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on March 4, 2013
We were able to convert the porch light so that we could plug in, not only the camera, but also a second plug from an independent motion detector outside light. I was fortunate that the initial installation of the porch light was controlled by a switch inside the house, of course, right next to the door leading outside. I checked that line and fortunately it was "an end of line switch," which means that the wall switch controlled just the outside porch light and nothing else. I was able to take the outside porch light completely out and that left just the normal 3 wires - black white and green to which I attached an ordinary house double socket wall receptical. Everything worked fine. The outside of our house was structured so the top of the entrance way was shielded from the weather. You may have to do your's through the attic but that should not be a problem. It's very easy to lead the plug-in wires from the camera and/or another outside light through small holes and close them up.

2 hints that caused us slight delay: at one point I put up 2 cameras to get more direction - that was a mistake - cameras need to be a minimum seperation of 15 feet. The second minor problem was the voice did not work properly until we removed the film on the camera lens. Both of these were pilot errors and had nothing to do with the quality of the product. I have no idea why removing the film enhanced the two way communications.

Overcoming pilot error, everything worked beautifully. Buy an additional 16 GB SD Card for the receiver.
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on March 5, 2013
I purchased this system because it had good reviews. It is easy to install - wireless make it easier - and easy to operate. I included a third camera and so far, it works fine. One thing I had no idea was that the remote view - via Skype - only worked for 1 camera.

easy to install and operate; SD makes it easier to watch recording in PC

Skype only works with one camera and requires a PC connected full time; if you use it via Skype, recording is not available (either one or the other). When motion detection is on, you have to hide the LCD, since it will active vieweing mode and disable the screen saver...
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on February 28, 2013
I received this product on time and everything is as described. The installation was very easy and the pictures (day & night) are crystal clear. Setting up remote monitoring (the feature that prompted my purchase) was surprisingly easy. The product is excellent for it's price. The only draw back for me is the inability to record when connected to a computer for remote monitoring. The other problem is the inability to send email notification-understandable it is not an IP based device.

I have been using this product now for nearly a month and it has all been one excitement to another. I have not found anything really wrong with this item. I have added some innovative ideas to better enjoy the product. My main interest of being able to record camera activities spurred me to find a way to accomplish this from my office. After connecting to the camera of my choice, I was able to record events via a shareware program that enables the recording of my computer screen. This shareware is called Camstudio ([...]. So in my perspective, I have achieved all my important objectives of purchasing this product. If you need instruction on how to setup and record camera actions remotely, let me know. Enjoy your product.
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on January 8, 2013
We got this system and thought it may be too hard for us to install, but my husband had it up in no time. Once we turned on the monitor we had the pictures right away. The instructions are very easy to follow. We have only had for a couple weeks, but it seems great. The picture is very clear even at night. Love that you have an intercom so if someone is at the front door you would not have to open the door to speak to them. The only bad part about that is, that you have to hit the talk button on the side of the monitor, so in our case we have a two story, I might be upstairs and the monitor is downstairs so I would need to carry it upstairs when I am going to work in the office for a little while. It's not bad just will take some getting used to it. Very happy with this system.
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on May 26, 2013
Bought this system with high hopes, as it offered everything I was looking for. Sadly, I was disappointed. The recording function would not work. The customer service of Lorex was HORRIBLE! I was on hold for over an hour waiting to get help to figure out what was wrong with the recording. When someone finally came on the line I was placed back on hold three more times and the could not figure out what was wrong with it. He was also very hard to understand and was unwilling to help me with the form he emailed me to fill out to get the monitor replaced after I had been on hold so long. I returned it and do not recommend anyone purchasing this item for the simple fact of bad customer service. The returns process was great...thanks to Amazon, but I will never purchase another Lorex item. Trust me...just don't do it.
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on April 27, 2013
Feeling safer already! Just installed two on my house and it was a snap. Simply screw the plate in and put the antennas on/plug them in. It really couldn't be easier. At first, I was getting 'NO SIGNAL' after install -- after reading how to pair them (easy, push a button on the camera!), they both turned on and worked flawlessly. The image is very clear and I can see very far away. I also like that they beep whenever someone approaches them. PERFECTION. I wish the extra cameras were a little cheaper- thinking about expanding to four. Also, I saved myself $100 on the set by buying a LIKE NEW set from AMAZON WAREHOUSE DEALS.. It was PERFECT, and VERY happy to save so much simply because the box may have been opened. Everything was still wrapped up/intact. Just a hint for anyone wanting a 2 cam system but wanting to spend less than $299.
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on October 4, 2014
This system is pretty good, but the one thing I don't like about it is that you can't run both cameras in quad view on continuous record. The manual isn't the best, but the system is fairly self-explanatory if you have any tech knowledge at all. You do not need a computer to set it up-- it's completely self-contained. The cameras have held up well under rain (I have them mounted under the eave of a roof), and still get very clear images. When using the motion-sensor to trigger the camera, the range is about fifteen feet away. When using continuous record, it depends on the light available. Overall, for the price, it's a great system, and I like that, again, it's self-contained. You do have to plug in the cameras manually to an electric socket-- they are not wireless, and the monitor also requires plugging in. The set does have other features that allow you to monitor your home remotely, but I haven't used them yet. It also has options to upgrade, such as adding additional cameras, but I think that for what I need (running two cams on continuous record) I'd have to buy a whole additional kit. Regardless, for the price, construction, and durability of this system overall, I'd buy it again.
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on February 22, 2013
I purchased this item in November of 2012, after three months the monitor went black, I spent the better part of the day just trying to get through to customer service, when I finally got through an incident report was set up and I was to recieve a call back that day....never happened. I did get an email the next day asking for a copy of the invoice and buyer information which I promptly sent. I was then sent a return email saying that they were actively working to resolve the issue and that I would be kept informed via email on the progress. After a week with no further contact I called them back and was told that they had not gotten the information they had requested. The tale goes on from there but you get the picture. As of this review I have yet to recieve a new monitor, if I were you I would look elswhere for a monitoring system.
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on March 30, 2013
These camera's have a quality look and feel and the monitor also has the appearance of being well made. They are good if you need a monitor in the same room with close camera's. (not sure how that would be beneficial?) I wanted a monitor in one room with camera's in another. I added two camera's which paired fine. The features are nice, and it's very user friendly, but the signal was very spotty and so the picture was off and on (or not) for the majority of the time. I worked with it for 2 weeks repositioning camera's, trying to make it work and finally decided it just wasn't able to transmit strongly enough to connect the signal. As stated before, it might work fine if you had a big open room and could use your monitor in that room, but as far as for going from one room w/camera about 40' from the monitor and the signal having to pass through a sheetrock wall (even in-line) ... ummm... spotty at best. Outside was definitely a no go. My friend has a Uniden and lives in a brick house. Her camera's are outside and she can use her monitor anywhere in the house and gets a constant picture. However, she has only 2 cams on her system, she's in a diff. location, and maybe there are other factors that make a difference...? I'm thinking probably the best way to go may be a hardwired system. p.s. when they say "wireless" they really mean... less wire. All cameras and the monitor must be plugged in to a wall outlet. Quality, but needs more juice.
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on December 6, 2013
Overall, I like this--it allows me to see who's at the door.
1) So long as the monitor stays within the prescribed distance, it seems to work. It appears to be affected by walls, however, so the distance gets my case by about half.
2) I didn't have any WiFi interference, which I read about in reviews on the Lorex website.
3) Has Quad-View, so four cameras visible on monitor at the same time.
4) Sensors are sensitive and work well even at night.
1) Beeps every time the sensor senses motion. Volume can go low, but not completely off. So you probably don't want this in your sleeping area. It detects even cats making their nightly rounds.
1) Installing can be complicated if you're not an electrician or really handy. I ended up hiring one, so the installation cost far exceeded the equipment cost.
2) In-use, the Quad View (four cameras) doesn't work once a motion sensor is triggered. It flips to full screen view of that camera, and won't switch to another camera until the timer (5 sec, 15 sec, or 30 sec) is over. So, if you're trying to track movement camera-to-camera, or simply to see who is at the door after they've triggered a walkway camera, you have to wait. If your visitor is standing quietly at the door, the sensor doesn't work & it goes back to Quad View; you have to manually switch to that camera. All of this takes time, and the audio doesn't work on Quad View--so meanwhile your visitor is waiting at the door wondering what's taking so long.
It apparently has a Skype function, but I've never used this, so I can't comment on this.
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