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on January 30, 2003
As a collector of fine music, it always warms my heart to see such well-deserved praise given to one of my favorite singers. People are finally coming around, discovering David Hackerhoffelblank as not only a rocker, but as a balladeer, a minstrel for making out.
Why, just the other day I had one of my high school students over for drinks. I put this amazing CD on my hi-fi as she complained about not getting a passing grade and not being able to get into a good college or whatever. Within minutes, we were locked in an embrace, kissing madly and enjoying the 'heat of the moment,' as the band Asia calls it.
I have only David Honkerplattentunk to thank for making that such a wonderful night. That music set the tone for the evening, and although Carrie didn't get a passing grade and ended up working at the local VD clinic, she did seem to enjoy "Hot Shot City." She even said it was particularly good between sobs.
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on April 13, 2004
It's almost been a decade now, but this perennial favorite has remained one of music's most influential works since Bruce Willis' "The Return of Bruno." The masterful production, the sweeping orchestration, and the pale blue album cover all convey such a loving attention to detail and respect for the material that few artists have reached the pinnacle of pop the way David Haltertopp has.
Each track is a reminder of a happier decade, when flannel ruled the malls and David Duchovny gave unforgettable performances on television. "Flying On the Wings of Tenderness" has become the anthem of the 90s in the same way Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" is the anthem of the 60s. Truly groundbreaking.
But his genius will not simply outlast this decade. David Flashersocks will be a name long remembered in the hallowed halls of rock/pop. The song "Hot Shot City" is particularly good.
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on January 28, 2004
When it comes to this album, there's no need to get dressed in body paint and say "Sock it to me," because this album socks it to me without the body paint and me saying "Sock it to me!"
But redundant Rowan and Martin references aside, this reader urges you to just sample the wondrous musical world of David Hobbitcock. You will thrill to every angelic note that pours forth from his god-like mouth. As if from a cleft-chinned gravy boat, the songs he sings drench a melody with the thick, viscous sauce of his talent. Eardrums quiver in ecstasy as he honks and wheezes his way through 18 chart-topping hits. I am comfortable in my sexuality to declare that David Hamsterdance is truly a centaur of the pop world. He can ring my dingy anyday!
The song "Hot Shot City" is particularly good.
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on February 3, 2003
David Hasselhoff has gently glided one of his daughters into his album, Looking For The Best. Taylor-Ann's spoken words, brings tears to your eyes when she ask Daddy to "Save The World." The song, really makes one think about the world and our children. Now with Hasselhoff's German song, "Du" is sung in perfect German, and is a song much worth repeating,I have a hard enough time learning to sing in Spainish. You can feel David Hasselhoff sing to his wife, and to his children which brings out his talent even more. Do You Believe In Love shows why Hasselhoff should create more albums, and more musicals. Of course other songs, "Looking for Freedom", "Flying on The Wings of Tenderness", "Hot Shot City" speak for themselves. If your day is grey, then let this album make your day brighter.
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on September 24, 2003
To date, there have been only two CDs that have captured the romance of the heart or the intensity of love through song. One of those CDs my friend from school borrowed and never returned, but the second CD is "Looking For- The Best of David Hasselblank."
The producers of this compilation CD poured all the care and love into it as if they needed the money to help feed their many dogs at home. Each song is selected from Hatheryouf's many albums, judged to be one of his best, and is placed carefully into the mix.
And the flow of the CD is amazing. Not one track overlaps the other, and very rarely does the sound of David Harfertrank's vocals resemble a rhinoceros getting sideswiped by a dune buggy.
I heartily recommend this CD for its staggering beauty. Folks who have never heard David sing have yet to experience the sheer threshold of their eardrums. The song "Hot Shot City" is particularly good.
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on July 12, 2002
David Hasselhoff has once again stolen the hearts of his fellow countrymen, the Germans, with his latest oevre, "Looking For- Best of David Hasselhoff <<IMPORT>>. Every track is a testament to the amazing singing career he had before checking himself into rehab. This CD stands as a wonderful retrospective portrait of a troubled genius.
The song "Hot Shot City" is particularly good.
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on February 3, 2003
When I read the reviews of this album, it created the impression that this is a truly, majestically awful record. Therefore, as a longtime fan of really bad music, I had to buy this CD. Boy, was I disappointed! The music isn't really all that bad; sure, the songs are formulaic and the lyrics are unbelievably trite, but I was hoping for something with the sheer awfulness of early Shatner/Nimoy, Bobby Goldsboro, The Shaggs, The Annoying Music Show... you know, the greats. Only three of the tunes on this album significantly pegged my bad-o-meter: "Save the World" (which is only bad because of the awful extra vocals by David Hasselhoff's young daughter), "Freedom for the World", and "Je T'Aime Means I Love You" (which may have seemed worse than it is given that I'd already heard the 13 previous bad songs in a row). In fact, much as I hate to say it, track 6, "Hot Shot City", is, as widely reported, pretty good (at least as bad songs go). This is not really a Bad Music album; it's more like a slightly rockier version of a Michael Bolton CD. If there was a musical category for "Stunningly Mediocre Music", though, this would be at the top of the charts.
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on June 20, 2001
Twice the ruggedness of mortal man, ten times the talent of any other artist, Hasselhoff dazzles on this CD. Every track has been plucked from the heavens and trembles with vigor and force. God Himself could not record as good a greatest hits album like this, and if He were to listen to all 17 tracks on this compilation, He would refrain from striking me down for blasphemy. The song "Hot Shot City" is particularly good.
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