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on June 8, 2017
Losing It was so freaking adorable and awkward! Bliss is a twenty-two year old virgin. Not that there's anything wrong with that. She just hasn't felt ready to take that step, but her best friend thinks it's time. Bliss does think that maybe she should just get her first time out of the way, so the girls head out. Bliss meets a super sexy guy reading Shakespeare in a bar. And he's British! Everything is going well, until they get naked, and Bliss gets painfully awkward and runs out (of her own apartment). Then it gets more awkward when she walks into class the following morning and that sexy guy is her professor.

I absolutely adored Losing It! Bliss' misadventures in losing her virginity were hilarious and heart-warming. I'm glad that she didn't just do it to be doing it. And her excuse for not doing it in the moment was so funny! Like, no one could possible make up something that weird, right? Wrong! Bliss running out on Garrick made me laugh and cringe, which was wonderful. There's several more moments like that sprinkled through out. Bliss is like a magnet for awkward situations.

Other than the superb awkwardness, Losing It is a fairly standard New Adult Romance, although with the student-teacher twist (which is one of my favorite tropes). There's plenty of tension between Bliss and Garrick as they try to stay away from each other, and try to keep their relationship a secret. There's also a pretty good subplot with tension involving Bliss and her best friend who is in love with her. Her absolute cluelessness was a bit unbelievable, but I liked it anyway.
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on March 12, 2017
This is a light, fluffy, fun read. I really enjoyed the author’s “voice” but the pacing the first half of the book seemed slow due to the fact that Bliss and Garrick don’t have a lot of in-depth interactions. However, during that time there is plenty of knowledge shared about what takes place at a school for theater arts. Unfortunately I’m not a big theater fan. I know, go ahead, skin me but it’s true. I’m a central Texas girl living in the country so it’s not something I’ve ever been exposed to. Despite that, I laughed out loud so many times with Bliss and her friends. She has some amazing friends and I’m pretty sure they’re going to get their books as well.

Once I felt the connection with Bliss and Garrick I was able to settle down and truly enjoy the story. This is a very low angst book written in the heroine’s POV with some push and pull. The epilogue was sweet and written totally from Garrick’s view point. I wish this author had given me more of his inner musings because instead of just liking this book I would have loved this book. There is no other woman drama, the hero is no manwhore, and there is no abuse or violence.
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on August 21, 2015
I have came to love my trashy novels. I saw the cover and didn't even read the description cause I knew it would be good. Well, it wasn't really dirty like my books usually are which is probably good but I loved it. I just kept thinking "Would ya'll do it already?". Then someone else comes in and they're a cute couple too. I listened to this on audio as I do most of my books. I listen while at work to help me block everyone else out so I tend to lean towards easy reads. The only part I didn't like is she "bit her lower lip" quite often through the book. First, that was wwwaaayyy over done in the Fifty Shades series. Second, don't copy others. I doubt this was her intent. Apparently, biting your bottom lip is sexy. I obviously haven't grasped the hang of this "sexy habit" because every time I try it people ask if I have something wrong.

I related to the character a lot because she was clumsy, had a lot of guy friends, had slutty friends and was the last virgin out of everyone she knew. I wish this was a series because I am craving for some more of that accent from her boyfriend. Being that I "read" it in audio I got to hear it consistently. I have to say, it teased me several times thinking it was going to happen and her awkwardness would always stop it. I pretty much laughed out loud a few times. I can't wait for my next book from her. I have downloaded several of her books previously but haven't gotten to them because apparently, sitting at my desk at work and reading a love story isn't worth getting a paycheck.
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on April 7, 2017
Tired of waiting for the right someone to lose her virginity with, Bliss refuses to graduate from college with her V-card intact and decides it’s time to give it away… who better than Garrick a HOT Shakespeare loving British boy she’ll never see again (love when the hot guy has an accent!)… Turns out giving it away isn’t as easy as she thought. What a fun ride to see if Bliss will lose her V-card to a longtime friend or someone she barely knows…

This story is a fun take on a forbidden love and potential friends to lovers mix. Hilariously quirky and awkard at times with it’s will they, won’t they slow burn romance. Looking forward to reading more from Cora Cormack!
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on October 29, 2012
I enjoyed Losing It, but I wasn't blown away by it. Slammed (by Colleen Hoover) is a MUCH better teacher/student/I didn't know/OMG love story, but Losing It is still decent.

I have to say, I hated the names. I'm not a big fan of wacky names in general, but there are times when the names grow on me. In this case, the names were just all off-the-wall. Bliss is a difficult name to take seriously on a heroine, and Garrick isn't bad, but it sounds like someone's SCA roleplaying name. We also have Cade, the guy best friend who is secretly in love with Bliss.


The story itself is a quick and easy read and the characters are mostly interesting and fleshed out. However, the virginity thing was made in to such a huge deal that I was starting to wonder if I bought one of those faith-based books on accident. I didn't, but Bliss' craziness over the whole virginity thing borderlined on over the top.

While I liked Cade as the best friend, his character kind of got ruined when he became the third wheel in a sort of love triangle that went nowhere. Bliss made it pretty obvious she wasn't interested in him like that, but he didn't want to take no for an answer and then he turned from the sweet best friend into kind of a jerk. I know his feelings got hurt, but love isn't always requited. It's a believable scenario, but I didn't feel like the Cade thing added anything to the storyline.

Garrick was kind of generic and suffered from the 'too perfect' syndrome that so many romance novel heroes have. He has a British accent, he rides a motorcycle, he's so hot that women can't seem to stop throwing themselves at him, he's an actor (at least he's not famous!), he's completely understanding and sweet about the virginity thing...

The only downside to Garrick was that I didn't feel like he fought the student/teacher relationship thing at all. He said he did, but he kept grabbing Bliss and kissing her at school. It was kind of strange. It felt like Bliss tried a lot harder to fight it, but Garrick is the one who had everything at stake.

The romance between Garrick and Bliss was cute, overall, and I enjoyed reading about the progression of their relationship. Their almost sex scenes (V-CARD!) were steamy!

While I thought Slammed was FAR better than this, I still enjoyed Losing It and will probably be checking in to other books by this author.
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on October 18, 2012
First, let me say that I picked this book up after a day of reading Beowulf and The Confessions. Both two good books, but so heavy, So, I wanted something light. And I'd read the first chapter of this book online, and thought, hey, this looks cute. And in case it's still not clear, I went into this book with very low expectations--or just the expectation to be mildly entertained. I got much more than that.

I think I might be in love with Carmack's use of awkward situations. Sleeping with a guy you met at a bar in an attempt to lose your virginity, then chickening out when he's naked in your bed. Then attending the first class of your last semester of college and discovering said guy is the new teacher. Yeah, awkward. I honestly wished that more writers wrote about them because they, honest to God, do exist. Life, real life, isn't a smooth sailing of perfection. There are a lot of awkward situations that, I at least, would like to forget. And I think a large part of that is due to the fact the media, of any form, rarely portrays them; which has the effect of making us feel ashamed whenever we do something awkward. And that should not happen. Our awkward moments are apart of personality, and I love how this book embraces that, and Bliss comes to accept it.

Now, the love interest: he's British. Need I say more? He's sweet, but knows what he wants. There's a quote that I love in which Garrick makes a swoon worthy comment to Bliss: "Just because I can't have you now, doesn't mean I'm okay with him having you." "I'm going to pretend you didn't just refer to me like property to be owned." "Can't we own each other?" (Kindle location 1707). Yet, at the same time, he too has his awkward moments. When Garrick and Bliss first meet, he's reading Shakespeare in a bar, waiting for a locksmith to open his apartment. He wasn't trying to pick up girls (as Bliss initially thought), but legitimately reading Shakespeare in a place where he could get a drink. Before he came to Texas, he was in a very awkward situation. He's human. I liked how I could not only relate to Bliss, but her love interest.

There were a few things that bugged me. For one, Bliss' parents seemed to want her to pick up a guy and marry him, so that they knew someone would be taking care of her. Now, maybe I'm ahead of my time, but I feel as if very few parents these days actively encourage their children to hook up with a guy so that they can stop worrying about their child. I mean, it's the parent's job to worry! Perhaps I misread that, but that was how I perceived it.

Also, I wish that Bliss and Kelsey had the real sex talk. Bliss, at first, lied and said she did the deed, and I kept waiting for the moment when Kelsey would find out it was true and they'd have a heart-to-heart conversation. Unfortunately, that never happened, and their biggest argument was about Bliss running out on her at a club.

Overall, a great light read that stays in touch with reality.
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on May 4, 2017
This book was absolutely funny to me. Bliss is a virgin and she's desperate to lose it. Little does she know the random guy she planned on losing it to turns out to be her professor.

This was my first time reading this author and I loved everything about it. Bliss was so funny and Garrick was hot and British, I mean do I need to say anything else besides British????!!! The forbidden, student/professor relationship had so much sexual tension and I loved it.

This was a nice, fun read for me!!
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on February 21, 2013
I knew I had to read this book from the first moment I saw the cover when I participated in the cover reveal. Cora Carmack is a great author because this plot will grab your attention from beginning to end! It was a whirlwind of a read because I finished it soo quickly because it was a great read. I am also starting to love how Young Adult is branching off to college setting because its a different part of life in books that many people go through and can relate too. . Plus who else couldnt resist Carrick and Bliss' romance!

Losing It begins with Bliss and her best friend getting ready for a night out so bliss can lose her virginity. Once we get to the particular place we meet the HOT Garrick, who is also British!!! I instanly fell in love with him! With similar interests as Bliss, about theatre etc. Once we find out that her one night with Garrick, who later in the book sweeps her off her feet literay with his motorcycle which this romance and story will make you hooked to Losing It. The chemistry between them was steamy. I really loved this book and the characters kept me turning the pages! The characters were very interesting and Bliss was a very open character who loved to act but at the same time falls in love with the surprise relationship with Garrick. the ending was by far one of my favorites because I had a feeling it would bring me a smile on my face, now I need to re-read this book because of Garrick

Check out this book because its AMAZING, romantic and very full of chemistry between the two. This book will capture your heart at the same time making you think of falling in love with both characters. It was funny and had steamy scenes! I am looking forward to the next book Cora comes out with!!
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on August 18, 2014
The plot is cute and well structured. It is interesting and certainly caught my attention, but it was far too predictable. The whole "losing it" thing was definitely fun. I really liked witnessing Bliss try to hide the fact she was a virgin. But even if a couple of unexpected things happened, they were just secondary things that didn’t add much substance to the plot.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean this wasn’t an entertaining read. It was a fairly good one, just lacking the wow factor that would’ve made it memorable.

I did like very much the college factor. I think the author really nailed the "last year of college" feeling. The sense of nostalgia, insecurities, and anguish that real life important decision making goes hand in hand with. I mean, I know that you are already an adult in college, but deciding what to do next is very scary.

I loved that Bliss was a theatre major. I actually minored in theatre but would’ve loved to go the extra mile with it. So I adored being able to share a part of that experience with her.

The characters were good. Bliss was funny and a bit odd which made her cool actually. I think most of the characters were a bit extravagant. But then again, I think all actors are. That proves that the author did a good job with her character building. My only complaint in this aspect is Bliss’ name. Really?

I liked that we got one glimpse into Garrick’s point of view; I wished we could’ve gotten a bit more of him, although I think that the fact he was British was extremely cliché.

All in all I think it was a wise decision to have only one main point of view throughout the story.

Overall, it was a nice read. It provided entertainment, but I wasn’t impressed by the story. I do want to keep reading the rest of the series, let’s just say I’m not in a rush to do so.
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on December 14, 2012
"What was he doing in there? Was he just getting dressed reeeaaally slowly? Was he looking through my things? Was he trashing my place because I'd run out and left him there like the biggest jerk this side of Kanye West at the 2009 VMA's?" - Bliss

OK, first hot is the cover?! Sometimes I find myself just staring at it as I'm trying to write this review

The thing I loved most about this book {besides the cover!} was how the story was so well executed in the 204 pages. I rolled my eyes when I first saw that this was only just above 200 pages. For me, that's a quick one night read after work, and usually those stories are rushed, predictable, and not very fulfilling.

"Hopes and dreams are great, but they are a lot easier to break than a solid plan."

This definitely did not happen with Losing it. I can't begin to imagine walking into my class during my last semester of college to the man I stood up the night about awkward. The story that continues is a mix between wanting someone you can't have, unrequited love, and making choices.

"Sometimes, it's the scary things in life that are the most worthwhile." -Bliss

Bliss and Garrick (who I forgot to mention has an English accent) share a complicated story together with amazing supporting characters who actually add to the story line.

Definitely a quick read that is worth your time and has been added to my favorite list as a solid 4 star book {which is REALLY hard to get for a book this length!}


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