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Looks A Lot Like SimCity Societies

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Initial post: Dec 17, 2012, 8:15:55 PM PST
I don't mean to come off as a naysayer, but the new SimCity coming out in February 2013 looks a lot like SimCity Societies, which I thought was a real disappointment. I have noticed the whole "ploppable" concept coming back along with the thematic buildings with their pros and cons. This makes me think that the game's developers continue in their path away from the first four SimCity titles that made the franchise what it is: totally awesome. I loved the zoning and trying to make balanced neighborhoods and operating a wide-arching budget. SimCity Societies was their first departure from what we loved and ruined everything, in my opinion. Looks like more of that is coming. :(

Besides all that... $60?!?! Without having fully experienced the game, I can safely tell everyone to wait a year or two and see when the expansion comes out (if there is one). No game is worth $60, which is evident in the fact that they all start off at that price and then we can get the complete version of them for $10-$15 a couple years later.

Patience, Grasshopper.

Posted on Jan 16, 2013, 9:41:01 PM PST
A. says:
I'll probably be playing this game for at least a 100 hours of a course of a year before I get sick of it. $60 for 100 hours is $0.60 an hour of fun. I think that is a pretty good deal when compared to the price of other forms of entertainment.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 17, 2013, 12:56:52 AM PST
I understand this logic, A. Schmitt. I happen to disagree with it, though, simply because my basis for comparison is not apples to oranges (video games to, say, movies or a rollercoaster ride). I tend to compare video games to video games. Here I was comparing the new SimCity offering to the previous five titles in the franchise.

The value of SimCity 4 Deluxe, for me, is about the highest I could have for a video game. It is Top 5 for me, out of all video games I have ever seen, past or present. I bought the whole thing for $20, I think it was, because I waited for the price to come down and for it to be offered in the completed version. I have probably logged a good, oh... 4,000 hours on that game since 2003 or whenever. Maybe more. I still play that game in 2013. While I could do the math, I would rather simply say that the game is "priceless."

I got SimCity Societies in the completed version for $5. I could hardly stand it. I think I logged maybe 15 hours on that thing, trying to make it fun for me. I feel that Maxis/EA owe me my $5 back, plus $5 in punitive damages. Its value to me? Nil.

So I use a different rubric than you do. Therefore, my advice likely best pertains to folks who think like I do. But for those who compare $60 here to $60 there, well... maybe you guys have $60 to throw around. I, on the other hand, am looking for the long-term, baby; and I think the new SimCity might be closer to that SimCity Societies value of "nil" than to the SimCity 4 value of "priceless."

As you can see, I use qualitative terms over against quantitative ones.

Take care.

Posted on Jan 17, 2013, 2:04:44 AM PST
A. says:
I agree, it is apples to oranges. Watch a movie for 2 hours is usually a lot for value to me then playing a game for the same amount of time. I just use it has away to justify spending that amount of money. In the end I'm happy.

Talking about SimCity Societies, I will however wait a week or two until I read about it from my favorite reviewers.

Posted on Jan 24, 2013, 10:27:13 AM PST
considering SM4 is like a decade old, city simulation games are now VERY low priced. SM5 should only be around $35-$40. Sim city societies was VERY sloppy and underdeveloped, but I don't think sim city 5 will have the same problems. You will be able to build zones for residential, commercial and industrial that will advance and progress depending on how prosperous your city will be. Zoning will be much more detailed now, and easier to keep up-to-date with each individual building. One thing that will make SM5 much more fun on the long-term is the glassbox engine. Citizens will have a mind of their own and be individuals, and that will make your city MUCH mire realistic and alive. I agree, $60? I don't think so. They need to drop the price to at least $40.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 24, 2013, 1:34:59 PM PST
I think you misunderstood some of the points raised, Emmanuel Pascal.

If they want to charge $60, then let them go ahead. They can charge whatever they want. I remember when SimCity 4 was that much, especially if you bought the original game and the expansion pack separately when they first came out.

I, on the other hand, waited for the complete ("Deluxe") version to come out, and I spent $20 on the thing. I recommend that strategy for anybody, though nowadays you can get SimCity 4 Deluxe for even less than what I paid for it. That is, pay the price YOU want to pay. It's your money, after all; do what you want with it. If companies want to sell bad products for high prices, then they can. If they want to sell good products for cheap prices, then they can. We're all adults here. Make the choices that work for you.

As for the new SimCity title ("SimCity 5", as you call it), I have not seen anything on zoning, like you wrote. What I saw were the "ploppables." So what do you mean by "Zoning will be much more detailed now, and easier to keep up-to-date with each individual building"?

Lastly, what do you know about the new game engine? Are you a beta tester? I have been able to read up on the agent activities and things, but how do you support the statement that our cities will be "MUCH m[o]re realistic and alive"? I am interested to know.


Posted on Jan 24, 2013, 2:58:49 PM PST
oh ok got your point. I do believe sim city is not worth $60, regardless of how much they choose to charge. i bought SC4 for only $15 (at a amazon deal), but it doesn't mean it wasn't worth more, but $40? It is not worth that much, but like you said, they can price it at whatever amount they want, BUT it doesn't change the fact of it not being worth that much.

Zoning: If you look at the demo, they do indeed have zoning, but the zoning is much more detailed since you have to place the building individually, which in my opinion it's better and easier to place them individually.

glassbox engine: there are plenty of videos demoing in detail what the glass box engine does. It simply creates unique individual AI's that travel and do tasks for your city. That makes it much more unique since SC4 doesn't not have complex game-play like that. Do a youtube search to know more about the game.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 24, 2013, 4:59:31 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 24, 2013, 5:08:24 PM PST
Yeah, I don't think that is zoning, Emmanuel. That is what the developers described as "plopping." Basically, you put down buildings that are already constructed into certain locations. I suppose where you put them will matter, as far as the distance between Sims and amenities; but it is not like SimCity 4, where you lay out a zone and then hope you zoned it properly. So like I said in the original post, the new SimCity will be more like SimCity Socieities, then, and not like the classic versions prior.

As for the engine, I mentioned that I read up on it; and yes, I did see the demos. I even mentioned the new agents system. I was just wondering if you had special insight on the engine since you mentioned that this new version will be "MUCH more realistic and alive." The thousands of little agents concept is an interesting one, but it still seems to smack of SimCity Societies in terms of the whole "ploppable" experience, which is the topic of this thread. Do you have anything else to add on the engine other than what most of us already know?

Posted on Jan 24, 2013, 6:17:33 PM PST
Kevbo, there is no secrete and you don't have to be part of the developing team to know how evolutionary glassbox is for SM5. It provides a city that is actually alive with AI's doing differ tasks around a city. It is an opinion that I decided to contribute, but if you don't love the idea, that is your opinion, and I respect that. You can change the name, but it is technically zoning to put it in SC4 terms. The only difference is that you individually place structures, which is in my opinion a more interactive game-play with the actual structures that make the city. Even though zoning is more of a ploppable experience now, it is still a growing structure. It isn't limited to one design like a landmark building. Again, this my personal opinion, and opinions build up discussions.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 24, 2013, 9:47:28 PM PST
I was just hoping you could support your statements. I actually was being honest when I wanted to learn more from you. But it seems like you know what we all do. Thanks.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 24, 2013, 11:38:51 PM PST
A. says:
You get a $20 Amazon credit when you buy the boxed version.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 25, 2013, 8:01:11 AM PST
I was just stating my opinion of SC5, and how it won't be as bland as SCS. I don't think I need to support my opinion about what I have seen so far of the new zoning and all new glassbox.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 31, 2013, 10:15:12 AM PST
D. E. Gross says:
There is zoning, it works slightly differently in that it's along roads instead of on a set grid. If you've watched any of the youtube vids you'd know this.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 31, 2013, 12:28:00 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 31, 2013, 12:31:41 PM PST
D.E. Gross,

Perhaps you can then explain or elaborate on the concept of the "ploppables" that are also viewable on YouTube and how they compare or contrast with zoning.

Also, please respond to Emmanuel's statement, "Zoning will be much more detailed now, and easier to keep up-to-date with each individual building."


In reply to an earlier post on Feb 18, 2013, 5:28:23 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 18, 2013, 5:29:08 PM PST
Mike says:

Plobables are not plopping buildings in SC 2013. You still place Residential, Commercial, and Industrial zones just not low/mid/high like in SC4. You plob police stations, fire stations etc. To compare it with Simcity Socieities is totally incorrect. Within SC 2013, certain buildings have modules (additions to it) after you build it. The glassbox engine and city specialization makes for a very enjoyable simulator. The people in your city seemt to have a mind of their own and go about there business. You can watch them. It's fun watching the sanition guys get into their trucks and drive around your city picking up trash. The glassbox engine even shows the result of your sanitation force :)

My hope is that this gets new content and expansions. While I don't think it passes Cities XL but it's very very close- almost neck and neck. Cities XL has gorgeous graphics (and so does SC 2013, not holy poop this is outstanding but it's pretty darn close), and you can have a city with millions but at the cost of playability as it's almost impossible to play with the dreaded memory leaks etc. The fact that you can create bus lines and subway lines is terrific in Cities XL. Some things are better on CXL, others are better on SC 2013. SC 2013 is a different take on the beloved franchise and is looking good. Simcity Societies in my honest opinion was an epic fail.

Don't believe the hype about needing a $5000 super computer to run it. If you don't believe me, I'll post my specs from my computer which was less than $1500!

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 18, 2013, 6:09:42 PM PST
Good info, Mike. Thanks. I guess what I saw in the videos were not the R/C/I buildings. The developers kept mentioning "ploppables," which I hadn't heard before. What you described is basically what it has been, just now with the new vernacular.

Anyway, I am really hoping that SimCity gets into a serious micromanagement thing, because I want to get in on everything. I want SimCity 4 on steroids.

Well, take care.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 18, 2013, 11:33:46 PM PST
Mike says:
Well, it's in the early stages of serious micromanagement. You have a smaller map and a population cap of a couple of hundred thousand, but you can create a specialized city and a micromanaging you will do. I'm a realism nut and love micromanagement myself. I can't go into specifics cause I'm in the Simcity Dev Beta. The Devs are talking about "adding" modules to certain buildings. In one of the pictures, it shows a powerstation plopped down. If your city needs more power than the station can generate, the powerstation has modules that can add more power instead of building another powerstation. Remember in SC4, if you had a city of several hundred thousand, how many coal power stations did you have? 10 lol?

By the way, I've played SimCity since the very first one so Im not just feeding you what you want to hear. I've also played City Life, Cities XL '09, Cities XL '11, and Cities XL '12.

Posted on Feb 24, 2013, 11:16:45 AM PST
Chase Hainey says:
Having played through both betas, I am really excited. I think the developer "plopables" that they were mentioning, after zoning your residential, comercial, and industrial. You plop schools, hospitals, police stations, etc. Not only can you plop buildings, you can plop upgrades on or next to some of those buildings. Instead of building a whole new hospital or school, you can add new wings or new class rooms. Makes it feel a little more real than a city have 15 hospitals.

From my countless hours of SimCity 4 and my extreme disappointment of SimCity Societies, I am really excited for the release of this. It makes SimCity fun again. For as much as I loved SimCity 4, there was so much extra micromanagement that could have been avoided. It was really difficult for non SimCity veterans to get into and do well. I believe that is why SC4 didn't do as well as Maxis would have liked. Then the over correction in Societies helped even less. So, a true SimCity is a much welcomed game.

Posted on Feb 25, 2013, 6:17:09 PM PST
Mike says:
Remember SC Societies was developed by Tilted Mill not Maxis and EA
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