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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 9, 2015
I purchased this headset after a lot of research on performance wireless headsets. Although these are intended for gaming, I use them in a professional setting where I am on Skype or conference calls internationally most of the day. There were a number of features of this set that I had hoped, and now have found, to be very helpful in this capacity.

Sound quality is typically excellent for voices. I am often able to hear and understand speech that others can't, even when the call quality itself is not good. I have never had any complaints about my microphone quality, and I have done a number of tests myself (using call-testing services) to ensure there are no distortion or volume issues, and they all came out perfectly.

Sound quality for music is not as good as you would find on high-end or even some mid-grade wired units, but it does the job well enough. You may miss a bit of bass or depth to your music, but I think the tradeoff is worth it for the clarity of voice. I believe this is more likely due to a conscious effort to tune the set for voice communication, rather than some limitation of the hardware.

The easy to access mute button and auto-mute when the boom is retracted work flawlessly. I am often taking myself on and off mute and this has never failed me. Being able to see and confirm the red-light at the end of the mic-boom is another great feature.

Battery life is typically sufficient to get me through 5-6 hours of heavy usage (constant speaking/listening) and 8-10 hours of light usage (only listening, interspersed with small breaks of silence). The headset charges quickly, and I am close enough to the base station that I can use them wired if I need to, so I have never had an issue with power.

The "G buttons" don't all work with my Mac. The center button (G2) for Pause/Play worked out of the box, and that's really all I need. I was able to get the track-change buttons (G1, G3) to work using a third-party app, although I have since found that I used them so infrequently that it didn't warrant the use of the app.

Now the bad news, and the three-star rating: I have had these headphones for less than one year. As I mentioned, I use them professionally to take business calls. When not in use, they are always placed on a high-end cradle. They have not been abused in the slightest, and the greatest wear and tear they receive is from putting them on and off my ears a few times daily.

Even with this light usage, less than one year from purchasing, I am experiencing the same problem reported by other purchasers with the backing-plates on the swivel joints cracking and failing. In my case, this is so severe that the left-side monitor is no longer attached and the product is basically useless. I've avoided going the duct-tape route for now to see if Logitech will resolve this issue under the 3-year warranty. If not, I will likely purchase from a different manufacturer as it just isn't acceptable for me to be communicating with clients with duct-tape hanging off my headset.

In short, this seemed like a very capable product that fit my needs perfectly. I expected that, being a gaming device, this product would last quite a while, but unfortunately one weak link in the product makes this impossible. I would gladly have paid an additional $10 if it meant some metal plates, or higher-quality plastic could have been used instead. Perhaps I was expecting too much from the "high-end" offering of a brand that has traditionally been associated with more "budget-minded" items.

If you simply can't live without the exact features provided by the G930, I would recommend trying to find a way to reinforce these backing plates immediately after purchasing. Also be sure to register your product right away at in case your product does fail in the future.

I will update this review with Logitech's response when (or if) I receive one.
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on November 19, 2016
I've never been this disappointed with a Logitech product before.

First the good points. The sound quality is excellent, no one has ever had a problem hearing me. I never got a 10 hour charge out of the batteries as advertised, but got 5 or 6 at first. They are comfortable, they don't weight too much, they wrap securely around my head without being too tight and do a good job blocking out outside sound. They give you a really long USB cable with a base you can wrap it around to shorten to whatever you desire. At first it really appeared to be a fantastic product.

Then came the problems. Right off the bat I noticed it had problems staying connected. Probably 5-6 times per day, it will give out a short beep and lose the connection for about 5-10 seconds, and give me a double beep and reconnect. Since it always reconnects on its own It isn't terrible enough for me to have returned the product, but over the 7 months or so that I've owned it, it started to make me hate the thing. It was frequent enough that it would often make me have to rewind in a movie or show I was watching, or I'd miss an important moment in a video game, or I'd have to ask someone to repeat themselves when I was on a work call. It wouldn't be so bad if it only happened when using the headset wirelessly, but it has this problem even if you have the USB cable plugged in, as it only seems to use that cable for charging and not to send data over USB like their wireless mouses.

Even worse, about once or twice a week it will start making a low humming sound that gradually builds into deafening buzzing. It sounds a lot like feedback but it happens even if the mic is muted so I have no idea what the issue is. Turning the headset off and then back on a few minutes later fixes it, but if you turn it off and back on quickly it's still there, you really do have to wait a few minutes which is absolutely unacceptable if you're using this thing for a work call.

Battery life has gotten bad quickly. I know rechargeable batteries have a limited life-cycle but I expected it to at least be decent until I was past the warranty period, but I've only had it for 7 months. I feel like it only gets about 2.5-3 hours after charging all night now. I'll have to do a test and come back and edit this with specific results.

The last straw was the mechanism that keeps the right headphone tight and in place broke. Since they wrap fairly securely around my head and ears, I typically remove the headphones by grabbing the right side and pulling it off my right ear then sliding the headphones off my head. Apparently this was too much strain on the piece of plastic used there, because it just snapped off and flew across the room one day, leaving the right headphone loose and making the product no longer comfortable or secure around my head. (Picture of the broken product attached to this review) I'm still well within the warranty period so I decide to RMA these things and hope for better results with the replacement.

Logitech support, which used to be incredible, has taken a real dive apparently. Here is my support horror story: I opened my first support ticket 10 days ago, no response. I did a live chat a couple days later, the agent told me he was going to get me an RMA and to hold on, then I got kicked out of the live chat for taking too long to respond to the agent even though he told me to "hold on" while he processed my RMA. There was no way for me to get back into the live chat or even start a new live chat under the same support ticket, so I had to open a new ticket and start a new live chat with a different person, explained the situation to her, she said she talked to the other agent and he was going to process my RMA request and that I'd get an email within an hour.

I waited 2 days and never got the email (checked spam, etc.), so I called their support phone number. Unfortunately during that call the headphones started doing that loud buzzing/feedback thing and I had to turn them off, and I guess while I was unresponsive the agent hung up on me. So another 2 days later I tried a live chat again and got that first agent, and I referred him back to the prior ticket and chat and he said he didn't know why the RMA didn't go through before but their new system has some bugs that haven't been worked out. He started the process over again but this time we had to make sure to keep talking while he processed the RMA. He would type something like "I'm typing this so the chat doesn't kick us out" and I'd respond with "I'm responding for the same reason". This exchange went on for 36 minutes (I have the chat logs), which was going to make me late for an appointment, so I had to get in my car, remote into my computer through my phone, and every few minutes type something into the live chat so I didn't get kicked out and have to start all over again, while driving. Finally he told me my RMA was processed and I'd get an email within an hour.

I never got that email either. I wait two more days and try another live chat. I explain to the new agent, give her all my pending support tickets for reference, she apologizes, says she will escalate this to the senior level, and says someone should contact me within 48 hours. I tell her "okay, what do I do if no one contacts me? Because this keeps happening." She responds, and this is a direct quote, by saying "I will make sure, you will receive a response on this matter."

48 hours later, no one has contacted me. I try phone support again (I use my cell phone this time since I can't trust this headset), and I tell the agent all of the above and give him all my various pending support tickets ( I now have 7 pending support tickets for this one issue, because there is no way to open a live chat under an existing ticket and starting a new live chat creates a new ticket ). The agent on the phone says "wow this is a real mess" and I agree. He promises to send me an email and stays on the phone with me, I get it instantly, proving I'm capable of receiving emails from Logitech support. The email requested a bunch of information that they already have because I registered my product to my logitech account and provided the proof of purchase and a picture of the problem and everything in my first support ticket, but I filled it out again and responded. That was yesterday. As of today, one of my 7 support tickets says "RMA pending". I'm still waiting on the actual RMA, at which point I will have to ship my product to them and wait until they ship a new / refurbished product back to me. Hopefully.

This is the kind of support experience I expect from Comcast, not Logitech.
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on December 27, 2016
When they work they are fine. I have tried every fix I could find online to stop them from randomly disconnecting. A known and very prevalent problem. Then you start to think you will just get used to it since it only cuts out for a second here and there. After the 30th time you've died playing a game because you couldn't hear anything it get's beyond frustrating. I have held them in my hands and thought of breaking them several times. The problem is intermittent too which makes it hard to fix since every "fix" needs a day to find out if it worked. In my case after trying several different fixes, trying to just deal, and trying to replace batteries I just have to buy different headphones.

Yeah you may or may not have this problem but why buy headphones you know have a problem that turns them into ear muffs randomly.

The side controls seem great but really you will only use the volume control so its a bunch of extra things you will never touch. The mic is not bad either. The quality to good but the sound problem is constantly hounding it.
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on December 6, 2016
THIS IS A UNDATE FROM MY PREVIOUS FEEDBACK. When I received the headset it seem to disconnect at random intervals from a few seconds to a few minutes. I tried to research this issue and discovered there were a lot of people with the same problem and no one seem to have an answer. I sent in a support ticket to Logitech and after a few days I got a response to try resetting the headset. I perform the requested steps but no luck. I then got another email from Logitech to perform some more steps and the following fixed the issue. I am putting it here in hopes of helping others with this problem. I am only giving this 4 starts because of the hassle I went through to get this fixed.

• Uninstall and reinstall the software. For latest version please download the software from this link:[...]
• Turn off the LGS in the taskbar.
• Navigate to the folder locaiton C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software\Resources\G930\Manifest
• Change this line from
battery turnOffInterval="900" to battery turnOffInterval="0"
• Turn the LGS back on.
• Check if problem is resolved.
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on March 5, 2016
I have used this headset for several years now and it has been plagued with issues since day one. I love the convenience and comfort this product provides but the quality just isn't there, particularly not for a headset in this price range.

I'm currently using a replacement unit that Logitech sent me because the one I originally purchased through amazon died. In the space of about two months it lost the ability to hold a charge so it couldn't be used unplugged for more than about fifteen minutes, it would randomly disconnect several times a day even when within three feet of the receiver with nothing between then, and it would randomly start making a high pitched squealing noise that was so loud it was painful and wouldn't stop unless I left it turned off for at least ten minutes.

Logitech replaced that unit at no cost with free shipping and they were fairly pleasant to deal with but now the replacement unit is having issues as well. Seems to have a loose wire because moving the left side will cause the right side to stop working. Even slight movement causes it happen so if you are talking online using this headset the audio is consonantly cutting in and out on the right side.

Both units have been used gently with no children banging then around and it's only used at home so it's not getting jacked up in a backpack. Despite taking good care of the headset I have had constant, major issues it and the cushions on the ear muffs started to fall apart within six months.
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on April 21, 2017
Utter garbage. I cant belive that with all the reviews they havent pulled this horrible product off the shelves.
"But maybe ill be lucky and get the good pair"
The bluetooth tech in this goes beyond technically insuffecient. It borders on being morally wrong.
I have used so many different bluetooth items I swear there is no way for me to try and count them all. With that being said these are by far the worst set of bluetooth headphones in existence. A rock would be a better idea.

With that said, it is a Logitech product and for the 1-2 minutes of solid audio youll get at a time, its a really great surround sound experience. Until your game/music/video cuts out yet again and you loose 30 seconds of time waiting for the reconnect.

Literally, DO NOT click the add to cart button and for gods sake dont click buy it now.

Sorry logitech but you made a gigantic pile of garbage this time and you definitely deserve to be called out for it for not discontinuing the product.
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on May 20, 2016
I have owned 3 pairs of these headphones. Yes, 3. All purchased brand new. But I just can't deal with it anymore.

- Great sound with decent audio range
- Excellent wireless range (usually, see below for more)
- Comfortable, over-ear design (might be subjective)
- Almost zero noise when there is no audio
- Decent battery life

- VERY sensitive to wireless noise. Depending on the environment, constant crackling/popping and or disconnecting. This happens far too often and at this point is my main complaint. I am having to constantly pause/rewind content and wait for the headset to reconnect. We have a microwave at our office that is ~60 feet away with 2 walls in-between. When anyone uses the it, the headphones cut out completely.
- The Logitech gaming software kinda sucks and doesn't always see my headphones. In which case, I can't adjust any settings other than volume.
- The plastic bits WILL, over time, begin to crack and break off. This happened to my first pair and I used 5-minute epoxy 5 or 6 times to repair the broken bits. Then I just gave up and bought a replacement set. (See Attached Images)

So why do I have 3 pairs? Initially I was happy enough with pros that I bought replacement set for work after the thing basically shattered into too may pieces to easily repair. And then I wanted a pair for home use and thought I may not have the same signal issues I had at work, so I bought the 3rd pair. While my issues aren't nearly as severe at home, I do sometimes have crackling. It's enough to distract from the content I'm trying to enjoy.

Fwiw, the adapter is literally a few feet from my head. I've tried directly connecting to the pc (usb 2 and 3), and using the provided extension. The results are always the same.
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on March 22, 2016
Ok, for the love of God do not buy these if you're using Windows 10. If it weren't for the fact that I am, quite possibly, the most stubborn person alive, proficient with computers and troubleshooting things, likely insane, and willing to browse tech support forums for 5 hours I would have smashed these things with a hammer... or just returned them now that I think about it. There are significant issues with the Logitech gaming software and drivers on windows 10 with certain usb controllers that cause random disconnects, problems charging and other problems (e.g. the buttons randomly stopping working until you restart the software, making wearing these around the house pretty worthless). I was eventually able to get mine working by randomly switching usb ports, turning off selective suspending, changing the xml file associated with these headsets, summoning and killing Cthulhu to appease some great power, and I still had to sell my soul and the souls of my first 11 children in order to get this to work properly. Do yourself a favor and buy something with better driver support. I've been through multiple battles with cancer, and I'm still unsure whether or not that was worse than purchasing this headset.
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on March 6, 2017
Sound Quality = Very Good
Usability Features = Good
Comfort = Very Good
Durability = Very Bad

I have purchases 2 sets of the Logitech G930. The first pair lasted about a month. The ear piece to head piece pivoting connection cracked and separated. The plastic was very brittle and disintegrated in small pieces. I assumed I may have caused excess stress during transporting this headset, resulting in the crack. However, nothing I did would be considered excessive or outside the normal use expected of a wireless headset. I contacted Logitech Support and they replaced the faulty set approximately 8 weeks later.

My second headset lasted approximately 1 year. The "Y" shaped arm that connects the earcup to the headband snapped on one side. As I already had experience with how fragile the components are, I used exceptional care in handling this headset. I was always careful when donning, removing and storing the headset. In spite of my best efforts, the cheap plastic components failed. Additionally, the padding on the earcups and headband flaked apart and is a disintegrating mess.

The Logitech G930 has the potential to be the best headsets I have ever owned (PC Gamer and DJ for over 20 years), but the cheap materials, low quality control and manufacturing standards make this headset a failure.
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on September 4, 2017
I bought this headset to replace my Logitech G35 headset that I loved so dearly, but finally had to retire as the battery just wouldn't hold a charge any longer. I've had the G930 for a year and a half at the time of this review. They've been well cared for, but certainly used frequently. I'm a pretty avid PC gamer, and as such.. I wanted a decent quality headset with surround sound simulation. For the first year, these worked beautifully, just like the quality I've come to expect from Logitech and their headsets. Unfortunately, over the course of the last 6 months, I've begun developing the same issues many others have mentioned in the review section here. The intermittent popping and crackling noises completely destroy any sense of immersion during games, but even that is tolerable. What is intolerable is the frequency in which the headset disconnects and reconnects. I've exhausted every possible workaround for this as I can find. Some days are better than others, but disconnects happen more frequently than daily. Every 30 minutes or so my headset will cut out for about 15 seconds and then reconnect.

I hate to say it, but after 1.5 years, I'm now seeking a replacement headset. Sad, really... I loved the way this one fits, but I'm tired of asking my friends to repeat themselves and equally tired of being cut off in mid-sentence.
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