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on November 3, 2013
Lost is not for the instant gratification crowd. If you hate mysteries or need to have everything solved and worked out in a short amount of time, this series will frustrate the hell out of you. If you take the series Alias and mix it with the movie Castaway (except have an ensemble cast instead of just one person marooned on the island) you have Lost. The series starts out in the aftermath of the crash of a plane from Australia to the United States. From there it, in parallel, tells the back story of the characters stuck on the island through flashbacks and then tells the story of their attempt to survive.

If you look back at the first season there were two main things it did. First it developed the "main" characters, by giving you their back stories in dribs and drabs and secondly it introduced the secrets of the island. By the end if the season you have a pretty good idea of who the characters are, but you know little to nothing about the island and the things/people that were on it before the plane crash. There are tons of weird twists and turns throughout.

What was probably the hardest thing to pull of for a series like this was to give all the characters time to develop and make them interesting. There are some episodes where some characters are barely in it other than in the background. Each of the "main" characters get focused on though, sometimes with an entire episode devoted to them. I think they struck the best balance they could to get you to a point where you were invested in the characters you were supposed to be invested in.

The writing and acting in the first season was top notch. The story was a great blend of drama, mystery, suspense and very dark comedy. The season ends on two big cliffhangers and definitely leaves you wanting more. As far as the discs themselves for those who get the blu rays, the A/V quality is top notch. There are a ton of extras, including almost 2 hrs of behind the scenes, extended scenes and making of material on the last disc. Definitely enough to make the people who like to go through that stuff happy. All in all, if you like shows in this genre, it is definitely worth picking up.
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on May 25, 2016
I wasn't able to watch this series when it originally came out... I watched it on a rerun channel once and fell in love with the character and the show as a whole... I have bought season 1 & 2...season 3 is more expensive and as I have reviewed it appears to get more expensive as the season go... I hope to have them all... Matthew Fox was excellent as well as Josh Holloway... I have been waiting for something new from both of them... Josh has a new series that just started this year... I hope that Matthew Fox does the same and may have and I just don't know about it... Love them both and Lost is one of my favorite series of all time.
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on March 8, 2006
My sons kept telling me to catch 'Lost' and I was ok, what day, and never remembered. Happens a lot. I don't watch much television so the kids sent me the first season on DVD. Went straight through the entire season without stopping - I was bleary and without for a couple of days but it was WELL worth it. Wouldn't you know, the second season was already into it and I could have kicked myself all around the house. I will not buy it episode by episode so I do hope they are very quick to release the second season on DVD. Waiting for the cliffhanger(s) has been murder but I won't ruin the entire season by cheating on one episode, it's that good. Remember, you're not talking to a big TV series fan here (unless you count Firefly or Real Time with Bill Maher). Most are a waste of time but the writing on this is superb. It gives me the shivers.
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on June 29, 2017
Excellent storytelling
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on March 26, 2017
Spoiler alert: Phenomenal show, the main premise is the idea that love binds us like electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is one of the strongest forces in the Universe. So is love. But the Universe, being transmutative has various forms of Energy. Energy being the potential for Everything to become and continue "becoming". We're that to stop, so would we all.
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on June 8, 2014
The first season of Lost looks great on Blu-ray, both sound and video. The first season of Lost is one of the best because it's all about basic island survival, man against nature kind of thing. After this season, everything starts to get much more complex.

The menus for each of the discs have something called Season Play where you make a profile (only if you have more than one person that will be watching on their own time) so the disc can remember where you left off and not cause any issues when someone else wants to watch it but are not on the same place as you. There's also a cool little feature at the end of the last episode on each disc where a bunch of questions pop up about characters or situations that were set up in the previous episodes that will be answered on the next disc.
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on February 19, 2007
I am one of the few people that does not watch Lost on prime time TV. Unlike most, I waited until Season One was released on DVD in order to keep up with the story arc. A few warnings are below.

Warning #1: Season One can cause alcohol problems. Since my motto is "have a few beers and enjoy," I did that very thing after I put the kids to bed and settled into my chair to screen the first episode around eight in the evening. I reached a point some time around one in the morning that I had to force myself to turn off the TV and pass out. This was only after telling myself, "Okay, just one more episode, then I'll go to bed" for several episodes.

Warning #2: Season One causes sleep deprivation. Because I stayed up too late "having a few beers" the first night (the end of each episode ended in a way that I kept saying, "I can't stop now...I gotta know what happens next"), I was beat-down tired the next day. After going all day of telling myself to be in bed early, where did I find myself at approximately eight that evening? In my chair, beer in hand, having to re-watch the last several episodes from the night before, tired as heck, and knowing better than to go through with this debacle. Yet there I was.

Warning #3: Season One causes memory loss. After averaging a "couple of beers" an episode, the later episodes viewed in a screening get a little fuzzy. Thus, reviewing episodes becomes a must and I find myself in the same situation - up too late, drank too much, and re-watching episodes all the way to the end of the first season. Getting finished with Season One was almost as good as watching it, because the obsessive compulsion to see Season One unfold was satisfied and I could rest peacefully.

Stock your cooler, have food on standby, start early, and enjoy. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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on February 15, 2015
If you are new to "Lost", this is simply, in my opinion, the most magnificent tv series in the history of television. Casting, character development, script, and breathtaking cinematography - all makes you beg for more. Once I started, I simply couldn't stop! For me, experiencing the the "Lost" phenomenon happened during the Blockbuster days. I watched the first disc, ran down the hill to my neighborhood Blockbuster, got the next, watched it, and so on. I knew I couldn't have more than one disc at a time because I wouldn't make it to work the next day. Ok enough said, I think. Enjoy!
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on January 17, 2015
I remember watching this show back in my high school days. I was a regular, but stopped watching around season 3 for some reason. Then years later I read that it's going to be the 10 year anniversary of Lost since it first aired on TV. It sort of peaked my interest again and suddenly I am watching the whole series from the very beginning to the end on Netflix. After watching the whole series, Lost has become my favorite TV show. Great characters, fascinating stories, and an emotional ride made me want to own this to my collection. I am very glad I went back so I can be "Lost" again...
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To me, LOST is the best TV series of the third millennium, so far. Prison Break comes as a closed second and Heroes is closely behind. I am very surprised that TV series can be made this good these days when cost cutting and declining standards seems to be the norm everywhere else. But, not in the world of television, it seems.

LOST employs a cast of dozens to tell a big story. How big the story is? I don't know yet, it seems that we could have another 10 seasons and not come close to an end. But, slowly, what begins as your run of the mill airliner crash survivors story keeps adding layers on top of layers, expands, branches out in unexpected directions and, episode after episode after episodes keeps us mesmerized, guessing, mourning those lost and left behind, surprised, intrigued and always ready for more.

The first season starts a bit slowly and, speaking for myself, I didn't care much for the first couple of episodes. I will not reveal the plot but, it's probably proper to note that you are going to see peoples struggling to overcome extreme circumstances, stories of friendship, solidarity, spontaneous cooperation, the inevitable conflicts between people of many different upbringings, chasing different dreams, sometimes competing for the same rewards. Facing danger, the unknown and, what appears to be, the incomprehensible, the initial state of anarchy spontaneously gains textures and a fragile structure.

The first season is mostly about our heroes' survival and their struggle to go back to what used to be the `normal' life. Scenes of life and struggle on the island are often interrupted by increasingly disturbing flashbacks and puzzling hints that little that's going on is accidental, random or `normal'. The survivors are tied to each other in most surprising ways and, little by little, the supernatural, the mysterious and the plain unbelievable begin to manifest. We learn that the island is not what it seemed to be. There are monsters and unexpected beasts roaming in the woods, there are hints of other inhabitants and the familiar laws of nature don't seem to always apply.

LOST has an incredibly well-written story line, great acting and it's shown to us in the highest quality picture and sound. It is, without a doubt, one of the best TV series I've watched in a long, long time. If you haven't watched the weekly episodes on TV, you should consider yourself lucky. I haven't either and I am glad I didn't have to wait, week after week, for yet another mystery to solve itself in the next episodes.

If, after watching the first season, you felt it was entertainment time well spent, then you should definitely acquire the subsequent seasons because it only gets better. A LOT BETTER. Seriously.

Oh, and talking about viewing addiction, it took me a couple of weeks to devour Season One. As I was done with it, Amazon made available a Seasons 1-3 bundle and I bought that. I finished seasons 2 and 3 in the next couple of weeks. Season 4? It only took me 2 nights.

Oh, and, one more thing that you should keep in mind - but you will constantly fail at it: NOTHING is what what it seems to be and nobody is what he/she claims to be.

Happy viewing :)
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