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on May 9, 2012
I live in what tends to be a rainy city, so I wanted to wait a good six months to see how this performed before writing a review.

Thumbs up on almost all accounts! When I say "almost all" it's because it should be noted that this is meant for average protection at best due to the material used. The fabric is soft, and it stands up to only so much rain. Do not expect this little umbrella to protect you from torrential downpour. I tested it in such conditions, and after running about town for a couple of hours in very heavy rain, the water started getting through and was actually dripping on me. The material was soaked straight through. However, it stands up perfectly well to average, steady rainfall. So if it just "looks like rain" or is sprinkling outside, this compact is the one I'll take along. If drenching rain is already falling, I'll take a larger, sturdier umbrella.

I got the ember color and it's a gorgeous apricot hue. It stands out a bit amidst all the black umbrellas out there and I feel safer as a result. And, if this sort of thing matters to you: Folks who've caught their (scary alien) reflection when they're holding a green or blue umbrella will love the light it casts. It's lovely on all skin tones.

Speaking of thumbs, the automatic open and close feature works great -- excellent for getting on/off trains and buses without soaking others or myself. It's well made and the perfect size as well. (Some of those really small ones are worthless; you might as well be wearing the silly kind with the head gear that sit on your head!) I like the comfy, stretchy wrist handle and that it's attached to the umbrella, not the case (which is the case with many compacts). And the case has a smooth and sturdy zipper, so there's no struggling to get the umbrella back into it.

Great quality all around.
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on December 14, 2015
It was really nice initially but now I feel that the umbrella is getting loose and I hate that it flips with wind. I live in NYC so the wind isn't even THAT bad so its ridiculous that it bends so easily. This is actually my second umbrella - the first one broke (literally from opening/closing) but because it was SO cute I purchased another and its still working but its always flipping with wind and keeps flimsy as the parts seems to be loosening up. Since it was such an expensive umbrella, I expected it to last a little longer at the very least.

In all - super cute, expensive, so-so quality, trouble closing (springs back open).

Things to note: If you use this umbrella in a HUGE down pour of rain (rare in NYC but it happens) I am warning you that you will get soaked cause the rain will go right thru the umbrella...
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on June 19, 2013
I realized that I actually don't lose my umbrellas often, and the ones I have lost were generic cheapo black ones. I still have a pink one that I have had for at least a decade, but it's getting a little shabby. So, I decided to buy a few new ones. I read a lot of reviews, and decided London Fog had the most consistently good ratings. I am happy with my purchase! The umbrella is well made, a good size when folded but big enough to protect me when open. The automatic open and close work well-very smoothly, but it takes a little work to fully close the umbrella so I can wrap it and put it in its zippered cover. Otherwise, I think this is a quality umbrella and as cheap as I can be, I think this was a good buy. If you tend to lose your umbrellas, don't spend the money. Otherwise, this is a very good choice, and the coral (ember),urban safari and signature black are very classy and won't easily get lost in the crowd.
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on June 15, 2014
I purchased this umbrella to replace the awful quality umbrellas sold at my university bookstore. The ones I had previously seemed cheap, filmsy, and started molding after a couple days, only being used no more than 10 times each.

If you're looking for an umbrella that looks nice, is well-made, and expect to use it occasionally (or for light rainstorms), then this will suit you just fine.

A couple of things I would like to mention:
- This is not a huge umbrella. It stores very compactly, which is nice, but if you are a student (like me) who has to walk through the rain with a large backpack, you'll need a bigger size in order to prevent your stuff from getting wet. Small or drawstring backpacks should be fine though in most weather conditions though. Obviously it does depend on the wind-speed during showers, but maybe saying, "if you can feel the wind while it's raining, up to your calves won't be protected" would give a better idea.
- During heavy storms, due to the material it is made of, it can leak through. It isn't really a big issue, you'll probably just feel a couple drops on your head every once and a while, but nothing major.
- The auto-open/auto-close mechanism works very well. Never had any issues with it; opens quickly and firmly, and closing it is basically the same as well.
- The elastic strap is okay, but it came off when I pulled on it (probably more than most would (just testing things out :P)). Easily fixed by taking a set of pliers and tightening the "lock" that keeps the strap connected. (Hard to explain, but extremely simple to do). Haven't had any problems since.
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on October 28, 2015
Just lost this umbrella (tear), but this was one of the better umbrellas I owned. I was able to pack it in almost anything, and carrying it around was a breeze. It never flipped inside out for me, but I think that's primarily because I know how to hold an umbrella against the wind... But it looked very nice too since I had a checkered blue/white/grey one instead of a solid color.

I will miss this umbrella because I have no idea where it is. Oh well, lasted me for a couple years or so.
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on February 23, 2014
I have not have had the opportunity to use this umbrella in very heavy rain as yet, but my initial impressions of this umbrella are good. I love the auto open/close feature, it was actually one of my main reasons for choosing this. It is quite sturdy and works very well. It makes transitions very easy... getting out of the rain and into a building, into taxis etc. However, collapsing the umbrella after using the auto close feature on the canopy can be quite difficult sometimes. A bit stiff in my opinion and requires extra force. If the umbrella isn't snapped in correctly, it opens all the way out when it is let it go. Can be quite an issue in enclosed spaces. The collapsed size is great, fits wonderfully in all my handbags. The case is great as well... love the zippered feature. In addition to the stiffness in collapsing the umbrella, somehow I expected the canopy to be just a bit bigger. It's sufficient for me and whatever I'm carrying, however something about it just seems small. Maybe I'm just comparing it to my last umbrella. Other than those two things, this is a great umbrella.
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on March 19, 2016
I've used this model for several years and find them just about perfect. They're not for a hurricane, but no umbrella is. This folds down small enough to fit almost anywhere you will want to stash it. It holds up well in moderately windy conditions (an average thunderstorm for example). The diameter of the umbrella won't really suffice for rain that is blowing hard, but this size is really great for staying mobile on a sidewalk and not poking anyone in the eye. I haven't had any trouble with them leaking significantly.
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on January 24, 2012
Product info does not mention this, but:

- umbrella diameter is 38" (from one side to another) when fully open. not sure what that converts to in terms of "arc" measurements (you could do the math conversion), but it is more than sufficient to cover me and whatever bag i'm holding.

- umbrella "stalk" is 19" long from top of the wooden handle to the top underside of the umbrella. this is an excellent length, because it allows me to hold the umbrella at a comfortable height without having to crouch over (or hold the umbrella up really high to cover my head, like you sometimes have to do with shorter umbrellas).

Only downside is that the umbrella, when folded, is a little bit bulky. This is due to how short the umbrella collapses when folded (11.5" long). It's not a big deal though with the included umbrella cover, because everything stays in place. The cover has a nice zipper feature so you don't have to struggle getting the umbrella into it.
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on June 23, 2013
The London Fog Auto Open Close Umbrella looks great, with a London Fog imprinted logo on the wooden handle. It conveniently fits in the glove box of my Honda Fit (though just barely, so check its size vs your glove box if that matters to you). The umbrella opens and extends its shaft with the touch of the button, but closing with the button only collapses the umbrella but does not retract the shaft, which one must do manually with quite a bit of force. I like that it is a little larger than some competitors compact umbrellas, which means two can share it better if needed. Overall, it is as good a compact umbrella as I have owned. It appears to be well-made, but I'm counting on London Fog's reputation for it to be durable as well.
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on May 16, 2013
I received my umbrella yesterday. After unpacking it, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the appearance of the umbrella. Even the zippered outer protective shell which incases the umbrella looks of quality. The zipper is that of good construction and stamped with the wording London Fog and there is also a cloth tag with the wording London Fog. The handle is made of wood and it is stamped with black lettering which says London Fog. There is a silver colored metal collar above the handle and includes the automatic open and close button which is nicely done. There is also an elastic black band attached to the collar of the handle to be used as a wrist band. The automatic open and close mechanism works flawlessly. This umbrella does not appear to be one of those typical cheap flimsy type of umbrellas. The umbrellas brackets and braces are made out of plastic and metal and seem to be fairly well designed. The canopy is also of a decent size. Compared to all of the other compact umbrellas that I have had, this one by far beats them all. Also, this compact umbrella is far from being small when opened, it has a nice size canopy. You just might be able to fit two people under it. I think though that it is better suited for one person. I am very satisfied with this purchase and as of right now, I would buy it again. I haven't been able to test it in adverse weather conditions, when that time comes my review could change, we will see what happens. My initial take on this umbrella although is one of a positive nature. Update, today I was able to test the umbrella to see how it would perform in the rain. It was a little breezy with light rain. There was no issue with the wind, the umbrella performed okay. As far as the rain is concerned, the umbrella did it's job to keep me dry. This is a handy umbrella to have with you at all times just in case you might need it. It is very easy to store.
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