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on March 9, 2013
The system works as advertised. I am happy with the system and would buy it again. The camera can be hung from the ceiling which was a mandatory requirement for me. The wireless camera of the competing system (Defender) did not appear to be capable of being hung from the ceiling. The only minor negative issue I’ve found with the Lorex system is the volume cannot be changed when the motion detector has turned on the recording to the SD card. The volume control can be changed at other times but not during a motion detection recording. So if the volume is turned all the way down to silent (very unusual situation) and the motion detector turns on the recording (person is at the front door) then you (LED monitor location) cannot hear the person speaking at the front door (camera location) and you cannot change the volume to hear the person speaking. You are forced (in this rare circumstance) to open the front door to hear the person speak to you. One other issue that is really a tip, the microphone of the camera will not work (at all) if the protective film that covers the camera lens during shipping is not removed. I tested the system before hanging it and thought the microphone in the camera was broken. I finally took the protective film off and the audio system worked great. I’ve had no interactions with Lorex technical support so I cannot comment on their support.
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on February 16, 2013
Being a previous LOREX customer, I expected this newer model to be better and easier to operate, but to my surprise is had less features and was more difficult to operate than my "OLD"
LOREX camera system which is still working at my business location.

My problems with this particular model are as follows: Add-on camera would not pickup even though another camera only several feet away was working fine; to view recorded motion you have to pull the SD card and view via your computer, but on my old model you could check it on the 7 inch monitor; the smart phone method to check on your camera has to go through a difficult and technical median with SKYPE. Combine all these deficiency's and you have a security system not worth the money because with a little more investment you can get a much more advance and simplier system. LOREX needs to dump these models and improve them even if they cost a little more.
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on October 21, 2012
This product is great. The day and night view and very accurate. My camera records when motion is detected from approximately 20 feet, but does not include minor things (such as a bird flying or mosquitoes). Installation was about thirty minutes because I had to drill through concrete to get the camera's cord through my wall to plug in, but other than that it was very easy. The wireless feature is superb because I did not have to run wires through my attic or drill more holes in my house (something big to consider). Overall, I would highly recommend this and have already added a second camera. By the way, the power cord for the camera is about 7 feet, which is something I was hoping someone else would mention to take into consideration for the camera mounting location.
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on February 4, 2013
I installed system using four cameras. The cameras and receiver work together just fine. I have worried a little because I was installing them on the outside of construction trailers and was worried about transmission through the metal sides of the trailers. Three of the cameras came up just fine.

The receiver could not see the fourth camera on the far side of the one of the trailers. However, I was able to solve that problem by getting a 6-meter RP-SMA Extension Cable (typically used to relocated the antenna for wi-fi router)--cheap fix. Using this cable, I was able to remove the antenna from the fourth camera and drag the cable (and antenna) nearer to the receiver's location. Once the antenna was relocated, the camera came up with no problem. I suspect that I could done the same thing with the antenna from the receiver for even moreflexibility/range. If range is an issue, I would suspect that a "powered/high gain antenna from the wi-fi world" might help.

My biggest complaint about the system is the documentation. The documentation did not suggest moving the antenna to help solve transmission problem. Of course, it did not provide information to help purchase the right cable, etc. It would really nice if the manufacturer would work to determine if high-gain antenna, etc would help users.

The other disappointment has been with the using the output of the system on an external monitor. The system has a port for an external monitor and the company even provides a short cable (too short). An extension RCA cables is a quick trip to Radio Shack. It is even more annoying to have hunt down the note that using the external monitor disables the built-in monitor in buried in the trouble shooting section of the manual (as is the note about a five second delay in transferring to the external monitor, etc). In order to have to two monitor locations, you will need two external monitors. I haven't yet set up the two monitor, I worry that I have may to get a video splitter and amplifier to drive two monitors. Again, the manufacturer could do a little testing provide guidance to customers.

The remote control just barely works. In order for the remote to work, it must be pointed directly at the receiver, not too far away, etc. The system is really slow to response to the remote (or any commands via the on-board buttons). However, it works.
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on January 6, 2013
I live in a very rural area, and the road in front of my house is the only one providing access to the few lots and homes adjacent to mine. Although there is very little traffic on the road, my wife and I feel safer when we're able to see what's happening outside when the dogs start barking. I decided on the Lorex system after reading the reviews for various monitoring systems. I wanted the recording capability to capture any road traffic. I positioned the two cameras at the edge of the front yard, expecting to be close enough to the road for the motion sensors to pick up motion caused ny traffic, while at the same time being close enough within range so the wireless signal can reach the monitor inside the house. The cameras must be just on the edge of their motion-sensing capability because sometime they capture the traffic and sometimes they don't. I'm keepng the system because I doubt if any other of these types of wireless systems are any better, but Lorex should work on improving the motion-sensing range.
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on June 4, 2013
I purchased this product to use as a front door camera system. I mounted one camera right over the front door and one under the eve overlooking the driveway. The idea was to give us a view of who is coming up the sidewalk, record package delivery etc. For some reason Amazon pairs this unit with a 32 GB San Disk SD card ( you know the section that says people who bought this also bought this) and you can purchase both items with one click. Not sure why they paired this with a 32 GB as the unit will only support a 16GB so I had to go buy 16 GB. Other than that the system is pure plug and play, literally! You just mount the cameras turn on the monitor and it works right out of the box. You do need a 110 volt outlet within 8 feet of the camera as each camera has to be plugged in. Pretty simple instructions allow you to customize the view and other options for your specific needs. The audio feature is great. It is loud and clear and in the motion sensor mode you actually hear the people walking up before you see them.

The manufacturer claims that the camera to monitor range is 450 feet with a direct line of sight and 150 feet through walls. It’s more like 50 feet when you mount the camera outside and view it in the house. We were not able to place the monitor where we wanted to as the signal would fluctuate and lose the picture.

All in all for the money and ease of installation it does the job. If you are looking for a whole house systems with cameras at each corner of the house I would look at a hard wired system.
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on May 24, 2013
After reading all of the other reviews I was a little sceptically on purchasing this, but for the price, and with the wireless ease, (not much wiring to to do), I went ahead and bought this. It arrived in a plain brown wrapped package, as not to let everyone know you were going to be putting up security cameras, and after reading the instruction book (highly recommended), and testing the range of the wireless signal (also recommended as to not be putting unnecessary holes everywhere) to see where would be best for the monitor and cameras, (cameras went outside in a protected area as to not get too much weather exposure), I set about running the 110 power cables for the cameras, (the power cables could be about 2 or 3 feet longer), then powered up the monitor and I was up and running my small security system, after 30 or 45 min I had the Skype feature going for remote monitoring on my Android phone, (you can only view one camera, that's one part I didn't like), I did went ahead and bought the 32 GB memory card, it comes with a 4 GB one, the larger card lets you record longer and not have to worry about running out space as quickly, but I check all video that has been recorded daily. I say if you want a security monitoring system that's easy to setup and operate then this is the system for you.

I plan on getting one or two more cameras later, this only comes with two cameras, four cameras max. Some other people have said that this interferes with their computer wireless systems, but I have had no problems with that what so ever.

Very good product.
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on February 3, 2014
I read the product reviews when searching for a wireless video monitoring system, and this one faired pretty well. Upon arrival, one of the two cameras was defective right out of the box. Contact with customer service was less than wonderful...long wait times "on hold" and CSRs whose accent makes English a foreign language. I returned the defective camera (at my expense) and only after it had arrived at Lorex's return facility, was a replacement camera sent. Once set up (which was easy), system worked well for a little over 1 year; then the motion sensor on the remaining original camera failed. Once again, contact with customer service was a p.i.t.a. Since the warranty is but one year (and I had exceeded that time period by about 2 months), the best I was offered involved returning this second defective camera (again, at my expense), and once received at return facility, I would be contacted for credit card info and charged $50.00 for a new camera. Item mailed USPS on 1/21/14, tracking info revealed delivery on 1/24 at return center. My call on 1/30 was greeted by "We haven't 'received' the item". Contacted another CSR "manager" on 2/3 who explained a very screwed up system of returns/log-in process, and when I complained about the service, offered to replace the camera for $ he could do. By this time, my patience had expired and my otherwise even disposition dissolved into anger and less than kind attitude/language. Bottom line, OK product, questionable service. I would request that Amazon discontinue handling such products.
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VINE VOICEon April 24, 2013
I've only had this up and running for about a week now but so far there are a few issues I wanted to share with others considering this set.

First off, the monitor is cheap and the picture is choppy. It does this with both cameras. My nearest one is only 16 feet away with a glass barrier so there is nothing blocking the antennas, it's just a cheap monitor. The picture quality is NOTHING like what the manufacturer has advertised here. My deciding factor in purchasing this set was because it came with a monitor so it would have been nice to have a nicer quality one for the price I paid.

My second complaint is that the housing around the cameras is plastic. Really? Plastic?! This won't last more than 2 years max of outdoor weather (summer heat & winter cold). Not to mention one hard hit with a rock by a kid or criminal and it will be toast.

Finally, the skype feature, while a good idea, is difficult to get set up. You can't watch the monitor if you're in skype mode and you can't skype if you're in monitor mode and you can't access the recording features if you are at another location skyping. Also, there are several other "you can't do this feature while your doing that" surprises... such as If you are in quad mode you can't record anything.... which makes no sense at all.

I will do a review update in a few more weeks after I've worked out some of the bugs or in this case, found more of the bugs. I cannot believe people are rating this system so high.
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on March 7, 2013
The system sets up easy as pie. It does what it is supposed to do. It cycles thru the 4 cameras and you can see them on the monitor. Picture Quality is exceptable for this price range. I love the idea of the wireless cameras. We use them in a house so I don't know what the max range is. We have no reception issues, period.
Now For the bad news !!!
If you are going to use a remote view there are issues. The monitor has 2 outputs. 1 is a Combo TV/Video output. The other is a USB computer output. When using either the Lorex monitor does not work. It's not supposed to. I wish it did. Also, using the USB port only access' Camera #1. If you use Skype to Monitor online (Yes that works fine) You are stuck with only Camera #1 or you must install/configure a video card. With the video output you can use the 4 camera feature. You can do this with Skype but it may take a bit of tinkering, depending on your system. I used a couple of refurbished Dell desktops and a PCI video card (all purchased thru Amazon) be sure you have lots of RAM on your computer (Wouldn't hurt to upgrade that while you're doing all this stuff, never can have too much memory). The video quality suffers some via the video card. The system works and I am able to check on an elderly parent who lives alone several times a day. Gives great piece of mind to the family. (They can all visit with her via video anytime they want from across the USA). If Lorex would do a firmware update to make this thing work 4 camera/USB, It would be a fantastic system. As it is it's only Great. Good bang for the buck ... I'd buy again.
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