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on December 29, 2014
I've had this keyboard for quite some time (4+ years) and I absolutely love it.
I have yet to change the batteries on it since first putting them in out of the box. The even space between keys makes it sure that you are very unlikely to hit any key other than the one you want, especially if you type fast. The keys themselves also take a little more pressure than the average keyboard to activate, and I am a fan of this (in PC gaming it helps to not hit abstract keys).
I highly recommend this keyboard to anyone who wants a travelling, long lasting, durable, and accurate companion to your laptop/PC.
Furthermore, the connector USB to the computer is very small and not noticeable so that one never accidentally knocks it out/off and it looks very clean.
A downside I discovered was that with the original F.E.A.R. game on PC you will have to disable certain HD drivers because it will crash your game. This has only happened on that game and removing the drivers does not affect any other game or its usage. Happy typing!
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on July 19, 2013
The keys are white with the letter capitalized and centered on the keys which I hope means they are visible enough to type on in low light. I would have chosen larger bolder lettering.
It has a number pad and probably as an energy saver they have NO LIGHT FOR THE NUM LOCK so I will never know whether it is activated or not. That was a moronic choice of its designers. And yes there probably is a driver that will allow and on screen notification of num lock status but I will never in a billion years install an add-on driver that comes with add-on junk software for my key board. There is a caps light indicator so it appears the designers never intended to or ever thought about the number pad.
The layout of the keys is exactly the way I have always wanted. It is perfect in that you have just the letters and the essential parts of the number pad and only home end PgUp and down duplicated above the number pad. The arrow keys are separate under the shift key as I would have hoped.
If I could though I would change the overall design by removing all wasted space in the design. There would be absolutely nothing past the left and right keys. This would decrease the length by about an inch giving that space back to your desk. This key layout is all about giving you everything you need in a keyboard in the most space efficient way, so why does it waste this inch.

SO. . . If I could I would have a this layout of keys in a skeletonized but sturdy framework ( by this I mean no wasted space, the structure is just there to cradle the keys) with indicator lights for Num, Caps, &&& Insert. The key label font would be bigger bolder and the square keys would have the corners slightly cut off for an octagon look.
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on November 3, 2014
This keyboard replaces a Microsoft wireless keyboard that was about one year old when the keys started to fall out. So far, I really like this keyboard, while the keyboard and even the keys are smaller than the Microsoft, it has a more solid feel all the way around. I like the small footprint and the weight feels perfect to me. All I care about is the primary QWERTY with a number pad and function keys and this little keyboard delivers. It comes with batteries.

Admittedly, this is not an inexpensive item but I feel it is worth the money and believe it will last longer than the Microsoft by the way it feels.
If you like a small keyboard with smaller keys, this is the choice. Even the USB dongle is smaller than the Microsoft. I’ve always said that smaller is better and this keyboard proves it.
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on December 24, 2013
Great for everyday use, take where you go. Perfect for web surfing, listening to music, typing a doc, and mild games. NOT A GAMING KEYBOARD!!!!. It has slight delays every once in a while where it needs to get caught up to your typing and for that reason not for involved gaming. slightly smaller than my 2 hands spread apart (I'm a big guy); length and width. Nice and thin. the thickest part is where the batteries and the unifying Logitech receiver go in the back on top. Has little rubber stoppers to hold the keyboard still on thick surfaces and retractable kickstands. You do need to pick your fingers up about three quarters of the way for double letters ex. ( QQ, LL, JJ). I have had it for about 7 months now and have never had to replace the batteries. Hope this helps !! :)
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on September 9, 2012
I had read some "not so positive" reviews about this keyboard and was a little skeptical about getting it.

I'm a fairly fast typer and its size was also a concern thinking it would be a lot smaller than a standard keyboard by the looks of the picture but I have always trusted Logitech because they have always made some really nice, cutting edge peripherals. Once I received it, I found this one no different.

My old keyboard was shot and to be honest, keyboards do get really dirty when you have more than one person using them, especially if people eat and drink at the computer. I had taken my old one apart to clean it so many times, I felt it was time for a new one. I saw this one, fell in love at first sight and decided to order one.

This keyboard isn't cheaply made. It's weighty and solid and it isn't tiny. It has full size keys so it took me no time at all to get used to typing on it. It is small only in that it doesn't have all the extra housing around the main keys with a lot of extra buttons across the top and down the sides. This one has all the keys others have but they are combo keys, not stand alone that seem to take up a lot of keyboard realestate and making some keyboards quite large.

The original selling point for me based on the picture was that it wasn't black and the bezel fits tighter against the keys to better protect against crums, dust and liquids from getting down under the keys.

All the keyboards I've had up till now have been black. In fact, my computer and my desk are black so after a while, I got rather tired of looking at all black and this white paisley keyboard with just a thin black border, stole the show for me. It's also been one of the few pieces I couldn't wait to get my hands on...literally

Amazon shipped it fast plus it arrived fast so I was able to get rid of the old and start using this one fast and would definately recommend this keyboard to anyone looking to buy a new one. It definately adds a splash of color to any desk.
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on May 5, 2013
I have my computer hooked into my television and needed something that allowed me to sit back on the couch or easy chair and be able to type (well, honestly, gaming is more what I wanted it for). This works great and I have it using the same wireless dongle as my mouse (Logitech Anywhere MX), so I don't need to take up another USB port.

This model is compact and fits easily in my lap. I'm about 8 feet away from the receiver when I use it, and that's been fine. I love the volume buttons on it. They are an extra feature I didn't even know I needed, but now I use them all the time. The rest of the buttons are programmable so you can control anything you want from a keyboard button if you take a moment to set it up. The keyboard has an on/off switch, so I don't have to worry about the cats using it when I'm not or about wasting battery.

The "ink" decoration on the board is fine. I cared more about the size, range, and comfort of the keyboard than what was printed on its surface. I can say this pattern looks nice-- Japanese minimalist kind of thing-- tasteful.

I highly recommend this keyboard.
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on February 1, 2013
This keyboard is perfect! The dongle is extra small so it does not stick out of my Playstation and get tangled with the controller recharging cord. It also has an on/off switch on the upper right so it can easily be changed to conserve battery life. And it comes with batteries, but not just any batteries. It comes with Duracell's!
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on January 28, 2013
I got this and at first was very disappointed my keyboard had a huge cut into it, but I called up tiger direct and they said no problem were sending another one, you can keep the 1st one or throw it away, and in two days I had my brand new keyboard that I am currently writing this review with ^.^

PROS: Its keeps up no matter how fast I type, it had the volume keys I wanted, it has an on off switch never seen that on a wireless keyboard, it came with 2 duracell batteries not those cheap knock off ones, it has great range, and its a full size keyboard but its small.(by small I don't mean they sacrificed the key size to make more room I mean they used normal keys(which feel great) in a smaller space yet they are not jammed together either its amazing how moving the arrow keys and taking out the extra windows button makes soooo much more room.)

CONS:The post office sucks lol.
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on April 4, 2015
Got this for my wife when she was bed-bound for a while. It worked great when I plugged the computer into the big-screen in the bedroom and coupled this with a wireless mouse.
Main complaint is the size. It's very small, even for her feminine hands. In the future, I'd get a larger size for her and leave one like this for my pre-teen daughter.
Tip: if you use this with a wireless mouse and have two USB plugs that look alike, put a small dab of different-colored fingernail polish on the end of each - so you can tell the difference between the receptors for each.
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on June 1, 2013
This keyboard is super pretty. It is a little bit smaller than a standard keyboard (it's comparable to a laptop keyboard, but with a number pad). The size is perfect for my feminine handsThe keys have a low profile, are easy to press, and very responsive. Battery life seems to be good, as I haven't had to change the batteries despite using it for 2 weeks, and I have occasionally forgotten to power it off before leaving the office. I recommend buying some rechargeable batteries if you'll be using this every day. I haven't tested the wireless range, but I have had no connectivity issues from ~3 feet away. Wireless does require a USB adapter (included), which will tie up one of your ports, but most computers have several USB ports, anyway. So far, I am very happy with this keyboard, because it works very well and makes my desk look a little bit nicer.
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