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on October 24, 2016
I chose this book because I had heard the title so much , or at least the phrase, "looking for Mr.Goodyear". I'm not even sure I knew this was a book until I stumbled across it. I purchased it after getting hooked on the free sample. I could nor put this book down and even now should be pulling out of the driveway heading to work rather than finishing the last page. I love the cylindrical effect of the beginning and ending. We see the fallout of the ending in the beginning and in the ending, you see the dramatic effects , the tense and scary motives of what the beginning was all about. Scary,tense , emotional and a bit sad, but very applicable for everyone today. I definitely recommend this for adults and especially for folks who feel like they are compromising themselves in some way looking for that Mr or Ms Right or Right now! Scary Reminder of what can happen even now!
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on August 20, 2016
This is a classic piece of American literature for very good reasons. It's well written, yet accessible. It has complicated characters, yet the narrative isn't so dense as to leave the reader wondering.

It's a VERY dark piece of literature and not for the light-hearted. I love it and highly recommend it, but keep in mind that it's not a hopeful or positive book.
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on March 28, 2016
Loved the book! I remember as a kid wondering why a book was written about a candy bar. Hahaha! I saw a crime story recently on I'd channel about a random murder of a young woman in the 60s & looking for mr. Goodbar was referrenced so I picked it up. Great read! Completed it in about two days
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on August 1, 2016
I read this book when it came out when I was in my 20's. I looked at it then as the story of a wild girl during the height of the sexual revolution and rampant drug use. Now I see it as the story of a girl who's trying to escape a suffocating blue collar, Catholic life by being incredibly self destructive. I never knew it was based on a true story. It was a good, quick read both times.
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on July 6, 2016
***Review may contain spoilers (though so does the first chapter of the book)***

I saw the ID Channel show "A Crime to Remember" (fantastic show if you like vintage true crime) about this case, sparking my interest in the book. I found the story to hit two of my hot buttons: life in the 60s and the psychology behind human behavior.

The lead character, Theresa, is fascinating. Drawn to a man who doesn't treat her well (calling her "c u n t", insulting her frequently), refusing a man who does, she seems to be the poster child for low self-esteem. But it could just be a peculiar sex drive. We don't know. If she does have low self-esteem, it does not seem attributable to her fairly normal upbringing. She seems to deal with the common issues that a middle sister would. Though the author details a few specific childhood phenomena that apparently affected her -- including jealousy towards both sisters and a significant back operation -- those phenomena reveal Theresa's character rather than define it. But then, that's my general belief on nature versus nurture. People react to similar circumstances differently.

The story is the journey of Theresa into her mid-20s leading to her peculiar and untimely demise. You will find interesting discourse on issues of the day: women's lib, the blossoming drug culture, and free sex, among others; interestingly, not the war. You will wonder why Theresa was so reckless regarding bringing strange men to her apartment. And ultimately, you will not be shocked at the result of her lifestyle. It is a bit of a cautionary tale, though even in the 60s, Theresas of the world knew better.

The writing is crisp and compelling, humorous at times, edgy at others. Blunt, direct, open. Using sexual words, phrases and descriptions that I suspect were fairly forward for 1975.
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on February 12, 2016
There is a lot of ambivalence surrounding this book, even into the second decade of the 21st century.

The writing is excellent. The straightforward telling of a fictionalized true story that was not easy to tell in 1975, with no bias, is amazing for a book written 40 years ago, let alone today. And a polarizing story it was and is. It seems that as soon as women and sex wind up together in any story, true or fiction, people take one of two positions: blame the victim, or point out the fact that she did a whole lot less than men of the era were doing, and paid a price that usually only women pay. Attitudes are much the same today as they were 40 years ago. (As in the posters that say "I can't believe I still have to protest this s**t.)

After seeing the movie when it was first released, I ran all the way back to my apartment located four blocks from "Teresa's", and locked all the locks. As the book makes clear, we lived in the birth-controlled twilight between Woodstock and HIV. Women were making our own livings, supporting ourselves, and living alone in numbers never seen in any previous generation. We had jobs that used to be "men only". Sex was often casual; we were entitled. But we also knew the realities of things that were not often discussed publicly - battering and violence against women, stalking (there was not even a word for that in 1975), character assassination from men who wanted to ruin our social standing and careers for whatever reason. We knew that we were not completely safe. The "summer of love" was over.

Teresa and her sister walk us through what was a frightening terrain at times as they both struggle to find the place where they fit into the world around them. It was much more likely that Teresa would have lived through all this, rather than being slaughtered. The fact that she did not, and the reasons why may be debated for many years to come.
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on July 10, 2017
Not quite what I was expecting. I loved the complexity and intensity of the movie and thought the book would go deeper, but it turns out that the book is pretty shallow. Unusual because I always find books better than movies. I didn't find much to empathise with Theresa in the book whereas the movie was rich with character appreciation. Knowing this is based on a true story of a young woman's horrific end makes me wish the author had cared about the character more.
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on March 3, 2016
Although based off of a real incident involving an actual school teacher with a personal life which for some reason was part of the investigation of her murder. One's sex life is arbitrary to their murder. if they end up a murder victim. It was interesting to see how the doomed protagonist viewed her life and her loves all the way up to the point of her death. She has two sister's, one is very indecisive and goes from guy to guy to guy, but always ends up in situations and with people that are more desirable than she is. The other sister marries a blue color guy and settles down at a young age. The time in the book is just around the time women are starting to gain independence but still mostly choose lives of husbands and children and cooking and cleaning and "women's work". The doomed protagonist eeks out a life for herself, because she desires independence, only to sink back into the feelings and thoughts of a woman who was raised Catholic, and, therefore, a woman who should be looking for a husband. There is no investigation of her murder, there is mention of the killer and his confession, but no investigation. The book starts with the doomed protagonists childhood, her polio, her reasons on becoming a teacher, living alone and entering abusive, short-term relationships. The book leads up to her murder, right up to the time she dies.
I recommend this book for those who want something fiction but realistic that ends unusually.
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on February 24, 2016
Written in dated for sure...but very well written. Tragic. Sad. Revealing.

Books like this aren't written so much anymore (at least I'm not super familiar with any).

I think Gone Girl is a bit of a tragedy (I love to hate the ending of Gone Girl) but compared to this book, it's got a happy ending.

I don't see much point in laying out the story or giving a synopsis in a review, what I'd rather do is give my impression of the quality and how it made me feel (and to some degree think).

This book really got me thinking about relationships, the nature of love (and sex) and how we are crippled (or possibly saved) by our loves, whether parents, wives, husbands, siblings, family, friends, lovers, etc.

I believe after reading this that the theme is this: Death is preferable to a loveless life.

I tend to agree with the theme, the message, that being dead beats living a lonely life of isolation and pain.

Perhaps a different reader would take a different message out of this book, but in any case, it's going to make you think.

Note: If you're used to fast paced thrillers or short easy to read romance, and that is the scope of what you like, this book will probably drive you a little crazy because it starts off as if it might be fast paced murder mystery thriller book...OR based upon the title, hell, it might be a romance....

But it's not either of those.

It's a very personal story, and it reads almost like a memoir, with depth, conviction, sadness, and even a little hope.

In any case, it's an old book, so I doubt it's going to get a lot of traction 40 years later,,,,BUT it's a gem, and I highly recommend checking it out if the idea sounds appealing to you and you're not going to demand a fast paced action thriller romance out of it.
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on July 21, 2016
Read this book many years ago and had forgotten about it until my son's band did a song based on the film which they called L.F.M.G.B.. Haven't actually managed to see the movie based on the book, but both the book and the movie are loosely based on the 1973 murder of NYC schoolteacher Roseann Quinn
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