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on September 6, 2012
The Rocky Mountain West, including Wyoming, is a unique part of the country. It isn't the Midwest, and it isn't even remotely like the West Coast. Here, for better or worse, the old mountain man ethos lives on--the rugged individual, fighting alone, up against Nature Red in Tooth and Claw. The worst teeth and claws, though, belong to fellow humans.

Sheriff Walt Longmire is feeling a little old and tired, and he's still grieving his wife's death, but he keeps on because he's driven to fight those evils and to protect the young, the weak, the vulnerable. His best friend, Henry Standing Bear, is a Cheyenne who owns and runs a bar--the Red Pony--out on the border of the rez. Henry keeps well in touch with his spiritual roots, and his laconic but peppery advice keeps Walt in line.

Then there's Walt's grown daughter Cady, a lovely--and pretty hot--lawyer; there's Branch, the handsome, up-and-coming deputy who wants Walt's job; there's Victoria Moretti, the blonde, no-nonsense deputy from Philadelphia Walt trusts, and The Ferg, who is also a deputy and would like to be a good one when he grows up; there's Ruby, the office manager who keeps him tethered to the community no matter how far he wanders into the wilderness of mountains or his own mind--the list of great secondary characters goes on and on.

The Western natural settings are authentic (though not actually shot in Wyoming), and the brooding wide open spaces join the cast in creating stories that blend the recent half-civilized past with the not-quite-civilized present. The actors are well-chosen for their parts, especially Robert Taylor as Walt, Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry, and Bailey Chase as Branch, and they all do a stellar job of portraying their characters. The dialog is NOT crisp--we westerners don't talk that way--it's real and telling.

If you like stories about the genuine contemporary West, or if you like character-driven mysteries, you will love these episodes. My only criticism, the eternal caveat of a reader, is that the filmed stories are not as good as the books that inspired them, even though author Craig Johnson was a close adviser. Enjoy the television episodes--and then find Johnson's terrific books to really enter Walt's world and get to know him and the other characters.
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on June 12, 2012
I have read all of the Walt Longmire books and met the author a number of times since he and his wife live about 80 miles north of Casper, Wyoming where I live. The feel of the series, so far, is very like the books and has the same sense of the wide open country and gritty people. The books do have more humor, but that may come out as the series goes along. The tv programs share most of the charactors from the books while creating new stories. I think that Taylor does a great job creating a believable Walt along with the rest of the cast. I do hope that they show more background shots of Wyoming and the Big Horn Mountains even though they are shooting the programs in New Mexico. One minor nit to pick on the first show is Walt calling a flock of ravens a kindness. Being a birder I know that a flock of ravens can be called a "unkindness" as anyone who has seen ravens at a carcass will agree. I think that this is the best Western themed show in tv since "Gun Smoke". jot
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on March 6, 2017
Hi, a wonderful and engaging series. Taking the series 1-4 as a whole a little too much on Native American spiritualism. The series has a few glaring technical mistakes. The ones I've noticed are, there is no gun registration in Wyoming. You can't get finger prints from the DMV. The "rare" rifle that was used to commit a murder is readily available and the 45-70 caliber is quite popular. Maybe a little too "inside baseball" but maybe someone should go to Wyoming and talk to some one that actually has lives there. The series is filmed in New Mexico. People punch and kick the Deputies and Sheriff but never get arrested. People obstruct justice and hinder investigations with out any consequences ; I guess this is just poetic license. I still enjoy this series and liked Season 1. I purchased the rest and was not disappointed. These are priced right too.
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on August 15, 2015
Unfortunately, I am a longtime listener to the excellent audio books about Craig Johnson's characters and the TV series just doesn't hold up in comparison. Longmire is supposed to be bigger, older and a whole hell of a lot funnier. Vic is supposed to be dark-haired, olive skinned italian and don't get me started about the way Standing Bear is depicted. Since I never watch TV, I might have unrealistic expectations, but having to solve everything in an hour also distorts the story telling. Is this some kind of rule? I seem to remember that some of the best TV series left things hanging and unsolved for weeks, but maybe I'm wrong and that's the reason I've stopped watching TV.
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on March 11, 2017
More modern than I expected, as I enjoy the old-time westerns. After watching the first season and left with a cliff hanger, we are looking for more. Characters are developed slowly. The only drawback is the one female, blond deputy that neither of us can tolerate -- she has empty comments, doesn't seem to mesh well with Longmire for any chemistry between them, and she has this wide stretched smile that rarely quits and why the film makers kept giving us close ups of this face is beyond us. I hope they kill her off or ship her away ASAP. With that mentioned, we still manage to enjoy the other characters and the varied scenarios of each episode. Will be watching Season 2.
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on January 14, 2014
Wow! With both the laid back character played by Robert Taylor and the Native American role played by Lou Diamond Phillips, this show is a winner in my books. I think I own almost every movie that LDP has ever been in and watch the Military Channel when he hosts their movie presentations. Think I fell in love with him when he portrayed Richie Valens in LaBamba. I was just a kid when Valens was popular but liked his music even then. He died on my brother's 17th birthday so it really hit home with us. No use of the "F" word every other word is also a plus. Like the other Robert Taylor, this Taylor can also act without "over-the-topping" his character. He makes his character believeable. Love the scenery too. And, they don't portray Native Americans as being all sots and no gooders. They do show the abject poverty that some tribes live in as a result of decades of shameful USG actions. Overall there is a realism about the show that almost all other current shows lack. Keep watching guys so it will stay around for a long time.
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on June 13, 2013
Which means it will probable get canceled.
The stories are good, The acting is good, And the setting is amazing.

The only problem I have is the lack of research A constant theme in the show is "Check if they have any registered guns" As far as I can tell (from a number of sites I checked) Wyoming doesn't have a gun registry. As a matter of fact Wyoming became an unrestricted concealed carry state which means you don't even need a permit. There is also more then one rifle that shoots 45-70.

I don't know if this is how the books are written as I just started reading The Cold Dish: A Walt Longmire Mystery or if its screenwriters from California that don't realize there are other states with other laws out here.

needless to say I do enjoy the show and look forward to each new episode.
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on March 8, 2017
This is a present for our daughter. She loves Longmire and had the second season so I thought we had better get the first season this time. Great price!
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on July 24, 2013
Have become addicted to the Longmire show & totally enjoy the books. Naturally, the characters have differences in personalities from the show, but are developed well. Have spent time in WY & enjoy the realism. Definitely worth your time.
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on January 6, 2013
I almost didn't buy the season because of the pilot, but I am a fan of the Longmire books so I went ahead anyway. The other episodes were all very well done. The plot moved along well and usually made sense and the character development became excellent. They are not as good as the books, but well worth watching. I am looking forward to seeing season 2.
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