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on June 15, 2015
I have owned a few different Logitech accessories over the years and loved them all. Have owned this keyboard and mouse set for over a year now and LOVE IT. Never had any problems with it. Functions as it should and does it well. Batteries last a long time - as advertised (but depending on actual use). The buttons on the keyboard are soft, precise and fairly quiet. The mouse controls feel very precise as well. The clicks are short and distinct and the scroll wheel feels smooth. There is an LED light on both the keyboard and the mouse that warns you when the batteries need replacement - very handy. The keyboard has an adjustable tilt by moving the rubberized feet. You can also stand it on it's side and let it stand at a 90-degree angle to give you more desktop space. The keyboard also seems to be spill-proof as it is has a few slots on the bottom for the liquid to drain through (see pictures). Range: I sometimes use this set with my TV while the PC (connected via long HDMI cable) they're connected to is in a room about 15 feet away and works without interruptions. Overall, a great set and a good price that lasts and is backed by a good brand! Go Logitech!
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on July 18, 2013
I purchased this keyboard/mouse combo about 4 months ago. I am usually fond of Logitech items, as they are easy to use and are made well.
Around 2 weeks ago, the mouse started to malfunction. Every time I would click once, it would double click. I thought the best remedy would be to contact Logitech support and start a warranty claim. The rep was nice, and he offered to send out another mouse as long as I can email him an invoice.
I emailed him the invoice from Amazon and they replied back that any items purchased from Amazon Marketplace would not be eligible for any sort or warranty. Nowhere in the warranty papers that were included in the box did it say that the warranty would not cover Amazon Marketplace purchases, nor did it say that anywhere on their website. When I emailed Logitech with their warranty information that was included with the purchase, they just stopped replying to my emails.
My suggestion is to purchase a different brand keyboard/mouse, as if something will happen to your keyboard/mouse, Logitech will find all sorts of excuses not to warranty their item.
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on September 26, 2013
This keyboard and mouse combination has been so useful in my work environment, and I have never had an issue with connectivity between either component and the USB transmitter. I love having the calculator button, and use it often, as well as the volume buttons. The feet that unfold to put the keyboard at an angle put it at the perfect height. I find the caps lock indicator light on the caps lock button to be extremely helpful, as well. My ONLY issue with this keyboard is that the letters are wearing off! Maybe this is normal after 2 years' use, but the old, wired Dell keyboards that came with desktop packages certainly didn't have that problem. I use it all day, and the battery life is indeed as good as they claim, however, when the battery outlasts the "A" printed on the A key, that's weird, right? So far, I have worn off the A, O, L, N, M and most of the S. The wrist rest is very subtly textured, and I have worn two palm-print sized shiny, smooth spots onto that, as well. This doesn't bother me, but the missing letters are kind of annoying.
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on December 6, 2016
--------------------------------------UPDATE (March 21, 2017)-------------------------------------
I have now received the replacement warranty keyboard. The warranty process was not difficult to initiate, though there were some hoops to jump through and it took a while. Logitech was pretty good about following up during the process as well. Kudos! The replacement keyboard appears to be of similar manufacturing quality as the previous one (see items 1, 2, & 6 from the original review below). It is clear to me that the original manufacturer of the this product for purchases made in 2014-2015 is likely not being used anymore, but I'll give this replacement keyboard a chance. Perhaps the last one was just a "dud."

In summary, I recommend this keyboard based on the design (look and feel is great), but caution any buyers that you may run into issues within several months. Again, I'll update this review in a few months to let the Amazon community know how this replacement keyboard is performing. If this keyboard ends up being fine after 6 months, I would say that my experience may have been an anomaly. However, if the same thing happens, then there may be a systematic problem. Stay tuned!

--------------------------------------UPDATE (March 9, 2017)-------------------------------------
As of March, 2017, the keys on the keyboard are now failing and require more pressure to push, resulting in many missed characters and more typos. I'm incredibly disappointed... Amazon has NOT responded to my original inquiry, but I contacted them today by phone and they were more helpful. They suggested that I contact the manufacturer and file a claim against the 3 year warranty.

Also, I now think that a more likely scenario than the product being counterfeit is that Logitech changed manufacturers or reduced costs in some way. Unfortunately, their cost reduction has resulted in a lousy product and tarnishes the Logitech brand name. I no longer blindly trust the Logitech brand with regard to quality. I will update this review once I know where Logitech stands in regard to customer service and honoring their warranty.

One last thing: The item in the Amazon photos is not identical to the product I received.

-------------------------------ORIGINAL REVIEW (November, 2016)------------------------
I believe the product that was shipped to me was COUNTERFEIT and not actual Logitech. I have purchased this same keyboard made by Logitech for multiple computers and this one is different for several reasons, albeit it looks pretty close:
1. Keys are made of coarse plastic (not smooth)
2. Logo looks wrong
3. The mouse is already falling apart after a month
4. Keys don't press smoothly
5. Range is much poorer than previous ones I've owned
6. The paint on the keys is clearly poor quality

I have an open inquiry with Amazon regarding this item/seller. It is possible that Logitech decided to save money on costs and reduced quality, but the item doesn't feel right. Will update review accordingly.

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on October 23, 2015
The keyboard and mouse work fine. However after about a year of use, the frequently-used keys have lost their letter designations. The letters e, a, s, d, and c are fading away from use. I don't type all day. I emailed Logitech to see if they had stick-on letters, but no reply. Annoying if you are not a touch typist.
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on August 27, 2015
Love the keyboard, kind of hate the mouse...

Legitimate question... Who at Logitech decided that this mouse/keyboard combo should have a mouse with a wheel that spun with resistance, had "stops" (for lack of a better word) that you had to bump over while trying to scroll smoothly, and made a whirring/clunking noise while scrolling? Is this some kind of "improvement" on something that already worked just fine?

I am tempted to send it back as defective but I am pretty sure that what I find unpleasant is a design feature, and I LOVE this keyboard. For now I'll use another USB port for a less aggravating wireless mouse but it seems a shame.
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on May 26, 2015
This keyboard/mouse combo have impressed me over the past couple months in terms of comfort, quailty, and performance. My review is for common computing tasks, and not so much gaming (according to my gamer roommate, wired are perfered for this anyway?).

Compatability: This has been plug and play on each device I have tested it on. This includes Macbooks, Laptops and PC's running various Windows OS's (XP, 7, and Vista confirmed) and even my FireTV, RaspberryPi and a cheap laptop running Linux. In each case drivers installed automatically and quickly requiring no additional work from me. The keyboard and mouse run off of a single (small) USB hub, which is great for devices with limited USB hubs (like the FireTV).

Build: I have no complaints over the quality of materials used. Seems to be on point with most other keyboard/mouse combos. Typing and clicking on the mouse are actually quite quiet. I didn't notice this until returning to work and realizing how loud my keyboard was there (now it drives me crazy). Thoughtfully, Logitech uses a small USB hub that takes up very little room when plugged in, and also includes an on/off button on both the keyboard and mouse to help conserve power (a feature I had not seen before, others just time out and go to sleep on you). I've been using this combo regularly for several months off the original, included, batteries.

Finally, it has good range. Works fine, with no lag, across my family room to whatever device it's attached to (probably 15 feet). I doubt most users will need it to go much further. I have not needed to try it at a greater range so cannot comment on it's max range.

In the end, I have no real complaints. It's a winner at it's price point, and I would recommend it. Just don't lose that tiny USB hub!
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on June 5, 2014
I can't praise this set enough. The keys have a great feel and it fits my large fingers. No accidental hitting the wrong key. The functions are easy to see-no more peering with a magnifying glass. I can easily see the punctuation symbols which is a plus for me.. I hate having to think twice about them since I am not a really good typist. The volume keys are at the top and distinct in shape and color from the other keys as are the fast forward and back keys
I like the easy shut off switches on the keyboard and mouse so I can shut them down at night when the computer is shut down and save battery power. Function keys are wide, clearly labeled, and easy to read even in low light. The keyboard is not back lit but I don't miss it. For the price, an excellent set. I turned it on and started working, no program or set up needed..I recommend this set and would buy it again.
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on June 16, 2013
I purchased this keyboard and mouse to use with my laptop when at my desk. As someone who spends all day on a computer, working exclusively with the laptop keyboard (Dell 17") is restricting and slows me down. The Logitech keyboard touch is not what I'm used to using, but the touch seems to be in line with many modern keyboards. The mouse works well, but is a bit large for my tastes. I prefer a smaller mouse, so I bound my portable Logitech mouse (M325) to the unifying receiver and use it in that configuration.

One use that I had not anticipated was that with the addition of this keyboard, I no longer have room for the keyboard and mouse from my old desktop. Since I still need to reference some documents there, I simply move the unifying receiver to my desktop and use the keyboard and mouse on it. After I find and transfer the documents I need, I turn the computer off and move the unifying receiver back to my laptop.

Very convenient!
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on September 20, 2013
This was exactly what I was looking for! Well, I should revise that statement... This keyboard is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect size, wireless works great, and the physical key response (how it feels to type) is perfect for my preference. It's not too "soft." That was the key consideration for me.

I personally use this keyboard with the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse, which I much prefer. I then pack the included mouse in my laptop bag and use that on the go. The unifying receiver just stays in my laptop 24/7.

Overall, very pleased! My only suggestion would be to sell the keyboard separately.
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