Customer Reviews: Love on the Rocks (Kimani Romance)
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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
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on January 21, 2010
Meet Warrick Carver & Tangela Howard it was love at first sight for them. They both meet 7 yrs ago and what we all want at one time or another. Love, Marriage and Children, but in the midst of their 7 yrs relationship it begin to crumble and instead of talking or communicated with each other Warrick begin spending more and more time at work and hanging out with the guys while Tangela was at home going through her own hell trying to figure out where she fit into Warrick life.

For Tangela giving Warrick her all was and being there for him when he came home was what she wanted from the time they begin to date but with all situation Tangela became to want more she wanted marriage, they became in engaged but that was as far as it was going until Tangela confronted Warrick about their future. Warrick felt that he was being pressed into marriage and he wasn't ready or he felt they wasn't ready still young, but for Tangela she was ready she wanted a husband and children so she push and push until he had enough. The arguments started he was spending late hours and the office and of course the sex stop. There passion was gone and we all know if he they are not getting at home then he is getting it from some where else or least that what Tangela thought.

My question was he?????????????????????

Warrick James Carver now that is a strong name and trust when I say that this man was all that and fine. He is loyal, faithful and loving but he is also a workaholic, after his father had a heart attack he became the CEO of Architect Firm and has taken on more responsibility. Warrick never say that he didn't love Tangela in fact he was so in love with her she took his breath away. The one thing Tangela wanted Warrick was ready to give her. It took Tangela to walk away from Warrick for him to realize that he in some ways took her for granted. Tangela was always there when he walk through the door, had dinner ready and after they enjoyed being with each other. He loves her unconditional but when she left he torn his heart out.

2 yrs later Tangela return home from Mexico, Warrick first see her on the cover of People Magazine and Tangela has lost weight and she is looking AWESOME. That is the first time Warrick has seem the love of his life and then they see each for the first time at a party and let me tell you that Tangela is wearing this CAT Suit that just make Warrick mouth fall open. Tangela has change in the last 2 years since she was with Warrick, she learn to love herself for her and make friend and enjoy her life not sit around and waiting for someone anymore. Tangela goal is still to get marriage by the age of 30th and have children she sign up for this online dating service so she has been out on several dates with different men to see if there is a love connection, but once she get a look at Warrick he just sit her heart and everything else on fire, but Tangela has decided that she will not fall back into Warrick arm or his trap.

Warrick has realize that the breakup was not all of his fault and yes Tangela had her share in there break up but her has also decided that he has change and he wants what they had 7 yrs ago but Warrick see that he will have to really prove to Tangela that he has change and is ready to make that move but Tangela does not make it easy for a brotha either he has to work at and Tangela has to realize that every thing does center around what she want when she want it. Love doesn't happen the way we want it to and for Tangela she will realize that when the going get tough she has to stick around and work it out and not run every time something does not go the way she want or expect it to go.

The both had lesson to learn Warrick learn that it take two to be in a relationship and it not about somebody always been there for you but you have to be there for the other person as well and help around the house. Buying and taking vacation is nice but it is what you do when you at home do take people for granted, and Tangela saw and heard the fights between her parents and the only thing she knew to do was to leave so that stayed with her so every time things got to the point where she felt Warrick wasn't going to marry her she left no words nothing and at some point she had to grow up and face the fact if it worth fighting for then you stay and fight. In the end the couples learn to stay and communicated with each other talk about any and everything under the sun, and I can say that the passion these two have for each other is HOT and you will enjoy this book from the first page until the last.

I recommend this book


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on April 6, 2013
Okay so my title for the entry may be a little harsh. Men have feelings and when Tangela and Warrick broke up it really truly devastated him. I get all of that and honestly it was refreshing to read his level of hurt over the situation. However that was the whole book. I get it he was upset that they parted, she left him without a word and when he was out of town. I get that he thought she loved him and then through gossip and ease dropping he learns that he was the root cause of why she left the way she did. But all that could have been cleared up within the first two chapters of the book. By mid book he was still going through the hurt and trying to figure out why she left and she still was acting like a woman scorned. Look I understand that it will take awhile for you to get over how you were treated but in the seven years you were with the man you had to believe on some level that he loved you or cared about you or you wouldn't have stayed. You wouldn't have agreed to marry him. So who is it that you don't trust yourself or him?

Maybe if I would have hung on and kept reading I would have been okay and finished the book happily but I simply couldn't do it. Warrick wasn't the man for me. I say that half heartedly as I know many women complain of not having a man in touch with his feelings and here is a man definitely in touch with his, not to mention loving a sister at a size sixteen and at a six. But it was too much they way she treated him and the way he took it. I wanted him to yell, get mad, curse at her because that's what truly hurt people want to do to an ex that rips their heart out.

Tangela certainly wasn't for me because if she was done with him and didn't wish to be in his space then kicking it with his friends and his sister would be out of the question. On top of that add in her crazy scheme to find her late and get right now, was too much. You date a plumber who you're not attracted to and every Tom, Dick and Harry in this quest to find a man that will be devoted to you. It sounds more like she wanted someone with nothing else going on in their life except her so she could be the center of their world. No I like my man to have things (hobbies, goals...something) that exist without me having to be there.

I guess the moral of this story is don't jump to conclusions, you may truly underestimate the depth of feelings your partner has for you and keeping information from your partner in the guise of sparing them because they already have a lot on their plate is stupid. I gave this book three stars because by mid book I had the moral of the story planned out and I found a man who had everything I say I want but not enough of what I need.
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on November 10, 2013
The story held promise but was written disjointedly with erratic timelines and the featured couple's characteristics were constantly changing to justify their thoughts and actions. Tried to like the book and kept reading hoping it would get better. It didn't.
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on February 19, 2014
This book's storyline could have been good to me but the main characters feelings towards each other was confusing to me. One minute it felt like they hated each other than the next time they seem like they loved each other. I wish I felt more of a romance feeling from this book.
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VINE VOICEon July 18, 2010
Tangela Howard has a new outlook on life. Since coming back from Mexico, she is 80 pounds lighter, more confident, and knows what she wants out of life. She also knows what she doesn't want and that would be her ex-fiance Warrick Carver! Tangela and Warrick dated for 7 years, and Warrick was her everything. She moved in with him, cooked for him, and cleaned for him. After they were engaged and Tangela realized that Warrick was not ready to get married, she left and went to Mexico for 2 years. Now that she is back, she has a new agenda. She wants a husband and children, but not with Warrick. After seeing Tangela, Warrick realizes that his life is nothing without her. He also realizes that he is going to have to make the hardest sell he has ever made if he wants Tangela back in his life permanently.

Love on the Rocks by Pamela Yaye is a good read. The plot is well developed and very easy to relate to. Yaye does a good job with character development. She also does a wonderful job with keeping the story flowing without having lagging moments. Love on the Rocks will either make you appreciate what you have or help you figure out whether or not what you got is worth holding on to.
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on April 25, 2010
Two years have passed since Warrick Carver and Tangela Howard went their separate ways, ending a seven-year relationship. After seeing the new and improved Tangela gracing the cover of People magazine, Warrick realizes that she is the one for him. Can he convince Tangela of the same?

"Love on the Rocks" was a quick read; however, it was also a disappointing read. The book falters at its very premise. I did not buy the idea of Warrick and Tangela as a couple. These characters did not belong together. Warrick came off as wanting Tangela for what she could do for him, while Tangela appeared needy and desperate. As a result, the love, the romance all seemed forced or artificial. The back stories (his and her job situations, their friends, her weight loss, her 'relationships') also seemed forced. It didn't really flow smoothly.

Having read and enjoyed a previous novel by Yaye, I expected more. There were some redeeming factors - integration of New Orleans and love finally conquering all - but it wasn't enough to overlook the flaws.

2.5 stars
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on January 16, 2010
Tangela Howard fell in love with Warrick Carver and they were a couple for seven years. She wanted marriage but he kept putting it off. She left him feeling like they had no future together. She takes another job as a flight attendent with another airline and moves to Mexico. She returns 2 years later a few pounds lighter and with a different attitude. Warrick has never stopped loving her but business always came first with him. After seeing her he knows that he still loves her and vows to win her back. They hit a few setbacks because both are still afraid of being hurt again and find that they need to be more open to one another which was something they didn't do in the past. Love prevails in the end. Great story!
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on February 1, 2010
Warrick and Tangela reunite after 2yrs apart from their 7yr relationship after he sees her on the cover of People with a dramatic weight loss story. Although its stated early on how much he loves and misses her, I was surpised that the author would let the male character be so chauvinistic. Warrick definitely wanted Tangela physically but he also wanted a maid, a cook and a listener, all without the benefit of marriage which is fine if they were both on the same page but he knew exactly what she wanted because he eavesdropped on her and her friends but still wouldn't commit, not to mention he wasn't really supportive and didn't mind bringing up what he'd done for her, like co-signing her car. I was really disappointed with this story, there was just too much one sidedness and not enough romance. I definitely wouldn't recommend this as a good love story. I'm really suprised that it was written by a woman.
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on March 5, 2010
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on May 4, 2014
I loved this book from beginning to end. This book made me appreciate my relationship. And also made me fall in love with my baby even more. I would recommend this book to anyone.
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