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on April 26, 2016
Truly great indie horror flick that flew way under the radar. Think Man Bites Dog + Behind the Mask + Street Thief, but with a charismatic cannibal as your murderous main character, and some gloriously morbid practical FX. Track this one down, it deserves a bigger fanbase.

It's the rare indie genre film that transcends its low budget with great main characters, witty humor, gore, and being engaging start to finish. Without spoiling any major plot points, an amateur film crew follows around a cannibal serial killer named Anthony McAlistar, documenting his murderous routine, and eventually find themselves lending a hand in the ritual.

One thing that makes the film so enjoyable is the main character, played by Anthony Alviano. His performance as serial killer / human flesh connoisseur Anthony McAlistar elevates a micro-budget faux doc to an entertaining indie gem worthy of repeat viewings. He's calm, charismatic, menacing, and kinda likable (for a guy who kills and eats people).

Another asset worth mentioning are the practical FX. In one scene, after dispatching a prostitute with a club, we watch McAlistar completely dismember the body like an animal in a slaughterhouse. It's brutal, unforgettable, and won't disappoint gorehounds.

In a more "lighthearted" moment, the film crew documents McAlistar as he gleefully prepares a pot of human stew in his kitchen. As he slurps a spoonful for a taste-test, he waxes poetic about the decadence of eating human meat. It's a clever nod to Hannibal Lector, giving the archetypal cannibal a hilarious "foodie" touch. Brilliant stuff.

Long Pigs is screaming to be rediscovered. Easily one of my favorite indie horror / found footage / faux doc flicks, I hope to see it garner a sizable cult following someday. Whether or not that'll happen, I'm happy to have a copy in my collection.
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on May 11, 2016
Wow. Crazy bad...
I'm usually a huge fan of murder mysteries, human and criminal behavior, especially the behaviors and actions of serial killers.
I tried really hard to keep watching this movie, but I don't really have one decent thing to say about it... I could not finish watching it, even though I paid for it. I rarely stop a movie in the middle. The last one that made me just walk away was that Rob Zombie movie... maybe it was House of A Thousand Corpses, it gave me a headache. His other one movie was actually great though.
Anyway, I could say the main actor wasn't particularly bad at his job, but damn is this a bad movie. Just pointless, aimless, nasty, bad quality, unrealistic premise, and even if it happened to be based on a true story, it's very poorly potrayed. It became way too boring, with no real direction, to continue watching. Thus, one star.
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on December 21, 2013
This movie was good for an indie film, but I'm not sure why all the five star reviews. It was definitely different, dark and funny, but way too predictable and the entire premise that this would even be a remote possibility for even the most desperate struggling film makers was way too hard to swallow. No pun intended. Also, the social commentary that it was forcing down your throat was way too obvious and made it feel amateurish. The acting was good especially Anthony Alviano and did a good job walking the fine line of almost understanding his detachment. The comedy was witty and was thrown in at the right spots and gave you relief and kept you watching. All in all it was a good indie horror/mockumentary, but maybe my expectations were too high because of all the five star reviews. Not for the weak and not for everyone, but definitely different.
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on August 11, 2010
First there was the witches in the Blair Project. Then ghosts in Paranormal Activity. Now we get bludgeoned and hacked with an even more gruesome terror. Yes, it's human beings on the chopping block. Dark, gritty, and demented, this Clowns After Midnight production is bound to get under your skin.

Long Pigs is an all-too-real mockumentary on Anthony McAlistar, an affable cannibal without a conscience. Anthony has allowed two young filmmakers full access to his life and his disturbing meal preparations. Believe me, it is quite uncomfortable watching this monster work. Partly because of his friendly disposition and his total disregard for human life. Also because of the specific details he shares with you and the pride he takes in his work. Anthony seems to enjoy the spotlight as the film captures his heinous deeds. This also brings into question the moral disposition of the cameramen watching the crimes, plus the media's fascination with such atrocities.

Long Pigs is very well made, receiving several awards at different film fests. The lead acting from Anthony Alviano seems almost too convincing. Much of the script seems improvised, adding to the authenticy. There is some brief nudity and a little bit of gore as the cook cuts up his fresh corpses for cooking. Toss in the sloppy camerawork, scattershot direction, plus the quick and brutal murders and you have quite the sick little independent horror film.
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on July 2, 2011
I'll echo others who praise "Anthony" for his performance. I knew from the beginning it was well done, but it wasn't until I saw him actually have his character "acting" in the police interrogation scene that I knew how subtle and effective his performance throughout really was.

As a nod to the practical (special) effects of the bodies, I did have to hide my eyes during one "butchering" scene near the beginning. It's one thing to see stupid teenagers getting an axe in an adrenaline-charged flight-scene with screaming and scary music. It's another thing to see, well, I won't spoil it, but...that. The later scene, at fast-forward and with a deviously modified little ditty from The Nutcracker, was more tolerable. Nothing was played over the top. The scene on the pig farm was just outright black comedy, in my mind. I kept expecting to see a slaughter but again, the filmmakers pulled back and that ended up being one of my favorite scenes for its restraint.

What I found interesting is that I was more disturbed by the "filmmakers'" willingness to be complicit in Anthony's acts - as if they thought the camera gave them immunity. Worth watching, certainly.
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Honestly, it's almost like an actual documentary (as advertised) about a cannibalistic serial killer and the two amateur cameramen... Within the first 60 seconds and for the rest of the movie I was able to suspend disbelief and believe this one - and I am a pretty harsh critic of microbudget c-horror movies.
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on May 12, 2014
This may be the new best entry in the cannibal genre!! When I watched it I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about it sooner. Insanely realistic performances, plenty of special effects done flawlessly. This movie is a 10 out of 10. I can't recommend it enough if you like gory and disturbing films!!! You can thank me later 😊
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on June 26, 2013
First of all, the acting in the movie is terrific. A lot of the script seems like it's improvised, which works well. Essentially, you're hanging out with a cannibal willing to tell you all his secrets and show you the tools of the trade. There's a bit of gore, and more than a few parts that will makes you cringe. While it is a bit disturbing, it's interesting; you're never sure where it's going to go next. The ending is by far the best part.
I'd recommend this to any horror fan.
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on January 16, 2011
The trailer and a very positive review for this film was posted over at awhile back. It sounded interesting so I picked it up on a whim. I was very impressed by both the acting and the special effects of this this little low budget indie horror. It seems to be the riffing off the excellent Belgian film Man Bites Dog, but takes the documentary framing device a little farther than the slightly farcical Belgian masterpiece. If the cover blurb interests you at all, I highly recommend this surprisingly intriguing mockumentary.
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on January 1, 2015
It took me awhile to figure out if this was a real documentary. The characters were so natural and believable. I love this kind of movie and think it has the makings of a cult classic if its not already. One cannot expect another "Exorcist." It's pretty great for this genre and I would recommend it.
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