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on November 20, 2014
Most reviews here pretty much express the artwork, the fun factor, the enjoyment of the game, and their experience. I never played either the AEG Tempest pouch version or this Japanese version before but saw people playing and thought to myself: MUST HAVE.

Since no one carefully explain what this version contains, I will write a review doing so. The Love Letter - Kanai Factory Edition contains:

- 5.5" by 3.75" by 1" black box
- 1 rulesheet
- 13 red cube tokens
- 4 reference cards to check the action of each rank
- 5 soldier cards rank #1
- 2 clown cards rank #2
- 2 knight cards rank #3
- 2 priestess cards rank #4
- 2 wizard cards rank #5
- 1 general card rank #6
- 1 minister card rank #7
- 3 prince/princess cards rank #8 (only play with one, the other two are promo cards to switch off.)

For 2 to 4 players. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

The cards are about the size of standard poker playing cards. The reference cards will come in handy when playing with kids. And if playing with kids, keep in mind these are paper cards much like standard poker playing cards. They could bend or rip. So be careful. But for the price, I paid $9.26 on Amazon, and for the hours of fun, I think it's worth it.
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on October 26, 2013
First off Love Letter is a great little 16 card round-based game that plays quickly and has some really neat moments. That said this will focus on the difference between this and the AEG version that comes in the lil draw bag.

This version has more Japanese-like artwork that I honestly prefer over the more traditional fantasy AEG print. Some of the names of cards have changed, but the most significant change is the Countess (AEG) vs. Minister (Japon). The Countess makes you discard her if she is "caught" with the King or Prince and the Minister simply makes you lose if the total of your hand is 12 or higher.

Now a lot have complained that it's lame there's a round 1 loss condition in randomly drawing a Minister plus any 5+ card. This is easily avoided by just making a house rule that the Minister "kicks in" after turn 1. Plus the addition of him to the game makes any 5+ card just a lil more dangerous as you could draw a Minister at any time for instadeath.

There are also two promo Princess cards (nerd and prince) add some nice additional flavor.

So I'd say that unless you're really in love with the draw bag or the artwork of the AEG print to go with this one and soon! Especially as how this comes with some promo Princess cards that can be substituted in (the nerdy Princess and the Prince for the ladies).

EDIT: Added an explanation of how to play the game for the unfamiliar.

Effectively you're trying to get 4 love letters to the Princess by finding either her or her best confidants. How this plays is that each round you each are dealt 1 card and then 1 card is "burned" or discarded to the side (so as to somewhat prevent card counting). Play then rotates with each player drawing 1 card then choosing 1 of the 2 cards in their hand to play. This will usually entail you guessing what other players are with Soldiers or mucking up their hand with Wizards and the like. Anyone who's alive at the end of the round when the last card is played then finally reveals their hands and compare their numerical value. Princess is highest at 8 and Soldier lowest at 1. In my experience most games don't make it to the end as it can get pretty cutthroat. Super fast to play and I can't recommend this highly enough.
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on September 13, 2015
I love the game so let's not even talk about that. I bought this set because I learned to play using the "Legend of Five Rings" set and thought it would be cool to see the game in its original setting. I also like the option of vying for different royal hearts. The only drawback for me is that the rules are different in the set I learned on (where the 7 card must be -discarded- if you draw 5, 6, or 8) and this set (where holding the 7 card and 5/6/8 simultaneously makes you -automatically lose- the round). Discarding the 7 makes things strategic, whereas the automatic-loser setup kind of kills the fun of strategy. So I will keep this set and I find the artwork a lot more charming than the Legend of 5 rings version. But whenever I teach people the game I'll have to say "don't do what it says on the card, do something different..." Not a huge deal but as someone who learned on another set I wish I'd known that about this one.
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on November 25, 2015
Love Letter is sort of a twist on Old Maid where each player attempts to get their own letter to the Princess (or Prince) before others do. It is a very small and minimalist game. You could fit the game box into a large jacket pocket. Inside are the various characters, including the Princess/Prince (with a black-haired and red-headed variant of the Princess) and a few score tokens. There is another version of this game that utilizes Western-style art. I prefer the manga/ukiyo-e style art of the original which this version uses.

This is not a deep game. It works better as a warm-up for game night or as filler between games. For what it is, the game works and the art in the Kanai Factory Edition is excellent.
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on July 17, 2015
Great little "filler" game. I'm not going to even talk about the rules, just trust the positive feedback on this one. You can play this anywhere and long you're not in water.

Only caveat is that this comes with a box, obviously, instead of the pouch in the original version. This means that the game isn't as commuter friendly as the original version and will probably be dented in all shapes and manners if stuck in a backpack over time. I recommend this version if you already have the original, because I truly think that this game doesn't have to be restrained to a room. Keep this version indoors where it'll look nice on your shelf.

Package comes with bag of cubes which are used for tracking points, cute Japanese artwork which is the main draw in my opinion, character list cards for beginners, rulebook, and the deck of 18 cards (standard 16+2 bonus).
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on January 8, 2014
I bought this game for my husband for Christmas this year. We are avid board game players and I chose it based on the reviews, the price, and because it's playable with only two people. We've played it twice with just two of us and then again last night with two friends. I overheard my (ever-so-romantic) husband tell a friend that he saw the title when he opened it and quietly questioned my choice because the title was so unappealing. A great example of not judging a book by its cover! I did choose the Kanai Factory Limited Edition version because I thought the designs were more appealing. The cards are regular playing card quality and should hold up well to normal play. It's quick to learn - only 16 cards - and a great way to spend 20 minutes.
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on December 14, 2014
I had played the standard version previously, and I was surprised to discover that in this edition, the game mechanic appears to be slightly different. The #7 card, which in the standard version is discarded when found with #6 or #8, becomes an auto-lose when drawn with #5 or higher. I'm not a fan of this variation. Aside from that, this is a pretty good game, although it plays best with 4; fewer players tend to limit the uncertainty which makes the game more interesting.
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on February 14, 2015
Pretty artwork for a fun game. I saw this on a few lists for two-player card games and party games, so it really interested me from the start. After playing this with multiple groups of people from 2-5 players, I can say this is simple but fun. It's not a game for those that require lots of drama and intrigue as it's a bit of a lighter toned game.

The rules are very simple, you send minions out with a love letter too the Princess, following what the card's special text says as they pass it to the next of your minions. There's some skill involved, guessing which cards are left in the deck and guessing appropriately.

The artwork is in lovely watercolor tones in this version and I like it a lot.
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on September 23, 2014
Really fun and addictive game in an awesome iteration!

I've played love letter with 6 year olds and 70 year olds. It's easy to learn, with lots of headroom for strategy. Individual rounds are pretty brief and makes the game perfect for killing just a bit of time. Using optional rules, high goals or just pointless play- the game can consume as much time as you desire.

This set features gorgeous art, a slightly different card set and very pleasing packaging. It lacks a pouch to carry the contents of the game, like other iterations of Love Letter contains.

Outside of that minor omission (I never use it anyways) the fit, finish, artwork and just the awesomeness of Love Letter get top marks from me!
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on December 12, 2013
Beautiful art on a wonderful small and short game. I especially love that you get 3 options for the person you want to win the love of: traditional princess, nerdy princess, and a prince.
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