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on November 11, 2013
With trepidation I ordered and recently received this particular security camera setup. Let me explain the trepidation, I wanted a wireless system to operate externally on my house but after reading many negative reports about the loss of signal due to building materials it has to travel through, I was lets say hesitant to click the 'confirm order button'. Now, I was fully aware that I need to install regular electrical outlets close to the camera locations, I did read somewhere that the plugs convert the power from AC to DC current so hard wiring the electrical cord was not an option you need a standard electrical outlet, easy enough but hard wiring the cameras back to the DVR was also not an option that's why I opted for the wireless cameras. Upon receiving the order I immediately got an electrical extension cord plugged in the camera and checked to see if I got a clear signal to the DVR at the furthest point away (about 65 feet) through stucco, wood framing with insulation, tile roof and wood flooring and even though the signal strength was 1 out of 4 bars, the picture was good and clear. Trepidation now replaced with elation, I installed all four cameras. Set up of the DVR was simple enough.
The cameras do transmit on 2.4 GHz and did interfere with my WiFi BUT I have a Dual Band Router (I bought this about 2 years ago for about $100) and set everything else to 5.0 GHz, easy fix and all works well.
Easy to get the app for my phone and Ipad, just inputted the required info and all works well.
The system works as advertised for that I give it 5 stars, now let's see how well it stands up to the test of time.

UPDATE....5-28-14. Well, it's been 7 months since I did the install. One camera failed about 3 weeks ago (the one furthest away from the DVR) not sure of the reason but the power supply converter that you plug in to the wall outlet might have failed. I have sent the camera back to Lorex and have been told they will replace it free under warranty, we'll see...
The only other thing is the software for my phone, at first it was OK but then became sporadic, so I tried 'Port Forwarding', difficult to achieve and didn't really solve the problem. Still working on that one.
Outside of those 2 issues the system runs well, the other cameras still produce good quality pictures and survived a cold Colorado winter outside.
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on June 1, 2014
Bought this for my dad's business, and set it up for myself to test first. He wanted wireless cameras for easier installation.

Setup is rather simple. I was a bit surprised that the Lorex comes with its own two wireless bridges/routers, connecting two cameras each. This means you don't control the connection. I also don't like that you can't turn off the infrared night vision, which can hinder usage through windows. (Though these are intended as outdoor cameras.) Resolution is good. Global access is very convenient.

HINT:, which allows you to connect to your camera DVR over the Web from anywhere in the world, probably won't work inside your own LAN network and/or behind your home router. Use a VPN service, another location, or an LTE connection to test it.

As for wireless hurdles, the reviews are correct -- initially, it absolutely strangled my household wireless network. Since it uses its own routers, this is interference, not bandwidth usage. You also can't manage or QoS-limit the traffic like you would a game or HD media stream or other wireless application. However, I solved this considerable problem by adjusting my wireless architecture as follows:

My equipment is a Netgear WNDR4000 Dual Band Wireless Router. Before, I was using it as a wireless bridge/repeater to my base wired router (same model). Instead I attached it directly to the network via wired switch and set it up as an access point. I think the key here is the 4000's dual-band capability. I set up both bands as NG-Mixed. Since Lorex said their wireless uses 802.11G channel 14, I set the first band on Channel 1 20 MHz channel width, and band two on Auto with Auto channel width. Both are set up as Bridged. Apparently this lets all our devices connect fine with Wireless N. I have plenty of wireless experience, but would not consider myself a networking genius. However, I do know that setting up N-Only on 5GhZ (my first instinctive solution) did not work, because nothing would connect. After lots of trial and error, this is the setup that allows your wireless network to function alongside the Lorex.
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on September 5, 2013
The cameras work well. Very easy to set up. Software is very functional. Their support is VERY limited. If you have questions about things that are not in the manual (the manual I received didn't match the software) make sure you have PLENTY of time to sit on hold before talking to a tech. The techs know 'the manual' but seem to have very little actual experience with the software. The only negative I have found is that you can't schedule email motion alerts. Once enabled, you receive alert emails even during work hours when you KNOW there's motion. You can schedule recording times. But not alert messages. I suggested to support they add this as an update suggestion. I was told they don't do software upgrades.
But the product itself works as advertised.
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on February 8, 2014
This product was very easy to install even with the somewhat strange mouse only interface. The cameras work well in daylight and at night. However, the one camera that monitors an area illuminated by a sodium street light never switches into night vision and subsequently is a bit darker than the others. The greatest negative surprise was the impact the wireless camera communications had on my home wireless internet environment. The cameras, even when event driven, just killed the home wireless response. I saw my normal 95 to 100 Mbps response times drop to 5 to 10 Mbps due to the conflicts with the camera traffic, in the same frequency range, and ended up locating the Lorex DVR and the internet router at opposite ends of the house and three floors apart. This is not conducive to using the Lorex to provide internet access as it would need wired internet access through the router. I even attempted to limit the impact by selecting and locking each individual channel within the wireless frequency range on my internet router to no avail. Overall, the unit was easy to install but fell short given the wireless conflicts that were created.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 23, 2014
The camera system arrived on time and that's the only reason for the 1 star. Based on the packaging, this was a returned item at some point and upon receiving it, it was never checked for having all parts within and it was reshipped to me. The box contained 3 smaller boxes, 1 for the DVR and 2 for the 4 cameras. The 2 camera packages supposed to each contain 2 wireless cameras, 1 wireless receiver, 2 antennas for the cameras, 2 antennas for receiver, 3 power adapters, 2 mounting kits for cameras and 2 double-sided tape for the receivers. What the packages actually contain (yes, I still have them, although I almost threw the whole thing in the pool) is 2 wireless cameras, 1 wireless receiver, 2 antennas for the cameras, 2 antennas for receiver, 3 power adapters. No mounting kits and no double sided tape, so I can't even put the cameras up without the hardware needed.The DVR package supposed to include (according to instructions) 1 DVR, 1 USB mouse, 1 power adapter, 1 remote control, 1 ethernet cable, 1 instruction manual, 1 quick start guide and 1 CD. What the package actually contains is 1 DVR, 1 power adapter, 1 instruction manual, 1 quick start guide and 1 HDMI cable which aside from the fact it should not even be in the package, it's useless because there is no HDMI input or out put on the DVR. Per instructions, connect BNC cameras to BNC on rear panel of DVR, check; connect the USB mouse, mouse missing in action, cannot connect; connect to monitor with either through a VGA cable or BNC video cable, neither of which is included per instructions from Lorex, which makes no sense; lastly connecting the ethernet cable should be simple enough if one was actually included. Long story short, the cameras cannot be just set up out of the box due to the lack of hardware needed to set it up, the DVR cannot be set up to a monitor, PC or a TV, without the needed cables which was not included, the system cannot be set up without the mouse and CD, therefore the entire thing is useless. Aside from the sellers failure to inspect returned items before re-shipping them which is the main problem, I'm also disappointed with Lorex for not including VGA and or BNC cables to actually allow the system to be set up right out of the box. I'm going to return the camera system to the seller and I'm going to call Lorex about their shortcomings. I'll post an update once it's resolved.
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on July 23, 2014
I cant even connect these because the power cable is only 6 feet long. These power cables should be at least 50 feet long. You mean to tell me i have to place every camera inside and outside within 6 feet of a power source? Inside is not that bad, i can run an extension cable. But im not going to be able to do that outside. we were going to run the cable under the siding and drill a hole through the top of the garage. I cant even find an extension cable on your website. The only ones I find come with a video cable attached. I dont need a video cable. Also ive been on hold for over an hour trying to talk to someone at Lorex about getting the BASIC things i need to get this job done since they don't include that in the box.
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on March 2, 2014
My first wireless system. I have an iphone and internet in my home with wireless (wireless not required, only a modem). Set was a snap, everything was included, cables, 4 cameras, power cords, etc.....just plugged it in, plugged in the included cable for my modem, plugged in the camera and receiver, filled out a couple on screen prompts (plugged included HDMI cable in to my spare monitor), with included DVR mouse, a few clicks, I was up and iphone worked in 2 minutes with the app. Simple, easy...I temporarily have my cameras mounted outside and powered with extension cables, I will get more appropriate power to them later.....Day time viewing is GREAT (5), night time is a average (3) , I have the 4 included cameras hooked up, Monday I am calling Lorex to see if there is a better camera I can add for my other 4 channels.....I would like a little better viewing for night for vehicle security, but for $519 I am stoked, I also think if I had an HD monitor I would have better viewing...I will call Lorex Monday and find out. But I am happy, especially compared to $3000 from the local company.
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on October 29, 2015
HORRIBLE system and customer service/tech support is a joke! Do yourself a favor and buy the wired kind. Signal on the wireless system is so low that the cameras cut in and out a lot even with camera to receiver distance at 20 feet. The wireless signal operates at 2.4GHz, which is where our home WIFI operated. The cameras took up so much bandwidth that our WIFI slowed to a crawl. 35 MBPS went down to 2 MBPS for our computers and phones. You cannot set the channel for the cameras because, for security reasons, it channel hops so each channel at 2.4GHz was equally bad. I had to upgrade to a dual band router and put the phones and computers on 5GHz (which ever ones would support it). The remote viewing was pretty nice until the network adapter in the DVR went up just after a year. Fighting with customer service because the product documentation stated that if you registered the warranty you would receive 3 months extended warranty and they are trying to say that the warranty is only for a year and not include the extra 3 months. This sounds like such a great product in theory but it does not work as you would think it would and has caused me many hours of frustration.
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on January 4, 2014
Incredible technology, excellent value for the price. I read several reviews about the company and the product, so I decided to try it. Amazon had the best price, and being a customer for years and knowing their customer service is excellent, I purchased it from them. Setup takes about 20 minutes with easy to install software. The camera resolution is excellent, and the best part is the excellent resolution at night! The manufacturer's specs are truthful here. I live on a dark wooded lot, and after looking at the images at nightfall I was truely amazed. The DVR unit has many advanced recording features, many of which I probable will never use. The wireless signal is excellent, and requires no setup out the box other than plugging the receivers into the DVR unit.
There are a few minor drawbacks, such as the power adapter (AC to DC) cords to the camera being only 6 feet. But for outdoor installation you can use a standard outdoor rated extension cord and enclose it in inexpensive conduit. I called Lorex and they stated you can buy an extension for the power adapter in Radio Shack or any online electronic supplier.
The only other minor drawback I found is that the web browser only works in Internet Explorer, not in Chrome or Firefox. It does work in Safari, though. Being a linux user, I am not fond of Internet Explorer or Windows, but another option for remote viewing is that it does come with a software client for pc and mac which you can use in place of a web browser.

You cannot beat this product for the quality and price, and ease of setup. Even with the few minor annoyances, I have to give this product five stars.
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on July 21, 2014
We bought these, plus 2 for our 4,000 sq ft retail space. With the dvr/recievers at one end and the furthest camera at the other, the reception is great. This set does come with 4 cameras and it was easy to add 2 more. Our 6 cameras were easy to set up, we view them on a monitor in the office as well as on our Android phones. Extended the length of the a/c cords in order to place where we wanted and had no issue. Images are great, color is clear and helpful. Nighttime indoors they still provide good visibility. The only issue we have is pointing the camera to the right as the antenna gets in the way and the best angle we could get is 120 degrees when we need more like 100, definitely cannot do 90 degrees or less.
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