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on June 26, 2013
The cameras never did the ping as it stated. Called a few times for tech support, was on hold for over an hour, then someone came on to help with my questions and again was put on hold then was disconnected, two times.
Tech support was no help.
Sent the cameras back.
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on April 11, 2013
I have two of these now, both used for very different purposes. The first is in my baby girl's room used as a video monitor (we have a separate audio monitor). The second is to record motion based events on my front lawn because some wonderful neighbor thinks its okay for their dog to do their business in my lawn and not pick up after them.

The camera itself is attractive, mounts easily, installs easily, and has great picture quality at this price. The additional features, like the micro SD card recording to capture motion based events, are also nice. The software is...yikes. For the baby monitor cam I use my iPhone App quite often. The problem is that every time I want to use the app, I need to close down the old version and restart a new one. Simply going into the already running app, you won't be able to see any video. It goes into a never ending "Locating..." state where it thinks it is looking for the camera.

The computer software is no better. Viewing recorded video is an absolute nightmare and is done in a separate program from the live video for some reason. The program also does not use Windows standard windows so you can't use the nice Win 7 "snap" feature or any other Windows defaults.

Would I buy this camera again? Yeah. It's cheap and works well-ish. If they hired just one decent coder, they'd be on their way to a wave of five star reviews.
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on January 7, 2014
I had two wireless cameras that worked okay but my WiFi would cause interference so the picture was not always great plus the range was not that great so I decided to search for a camera that would use my wireless. I found the Lorex IP camera and decided to give it a shot. When it arrived I sat down and plugged it into my hub and went to work on setting it up. I had a problem early on but the problem was not with the camera it was with me. I use MAC authentication and the camera actually has two MAC addresses. You are only made aware of one MAC address and that is for the wired connection. You will have to disable your MAC authentication on your modem briefly to perform the WiFi test. Once you have a successful WiFi test you can go to the information tab and get the WiFi MAC address and add that to your allow list and enable your MAC authentication again. FYI, you will not find a WiFi MAC address until you have a successful WiFi test.

This camera actually works great for the most part. I am not impressed with the motion detection however. I suspect the problem with the motion detection might be how I am using my camera. I have it mounted in my window looking out monitoring the approach to my door. The camera will not detect a person but will detect the change in light. I suspect the fact that I am trying to use the motion sensor through glass is the problem. Infrared does not always play well with glass. I have not tried testing it any other way because motion sensing was not all that important to me. During my testing the camera was set up to email me and it did a great job at doing that at dawn when the sun started to come up and at dusk when the sun went down and at night when the headlights of a passing car were detected. This was with both PIR and motion activated. The onboard IR light is worthless if you are mounting this camera to look out a window. All it will do is light up the glass nice and bright and not allow you to see anything. This was not a surprise at all and I did not expect it to work through the glass. This camera is nice but it cannot perform magic. If you are using this monitor spaces inside a building I suspect this camera and its PIR & motion sensing will make you very happy.

I also have a NAS and the camera does connect to it and I have 7 days worth a video recording and the video is overwritten after 7 days. I am also using a SanDisk 32GB Micro SD card for recording video and that works great as well. I was so pleased with this camera that I ended up getting a total of 7 cameras. After getting all 7 of them set up I did have some stability problems that I needed to work through. The cameras were losing connection and it was very frustrating. The solution was to allow the cameras to automatically handle resolution and frame rate. If I remember correctly that is the default setting but I had changed that on all of them. Once I did that all the cameras stayed connected. I was able to run 6 cameras at a higher resolution and frame rate with no problems but adding the 7th camera pushed my WiFi over the edge. The more cameras you add the slower the frame will be.

The Lorex Ping android app also works great so I am able to check all seven cameras from work with ease. I have one camera that has the microphone activated and I am able to listen to what is going on using this app. I have not played with the speaker and alarm option and do not plan to so I have nothing to say about that.

All in all this is a great little camera that is really easy and fast to set up and not all that expensive. The image quality is excellent and I am impressed with the cameras ability to see in low light situations without the use of IR but there does need to be some ambient light.
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on May 21, 2014
I live in Virginia and travel frequently to Naples, Italy where my family owns a small, mom and pop type grocery store. I installed one of these right above the entrance to the main entrance of the store so that I can at least see what is going on during certains of the day in Naples. Everything works flawlessly. I also use it for security monitoring after the store closes by using the email alarm and alarm monitoring. I use a samsung s4 android phone and it's like watching the people coming in and out from a location within the US. Italy has a 6 hour time difference from the east coast and I have never had any problem with viewing , connectivity and clarity. an added bonus also is that it's rated from 110v to 220v. Italy has 220 volt power source so there's no need for a transformer. It took me only 25 minutes to set it up. I would have rated it a five if the camera has a feature where you can pan it left to right and up and down but all you get is a fixed view. works for me though, I'll just install 2 more of these on my next trip. from what the manual says, using the apps, I can install a maximum of 5 cameras.
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on December 9, 2013
Disclaimer: Self proclaimed tech, as an applications developer for multiple platforms you would think setting up 3 network cameras is as easy as 1,2,3... you would be wrong. Granted my network setup at home is complex than most typical user out there but still getting the cameras working nice with my routers was a hassle.

Bought these for great price for the type and quality of the cameras did not need to splurge on HD just yet. Needed an easy and simple solution to monitor babysitter for my 5 year old.

Current network and setup at the time of initial setup.
Netgear WNDR4000 with MAC restriction setup, no WEP or encryption (there was a reason for this setup, would be very boring and lengthy explanation). SSID was basically open as long as I knew the MAC address and given it access via the routers setup.

10PM on a Saturday, kids are in bed and now have alone time to setup some security cameras, yeah!

1st clue: the device have a sticker on the back, by FCC requirements must include the MAC address of the said network equipment utilized by the user. Which they do, but here is the rub, only the LAN adapter's MAC address is provided on the sticker. Assuming that they net the LAN to their WiFi adapter this is not a big deal. Assumption wrong.

2nd clue: the device claims it has WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) capabilities. My WNDR4000 has WPS so lets give it a go right. The device and the router were literally one(1) foot away from each other in the same room, no obstruction. The two could not pair what so ever.

3rd clue: The manual advertises their supper cool iOS app on the AppStore that you can use to setup the device and be done with all the nonsense of networking and such. Pull out my iPhone5 with iOS7 on it, and downloaded the app. Added the device using QR code on the back of the device. FYI all it does is fills in the ID of the device which is also on the back sticker. After a few tries and back and forth with the settings cannot locate the camera. At this point I start questioning my understanding of technology. Am I that old that I no longer can setup a simple IP device, do I a dare call customer service and wait for some guy to tell me I'm holding it wrong? No, I refuse to give up.

Status Update: 2AM and still can't setup one camera via any WiFi possible solution, let alone 2 more.

4th clue: after exhausting all WiFi setup methods, LAN must work, or else. And by gosh it does. But I bough a wireless, capable device(s). key word: WiFi. Instructions point me to installing their L-View software which in turn points me to web interface of the device's settings, finally getting somewhere. Note under info section it still shows only the LAN MAC address. not very useful to me as I need the WiFi adapters MAC address to add it to the Access List. So what to do at this point? I disable the MAC restrictions on my router and my SSID is now exposed to any device to join if they desire. I figured who will be hacking me at 3AM right. So under network setting in the web interface of the device I selected "None" for security mode under the sub section for WiFi settings. Run the WiFi test as the option after saving all setting. "Test failed"

To make the long story short, I had to enable WPA(2)-PSK with AES encryption only then my cameras started to join my network and functioning. At this point web interface and my router are reporting the WiFi MAC address. Why not just give it to me in the first place!

What should have taken no more then 2 min or under 1 if you watch the YouTube guide of setting this camera up. it took me well over 6h to figure out the correct settings that would work for me to utilize these devices. Note: WPS still did not work. iOS app now recognizes the devices, poor layout of the app and crashes most of the time. I like the layout of the iPad app better but still needs work. Why not have a universal binary?

Update: Had the cameras running for over a month now, seem to be stable produce mediocre night video quality. One camera has very sharp clear night view and the other 2 have very blurry night view. not sure why. Since setup I've switch my router to Netgear R6300 to get a better range. Also setup the recording function to Network Attached Storage (NAS). note: no where in the manual or website does its state they support it nor instructions on how to configure it. You can find it under Schedule section within the web interface of each camera.
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on March 28, 2014
This is possible the worst product I've ever bought. The actually camera looks cool and it's easily installed. The software is complete crap. It used to take multiple times to connect. Once connected, the picture is solid and the sound is ok. But for some reason, I can no longer connect to view the camera away from home. Every time I try to connect, it gives me the "camera disconnected" message. But if I'm at home and using the same network, it can connect without any issues. Why would I want to look at my own cameras when I'm at home??? I've called tech support but it was just a waste of time. I was supposed to get a call back within 24 hours and it's been 3 weeks. I will probably trash this product and buy something better like the Samsung cameras. But something different, don't waste your time with Lorex.
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on June 8, 2013
We are fostering a dog that has a severe case of separation anxiety. We purchased 3 of these cameras to help keep an eye on her and try to get her adjusted to being alone in small increments. we purchased these because of the ability to have an app on our phone that we could watch her and know when we need to get back. The cameras work great, we're very easy to set up, however the app has been a let down. Its buggy, sometimes has no sound, sometimes it says "can't find camera". But if you look at the cameras on our laptop they are fine. So its definitely the app. I have 3G my huband has a 4G phone, and we both experience the same issues at the same time, in different parts of the state. We have also even seen these errors while on wifi. Overall, we are glad we have them, but really wish the app was better. If you hook up a. speaker to 1 of the cameras you can also talk through it, which is nice for us to be able to talk to her when she's getting really upset, it usually stops her for the moment. Also amazone was cheaper than best buy.. who wanted $300 for 2 cameras, amazon allowed you to buy singles for $120, much cheaper than best buy!
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on November 19, 2014
Sounds like a great product until you try to install it. I have been working at it for more than two hours and nothing. Called Lorex and after going through the menus was told the wait time to speak to someone would be 40 minutes. Hung up. Tried again and again on my own - no success. Unless you are a techie - this install is not easy. In another hour it goes on the junk heap of crap ordered off the internet that looked way better than it performed.


I called tech support today and was again told the wait would be 40 minutes. It was 32 minutes. The tech support guy was knowledgeable, well spoken, solved all my issues and stayed on the line until all of my questions were answered. The unit is up and operating perfectly. As a result of today's tech support I am raising my rating from 1 star to 4 stars. I will wait a week and if the unit performs as promised. If it does I will come back and change my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars.

This is a complex unit for non-technical people like me. Do yourself a favor - try for an hour to install it on your own then just call tech support. Tech support is excellent and it will save you a ton of frustration. The unit may end up a real bargain for the $80 I paid.
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on December 10, 2013
I started out with one camera that I bought at Lowe's for about $120. I liked it and bought one on Amazon for $90, then bought two more, so I now have four, which all fit together nicely integrated on my computer screen.

The good points about these cameras: For the price especially, they give good quality color video, excellent night infrared video in little to no light conditions. The audio is OK. It can be two-way audio if you hook up any kind of cheap speaker to a camera. However, it is not duplex...you can either talk or listen but not both at the same time. Once initialized (but see below), the wifi function works very well and you only have the one power wire going to an outlet. Once set up, I have four videos on my computer screen at once, and only have to double click on any one to bring it up full screen. You can set the cameras to record continuously, at certain user-defined hours, or motion-activated. I do the latter. To do this automatic recording, you need to have a micro-SD card in the camera. You can then access the video remotely on a computer. (See below). You can also start/stop recording remotely on a computer at any time and this is read by the supplied L-Play software. Most of what you will be doing on the computer and what was described above is managed through the supplied L-View software. Not sure why they couldn't be integrated.

The negatives: First of all, it can be a hassle to set up. I set up four cameras at three different points in time and it still didn't go entirely smoothly the fourth time. You just sort of keep trying to go through their confusing instructions and finally when you accidently do the right thing, it works. However, once I had each camera set up, they have continued to work just fine.

The software leaves a little to be desired. If you just want to have a visual of what the camera is seeing, there's no problem. Also, if you want, the camera will e-mail you each time it's tripped by the motion detector if you want it to. Then you can access remotely say, on your smart phone, and see who's stealing your stuff. This seems to works OK. However, if you want to access the stored video on your card, it's a little cumbersome. It's easy enough to access the data on the card. However, it is stored in folders according to date and you get a list of all the recorded video arranged chronologically by time. When you double-click on a file the video does, indeed, pop up and plays. However there are no controls to fast-forward, rewind, etc. Then, when the video ends, you get a blank screen and have to repeat the whole sequence of opening the recorded video, opening the correct folder and then hope you remember the ID of the last video so you can play the next one if that's what you want to do. We're trying to catch our dogs peeing in the kitchen. If you catch them while they're doing it, fine. But if you discover a puddle and want to go back and identify the culprit, it's a very tedious process and it needn't be. You can also record on demand to your computer (not the SD card) and view it on L-Play. I have found this to be very hit and miss, kind of useless, and when I have managed to actually bring up a file, there are some controls for fast forward but basically useless. I'm thinking that I might have had a little more luck visualizing SD card contents by removing the card from the camera and placing it in the computer but that gets old.

Soooo.....I would have given this five stars but the software holds it back. Still, it is a great camera, especially for the money. If you want to keep any eye on your house from anywhere in the world, be warned of an intrusion anywhere in the world, it does that. If there's a past event such as a breakin or someone doing something they shouldn't, you will be able to dig it out of the SD card but it's cumbersome. One very good thing is if you're low on cash, you can still obtain most of this protection with just one camera, as I did until a short time ago.
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on November 29, 2014
I got this as one of the Amazon flash deals. I have wanted a camera so that I can check on the animals when I'm gone. I was able to use the app in both my smart phone and my iPad, though I did have a long wait for the app to download on my phone. The major glitch seems to be with my wireless network. No matter what I do I can't get it to connect, so now I'm stuck with having it set up in the room where it can be connected to my router. Of note, I've had no trouble with my other wireless devices and my wireless network. The images aren't great nor it the motion flow very good, but for my purposes it works (it's pretty equal on either device). The night vision picture almost seems better than the day.

Update 1/1/2015:
I was finally able to connect to my wireless network. I don't think I did anything different than I tried the first time around, just entered my network password. It is nice to be able to move it to different places in the house. Next I need to work on the video settings so I can get a clearer picture.
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