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on June 15, 2015
I have owned a few different Logitech accessories over the years and loved them all. Have owned this keyboard and mouse set for over a year now and LOVE IT. Never had any problems with it. Functions as it should and does it well. Batteries last a long time - as advertised (but depending on actual use). The buttons on the keyboard are soft, precise and fairly quiet. The mouse controls feel very precise as well. The clicks are short and distinct and the scroll wheel feels smooth. There is an LED light on both the keyboard and the mouse that warns you when the batteries need replacement - very handy. The keyboard has an adjustable tilt by moving the rubberized feet. You can also stand it on it's side and let it stand at a 90-degree angle to give you more desktop space. The keyboard also seems to be spill-proof as it is has a few slots on the bottom for the liquid to drain through (see pictures). Range: I sometimes use this set with my TV while the PC (connected via long HDMI cable) they're connected to is in a room about 15 feet away and works without interruptions. Overall, a great set and a good price that lasts and is backed by a good brand! Go Logitech!
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on September 13, 2017
Knowing that we all have our preferences for keyboard touch and feel, I have to say that I love this one which arrived an hour ago. Keys are slightly concave. Noise is quite moderate, just enough to know that I have hit the key. Not only does the Caps Lock key have an on/off light in the key itselt, but it is intuitive. If I start to type my name using lower case, it automatically capitalizes the J. All of the keys work. I like the comfortable wide hand rest below the keys. The mouse glides very smoothly, feels comfortable and works perfectly as far as I am concerned. My computer is in a cabinet with a wooden door about 30 inches away but no problem "hearing" the keyboard/mouse. I tried moving the keyboard 8 feet away, still no problem. Setup took less than 5 minutes. With pre-installed batteries it was just a matter of plugging the tiny receiver into a USB port on the computer, turning the keyboard and mouse on, and away we go. I should mention that I put out a question on whether there was a caps-lock light and got both yeses and nos, but the keyboard I received on 9/13/17 has the light. And I get zero delay, hit the key and the character appears instantly.
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on September 26, 2017
Bought one for my spouse and one for me. We are each very happy with our unit. The mouse and keyboard are very responsive. The keyboard feels solid. Although we have several electronic devices that might cause interference, we have not experienced any problems so far.

One suggestion: You might want to flag the dongle with a piece of tape to (a) reduce the likelihood of losing the dongle and (b) identify what device it is used for. Just saying that because on a previous, similar keyboard/mouse combo, we lost the dongle; and the replacement dongle we bought never did work right.

Too early to tell about performance over the long term. If any issues occur, I'll update this review.
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on May 23, 2015
I bought the MK520 mouse and keyboard combination to replace a Microsoft keyboard and mouse that were no longer functioning properly. The MK520 is very reasonably priced. The dimensions of the keyboard are ideal for my purposes inasmuch as the keyboard does not take up a large amount of desktop space as is the case with the more expensive Logitech keyboards. I find the mouse very comfortable and easy to use. Initially, I had some trouble setting up the keyboard and mouse. However, this was resolved by the simple process of moving the receiver from a USB port on the back of the computer tower for my desktop to a USB port on the front of the tower. Since then the initial lag problems have been resolved. I like the feel and touch of the keyboard and so far I'm very pleased with this well-priced purchase.
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on October 11, 2016
I was heistant about buying a refurb, and the packing was a little suspect as the kb and ms arrived in a white box, untaped, with just a shipping label on it. However, the contents were all inside, in plastic, and everything worked and still works which is whats important. Nothing seemed used and most importantly, it cost like half of what it does new.

They Keyboard has the same keybed as the K800, which is my favorite Logitech keyboard or any keyboard for that matter, and the mouse is wireless, comes with an actual unifying dongle, and works fine. Great secondary keyboard mouse combo that I use for servicing customer computers without having to disconnect my own KB and MS.

Would buy again and recommend to a friend!
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on September 18, 2014
When I received the unit, it looked like it had been opened and returned (the batteries were installed), but the "pull" tabs for the batteries were not in place. One was in the box laying loose, the other one was missing completely.

I plugged the unit into my media computer. Nothing happened (did not install). Checked settings (turn off/on keyboard & mouse and try to pair again), but no software loaded and neither the keyboard or mouse would work. I had a Logitech trackball on the unit already.

Moved to a new computer (same setup with trackball). Plugged in the USB wireless receiver (unified). Software installed for the unified USB receiver (automatically)! Paired the keyboard & mouse, and checked the software. It shows 2 unified receivers, 1-trackball, other one with keyboard/mouse. Unpaired keyboard/mouse & USB receiver. Ran software & paired keyboard and mouse. It works properly. Unpaired keyboard/mouse.
Return to media PC. Download unified software from Logitech. Install Logitech unifying software. Paired the keyboard & mouse. It now works on the media PC.
While it was a hassle to install, it seems to work properly after that.
Since it looked like it had been opened, I believe the previous owner was not able to successfully pair the devices - like my first try.
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on January 31, 2015
This was waiting for me when I got home from work on Thursday (do the math). It comes with batteries (be prepared with some fresh ones). I plugged it in and it just works. I am using it on Fedora Linux (Fedora 21 64 bit KDE-Spin). It just works very well. For Fedora, I still need to map the various function keys. The volume buttons work out of the box.

I plan on hooking it up to my W7 32 bit laptop. And I plan on downloading the driver for it to use with Windows. That will help it map better. Should be fun.

I originally bought it to switch between desktop and laptop. When I am using my desktop as a gaming server, I can switch to the laptop and still be productive while everyone else is enjoy the full power of a Linux gaming server.

Update: I just got this running on my W7 32 bit laptop. Everything works. I did download the driver software from Logitech. The software allows for other "Unifying" hardware to be added. For example the M310 mouse comes with the keyboard. If you want to use your blue M310 instead of the silver M310, just add it. There may be other "Unifying" items you may want to add...and they can be added using the download from Logitech.

Over all, it is a nice keyboard. The keys are responsive, and relatively quiet.
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on October 28, 2015
Only reason I give it 4 of 5 stars is for one reason or another the USB receiver didn't detect in the first motherboard USB port I stuck it in. Put it in the front case port (not desirable since now I have 1 of 2 filled all the time) and up it came.

Also, the keys are closer together than I like, so being used to more traditional keyboards with different shape keys with more of a gap, typing on here means more mistakes until I get used to it. More keyboards for one reason or another seem to be moving this direction or the chiclet design (which I don't like at all); go back to the older designs or offer them as another model in the same price point!
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on September 22, 2014
After the keyboard started failing, I contacted Logitech Tech Support (in some far off land, apparently) and they were just a waste of my time. After the initial troubleshooting, tech support determined my keyboard was defective and that they will need to send me a replacement as I am under warranty. Tech Support made me go through all kinds of hoops (finding and emailing them purchase receipt, trying the keyboard on different computer, removing/re-installing software, etc.) Well almost 4 weeks later, I am still waiting for my warranty replacement. I've emailed and called numerous times to find out what is going on only to get apologies or for my call to be disconnected. The techs and "supervisors" (not sure if you ever get connected to a REAL supervisor) put you on hold constantly and come back with random excuses. Their escalation point is worse than regular tech support and offer no timelines on when a warranty will be fulfilled.

LOGITECH - Please don't advertise warranty when you have no intention of providing a timely replacement.
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on January 12, 2015
I keep buying keyboard and always end up with thin plastic light weight clicky items that would be better suited with bright colors in a child's crib. Why can i not find a clean, nice size, soft touch (rubber/silicon) key's with a bit of a bump or tap so you know it took.

And yes Unified Receivers are great!

But come one when are you going to allow them to be paired to multiple devices. It would only take a hot key combo or a tiny switch on the keyboard to switch from one PC to another. I was so disappointed when i found out i couldn't use Multiple Unified Receivers to coincide with my outdated KVM switch. The video was good but i no longer have SP2 ports for a wired keyboard or mouse and didn't one. I can't drop a paycheck on a KVM switch every few years. But if I were to do so i would like it to be a Logitec device using the Unified Receivers.

Last but not least... i keep buying keyboards and they are all plastic clinky.... well they feel ugly. I love metal and strong solidly built items. I get something made out of less than light weight plastic wouldn't be convenient for your backpack.... but come on my stack of keyboards don't leave the box next to my desk.

And what is up with the price discrepancy.... all are under 40 and the next set break 1-200 dollars. There are a few people left in middle class that like quality. Your products work but they need to feel confident. My first iP_d portable music library/player with the sliver metal case and deep black sheen of the screen... you need to sell something i want to buy just to hold and look at,,,, and then circle back to quality and innovations like making the BEST KVM solution that has ever existed. You can do it so ,,,, why not do it.
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