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on September 2, 2012
Princess Deena was magically transported away from danger and her home in Elden by the king and queens magic. Finding herself lost, tired hungry with no memory of where to go Princess Deena wanders around until she finds a pretty little cottage... perhaps the occupants know who or where she is and can feed her. Deena knocks but there is no one home... going in she sees on the stove a pot of oatmeal and she feeds herself. now thirsty she sees a pitcher on the table but going to get it she knocks over one of the three chairs and breaks it. NOW sleepy she goes through the door to find a comfy bed and no sooner climbs on it is asleep.

Osbourne is the last of the Berserkers. his village was kill off by Vampires. Only he escaped with his two younger brothers. Wary of his enemies he has built this little cottage so his brothers have a home. When he returns to his home he sees it has been invaded... but not by his mortal enemies but a beautiful young girl who has no memory.Osbourne is determined to kick her out but his younger brothers intervene. Deena gets to stay... but for how long and what will she do when she will be asked to leave?
(Goldilocks and the 3 bears)

The Royal House of Shadows Series:

1. Lord of the Vampires (Gena Showalter)

2. Lord of Rage (Jill Monroe)

3. Lord of the Wolfyn (Jessica Andersen)

4. Lord of the Abyss (Nalini Singh)
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on July 9, 2015
Breena is the Elden princess raised to be a lady and over sheltered. As the only princess she has always been told that she will marry for alliance and so that her suitor would have nothing to complain about, she has never had any interaction with would be husbands. She has actually never even had much interaction with males in general outside of the castle, mostly just her brothers. So she's unprepared for when her magic leads her to Osborn from their dreams into reality after her parents' desperate attempt to save her life.

Osborn and his brothers are the last of the Ursa people, with Osborn being the last to become a berserker warrior. When the males reach a certain age they're taken to their sacred bear lands to confront a bear. One will die. If the human lives, the bear spirit becomes part of them. And when the bear pelt is worn they become fierce fighters who are not easily defeated. After making many choices that he regrets in order to raise his younger brothers, the three of them build a cabin on the sacred grounds to live.

During the siege of the Elden castle, the king and queen used the last of their power to send their children away with two commands. Survive and Avenge. Breena is sent to the Ursan bear lands, though she doesn't know it at the time. When she stumbles along their cabin the story goes sort of "Goldie Locks and the Three Bears." Which I'm not sure how I felt about. I don't know if was more simply silly or whimsical. They know each other pretty much immediately from their dreams, but Osborn fights to control himself around Breena. Her confusion on so many things doesn't help much. But she becomes a girl one would not think to be a princess and that makes her a much more rounded person with skills and determination. Though I can't say that much happens, I often found myself smiling. Osborn's just simply hot a lot of the time. Forceful and controlling is such a turn on sometimes. For most of the time Breena was with him, she only has bits and pieces of her memory to go on for what had happened. Then one night her memory returns. And soon after their relationship changes. Osborn has blamed her family for the destruction of his people since it happened and had been seething with the desire to destroy them. Finding out his woman is their princess was not what he expected. Upon hearing talk of the Elden's forming a resistance, Breena and Osborn go off to get there. Though he intends to walk away from her, he comes back. Probably a good thing too as all at the camp was not what it appeared to be. Together they take down the immediate threat and walk off to marry under the stars.
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on November 28, 2011
Lord of the Vampires is the second book in the ROYAL HOUSE OF SHADOWS series. This series consists of 4 books written by 4 different authors. The first book "Lord of the Vampires" is written by Gena Showalter, the third book, "Lord of the Wolfyn" is written by Jessica Andersen and the fourth book which concludes the series, "Lord of the Abyss" is written by Nalini Singh.
The premise of the series is about an evil sorcerer that has killed the king and queen of the magical world, Elden. Before the King and Queen died, they used their combined magic to cast a spell upon their 4 children to save them. The king filled them with a burning need for vengeance; while the queen cast them from the castle to safety.
Breena is the second eldest child of the King and Queen of Elden. Being the only daughter and the princess of the castle, Breena lived a very sheltered life. She was protected from all of the violence and from men. Breena was to have an arranged marriage to a man of her father's choosing. The few things she knew of life outside the castle, she learned from her three brothers. Breena dreams of a warrior every night while she sleeps and she yearns to feel loved and touched by her warrior. After the spell her parents cast to save her and her brothers lives, Breena finds herself alone in the woods. She comes upon a cabin and goes inside to find shelter and food.

Osborn lives in solitary and trusts no one. Osborn is a berserker and he has the spirit of ber within him. He is raising his two younger brothers alone after his family and all of their village were slaughtered. Osborn and his brothers are now the last Berserkers know to exist and live in seclusion. The vampires that attacked his village wore the colors of Elden soldiers so Osborn hates everything and everyone from Elden and wants revenge. He dreams of a beautiful woman at night that makes him feel content and things he has never felt before. While out hunting one day, Osborn and his two brothers return home to find Breena, asleep in Osborn's bed. Osborn immediately realizes that this is the woman he's been dreaming of, and while he yearns for her, he does not trust her. He thinks Breena has manipulated his feelings in the dreams. Breena tells him what little she remembers of what happened to her and tells him she needs a warrior to help her reclaim her home. While Osborn wants to help her, he refuses to put his brothers lives on the line and bring danger to their doorstep.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Osborn and Breena. It was about Osborn letting himself trust what was happening between he and Breena. Breena struck a deal with Osborn for him to train her how to fight and protect herself since he was not willing to be her warrior. While Breena once lived the life of a sheltered princess, she became a true warrior princess. She fought to reclaim her memories and she fought to gain Osborn's love and trust, as well as kick some bad guy ass. Osborn was every bit the tortured hero. He had a hard time letting go of his painful past and seeing what could be between him and Breena. While they both wanted each other and felt a deep connection to the other, their relationship had a slow buildup.

Another part I loved about this book was Osborn's younger brothers. Osborn kept them sheltered and protected and did not like to speak of their family. They were two well mannered and sweet young men who were curious for any information or stories Osborn would give them about their people and their past. They loved having Breena around and they told Osborn they "wanted to keep her." Breena also taught Osborn to be more open with his brothers as the book went along and that he needed to teach them and train them in the way of the Berserkers.

This is my favorite book in the series so far. I cannot wait for Breena to finally be reunited with her three brothers and for the final showdown with the Blood Sorcerer to go down.
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on November 3, 2011
I didn't love the first book in this series, Lord of the Vampires, and went into this one cautiously. I am glad I did, though, because I really enjoyed Lord of Rage.

Breena's your typical princess - bred to be a political asset and a good wife, she has been sheltered and is somewhat naive about the ways of the world. She is a stark contrast to Osborn, a fighter who is adept at surviving any way he has to. Breena's no wilting flower, though. She has a rebellious spirit and strong will. She isn't afraid to stand up to Osborn or seek the vengeance she feels her family deserves. Osborn definitely has a dark side to him. Being one of the last members of his race, he's very isolated. He is also consumed with guilt still seeks revenge. He comes off as rude and moody at times but it's tempered with humor and tenderness. His feelings for Breena confuse him and he doesn't handle it very well at first. I love antagonist romantic relationships, though, so I enjoyed the verbal (and physical) sparring between Breena and Osborn. There's plenty of sexual tension between the two. When they finally succumb to their feelings, watch out! Their love scenes are HOT and also surprisingly sweet.

I also loved the mythology that Monroe created around Osborn and his people. I am not sure how much of it, if any, is grounded in any real mythology but I found myself captivated by it. The spiritual connection that Osborn feels towards the bear is profound and quite beautiful. Even though the ritual and its accompanying power are violent, there is also a great respect for the spirit of the animal and a sense of partnership vs dominance.

A fun twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Lord of Rage is an entertaining read and a solid installment to the series. This is my first Jill Monroe book and I enjoyed her writing very much. All of the characters were well developed and the story furthered the overall plot with the siblings and The Blood Sorcerer. I am still a little confused about the timeline of this book - where Nicolai's story comes and if Brenna jumped time at all. Also unsure about the importance of the magical timepieces that each of the siblings have but hopefully this will all be explained soon. Overall I had a lot of fun reading this book am looking forward to reading the next one.

*I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.
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on November 21, 2015
It's been years since I read the first of this series, but I loved how this author picked up threads from the first tale and linked to this one. This, ladies, is how to handle the tale of a virgin. Well done.
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on October 18, 2011
When her parents' death spell throws Princess Breena to safety, she ends up on Oberon's doorstep, and discovers her Dream Warrior in the flesh. Breena is sure that Oberon is destined to be her champion and help her gain revenge against the evil sorcerer who killed her parents and murdered or enslaved the people of her kingdom. Breena is a Dreamwalker who has lived for the passion that she and Oberon have shared in their dreams. While those dreams form an instant connection between the pair when they finally meet in the flesh, they also prove to be a double edged sword for Breena, for as much as Oberon desires her, he is equally resentful and suspicious of the nighttime trysts which have left him aching.

I don't think I have read anything by Monroe before, but I really really liked Lord of Rage, I would say probably even 4.5 stars worth. All of the books in this Royal House of Shadows four-author-four-book continuity have had a fairy tale for inspiration, but while the basic story here starts with Goldilocks and the three bears with the twist that leading man is a Berserker and has a mystical connection to a bear spirit, Monroe peppers her story with all kinds of fairy tale references which add an additional element of fun to the tale.

I liked that Oberon was just as fleshed out as Breena, his back story is interesting and Monroe does a really good job giving both of her characters some depth, and even with the dream connection - which adds a bit of steam early on - I like that Monroe backs off, develops their relationship, and gives Breena and Oberon obstacles to overcome in order to win their happily ever after.

On a side note, one thing that really struck about Breena's back story was the reality of being a princess: living only to make a match that will aid her kingdom, trying to be as quiet and unobjectionable as possible throughout her teen years so as not to close off any potential alliances, and being told that once she is safely wed she will at last get to be the person she was meant to be - I find the Disney sparkly gowned princess fantasy more appealing. But while sparkles are nice, there is nothing better than a princess who decides to rescue herself and I really liked that once Breena determines that Oberon isn't going to fight her battle for her, Brena sets out to become her own champion.

I read the four books in the Royal House of Shadows series completely out of order - the third one first, then part of the first one, then the last, and finally this one which was supposed to be second - but I don't think that dampened my enjoyment one iota. My only issue? Now I am having a hard time deciding which book I liked best, Lord of Rage or Nalini Singh's Lord of the Abyss, which I also really enjoyed. I think that Lord of Rage wins though because, unlike Lord of the Abyss which is the final book in the series, Monroe's second place story had the advantage of no expectations for a wrap up.

For readers who are wondering if they can pick and choose which of the Royal House of Shadows stories to read, all of the books have done a good enough job restating the rules of the series, and haven't really relied on events in other books. So that they all work just fine as stand alone reads, in case you'd like to give one or two of these fairy tale inspired romances a try.
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on January 19, 2013
well written. Liked that it was part of a series with all four books written by different authors. Unusual and unique. definitly recommend reading them in order if you can,
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