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on June 26, 2013
Loved this umbrella at first. However, after about 5 uses the trigger lock stopped popping up on its own. In other words, I could not close the umbrella with one hand. I had to pull the umbrella closed and pull up the lock with my other hand. Clearly the internal spring is broken.

By the time the umbrella started acting up I was past Amazon's return period. Even though I had only used the umbrella a handful of times, I was over 30 days. I contacted the seller e-bags and was told I was past their return date also. Again, to be clear, it rarely rains where I live, so, although the umbrella was over 30 days old it was barely used and practically brand new. E-bags told me to contact the manufacturer and gave me London Fog's contact info.

Well, it turns out that even though this is marketed as a "London Fog" umbrella, and that "London Fog" is stamped on the handle, it is actually made by another company. I was told to contact the actual manufacturer. After waiting a week for an email response (because of course they don't answer the phone), I was told to box the umbrella up, ship it to them, and include $6 for return postage for a new or fixed umbrella. Oh, and that it would take 6 weeks to get my umbrella back.

So, to get a replacement for this $28 umbrella I had to pay for a box, pay for shipping 2 ways, and wait 6 weeks. I threw it out. What a joke. Buy at your own risk.
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on March 16, 2011
My wife had wanted a quality umbrella for a while, and until now, we had the cheap ones that fold under any kind of wind (you know, those semi-compact ones).

She loves this one. I got her the beige/yellow one in plaid and it looks good - not too yellow. She raves about it so much, I feel like I should have saved it for a birthday present or something. Oh well!

The wood handle is very nice, and I like the metal tip over the wood tip it won't get scuffed on the end. It is a nice, durable, quality umbrella, that should do a nice job at keeping you dry, and showing you have a little style.

I just ordered the black one for myself. They aren't the cheapest umbrella, but you get what you pay for.
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on November 10, 2015
Now, I have had this umbrella for about 2 years, so I hope this review is helpful for many people.

I bought this umbrella because I wanted to stay away from those folding umbrellas. They break too easily, and I also wanted that British look, which this umbrella totally rocked. This umbrella looks very sharp, is adequately large (I can always have one more friend share this umbrella without either of us getting wet, even though I am not a small person), and the shaft, tip and the handle are all very strong. Where I live, there is not a lot of wind, so I can't say about wind resistance, but in a mildly strong wind, this umbrella held up without any problems. I have also used this umbrella like a cane (but not like placing my whole weight onto this little thing), but the brass tip did not wear out even with all the dragging around the campus. It feels like a cotton fabric top, and it gathers dust as if it is fabric, but the water drips and dries off so quickly that I can usually fold up and velcro the umbrella after about 5 minutes away from rain. For a little over a year, I have more than appreciated and enjoyed the umbrella.

Now the one problem I had with the product (that made me write this review) was that the auto-open button fell off the shaft a few days ago. It had fallen off quite a few times before, but I was able to stick it back on and use it carefully. But this time, the button fell off and went along with the stream of water on a heavy storm day.

I am usually very thorough with reading reviews, and I have read almost every review on this umbrella before purchasing. Among those reviews, there was ONE review that said that the button fell off from his or her umbrella. However, because that was the only one, I ignored it and went ahead and bought this umbrella. Because of that, about two years later, I am having to close the umbrella, and to keep things together, I must velcro it right away.

For about a couple years' use, I think that paying close to $40 is a bit overpriced. I mean, I've used an umbrella for nearly 10 years before losing it while I was moving to a new place. If this button can be fixed or something, I would give it more than 5 stars if I can. Apart from that, I would recommend this umbrella to anyone and everyone who is okay with having to open an umbrella straight from its velcro :)
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on July 22, 2015
Poor construction. I have been a big fan of London Fog Umbrellas since the 80's when I purchased my first. I had that umbrella until 2009 and would still have it if not for my son. The quality was great and it endured many years of use. Given the quality of construction of the first I opted to purchase this one. However, I immediately noticed the auto release button to be unstable and you could not use the same button to close the umbrella. It is somewhat difficult to close because you have the manually push the tab down and pull it close. From the wooden handle to the tip, along with the auto push button to open, construction is not of the level as my old one. I think things have changed with materials used today to produce this product and it has change my mind on the London Fog Brand. This was not a cheap purchase either. Will look at other lines in the future.
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on December 22, 2012
Been using the compact, cheap style umbrellas for way too long and suffered from getting wet due to not enough coverage and also poor construction. This London Fog umbrella solves both problems with style. The release button automatically opens the umbrella in a smooth and precise manner. If one were to open the umbrella if wet in a crowded area the possibility of spraying a nearby person would be highly unlikely. Also the supports and springs look a lot more rugged than typical umbrellas. In the few times I used it, there was little effort required to close or lock the umbrella making it very easy to get in my vehicle while staying dry (no more fighting with the umbrella to stay shut!). Best of all, the umbrella provides excellent coverage, similar to a golf umbrella, but looks a lot better when wearing a suit and the pattern is easier to recognize in a sea of black umbrellas.
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on December 7, 2016
This is a legit, quality umbrella I've had for a couple years now.

The only complaint I have is that the spring keeping the button outward doesn't work that well, so you kind of have to pull it out to make sure it has a good grip on the center of the umbrella spokes whenever you're closing it.

I would go with another brand unless I knew this issue was specifically addressed in newer versions.
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on October 5, 2014
I purchased this umbrella because I was convinced that I would hold onto it longer than the $10 - $15 umbrellas one buys from a convenience store. Well, I certainly did hold onto it longer: it's been nearly 2 years. The frame is definitely of a much higher quality than the cheapo folding ones you're probably used to using. That said, there are a few issues I had with this umbrella fairly early on, and which I've put up with since. I've seen people complain here about all but the last I'll mention.

First, the button on the metal piece in the handle that locks the umbrella close popped off fairly soon (within 4 or 5 uses). I didn't notice it when it first happened, so the button was lost to the ages. Oh well. Not the worst thing, but still annoying.

Not long after the button came off, however, the plastic piece that slides up and down the shaft of the umbrella no longer locked onto the metal piece that you depress in order to open the umbrella.This is because the metal piece actually wore down the plastic, rounding it out, causing the plastic piece to slip off the metal fastener with only the gentlest of movement. Effectively, this means that the umbrella will open unless you've put the Velcro strap into place. This is fairly annoying, but it isn't too big of a problem if you're able to use the strap to keep it closed...

BUT, the loop portion of the Velcro strap (i.e., the "hairier", softer side) eventually lost nearly all of its material. This is to be expected, to an extent. Given the second problem I mentioned just above, I now have (after about 2 years) an umbrella that opens with very little agitation. Indeed, I had this umbrella pop open while I was in a fairly packed bar. Slightly embarrassing, though it's a great way to start a conversation, I suppose.

So, all in all, this umbrella has definitely served the purpose I initially purchased it for - i.e., to avoid having to purchase a bunch of cheaper, lower quality ones. I've probably saved the cost of the item by virtue of the fact of how much I remember paying for it (I can't recall how many times I've gone out of my way to retrieve the thing after leaving it somewhere, whereas I would have just given up on a cheaper one).

Ultimately, I wish that the item had been of a bit higher quality. I plan on replacing the Velcro with a snap fastener to extend the life by probably at least another year or two, but I feel like I shouldn't have to do so. I would have rated this three stars instead of two, but the high rating it already has is one of the reasons I purchased it in the first place. And I feel like people should have fair warning about what to expect.
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on May 7, 2013
I've had terrible luck with umbrellas, most of them breaking the first time I use them. So I decided to pay a little more and try to get one that would last. From reading reviews, I found several umbrellas on Amazon and even if they were over 50 bucks, they all still had tons of negative reviews. Finally I stumbled across these London Fog umbrellas and found quite a few positive reviews and took the risk and I've been pleased, I've used it several times. Its nice having a faithful umbrella that is sturdy. Now I just have to keep from loosing it.
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on April 22, 2016
So totally waiting for this one though I ordered Tan, looks like Sage but that is ok too;) Lost mine in London trip so waiting years for more to come in from some seller. Luv London Fog, why it is made in China-don't know but still durable, love the wood handle n quickness in opening plus the tip! This is my third, happy camper;)
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on May 11, 2013
On the first rainy day of spring, I took my never-before-used umbrella with me to work. By the time I was 50 feet from my apartment door, I noticed that water was dripping my head. I looked up under the canopy and saw water dripping from the metal supports. Thinking it was an isolated leak, I rotated the umbrella 180 degrees. Nothing helped. After about a minute, the whole inside of the canopy was dripping everywhere. I was baffled. How could such a well-reviewed product be failing so miserably at the only thing it needs to do well? If it was an isolated leak, sure, I get that: it was a faulty umbrella. But this was leaking everywhere, which leads me to believe that it's not just a production aberration but rather a larger systemic failure in London Fog's manufacturing operations. It's shoddy craftsmanship, simple as that.

I'm shocked that London Fog sells this. I actually have some London Fog jackets that have stood the test of time, but this was pitiful. I bought the umbrella because old-world charm of its plaid canopy and cane, but what I got was creeping sensation that I'd been duped. This umbrella will fail you. I tried calling the company to air my grievance, but I was rebuffed and told "just buy another one." Irksome to say the least.
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