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on January 28, 2015
I grew up watching this show, so naturally I had to get it.
Sometimes the show doesn't stand up to the test of time, and it was only good in your memories... and you discover that by rewatching the show, etc. But thankfully that wasn't the case here for me. When I watched though the entire season, I found that it still stood up on it's own merits and were still watchable even as an adult. I never realized how many adult jokes or innuendos they put into the show until I re-watched it as an adult! So it had me chuckling at some parts as we watched Clark Kent juggle being Superman and a reporter at the same time.
However... some parts of the show is a little dated. You can tell this was a show made in the 90's.... due to all the fashion, as well as how they incorporated some of the classic golden age comic fashion. They also play it fast and loose with the sense of timing, because you can't tell if it was a week, if a month or a year passed in that universe... which leads to Clark and Lois's relationship sometimes feeling a tad rushed, as well as Lois's relationship with Lex Luthor. well, I was given the impression that at least three months passed during season one. I could see Lex Luthor just impulsively asking Lois Lane to marry him despite the fact that they barely spent any time together... because he strikes me as the kind of rich man who just goes for anything he wants, and doesn't want to wait. However, Having Clark Kent ask Lois to marry him too after they spent 3 months working together?
Call me old fashioned, but I felt that there should had been more build-up between Clark Kent and Lois Lane before there was any talk of marriage between them.

That said, those are the only complaints I had about the show... and it left me wanting more when I finished season one. So definely buying season two to see what else happens. :)
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on January 31, 2015
My favorite superman series. This series had humor to it that you usually do not see in superman. The actor playing Perry White was great and his interplay with Clark, Lois and Jimmy often made me laugh. The actors playing Clark Kent's parents were extremely talented as well and this series gave you a chance to see their relationship in a way not seen in any other superman show. I loved Lex and felt the writers allowed him to be more than just a bad guy. You see him as a rich guy who was use to being top dog in town until Superman arrives to steal his thunder as well as the girl (Lois) he wants. 20 years later I am still sad it was canceled but glad Amazon has released an affordable version for fans to own.
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on March 21, 2017
When the show originally aired I thought of it as an action show with a bit of romance. But when I watch the episodes in rapid succession, its the love that bonds Lois and Clark that really stands out for me. This show is really cooking on four burners!!!
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I've been a Superman fan since the show was first on black/white TV. I really enjoyed the DVDs that held the "Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman", until disc #5. Disc 5 was defective and I have had to return the DVD set to Amazon. I ordered a new DVD set from Amazon and am hoping for a blemish free viewing experience. ....try, try, again.
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on November 12, 2014
Love, Love, LOVE this series!! I missed L & C when it aired in the nineties...I was too busy raising my kiddos. My son discovered the show through a satellite station a few years ago, and it became "our" show. We have purchased all of the seasons, and enjoy watching them together. Dean Cain IS Superman! He did such a wonderful job of portraying the character(s), capturing the essence of both Superman and Clark Kent with absolute believability. Kudos to Teri Hatcher, as well, for playing the part of Lois in such a convincing way. Cheesy episodes...yes; Bogus plots...uh huh. Still, I will go back and watch the series periodically, enjoying the witty, subtle, challenging, and "soul-connected" interactions between Lois and Clark/Superman.
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on November 6, 2017
I wasn't sure I would be able to watch this show when I first saw the pilot. It was pretty campy and although I'm a sucker for superhero romances, I didn't think I'd be able to stand it. However, a couple episodes in and I was hooked. It took me a while to realize the camp is completely intentional. Some episodes are better than others, but I just love the lead characters and the chemistry between them. The supporting characters are wonderful as well. I wish I could watch it again for the first time!
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on September 9, 2017
I purchased this years ago and then loaned it to a friend. It was worth the money to revisit this series. I usually watch detective programs and this was a refreshing change.
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on September 20, 2016
When this series first came out, I liked the two leads and their chemistry a lot. I also liked the humor and the relaxed nature of the show. Putative villain, Lex Luthor, was attractive. Perry White was very funny. And Clark's relationship with his parents was just so nice. Terry Hatcher was funny and sexy, and Dean Cain had a nice Aw Shucks manner. In short it was a series I could enjoy with my 10 year old daughter. It's still entertaining, if not worth $2.00 an episode. I look forward to the day when this will be a Prime feature.
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on March 22, 2013
To date, there have been four live action Superman series. "The Adventures of Superman" from the 50s with George Reeves, "Superboy", produced by the Salkind brothers and inspired by the success of the Christopher Reeve Superman films from the 80s, "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" from the 90s, and "Smallville" from decade 2000. Of these four, "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman", had the psychologically deepest, most relatable, modern, and eccentric interpretations of the classic Superman characters (Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor) seen on the small screen. Each is immature and neurotic in their own unique way. Lois, is a neurotic, romantically repressed, feminist snob living out the modern woman's dream; Clark Kent is a developmentally stunted mama's boy, living out his inner kid as Superman; Luthor is a pleasure seeking, manipulative, utilitarian, megalomaniac whose ego knows no boundaries. Each live action Superman series had its characteristic strengths and weaknesses. For "Lois and Clark", I'd say the strengths were the characters and the humor of the character interactions. "Lois and Clark", didn't feel like a traditional Superman series with stock bad guys, and Lois or Jimmy getting into trouble every episode, and needing Superman to bail them out like a good insurance policy. "Lois and Clark" plays out more like an episode of "Moonlighting", or "The X-files".
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on July 31, 2017
It's campy and dated, but it's also cute and fun. Where it could go full sitcom silliness and make itself unwatchable for a modern audience, it doesn't. Instead, the show goes for heart and emphasizes the relationships of the characters. As a fan of Smallvile and all things superhero, this show is worth the watch.
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