Customer Reviews: A Lotus Grows in the Mud
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 2, 2005
Ah, Goldie, gotta love her! I grew up watching Goldie Hawn on Laugh-in and then in movies- everything from Butterflies are Free (where her hippie, dippy side got to cut loose) to Private Benjamin.

All along, she seemed both funny and gutsy but what REALLY got me to buy this book was a television profile where Goldie spoke of a long battle with depression and insecurity. Her longtime companion, Kurt Russell, and their children (some from previous marriages) also appeared and I realized that there might be more depth and complexity to this woman than I got from the fleeting images on screen.

Thankfully, I was right. This book was a joy to read, revealing the depth, intellect and pure gutsiness that Goldie Hawn possesses. She was brave enough to reveal the insecurities and pain that she felt during some of her early years in show biz as well as the joy she felt as she discovered Buddhism, met Russell, gave birth to her children - and so much more. Written with a unique style (would you expect anything else from Hawn?) the reader will find both entertainment and inspiration within this one.
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on May 26, 2005
The cover is nice. Some pages are blue or purple with very attractive motifs and graphics inside. Nice pictures too of Goldie at work, rest and play including snapshots of her children and partner Kurt Russell.

The content is only losely biographic. This is more Goldie Hawn's philosophy of life through the window of her journeys and successes in the movie industry. Co-authored with another. It reads very well.

Little subchapters called "Postcards" capturing experiences. There are also poems and thoughts: "Is our smile coded for in our DNA or is it nurtured?" (paraphrased). In this sense the book has some fine quotations.

As a woman who represents openness and seems to be something of a spiritual student this book is great for exploring themes on happiness, relationships, death and being human. Designed to bring out the best in anybody.

This book and its sentiments represent a fantastic contribution to genuinely making the world a better place - not by throwing money at problems but by being well inside.

I liked reading it - ideal as a gift or to dip into though not to be read from cover to cover necessarily. Really well edited - not much gossip, thankfully.
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on April 7, 2006

read by Goldie Hawn . . . this is not your typical autobiography,

in there's not much name-dropping and very little

gossip . . . instead, it feels more like a class you'd take

with the talented actress, during which she points out the path

that she has followed to get to the point where she is now.

Along the way, she had to battle depression and insecurity, and

it took her many long years of therapy . . . in addition, she

discovered and developed a love for Buddhism, along with a

desire to help others.

I came away feeling that I got to know her better as a person . . . also,

the book forever changed my opinion about her being just a ditsy

blonde . . . she is anything but, as evidenced by her being a big

supporter of Operation Smile (the group which offers reconstructive

surgery to youngsters in less-developed countries).
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on May 7, 2005
The book will draw just because it's written by Goldie Hawn. And then you readers will be unconventionally and pleasantly taken ... moved actually ... by the weaving of the stories with the lessons gleaned from her experiences and what they mean to her, deep down, in her heart, her gut. Regardless of being written by a famous woman or not, there is a lot to be learned here. If you are on any path in life to learn ... whatever it is you are desiring to learn ... this woman will be your gentle guide. Enjoy the read ... and all the best to Goldie Hawn.
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on May 7, 2005
Goldie Hawn shares with incredible honesty, wisdom and compassion in this memoir that is filled with heart-felt insight, integrity, and poignant lessons learned from her pure heart.

One thing is for sure, you will learn a LOT. Goldie has always searched for truth, and she is a shining example of living purely from the heart center, with compassion for all.

A note to the reviewer below that calls this genuine woman named Goldie a "man hater", dear Sir, take a look in the mirror, it is you that hates yourself. So we have compassion for you.

Goldie Hawn is the epitome of a humanitarian, and an example to learn from.

10 Stars for her and this Fantastic Book!
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on May 7, 2005
I don't know why anyone would consider her a 'man-hater'- as she expresses nothing but love for sons, stepson, grandson and her de facto husband Kurt Russell!

You don't have to be Jewish or Buddhist to appreciate the insights she makes about her life's journey. I've always liked her and I was particularly moved about how she and Kurt helped a horribly scarred Peruvian street kid named Juan but even eliminating the exterior scars proved to be no guarantee he'd heal from the interior ones. Still, Juan's life is far better off than had no one attempted to help him- as are Goldie and Kurt's for sharing in that journey.

I like how she told this as a series of vignettes instead of trying to chronicle every picayunish detail and helps the reader understand where she is coming from. She acknowledges that things may not be perfect but it's good she and her family have found a means to bolster themselves through the tougher times and their comitment as a family to each other appears solid regardless of the absence of a marriage license.
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on May 28, 2005
I was a big fan of Goldie back when and kind of lost interest for awhile. When I heard she wrote a book I became mildly interested. After reading this book, I love Goldie again. She is a caring, sensitive, compassionate person. Anyone who can't see that in reading her book is obviously threatened by her openness and honesty. She is just another human being trying to get through life and on the way trying to do her part for humanity. I could not put this book down. It is something I needed at this time. I have a hard time trying to be happy in this unhappy world. Sometimes I don't think happiness exists. After reading Goldie's book, I have faith that it is out there if you believe in yourself and work at removing the obstacles that stand in your way. Having patience with yourself and others goes a long way. I like Goldie's reference in the book about slowing down. Everybody is in such a hurry. I work at taking my time, walking slowly, breathing in the (sometimes) fresh air. Take time to read this book. Laugh, cry, and rejoice with Goldie! Thanks for sharing your life's journey with us Goldie. You Rock!
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on August 13, 2005
I was very inspired by this book, and gave it to a few friends who also found it so, even those that have an aversion to all things 'new age'. This definately does have a new age angle, and Goldie by no means leads a 'regular' life, but she manages to approach her own tale from the perspective of the common events most of us experience - childhood traumas and joys, parental difficulties, career struggles and successes, relationship traumes and joys, and parenting joys and challenges. If you are looking for Hollywood dirt or lots of details on her life with Kurt or family, you won't find it, although you get some vignettes. Mostly it is a personal tale of a woman finding herself through all the activities of her life, and in that sense is inspiring.
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VINE VOICEon October 3, 2005
I love Goldie Hawn and will see any movie she's in, many times. (How could she not have been nominated for an Oscar for First Wives Club??) That said, this book was disappointing. She's interesting to listen to on talk shows, so I was surprised I couldn't read this book without my mind wandering. Maybe I'm just not that interested in Goldie's musings Too ephemeral for me, not enough real-life feelings and details.
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on May 15, 2005
Well, the only reason I bought this book was because when I

was in high school in 1967, I read a "local girl makes good"

article in the school newspaper. It was about Goldie Hawn, who

had graduated from the same high school a few years earlier, and

now had a role on a TV sitcom. That was the first time I ever

heard of her.

So when the book appeared in the local bookstore, I picked

it up and started reading it, not intending to buy it, just

looking for some nostaglic thrills as she talked about the places

and events of her childhood, which presumably would correspond

to some of the places and events of my childhood.

Well, from that standpoint the book was disapointment,

as there weren't many such nostalgia-triggering

references. But to my surprise, the book really grabbed me, I

couldn't put it down, and I had to buy it. I don't normally read

biographies of movie stars -- my intereests lie elsewhere -- but

this one grabbed me. I had several sleepless nights until I

finished reading the book.

What is is that grabbed me so much? I'm not very articulate

about such things, but all I can think of is that somehow, via

the writing style or whatever (I know it was ghost-written), the

book made me identify with Goldie Hawn. Her life path has nothing

in common with mine, and her presepctive on things (the

spiritual-mystic stuff) has nothing in common with mine, but for

the duration of the book, I felt like I was inside her, seeing

the world from her perspective, experiencing her life. What

more can you expect from this kind of book? It just had me


And in the end, the book made me feel like I would like to

meet Goldie Hawn if possible. (Of course it will never happen).

So, I have to recommend this book.
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