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on November 11, 2016
These speakers are awesome. I had the older smaller 75 watt 5.1 logitech speakers and they lasted me about ten years for all kinds of things, music, movies, gaming, etc. They were a tremendous value. Unfortunately one of the satellites gave out and it was time to upgrade to their big brother. This model is awesome. It booms in my living room for anything, especially HD movies. I have no complaints on this at all and it barely needs to get over 50% for awesome sounding movies/games/music. My old speakers were ok, but now I can impress my friends when they come over for a movie. I also use an old skool creative xtreme sound blaster x-fi card which gives them a little bit more power then standard on board 5.1. Just in case you are using media player classic to watch movies, make sure you go into options and click on the normalize button. I have mine set to 350% amplification and regain volume applied. if you want to get the most bang for your buck and happen to use a PC as the center of your entertainment whether hooked up to a projector or big screen, these speakers are probably the best value you can get for your money. Speaker placement is important so make sure you do your homework before mounting these if that is what you are going to do. These things are placed at ear level around about an 18' x 20' room with the bass box under the desk and pulled out from the wall about six inches. Bass redirection is on. I have high 20ft. ceilings in this room and it is open on both areas of the living room and their is plenty of amplification and bass when watching movies.
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on November 19, 2016
Yes, like so many people I had the old Logitec Z506 system. What an amazing setup that was. It literally shook things off the desk when I was really rockin out lol. Actually I listen to mostly hip-hop and electronic, but most of all by a small percentage I listen to classic rock. Rollings Stones, Zeppelin, The Dorors ect. Anyway, blew the woofer like many have, and replaced it with the Z906. Positioned the 5.1 system exactly like I did the last one. It's in a medium sized unused bedroom (my office). It sounds great. I'm a techie so I tweek everything. First of all get a good soundcard, anything from Soundblaster. I got the Soundblaster Z. Next, install the Soundblaster software. Go through all of the settings, there are some huge setting changes that will improve the quality 100%. I don't know why it isn't in the manual. The woofer is smaller. But for some reason sounds stronger and more clean. The other speakers are the same.. you still have the horizontal center channel speaker. The wires are long enough. Excellent product.
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on July 4, 2015
Very good base sound from this unit that you can feel. I use it with my Samsung 65" UN65HU8550 UHD 4K Smart TV. Hookup was easy using an Amazon brand TOSLINK fiber optic cable from the TV to the subwoofer unit. The remote control is a huge plus and I keep it next to my TV's remote control. I also have an AppleTV connected to its other optical input. The sound is very clean. Each pair of satellite speakers are adjustable relative to the others in the system both from the control unit and the remote control unit. You can for example increase/decrease the base, center channel, front left and right channels and rear channels independently relative to the rest. There is a general volume control that increases all channels. It has DSP settings for non-dolby digital source sources. It handles DTS-HD and AC3 5.1 and 2.0 perfectly. Actor dialog coming in from the center channel speakers are very clear. The sound is very strong without distortion. If you would like a great sounding surround sound system without having to spend lots of money on a separate 5.1 receiver and speakers, this system might be for you. I would recommend it for a medium sized livingroom

I purchased this system when there was a sale on Amazon and during that time it was an exceptional value. My only wish would have been the speaker wires not to be black, but white, so they would be less noticeable on the walls. But I plan on replacing the wire soon. I also wished the rear speaker wire length were a few feet longer, but I will remedy that when I replace the speaker wires. Other than those two minor mentions, I really like the system.

I also found these mounting brackets perfectly suited to this speaker system. VideoSecu Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts / Brackets for Walls and Ceilings (White,Black Available)
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on December 4, 2016
Only giving it 5 stars because Amazon doesn't have 6 stars. 165W sub-woofer, and 65 watts per speaker (according to the numbers). Talk about rocking the house. I can only turn the system up a little over half way before my ears say enough. Crystal clear sound. The control head allows you to independently balance the center vs the back pair vs the sub. Replaced an old Creative 5.1 system with this. Wow. What a difference. The kit comes with 5 lengths of 18GA speaker wire for the 5 speakers.
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on March 20, 2017
Works Wonderfully! The sound is great! The old adage "you get what you pay for" is certainly befitting for this system. Solid and heavy to absorb the vibration. No crackle normally heard on cheap speakers because they are too light and not made well. I have used the system with playing games mostly. It really sounds great with Battlefield 1. And, I was really impressed how my Pat Benatar Greatest Hits CD sounded! The base is low and rumbly. The thump - thump of the music comes through really well. All-in-all, I love my choice and I do recommend this product if you are a hard core gamer and want to hear the really cool sounds of boots running up behind you or the sounds of CD's the way they were meant to be.
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on April 8, 2017
Ordered on November 22, 2011 and it still works absolutely the same the day I first bought it! I was curious and bored to see if Logitech came out with a newer model yet is why I decided to write a review now. its been a long time and obviously they haven't made a new one but I can understand why they haven't being that this one is just perfect as it is. The sub works so well and the speakers are so clear I have to turn it down so it stops shaking my house. I have caught myself a few times looking around like an idiot watching a movie cause I hear like a noise or a voice that sounds like its behind me nut its the speakers. I don't bother with my TV speakers unless I need it quiet for night time other than that the z906 has countless hours on it being used and I have not once had any issue with it still to this day, other than my son sticking a hotwheel toy car inside the sub that I haven't bothered taking out yet but has nothing to do with the quality and perfection of this system. I if I ever have to hopefully not (knock on wood) have to buy a surround sound system again I wouldn't hesitate to get another one an hour later. and for a fact when it happens ill write a review to see the length it lasted from the purchase to the review just now and the new buy :)
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on January 20, 2014
I've been a fan of Logitech for years now, having used their speakers, mice, and keyboards for over a decade.

I had been using a set of z-640s since my original purchase of them in 2003, and after making some significant upgrades to my office I felt the need to finally splurge on a high quality 5.1 configuration. After considering several receiver and speaker kits in the same price range, I decided that sticking with a brand I knew and loved was the correct thing to do.

I was not disappointed. The sound quality, especially in a relatively small space, is simply astounding! Even at ear-splitting volume levels, these speakers sound fantastic!

I'm connected from my SB Recon3D card via toslink. After some minor sound configuration tweaks, I'm hearing things in music that were inaudible with my old speakers. In games, all sound effects are pronounced, including reverb and 3D effects.

I cannot recommend these speakers enough. To the casual non-audiophile (in fairness, these speakers are not marketed to audiophiles, who would never ask for the kind of quality they require from anything that could be bought for $350 or less) music fan or to the PC gamer, these really are everything you would ever want or need for your PC.

Buy these speakers, download a high-quality MP3 of the THX sound, and revel in the majesty of the SOUND you'll get out of these!
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on February 26, 2017
Fantastic system for the money. Performance rivals system double its price if not triple. Did a ton of research on it before I bought it. The ONLY annoyance with the system is its looks. Speakers have a look to them as if they are PC desk top speakers (in which they realistically are). When you hang them on your wall to use as a surround sound with your TV you need to get creative in having them "work" with the appearance of everything in the room but that isnt a big deal. SOUND and FUNCTIONALITY is superb. Would buy it over again without a question. Subwoofer is small but has VERY rich powerful bass, does not get distort when pushed to its limits and will shake your house with quality sound if needed.
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on May 15, 2015
I just purchased these to replace my Promedia Ultra 5.1 and I have to say Logitech has done many things nicely. Here's my list of good and bad:

1) Satellites small enough to fit under a monitor; I have the center speaker directly underneath my 27" monitor and it fits nicely. The Klipsch center channel speaker was bulky and not designed to fit underneath LCDs.

2) no speaker covers: this makes it easy to keep them clean, dust-free. I didn't enjoy dusting off my Klipsch satellites with the speaker covers.

3) control module: comes with a decoder (dolby digital, DTS) for optical inputs. I don't plan to use mine for anything but analog connectors and don't need decoding so I wish I could have bought a version without these extras (probably adds $50 to the product).

1) subwoofer: looks cheap, has a sticker stating CARB compliant. At least, use real painted wood and give it more weight.

I paid $446 for the Promedia 5.1 back in 2001 and it lasted me about 7 years. Then I paid another $60 to get a refurbished Promedia 5.1 Ultra because of high-defects with the original Promedia 5.1. The Ultra lasted about 8 years and eventually broke.

I think the Z906 provides excellent value; I don't think anyone else makes high-end PC 5.1 speakers so you really don't have a choice.
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on July 19, 2015
Before having this 5.1 speaker system. I had the Logitech X-530, then Z506, now this Z906! With these speakers in my bed room, there is so much more boom bass and the crisp clear sounds from the speakers! I've tested these speakers with my PC, such as Music, Movies, Games and they all sound so much better and clearer. I also tested them on my Xbox One/PS4 and the sounds are so much more engaging like in a movie. The gun sounds in Battlefield sound so life-like with these speakers. The remote also is a big jump from me as you can quickly change channels and modify the settings for each speaker/subwoofer, as opposed to the Z506 where you have to turn the knob on the subwoofer. In the end, these speakers are worth every cent and is for anyone who wants a 5.1 with a lot of boom!
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