on the Radio itself. Because I own a Boom, I was already familiar with the remote control layout, but I still think it is fairly intuitive.
You have the Home button, Power, buttons to raise/lower volume, Play, Pause, Rewind, Forward, etc.

The remote is also magnetic so it will stick to other metal surfaces. I keep mine on top of my Radio, force of habit as that's where the remote sites on the Boom. The range is good and you should have no problem controlling your Radio from 10-15 feet away. When it's eventually time to change the remote's battery, the case slides open so you can easily replace the battery, a lithium CR2032.

The battery pack is simple to connect. Just remove the Radio cover on the device bottom by unscrewing the screw (a coin or lightweight screwdriver will work). Slide the battery pack into the compartment, plug in the connector, and screw the cover back on. Your first charge may take 7 or 8 hours. The battery indicator on the Radio screen will tell you when it's charged. You should get at least 6 hours play out of the battery. I am getting closer to 9. I don't turn the brightness up too much and I tend to leave the Radio on one source, so there isn't any drain other than the straight function of playing the music. if you leave the Radio completey idle, it will shut of after 20 minutes to conserve its battery.

All in all, another nice Logitech product. Some people complain about the price and say a battery pack can be made "at home" for less. While that is true, keep in mind two things: a homemade battery pack will likely void your warranty, and the price is for both the remote and the battery pack. It still is probably a bit high though. Personally, I like having the remote more so than the battery, as the only places I'd use the Radio happen to have electricity any way. But I would not have paid close to $50 for just the remote!

So, nice accessory kit, absolutely - a bit on the high side cost-wise, yes. But if you want to be able to take your Radio out to the yard, deck, etc. and don't have a receptacle there, this is a nice thing to have!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Logitech's Squeezebox Radio consumes about 2.1 - 2.5W of power, the exact value depends on the brightness of the LCD backlight and the loudness using the Bi-amplified class D AMP design at which you play your Squeezebox Radio, The included Battery pack is rated for 2000mAh @12v and The specifications say that Play up to six hours of music on a single battery charge which is slightly under rated as in my tests with this accessory battery pack it played for about 7 hours before dying which is pretty good run on battery pack for a device like this.

In theory, If you do the math it comes to 12V*2.0Ah/2.5W = 9.6 hours (with Max consumption) or 12V*2.0Ah/2.1W =11.4 hrs (With Minimum power draw) but there are other variables and consumption criteria's that reduces the overall number of hours one can play this device on battery alone.

For those who dare - You can do your own battery pack with regular AA NiMH rechargeable batteries and buy the highest capacity available (2700mAh) and you can get up-to 15hrs in theory but in reality you can get up-to 12 hrs maximum, There are instructions available on the internet (Google is your friend) but the Logitech's battery pack is comprised of low self-discharge nickel-metal hydride battery (LSD NiMH) which the highest rating available till date is 2000mAh similar to Sanyo Eneloop 8 Pack AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries

BTW, The accessory pack also includes a tiny remote, But I rarely use that but it is good to have in rare occasions wherein you need to change the volume, FYI, using the remote of a distance of more than 5 feet becomes cumbersome as you cannot see the tiny screen from far (At least for my aging eyes)

Overall, It is a must have for people who love their Squeezebox Radio and be free of wires! And oh! Please make sure that you update your Squeezebox Radio to software release 7.4.2 or greater for compatibility There is tons of code that squeezebox uses for charging the Batteries. It is better have the latest software release on your Squeezebox especially for those charging algorithms for low self-discharge nickel-metal hydride battery (LSD NiMH) to keep it refreshed at the right charging current and temperature to prolong battery life.

A Must have for Squeezebox radio owners!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Logitech Squeezebox is one of my favorite pieces of electronics. The addition of the remote and rechargeable battery pack make it even better. The remote is very small, and basic. It gives you access to all the radios main functions. Once you figure out the function of each button, it's easy to use. Its range is a little limited, but it works fine from across an average sized room. The 2000mAh NiMH provides me with 6-7 hours of listening before needing a recharge. I can recommend the "Logitech Squeezebox Radio Rechargeable Battery Pack and Remote", and give it 4 stars. I don't give it 5 stars for a couple of reasons though. First, in my opinion, the remote should have been a standard accessory with the Squeezebox. I own far inferior radios that provide a basic remote. Second, while the battery is useful in allowing you to move the radio around a house without having to use the A/C adapter, its usefulness is somewhat limited due to the fact that the Squeezebox will never be a true portable radio since it requires a connection to your WiFi network. You obviously can't take it with you everywhere. Even with these minor caveats, the "Logitech Squeezebox Radio Rechargeable Battery Pack and Remote" is a worthwhile purchase.
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on April 15, 2011
This is a great addition to an already fine product. The battery pack is easy to install (a small panel underneath, held by one flathead screw) and the remote works like a champ.

Battery life: when I let it run down to zero, it kept the tunes and radio going for about seven hours, plus a couple of hours 'paused' and one overnight of 'off' with the usual clock display against a black screen. Performance for either wireless connection, volume, or sound quality was unaffected whether on battery or line power. The screen auto-dimmed slightly, but still readable from five to six feet away (about the functional range of my tired eyes reading details on the Radiotime or Pandora playlists).

Remote: handy size, nice 'feel' to the rubber coating on the keys, smart layout mimicking some of the same button positions on the Squeezebox itself. The built-in magnet, as mentioned by others, is a nice bonus.

Battery pack weight: a pretty hefty chunk, but it doesn't really alter the balance or portability of the Squeezebox itself. If anything, it enhances the stability for resisting a bump or a jostle on an end table or shelf.

Overall: very pleased with these two additions to Logitech's fine streaming device.
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on July 12, 2016
I've had my SQUEEZEBOX for a couple years now and just love it. I would actually use it more often if it wasn't so easy to stream music from other places (smart phone/ computer, etc) but I have my favorite programs /stations programmed in and it's great to have world-wide access to such an enormous variety of music, shows and programming. I found an "aviary noises" station to keep my neighbor's bird company while they were away! I listen to European classical stations because they play lots of what I enjoy... but the commercials are hilarious because they may be in Russian or whatever.
Today it's just the bedroom alarm clock.
Tomorrow it may be the "music I clean the house by" (fave oldies stations)
Other times it's my "portable radio" since it's got a nice long charge and can be outside the house (picking up wireless connection) and work for 4 hours or so before needed to be plugged in/re-charged. Only downside is the "search" dial which is cumbersome and annoying... perhaps new models have fixed that by now.
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