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on September 16, 2016
I've been using Bluelounge cable boxes for years now to protect my cables from dust and to keep my tangled mess of cables out of my sight. They're made of a very sturdy, hard plastic, they have lots of room on the inside, and the lids fit very smoothly making for a seamless look. I've always liked them, and even though I do think they cost a bit more than they should, I always end up buying more for different rooms in my home. Anyway, I found out the other day just how sturdy they really are - they saved two surge strips full of expensive MacBook and iPad/iPhone charging adapters from getting ruined when my air conditioner leaked about a quart of water all over them. There was water collected all over the tops of these boxes, but the lids fit so tightly that none leaked inside. No water got in through the side holes either. I was very happy to have them, to say the least!
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on February 24, 2015
There is not a whole lot to say about this Bluelounge CableBox cable management system that is not self-explanatory, but I will say that it easily fits a two row surge protector with room to spare. Moreover, in my case, it holds a number of large power packs that extend behind the edges of the dual row surge protector. There is still room for plenty of cables and I have them stuffed in the cable box. Now, under my desk, where once there was an eye sore of a surge protector and cables everywhere, there is now a tidy little white box that conceals all of that mess and it looks good too. I definitely recommend it if you want a tidier looking office space. If your compulsive like me about things being neat then this is a must have item.
I am uploading a photo of how my Bluelounge CableBox looks under my desk so you have a good idea how it will look for you.
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on February 27, 2016
I'd had my eye on this for a few years, but always held off on it due to the high price.

I'm an anti-cable user, and do everything I can to either be wireless or to make cables vanish as much as possible, and this is a challenge as a pro-user, with more peripherals and connections than probably healthy. Shortly after moving, my new home-office space wound up at the front of the house, with any cables immediately visible as soon as you'd walk in the front door, so I decided to pull the trigger on this.

It can hold a surprising quantity of cables and accessories, and I've currently got it packed with a thunderbolt hub, SSD, Airport Express, Lutron Caseta hub, mini network switch, and all the associated cables. Being plastic with pass-through holes on both sides, it vents itself surprisingly well, and with all that inside, it's only marginally warm, with no operating concerns. It's very well constructed with quality plastic, and in my case is supporting an APC 550 on-top while maintaining structural integrity without a problem. It's been about 4 months with this, and I'd certainly recommend it, despite the somewhat high price, and in fact, I may just buy another one shortly. The only obvious negative, despite price, is the "BL" logo on the case, which is hardly minimalist.
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on July 22, 2010
Overpriced? You bet! While paying $30.00 for a cheap, plastic box seems like a huge waste of money, it's well worth it to clear up the spaghetti mess of cables that pile up under our desks, entertainment centers, etc. I bought $120 worth of these units and don't regret it at all.

All in all, the CableBox is just a great idea and, quite frankly, one I'd had myself years ago. Glad somebody finally put a product like this on the market. It's far better than trying to tie up the cables and make it look passable. Just hide the suckers! And if you're a Mac person, the boxes have an "Applesque" feel to them and go quite well with iMacs, MacBooks, etc.
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on May 8, 2015
I tried everything short of taking down the drywall to hide the ugly cables connected to my television.

This is by far the least invasive method as it requires VERY little set-up time and provides a NOTICEABLE change. The case is well-built, elegant, and available in multiple colors to match almost any decor. It contains two slits (one at each side) that allow the cables to feed in and out of the box. The slights are reasonably sized and fit even the thickest of cables/grouping of cables. The top of the case latches on to the bottom of case and WILL not come off even when tilted to the side. Taking the top off require some dexterity skills as one must insert his fingers into the slit and pull back while simultaneously pulling the top off. I thought this was a useful safety feature for households with little ones running around as it provides at least some tampering deterrence.

This thing is HUGE!! It can certainly house two surge protectors and all of the plugs to go with it. I don't like the wires that come out of the end of slits particularly when there are multiple wires being used. I solved this issue by securing the wired together with clear zip-ties and this made my space much neater. Other options to secure the wires include wire sleeves or twist ties that can be bought here on AMAZON.
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on February 9, 2015
This is a fantastic product. I was able to organize all my cables for my office at home so they are barely visible. Note the interior dimensions as not all two row surge protectors will fit inside. I ended up getting the Monoprice 12 outlet (109203) and it fit like a glove, but has no wiggle room on either side. I highly recommend the CableBox and am considering buying a second one for my TV setup.
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on July 6, 2017
This simple product helped solved my wire chaos! My workstation is now free of wires and no more not being able to easily back out of my desk from the rollers on my chair getting caught up in the wires. The before and after pics speak for themselves. As a first step to this project, I swapped my old printer for a wireless printer (this cut down about 4 wires). I paired this box with a Belkin 8-Outlet Surge Protector with 6-Foot Cord (BV108200-06) not necessarily because I needed a new surge protector, but because I'm so anal that I wanted a protector with a gray cord to better go with the box. The box holds a lot, too, as you can see from my last pic. Additionally, I paired white split tubing Legrand CM62 Wiremold Cord Mate II Flex to bundle the 3 wires coming off my desk (you can also buy the same product for about $5 by walking into your local Home Depot. Lowe's has similar tubing in grey). Tip: Shove the end of a broomstick through the tubing for a few days to make the coiling relax and less wonky and easier to work with. Bottom line, although a bit expensive for a plastic box, totally worth it to not be horrified by this area of my home office anymore!
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on August 20, 2017
I bought 2 of these a few years ago and both boxes turned yellow. They weren't in the sun either which tends to happen with white plastic when put under sunlight. If they yellowed all over evenly it wouldn't be as bad maybe? But they yellow blotches and it just looks SO ugly and gross so I'm on here again to purchase a different brand :/ But who knows maybe all of them turn yellow over time? If you're debating whether to get black or white get black.
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on August 17, 2017
This is a really great quality cable box. I used others before that cracked very easily, but this one is so sturdy that I actually use it as a footrest underneath my desk and it has no issues whatsoever. I don't think stepping on it would be a good idea, but I'm really really happy with the quality and strength of the plastic.
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on July 8, 2013
I have been attempting to rid myself of clutter and live a more minimal lifestyle. I recently purchased a new parsons desk that has no back or drawers. While this forced me to throw away a bunch of unneeded clutter, it also created the need for some well thought out wire hiding techniques. I really thought everything out in advance before beginning the project, and thankfully all of my plans worked out great. The final step for all of my wire hiding was to enclose everything at the foot of the desk in this tidy box.

I am unsure why this product is so expensive for what it is, but darnit it does it's (simple) job very well. The box is an incredibly simple piece of plastic, with some rubber feet on the bottom, a lid that snaps on, and holes on either end. They probably make an insane profit selling these, but there are not many other solutions out there on the market. So far this thing has worked as promised and was a really great addition to my new minimalist setup.
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