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on December 28, 2014
I chose this rating because the premise of the story was interesting, but the
execution suffered from lack of knowledge about the English language.
The strangest words were thrown in helter-skelter as verbs throughout
the book. I had to stop reading several times to laughingly quote from the book
to my husband, who chuckled along with me. Just a few samples below.

"A huff of toxic smoke inhales my lungs". (Gemma)

"The cage gripes, slanting forward, and I'm flung against the door.
Her hands blunder, but she hitches the cage". (Gemma with Aislin,
trapped in the Fey Realm).

"Birds flurry from the trees and sprites heap out of the house, charging
across the lawn. (One of several encounters with sprites)

"My eyes never waver from him, but confusion hordes my head". (Believe me, after reading that,
I know just how she feels!)
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on October 1, 2012
Whoa. If you guys thought that the Fallen Star Series was good, you're in for one of the best surprises of your life!

I'm now hopelessly addicted to Sorensen's story-telling. She strings you along with suspense, mystery, romance, and action, forcing you to continue reading to uncover what'll happen next.

This novel has risen even more questions in this stewing brain of mine, and just wow. We start to see romantic tension, and Gemma starts to succumb to The Lost Soul that has invaded her.

Alex, Nicholas, and Laylen all fascinate me, but I've gotta say that Alex is my favorite. His undying devotion to Gemma takes my breath away! I was literally so moved that my eyes stung with tears. And there was quite a bit of humor that got me chuckling in this book, too.

The imagination and planning that goes behind a series like this astounds and inspires me! There's so much going on, and so many people who all have their own secrets, and I have a feeling I'm in for a long, fun ride with this series.

I'm liking the possessed Gemma, too. I feel like - in a way - these are her repressed feelings. The desire, the hatred, the thirst for power. Like Helena is her polar opposite or something. My stomach was churning just by reading about the things she did while under Helena's influence. And the menacing Laylen. Oh, how you make my heart flutter! Why do I always fall for the bad guys? *Sigh*

Loved this! Will definitely be looking out for the next one! ;)
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on February 13, 2018
Really like the characters in the story. So many plot twists. It was a good read that was sometimes difficult to put down. Like entering a realm where urban legends come to life. Found myself rooting for certain characters
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on April 14, 2013
I have read all the Fallen Star and book of the Fallen Soul series. Haven't found out when next book comes out yet. This series is fairly good. I'm caught up in Gamma and Alex's story. The characters are easy to become attached to and the story is interesting. You can tell this is a YA story by the way it's written. There are grammatical errors and sometimes things don't make sense....contradictory to what author had previously said. Example would be Gamma gets in a Camaro with two other people in front seat and it says she's sitting on the console in the middle the two paragraphs later she's buckling her seat belt. I find that a lot through out all the books.
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on December 12, 2012
As much as I enjoyed the Fallen Star series I have to say I think I like this one even better. The characters are a little more grown up and mature although this series is still fine for YA. Jessica Sorensen has taken all of the characters we have all come to love and is taking them in exciting new directions. At first I wasn't too sure if I'd like this one but she managed to pull it off and keep things new and refreshing. Not knowing who's good or bad half of the time was cool and honestly Evil Gemma is so much fun. I can't wait to read more!
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on March 28, 2013
I always hate saying good-bye to characters that I love, so I was excited when this series followed the "Fallen Star" series...did not want these characters' stories to conclude so soon! Just as suspenseful & the characters are as lovable & full of drama as before, so it doesn't disappoint. I recommend this series-only advice would be that it would be better (not necessary, but better) to read the "Fallen Star" books 1st. EXCITED for the next one already!
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on April 12, 2013
After reading through the four books of the Fallen Star series you'd think we'd be sick of all this by the time we get to The Lost Soul, but I think most fellow reviewers would agree that we can't get enough of these characters and their story. This is a great continuation of the adventure that began in the Fallen Star series and is well worth your time to read if you enjoyed that series.
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on May 5, 2013
I really enjoy books packed with action, and I loved the Fallen Star series. But in this series, the author seems to be attempting to pass into the romance genre with pages of awkwardly-written heavy petting scenes, including describing the discomfort of the other characters when such action takes place in their presence. And I must say,I am equally as uncomfortable as those characters! I did go through a romance-reading stage at one point, and the difference in writing is huge. This author simply does not write good romance scenes, and "Ewww!" Is in my mind as I squirm my way through them. The rest of the story is great, but I am having a hard time getting through it because of the sloppy romance. Aside from that, the profanity is also stepped up in this series.
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on November 13, 2016
Once I started reading I couldn't stop. From page 1 I was sucked in and didn't want this story to end. I love reading about Gemma & Alex and can't wait to read what happens next
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on September 2, 2012
Jessica Sorensen does it again with this amazing new series. Spinning off from her Fallen Star series is the Lost Soul series. And what a book this was. I could not put it down, not for one second. I swear every time she writes her books just seem to get better and better. I have loved reading all her books and can not wait to read the next installments. I hope Jessica never stops writing because her imagination is just fantastic.
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