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Longmire: Season 2
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$17.25+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 28, 2013
Excellent adaptation to small screen from Craig Johnson novel HELL IS EMPTY. Scenes are well coordinated with outdoor locations and story sets.The actors really flesh out their characters and breath realism into the story line. Your rooting for your favourite story characters as the plot unfolds. Makes waiting seven more days for the next episode feel like the twelve months between seasons. WELL DONE!
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Longmire is one of those people you love to watch, he is tough as nails and when it comes to family he will break any rules to ensure safety as best he can. I assume we are going to find out more about the guy that killed his wife this season and that bit sounds interesting. The political side of this keeps you a bit on edge since you can never be sure where the deputy actually stands in this battle of wills and the random appearances of Gerald McRaney as the father of Branch Connelly. Then you add in Lou Diamond Phillips and you have the cast to make this a great hit. I know that Katee Sackhoff gets top billing in many articles but even though I enjoy her character here I was never much of a fan of her characters in Battlestar Galactica.

Bottom Line: This is a great show, great cast and should not be missed, it is my summertime fix when I want to watch Justified but can't :)
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on August 2, 2013
Thank you, A&E for a well written, well produced, superbly acted drama that takes the time for character development and doesn't rely on pyrotechnics and superficial tripe to try to boost ratings. Thank you Amazon for delivering it at a reasonable price to the dishless, cableless misfits who have long ago thrown overboard the 400 channels of overpriced, mostly unwatchable programming.
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on June 1, 2013
This is the best show on TV in my opinion and it seemed like forever between season 1 and season 2. Well written, perfectly cast, well acted, beautiful locations. A breath of fresh air with an actual plot and characters that are believable. We need more shows like this and more episodes per season of Longmire. You have to pay attention when you watch or you will miss parts of the story that give you insight into each characters past and why they do what they do. Episode 1 of season 2 "Unquiet Mind" is based on the book "Hell is Empty" by Craig Johnson. It was a good episode and Rob Taylor (Walt) was excellent in this episode but those tuning in for the first time or if you haven't read Craig's books it may have been a bit confusing as a lot was packed into 43 minutes and I think some of the story was lost. Might have been better if they did this over 2 episodes. Still well worth watching and looking forward to the rest of season 2. Worth buying the instant video to view episodes without commercials. Way to many commercials (17 mins) when you watch it on A&E.
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on July 22, 2013
Great scenery, story line, and character development. What more can you ask from a series? Robert Taylor is the penultimate cowboy/sheriff. Reserved and quiet yet with a temper that gets him in trouble occasionally, Walt is reeling from the loss of his wife and having to communicate with his daughter for the first time. Lou Diamond Phillips is perfect as Henry, it's a great part for him. His character is a great friend to Walt and as the series has been developing you continue to see just how good a friend he is.
I hope we get to see this series for a while!
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on May 31, 2013
There are no undead zombies. There are no bloodsucking vampires. This is an old school production, that is dazzling cool. Each episode is complete in itself. The cinematoghaphy creates a sublimeness that is contrasted with the edginess of the subject matter - crime and mystery. It is a character driven narrative with words and images that make the characters pop.
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on July 22, 2013
Longmire is a little different than the cop shows I usually watch because it is set in the west. The sheriff is a cool character - very old fashioned but always sees connections and observations that others don't. His deputies are a motley crew ...one very tough and very attractive lady cop with her own story line, a very handsome male deputy, a newbie who is so nice you just love him, the sheriffs best friend who is a bar owner and Native American with his own very unique character, and the Sheriffs daughter. Although there is at least one murder a week, the story lines are a little fresher than the typical CSI type and Longmire's personal story is woven throughout. My son, who is a cop, likes this show because of the female deputy, and because he wishes he could be a sheriff in a small town like this!
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on August 28, 2013
There's no swat team. There's no special task force. There's no fantasized military investigation team. There's no over-resourced crime lab technician with too much time on his hands. There's no major city.

There's a sheriff and his three deputies. They solve their cases by talking to people, looking at the evidence, and piecing the puzzles together. With all the far-fetched cop shows that have dominated the last decade, Longmire is a breath of fresh air into the genre.

The setting itself is one of the show's best features. (The fictional) Absaroka County is about the size of a small state. There's a town, a Cheyenne reservation, and a gorgeous abundance of open landscapes. Most T.V. shows pretend these parts of the US don't exist, or worse, portray the people of these regions as a cliche of the "ignorant cowboy" and "country bumpkin" stereotypes.

You'll find few walking stereotypes in this show. Longmire's characters are as complex as they are compelling.

The title character is an anachronism, an aging sheriff who does his law enforcement the old-fashioned way. Walt Longmire doesn't have a cell phone. He packs a 1911 Colt .45, and when he expects trouble, he picks up his old-west-style lever-action rifle. He's well-read, but he doesn't talk much. He picks up litter wherever he sees it. He starts the show as a grieving widower when a murder case snaps him out of a long, downward spiral.

Branch is a deputy who decides to run for sheriff against Walt during that long downward spiral. An Iraq War veteran with a lot of family history in the area, Branch is a man who struggles to reconcile his ambition with his sense of justice.

Vic is a deputy who recently moved to Absaroka from Philidelphia with her husband, an energy company executive. She's a tough city cop who lends an outsider's perspective to Wyoming.

Henry Standing Bear is Walt's best friend. A Cheyenne who owns and runs a saloon in town, he helps Walt deal with problems that involve the reservation, and occasionally helps Walt track down people. Henry is the kind of friend who steps in to help when he's needed, even (or especially) if he isn't asked. He isn't shy about calling Walt out when he thinks the sheriff is wrong, and in this way he often provides keen insight on controversial issues.

There are plenty of other great regular and recurring characters. Though the show often has a "criminal of the week", it's surprising how often a minor character will show up later. Though most episodes are satisfying enough by themselves, there's a powerful underlying plot, and little details in one episode often become significant later on.

I highly recommend Longmire for adults, and I'd watch it with a teenage kid. Though the show doesn't sensationalize sexuality, corruption, or gratuitous violence, some of the content is more disturbing than what I'd want to show to children under 12: mostly dead bodies and some occasional profanity. Such is the nature of crime-focused shows. That said, this is a show with a strong moral compass. It acknowledges distasteful realities, but it doesn't glamorize them, and the main characters are decent and respectable, even with their flaws.

Overall, Longmire is the best cop show I've ever seen, and it's only getting better with time.
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on July 21, 2013
This character really cares about people - gives every one a chance to prove him/herself before he writes them off. He makes quick, but sound decisions and wastes no time "getting his job done." If young people were fed a steady diet of Longmire type characters instead of the psychopathic killing machines or mis-guided athletes become felons kids now emulate what a wonderful world it could be! We need more Longmire; on TV and in real life.
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on April 4, 2014
Longmire is a unique western flavored modern day cop/mystery show that really develops the characters. Sheriff Longmire is an enigmatic character that is modern with a touch of the old cowboy spirit and ethics. He has the soul of a native american and it comes to light in odd ways.

Every show has a really good mystery and it has taken two seasons to really show Longmire's mysterious dark secret. I love Lou Diamond Phillips as Longmire's best friend. His character is as interesting as Longmire's. The whole cast is great.

The writers of Longmire really know how to develop a story and keep you engaged. I've thanked my friend many times for recommending this show. By the way... This is a very adult show and not for young children.
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