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on May 20, 2013
I was pleasantly surprised when my comic arrived.
For one, it came packaged in gray, plastic packaging. But in the inside it was taped between 2 pieces of cardboard and sealed in plastic! I was so happy.
One of my main worries was that it would come to me all beat up, but thankfully it got here in perfect condition.
Also, it's thicker than I had thought.
When I hear "Comic" I think, really thin paper, easily tearable. But this has the thickness of a paperback book (maybe even a slightly thicker). And the pages are a little thicker than a magazine, so they won't tear or bend as easy as a regular comic.

The art work is phenomenal, and the layout is, obviously, like a comic book.

I had a really hard time finding a complete, legit list of comics for the Buffy series. So, to save anyone else looking some time, I will post it here (this list does not include the Angel series)

BtVS: Omnibus (Vol. 1-7)
Issue 1 is a rewrite of the original BtVS movie, but with Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy
The other 6 I believe follow the TV series until season 7.

BtVS: Season 8 (Vol. 1-8)

BtVS: Season 9 (Vol. 1-3)

Then there are 2 Spin-offs for Spike and Willow:

Spike: Alone Together Vol. 1
Spike: Stranger Things Vol. 2
Spike: The Complete Series

Willow & Tara: WannaBlessedBe
Willow & Tara: Wilderness

Also there is one BtVS Comic called Fray, which follows the story of a girl named Fray, a slayer in the future.

And lastly there is the BtVS: Tales. This is "Tales of the Slayers" and "Tales of the Vampires" put together in one issue.

These are all the Collected issues. Instead of buying all the different parts separate (for example: The Long Way Home has about 4 parts to it) they are all collected into one volume together.

There is also a collectors book from what I read called BuffyVerse Catalog. It's kind of pricey, but from what I've read it's a "Must-Have" for collectors :)

I apologize for the length of this review, but I figure this will help SOMEONE out lol.

Very excited to collect the rest of the Buffy comics :)
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on June 5, 2017
I bought this as an ebook. DO NOT DO THIS. There is no two page view option which takes away from the experience greatly. Often the intent is to open the comic and you get a striking visual that is on both pages with vertical comic panels to narrate. This style is great if its print, but amazon's kindle reader and app are not as innovative as this comic and do not support the beautiful artwork. Complete wast of money.
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on September 14, 2011
I was a bit wary of delving into Season 8. I'm a quite a fan of the television series -- and of Joss Whedon's work in general. But with few exceptions I haven't read many comics that weren't, well, comics. And what I have read that's been transitioned and/or adapted into a comic has been resoundingly underwhelming. So, I was content to stay away from this even though it was confirmed as canon. Eventually curiosity -- and many rave reviews and cast endorsements -- finally cracked my resolve and I dug out my magnifier.

The one big plus that continuing Buffy in comic form has is that Whedon has a pretty extensive history writing comics already. This means that condensing what might have been an episode in the television show is done in such a way that retains all the hallmarks of the series, including the witty, pop-culture-peppered dialogue.

Volume 1 collects the first five issues of the comic: the four-issue arc "The Long Way Home" and the standalone "The Chain." It's been about a year-and-a-half since the events of "Chosen," the seventh season finale and a lot has changed for Buffy and the Scoobies now that the Hellmouth has been blown to smithereens and every Potential is now a full-on Slayer. To say the fight against evil has become epic is more than stating the obvious. Buffy now heads a command center with Xander overseeing several "squads" of Slayers and other magically-endowed fighters (witches and the like) all across the world. There's lots of fancy tech at their disposal to help in their constant battle against a wide array of demons. And, of course, grounding things in a mystical form of reality, there's a healthy helping of life problems including but not limited to Dawn "growing up." Buffy also informs the reader that in an effort to keep her real location a secret from all the bad guys hellbent on her death, there are also two decoys of her out in the world. "The Long Way Home" sets all this up and introduces us to the new Big Bad. It's a great beginning; a well-paced story arc with lots of action. But it's "The Chain" that really stands out in this volume, which follows one of those aforementioned Buffy decoys. It's a really great piece of writing and really shows off Whedon's talent for mixing comedy into something dark. There's a lot of deep meaning in this short piece about feminism, values, and social duty. I found it incredibly haunting.

The art is quite superb -- especially the Jo Chen covers. I was surprised how easily I was absorbed into this new medium, expecting to find the transition a bit more jarring. And while I've never thought of the show as a slouch in the special effects department, the comic really does allow for a much grander playground. One that's also a bit more risque. With such a huge cast of characters and such enormous versatility in abilities, it can only grow more spectacular.

A very promising start to and a fresh new take on a truly phenomenal series. Definitely recommended for Buffy and comic fans alike.
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on October 30, 2013
A great installment in what happens next in the Buffy Verse. For those of you who miss the TV, or even if your'e not much for comics, this is for you.

I can't stress that enough. It's just like watching the TV show with a higher FX budget. Non-comic people, give this a chance. comic-people: this is a pretty good example of the form.
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on March 16, 2015
While it is exciting to see the story line continue on in Comic books, to me they were difficult to read and follow. I read this one in approx 20 minutes..the second volume was slightly better but still jumped story lines without warning but for the price I shouldn't complain. I am hoping for longer volumes as the series progresses and easier reading. Can't wait to see where the writers take this story next.
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HALL OF FAMEon June 7, 2009
The last season of BUFFY was strictly for die-hards, so I wasn't expecting too much when Joss announced that Dark Horse would print his scripts for Season Eight. And yet there have been some good stories nevertheless, even with all the new slayers that basically I could care less about. They are better than the Potentials of Season Eight, maybe because they're only pen on paper instead of terrible actresses saying stupid lines.

Making Dawn into a giant humanizes her ironically enough. Whiny and bratty when played by Michelle Trachtenberg, the new Dawn is still whiny but her dilemma leads to some great double page panels, and finally she gives in and tells Xander how she came to be in this fix, though I can't give away the spoilers. Xander makes a great commander, though it is not clear to me how he has come to forget all about Anya and has given his heart to a new slayer. Still, the producers of Season Eight have not forgotten that we value Xander insofar as his first priority is to Buffy, and they have given us several good X-saves-B sequences. Willow too.

The sinister menace of Twilight is clearly limned, but the best stroke is the storyline in which Buffy is branded a terrorist. What a refreshing change for comic books, in which terrorism is supposed to equal evil (like THE DARK NIGHT RETURNS) and anything alien is demonic. This storyline is certainly taking its time, though, isn't it? Has the monumental popularity of the TWILIGHT vampire series derailed Joss' plans to develop his own version of Twilight?
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on November 23, 2008
It was good to return to the Buffyverse for me. Since I am a new comer to it who purchased the entire series and watched Season 1-7 straight through earlier this year, it was not a long lost friend but someone who was on a brief sabatical while I watched Angel Seasons 1-5. I never watched them while they were on air so I don't know all the cancellation drama, just that they were well respected series.
While this is the start of Season 8, Buffy is now international and after watching the final season of Angel just these past couple of weeks I had to snicker at the indication that there were a couple of body double Buffy's out there as well as the genuine article, who is hanging out in Scotland with an Army of Slayers along with some old friends. We are also reintroduced to a couple of old enemies and a brand new one that will stir the pot for the entire season.
I did miss the snappy reparte and could envision the characters speaking their dialogue, just as if this were still an actual TV show. Good stuff and I have read the first three chapters of the season, all that has been produced up to this point, and I am already excited for more.
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on October 6, 2017
Buffy is god
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on August 8, 2015
As someone who legitimately mourned the passing of Buffy as a TV series, I'm kind of embarrassed about how long it took me to explore its crossing over into another medium. This is great! The story beyond the Sunnydale hell mouth is the kind of imagination you expect from Joss Whedon. If you, like me, wondered what might have been had there been more seasons, this is an excellent way to live out that fantasy.
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on April 12, 2016
This isn't a replacement for Buffy but it was pretty close. This is a follow up to the end of the last season of Buffy and it filled the vast, empty feeling I had after finishing the series. The art is well done although there were a few panels I wasn't 100% sure who I was looking at, but I sued the context clues to figure it out.
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