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on June 22, 2016
I've been in the lookout for this keyboard for a long time. I loved the idea of it being solar powered and that I had to do nothing for it to be charged. The first keyboard I received didn't work and I was really mad. I decided to chill and talk to Amazon Support and they sent a new one the same day free of charge and it worked great! After a few weeks I received an email saying that if I didn't returned the other keyboard (the one that doesn't work) I was going to get charged another $49.99. I got in contact with Amazon Support and they told me I was going to stop getting these emails. Amazon Support is great. But that would be another story...

Coming back to the keyboard itself, I'm completely in love with it. It works for both Mac and PC (Windows) and what I love the most about the keyboard are of course the solar panels and it's dedicated button to know if the keyboard is charging or not. I also like a ton that it has numbers on top and on the right side of the keyboard. About the look, the looks of this keyboard is great... Clean and minimalistic is one of the top reasons I wanted to get it. The keys feel great and smooth too and it has flip out feet at the bottom of the keyboard if you would like to use it at an angle.

- Clean and minimalistic look
- Thin & light (not heavy)
- Solar panels to charge the keyboard
- Wireless
- It has a dedicated charging button that let's you know if it's charging or not.
- No delay when typing

- Had an issue with the first keyboard not charging but the second one I got works great (Personal experience)

I decided to get this keyboard mainly because of the solar panel charging. I hate depending on wall power to get things started when I can have it for free from the sun. Another reason is that I had a $6 keyboard and I knew I had to replace it for a better one. I liked the clean and minimalistic look that it has so everything about it caught my attention. I would definitely recommend getting this and if you ever have any trouble with your product, contact Amazon Support and I'm sure they'll find a way to help you out.

All opinions on this review about the product are based solely on my own experience with it.
If you have any more questions about this product, please don't hesitate on asking me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
I hope you enjoy your purchase!
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on August 2, 2014
First off, the device does NOT connect through your Mac's built in Bluetooth. You have to plug Logitech's receiver / extender[...] into one USB port. There is no Bluetooth setup through the System Preferences panel on your Mac. It's just plug and play.

Secondly, forget about downloading the "Solar App" from Logitech's website. It's not there after OS5, but it is available in the App Store for free. It's a very nifty and useful utility. The few negative reviews on this product are mostly about short battery life. I'm suspecting these users didn't keep their battery charged and didn't use the Solar App. According to Logitech's website the battery will last a full three months with no charging. I will update this review in a few months and let you know.

Having said all that, after 48 hours I love this keyboard. The only thing I miss is the light in the Caps Lock key. That's a small price too pay for the convenience and savings of not changing batteries on my Apple wireless AND the aftermarket numeric keyboard. It's full sized, but nice and slim with a solid feel. I am very happy with this purchase!

UPDATE - After 6 month - I use this in a moderately lit room, 80 lux or 100 with the sun through a window. My battery is still showing 100% and everything is working well. After a year, it's still performing flawlessly. I bought a Logitech mouse to replace the Apple Bluetooth magic mouse that kept losing the connection. They work fine together on the same dongle .... BUT

The paint has work off three of the keys. "E", "O", and "H". See photograph. Hence the downgrade to 4 stars.

Ipade 27th months and running. Everything still working flawlessly, the key npaint continues to wear off. E T I O H and N are gone completely, P J and M are fading fast.,
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on November 17, 2015
Decent keyboard until it breaks. I've had two of these now, and have had clients purchase them. They are a nice feeling keyboard, but the build quality is terrible. A full 25% of them have failed.

Logitech has also purposely installed a battery that they don't want you to change. They even put a sticker on it, saying not to replace the battery. Instead, they want you to throw away the entire keyboard. Ridiculous.

On the last one of these that failed I replaced the battery and it was still dead, so I attempted to RMA it with Logitech. It was a total nightmare. The technicians had me do a few procedures to reset the keyboard, all of which failed. At that point in time Logitech quit responding and refused to issue an RMA. The warranty still had 2 years and 8 months left on it.

So what did I do? I opened up a new support ticket for the keyboard, one per day. Eventually I got up to 12 support tickets for the same keyboard. It was kind of fun in a childish sort of way.

On the 12th support ticket they finally issued an RMA and I got a replacement keyboard back FORTY SEVEN days later.

I'm finished with Logitech's garbage products. I've owned a ton of their high end stuff over the years and the support is horrible every time one breaks.

If you want a reliable keyboard the Apple Wireless Keyboards, Microsoft Natural Series, and the DAS Mechanical Keyboards score really high. Another alternative is SaiTek.

Do yourself a favor: pass on Logitech products, and upvote my review so the world can see it.

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on January 4, 2017
This is really a great wireless keyboard. I have had 2 black ones (windows version) for years now - without issue. They are always charged and ready to go - and work flawlessly.

I recently bought the white (mac version) to go with a new office setup - on a white desk to use with a PC running Windows 10. I really wish they made a PC version of this white keyboard... but decided to give it a try anyhow. The good news is that it works! Initially I was loving it - but over the past week or so as I have used it more I have hit a few issues that you should be aware of...

These may be deal breakers for some:

1. The Cmd button works as your Windows button - easy enough - you just have to remember that one
2. If you use the F12 key - you will find it does not work as expected with this keyboard. I was able to fix this in the SetPoint software by selecting F-Key Settings, then the second option in the list (mine was defaulted to "Button Default Task"). Set it to OTHER -- > Keystroke assignment. Then click in the Keystroke box - and with another Windows Keyboard plugged in - hit F12 (on that other keyboard). Super hassle requiring your old keyboard to get it working, but now F12 works
3. No Print Screen button - and I cannot figure a way around this one ... if anyone else knows please let me know and I will edit this review to include a fix [UPDATE] It seems that CMD+F15 will give you Print Screen, but if you have multiple monitors - it will give you all of the screens together. Still looking for an Alt+Print Screen on this keyboard (just copy the active window to the clipboard)
4. Can't seem to find a way to assign the Eject, F13, F14, or F15 keys to do anything in the setpoint software. In the New Features tab if shows an option for Button Customization - but when I click to install the update - it then tells me I have the latest... perhaps something that was never really built to work with PC?
5. [UPDATE] If you use INSERT you can get it to toggle by pressing SHIFT+ZERO (on the 10-key pad only)

If you can live without the Print Scrn button and have the patience (and an extra keyboard) to get F12 working - you will be rewarded with a very nice silver/white keyboard for your PC.
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on August 18, 2016
I have been looking for an alternative keyboard for my iMac for about a year. There were a couple of things I did not really like about the Apple keyboard. 1. Batteries and 2. No number key pad.

I had considered getting one of the Apple wired keyboards with the number pad and noticed this alternative offering from Logitech. I liked the fact the logitech was still wireless, had the number pad, but did not require batteries. The reviews seemed pretty good so I decided as it was only about $5 more than the Apple wired keyboard I would give it a try.

Package arrived yesterday, the keyboard was well packed and inside an additional box from Amazon. Set up was very quick and easy. Basically you install the USB receiver into the Mac and turn the keyboard on. The set up walks you through a couple of steps to identify the keyboard and you are good to go.

The feel of the keyboard is very high quality. There is a pleasing feel when pressing a key and very positive feedback. After 1 day of ownership and very little typing the keyboard feels like I have owned it for a long time. I am typing this review on it and have barely made any mistakes while typing.

I can not provide long term feedback at this point but will try to come back in 6 months and update. At this point, I really like the keyboard. It has all the Apple keys on it that are on the regular keyboard. Has play, pause, skip, eject, volume, brightness, etc and a number pad. About the only negative is that it does use a USB dongle so it occupies a USB port, but then again so would the wired Apple keyboard.

Based on my initial impressions I would recommend.
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I waited a week to review this keyboard, because I wanted to be certain that the solar power actually works reliably. I’ve been using this at work ten-ish hours per day for a week now and I haven’t had any trouble. The solar power seems to work as well as if this were a wired keyboard, except that there isn’t an ugly cable on my desktop. The BT connection has been flawless too, much better than my stupid Apple Magic Mouse that requires CPR every morning.

I love the touch and functionality of this keyboard. My only complaint (which is why I gave this 4 stars instead of 5) is that there’s no indicator for CAPS LOCK. This has caused some zany hijinks in fields like password entries where I can’t tell whether I’m typing in caps or not. I suppose this is a power saving feature, but c’mon!

The setup for me was kind of non-standard. I plugged in the little USB BT nubbins and it recognized the keyboard right away. Later on I downloaded and installed the companion app (Logitech Control Center), but the Unifying USB service doesn’t see the keyboard. The keyboard is working fine, but the Logitech utility doesn’t recognize it. This means I can’t monitor the power level. There’s also a Solar App referenced in the user manual, but the link redirects to the product’s page and there isn’t a download for it.

Anyway, the keyboard is awesome (except for the CAPS LOCK thing) even if I can’t get the companion software to do its thing. It would be more crucial, I guess, if I were having power issues, but I’ve been able to just plug and play and forget about any configuration issues. The keyboard just works.

Oh by the way, I think there's something supernatural about indoor solar products. The restrooms in my office have solar powered automatic faucets that run from the lights in the room. I think we're causing a rift in the space/time continuum by doing this, but I'll leave it up to future generations to sort out the consequences.
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on September 5, 2015
The Logitech wireless solar keyboard for Mac works well enough. I got one in February 2012 and it lasted in regular use until August 2015. My wife wrote several books on it. It does need much light to keep it running. The state-of-charge indicator is helpful. We also got a Windows version of the same keyboard (to use with Win7 in bootcamp) and it lasted a few months less and was used a lot less. The Windows version has a little program that shows the state of charge and appears onscreen when you push the state-of-charge button. A nice touch, but we don't really miss it on the Mac version.

Both suffer from a lack of a caps lock indicator. It's really a terrible design flaw and we never got used to it. That's the explanation for four stars not five.

Not needing to replace batteries is nice. But the newest wireless Microsoft keyboard and mouse need battery changes so infrequently that it is not much of an issue any more. For the Windows keyboard, I replaced the dead Logitech solar with a USB keyboard with a nicer feel (and lights for caps lock, num lock and scroll lock - Topre Type Heaven 104). We tried other Mac keyboards, but ultimately returned to the Logitech solar without the caps lock key. We still miss the caps lock key. But I recently learned that when one has written five books on one keyboard and is under a deadline for the sixth, one is not in much of a mood to experiment with a new keyboard.

When the wireless solar keyboard dies, it ia helpful to have a bluetooth or wired USB keyboard at hand. When the Mac solar keyboard dies and you reboot hoping that the reboot will clear up the problem -- the iMac hangs until it sees a keyboard. It won't complete the boot without a keyboard. We had the bluetooth keyboard that came with the iMac. That solved the problem. We might have been able to use the wired USB Topre keyboard for Windows, but using it would have frustrated my wife, who is not a Windows person So we did not try it. My experience with Windows and Mac computers is that it is always a good idea to have a wired USB keyboard at hand. Same with a wired USB mouse. This allows you to tell if the keyboard or mouse have died (or are causing some other problem) and to stay in business when they do.
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on March 13, 2016
Got this for a great price, so no real complaints.

Pros: looks nice; keys feel solid with great articulation, ten-key, etc

Cons: weak wireless connection (typing from my lap - at my desk - provides an annoying delay) seems to be a distance thing. It works very well right in front of the computer;
Some of the buttons don't work (so far, the HOME and END buttons have no impact other than in MS Office applications - I don't know if that's a programming thing, but...)
Does not come with the USB extender dongle that's listed in the instruction booklet, just the tiny USB plug for your slot;
It's thin, yet not exactly light, and compact with all of the keys. Therefore, it's hard to pick up without grabbing either a key or the solar panel. It actually bent just a slight amount when I picked it up from the end - and bent back just as easily. In other words, it's more fragile than a wireless keyboard should be.

Conclusion: I recommend this keyboard, but with the caveat that it shouldn't be moved around too much away from the safety of your desktop.
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on July 21, 2016
UPDATE 8-1-16:
Received replacement keyboard in the mail from Amazon today with the same issues as before. Bubbles present in the solar panels (see photos with 2 K750's) Packaging was not damaged at all but the product still has the bubbles! Really Logitech? Changed 2 starts to 1 star. This one is going back as well.

This is my second K750. I purchased my first one over a year ago and it's been working great with no issues. Logitech must have retooled or found a new manufacturer because the keyboard I just received is nothing like my original K750. The key press feels spongier and the texture on the keys is gritty. Plus it came with some bubbles in the solar panels! (see images) This one is going back to Amazon and hopefully Logitech doesn't have a QC issue with the rest.
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on February 21, 2017
I really like how this keyboard feels. It's very similar to a Mac keyboard but with slightly concave keys. I tend to have trouble typing on keyboard with keys crammed together, but this one has enough space so I'm not constantly hitting two keys at once.

However as nice as it is to type on, it has some major problems:

Even in a decently bright room it loses charge. It stayed at 100% for a few weeks then started dropping a few % each day. A lot of reviews state that just a small amount of light, even the light from a monitor is enough to keep a charge, but that isn't my experience.

I also tried removing the battery when I first got the keyboard, just to see how difficult it was. And difficult it was. I eventually got the battery slot out, but only after chewing up the plastic around the battery slot. It shouldn't be that difficult.

The biggest problem is the lag/unresponsiveness at times. Most of the time it's not bad, but often the keyboard goes completely unresponsive, even up to 20-30 seconds at a time. Incredibly irritating. I'm currently trying to get support though Logitech, but their customer support pages are a nightmare to navigate.
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