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on January 11, 2017
An excellent love story by author Marie Force, that does not disappoint. From the very first chapter, this book will be impossible to put down, until the exciting conclusion. It's a must-read!......Have you ever wondered what it would be like , if you accidentally met the man of your dreams, just by one look, one touch, and one smile, in a brief encounter to last you a lifetime? That's how hair stylist Juliana Gregorio, felt when the most handsomest and sinfully sexiest man she ever laid eyes on, sat right down next to her on the airplane during her flight to Florida. Confused and hurt by her boyfriend of ten years, Juliana was stunned when he informed her that he was curious and wondered what it would be like to make love to other women? Is that why he never proposed to her in all that time they were together? With a decision made, she announced that they both needed a three month break, hoping that the man she loved all this time, could finally get these fantasies out of his system once and for all. Agreeing not to contact each other during that time, Juliana believed wholeheartedly that he was the one, that is, before she looked into the most alluring bluest eyes and the gorgeous face of the hottest guy sitting so close to her on the flight to Florida, causing her heart to pound right out of her chest! Love at first sight? After trying the biggest case of his career, state prosecutor Michael Maguire, isn't looking forward to his own engagement party that his fiancé insisted on having, a party he was totally against from the very beginning. Not only that, he was disgusted that his fiance's family, herself included, were constantly trying to control his life. But after meeting and sitting next to the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on from Baltimore to Florida, all his thoughts were consumed with this gorgeous creature sitting right next to him, and most importantly, the devastating effect she had on him, making his heart beat for the very first time. Fate? However, he had no idea at the time, that his weekend was about to take a nosedive. When his fiancé Paige, schemes and plots a horrid incident, Michael is outraged and breaks their engagement right then and there, and is forced to leave her parents home, vowing to end it with her once and for all. Excited that he's going to see Juliana again on the flight home to Baltimore, they not only had a devastating weekend, but they both find solace by supporting each other through their worst times, especially dealing with their exes, the dangers and threats of the trial, and attempts made on their lives. With one incident after another, it didn't take long for Michael and Juliana to take their attraction to the next level, finding themselves entangled in a heated and passionate love affair. Determined to make their relationship work, more obstacles continue to mount up,but not even Michael or Juliana could foresee their future, when they are both confronted with the biggest decisions of their lives, to the point, that any chances of true happiness is about to slip right through their fingers. Will Michael and Juliana find true love? Are their hearts truly meant to be together forever and ever?...I loved this book..thank you
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on January 12, 2017

The only reason I'm giving this book 4 stars instead is 3 is Michael. He was an amazing. Sweet, kind, loving,patient romantic and completely in love with the h.
I read other reviews of this book with people who had problems with Juliana. Usually the issues don't bother me and I get the book anyway and find that I enjoyed.
In this case though they were right. Juliana bothered me. Not for the whole book but there were moments that just made me feel like this wasn't really a romance. Never once when she told Michael that she loved him did I actually believe her. That was a problem for me. I truly believe he deserved better than her.
In most books you can justify certain actions the H or h might do. In this book I found myself just not able to do that.
Maybe if the ending was different I could have given this book a better review. Maybe I would have liked Juliana more. Maybe even related to her but the ending was a huge letdown and if you want to know why, keep reading......


After telling Michael she loves him and wants to be with him forever and he shouldn't worry about her seeing her ex again

And there goes all the love she felt for Michael
Are you kidding me????
AND she tells him she loves him. And plans a quick wedding. Oh and she actually tells Michael face to face that she didn't choose him. Very big of her. I'm actually angry at her at this point and cant wait for the stupid ex to rip her heart out again.
And when it does she doesn't go back to Michael right away, even though he tells her to. That no matter what happens and how long it takes he'll still be waiting for her. She waits A YEAR. That's right an entire year to find herself.
Then you get the happily ever after that she didn't deserve, because he waited for her and didn't even make her grovel a little bit for what she put him through.
The H for me definitely add the extra star. Otherwise it just would have been a 3 star book.
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on February 4, 2011
I just finished reading this on my iPad and after having read this book, I can't believe it's free. Love at First Flight is such a great story and the two main characters, Michael and Juliana, really tug at the heartstrings.

The two meet at the airport on their way to Florida to visit their respective significant others who they have long distance relationships with. Suffice it to say, Michael and Juliana both have disastrous weekends and meet again on the flight back and compare their horrible weekends. Their chance encounter leads to an emotional roller coaster ride and Juliana ends up in the middle of the chaos that surrounds the criminal court case Michael is prosecuting.

This story is filled with angst, disappointment, danger, and love. But Juliana has a difficult decision to make and the ending will bring tears to your eyes (probably more than once).

I highly recommend this book!!!
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on October 13, 2015
So, after going through the pain of hurrying up to finish a book I barely liked, this romantic novel was the perfect balm. I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's hard to go wrong with romance.

The idea for the story was formed when the author was waiting for a delayed flight and overheard a man and a woman discussing their long-distance relationships, how they were both headed to Florida to visit their partners, and how they were on the same flight home. She imagined that they will fall in love, and so the story was born.

There were quite a number of uber romantic professions of love. The situations and circumstances were also bordering on the wow-can-you-get-more-romantic-than-that side. But hey, don't most of us agree that nothing is impossible with love?

An enjoyable story that'll make you believe or affirm your belief in the power of love.
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on February 21, 2017
A heartwarming novel of two people heading to the same general area, who both are going to see their significant other. Neither visit turns out as planned. The two commiserate on the plane ride home.

What comes next is initially unexpected, then through twists and turns love abounds. But two months later decisions have to made. Will they be the right ones? Will true love win in the end for one or both?

A wonderful read. The characters draw you in initially and then the storyline adds to it so the reader keeps reading straight through.
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on November 22, 2014
SPOILER WARNING! Okay, here’s the thing… I love Marie Force’s writing, and tend to fall in love with her characters. They are well developed with small details about their family relationships and day-to-day lives that give them dimension and likeability. This book is no exception--- maybe. I love Michael, who realizes his mistake and moves on (maybe a little too quickly?) to fall hard and deep for Juliana. But, oh, Juliana!! Ugh! My disconnect happened early on. Juliana is devastated when her boyfriend of ten years tells her he is thinking about other women. He’s not acting on those thoughts, but thinking… Hurt by his “betrayal” Juliana decides they will take a three month break from their relationship so he can work it out. During that time, he immediately realizes his mistake. She, however, immediately goes to bed with Michael. What?? That’s more than thinking about it, dear. I did finish the book, and I did like the final resolution… Finally.
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on May 29, 2016
This has suspense, angst and a very sweet romance. Michael and Juliana meet and become friends. Their lives take a couple of twists and turns. There were a few times Juliana made me angry with how she treated Michael. Michael is so sweet.
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on October 25, 2016
Great story. Could not put it do. It is about two people Michael and Juliana who meet on a plane going to Florida . Michael who is engaged
Juliana who is going to see her longtime boyfriend who is working in Florida.
Don't want to say too much. But both find they are attracted to each other and the story only gets better.
I don't like when a review tells the whole story. You won't be sorry if you purchase this. Easy read. You will really feel for the couple
and there are twists and turns. Enjoy
abby 9278
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on June 19, 2011
I am guessing this was another book I downloaded for free on my Kindle - I often download some of those freebies, check out the first few pages and keep on going with the good ones!!

This was indeed one of the good ones! Now I like mysteries, thrillers, chick lit, and I am not a big romance reader, but this book had enough suspense to keep me reading on and on!

Now first I must note that there were some glitches in the formatting on this that caused problems with the Kindle - hence my review lacks one star! There were numerous times that a word or sentence was separated in the middle which was a tad annoying, but the story was good enough that I was able to ignore this though it does occur throughout the book!

The story was compelling - two fellow passengers have some instant attraction at an airport as they are each on their way to reconnect with their significant others, suffice to say, each finds a disconnection instead and as one event leads to another, their lives become tangled and a new chapter begins!

The story has a good dose of romance with a large degree of suspense - the title Character, Michael is the head prosecutor in a high profile case which puts both parties of this new relationship at risk!! We therefore not only get embroiled in the unfolding story of a new romance, but of a murder case, and both make a compelling read! Each character also has a large dose of their past that will not go away, to throw a curveball in current events!

As the legal case continues, the suspense continues to rise - will Michael win his case, will his life be safe and will he and Julianna make it?? Now it gets a little dramatic, unrealistic and disappointing at the end, but there again, the inevitable ending is not always a good read!!

I loved this book and no sooner had I finished, I decided to download another of the authors works...and this time I actually paid!!
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VINE VOICEon April 29, 2012
Three love stories intertwine in this intriguing modern-day love story with that ever-elusive marriage proposal, or its absence, at the core. Juliana and Jeremy have been together for ten years. They've set up home. They've shared everything. And the future seems set. Meanwhile Michael and Paige are about to enjoy a high-class engagement party at Paige's parents' expense. Michael takes the same flight as Juliana, and temptation sneaks into security.

In the end, life's not about security of course. Juliana finds herself shaken when Jeremy reveals his own insecurities. Michael is shaken by Paige's father's assumptions. And everyone is shaken when Michael's job as state prosecutor leads to guards around his home, witness protection and more. As real danger threatens, Michael and Juliana both find themselves re-examining what matters most to them.

The author does a nice job of showing love's different and shakiest foundations. The characters are convincing. The background trial is intriguing and scary. And the gentle touch of new love and burgeoning trust is very nicely done.

For myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the tale, but ended up wondering just how many years of togetherness equate to commitment. Perhaps I just belong to the wrong generation. Love at First Flight is a pleasing love story, filled with complications, nicely balanced with a hint that at least some of our troubles come at our own hands, and beautifully located with enjoyable descriptions of town and countryside in the Eastern US.

Disclosure: I was lucky enough to find a free ecopy of this novel and enjoyed reading it.
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