Customer Reviews: Loved (Book #2 in the Vampire Journals)
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on May 27, 2011
Loved is the second book in the Vampire Journals series, which takes up where Turned left off. Caitlin, at eighteen years old, has discovered she is possibly half vampire and might actually be The One, the person destined to find the lost sword which could stop the upcoming vampire/human war. She and Caleb, a vampire who has lived thousands of years, undertake a quest to discover her ancestry in hopes of discovering the location of the sword. Caitlin's fifteen year old brother, Sam, is on a quest of his own to find their father, whom they never knew. Along the way, both Caitlin and Sam will encounter situations and people that will test their belief in their own inner strengths as well as their physical limits.

Loved reminded me a bit of a younger version of an Indiana Jones type tale as Caitlin and Caleb are led on a trail from one clue to another, each leading them a little closer to their goal of finding the sword. Each clue leads to a historical destination where we are given a different explanation of the historical facts that we learned as children. The author gives us a different twist on vampire lore, with two distinct covens of vampires. There is good versus evil, where the good are trying to live their lives amongst humans peacefully and cause no harm, the evil are truly evil beings with nothing but distain for both their vampire counterparts and the humans they must hide from. There are three different plot lines in the book, all of which are leading toward the same goal. Caitlin and Caleb's quest is the main plot, Sam's search for their father factors in and yet another plot plays out with a truly evil being in the search as well. Amidst everything else, the attraction between Caitlin and Caleb continues to grow adding just another twist to the story.

I did not read the first book, yet had no problem catching up with what was happening and following the plot. While the underlying story was a good one, I did have a few issues. There were a number of editing errors that should have been caught. Caitlin is written as very insecure, often wondering what, if anything, Caleb feels for her and marveling at his wonderfulness. Yet each time a clue is found Caleb comes up with "oh yea, that's an important part of vampire history" while Caitlin is the one figuring out the clues. I was a little confused as to who the audience was for the story. It is written in a style that would appeal more to the younger adult or even tweens, yet there are scenes with casual underage drug use and sex (though only mentioned and not explicit) as well as some pretty intense violence that might make some younger people uncomfortable and would most certainly make parents think twice.

Even with the issues above, the book is a good read that ends with the cliffhanger that will make you want to read the next one to find out what happens.
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on December 29, 2014
OMG OMG OMG!! Fell in love!! I have read the first two books and I am hooked... hook, line, and sinker ...hooked
This is the story of the journey to find the Caitlin's dad and the sword...and what a journey it is complete with a HUGE cliffhanger.
Be prepared to be glued to your seat
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on February 18, 2013
I am just so addicted to this series. I find myself smiling, serious, sad and hopeful all at the same time. The characters are great. The book flows seamlessly onto the next book with all the twists and turns. I love it! There is a huge mystery surrounding the search for Caitlin's father and the artifact that Caleb is searching for that you can't help getting engrossed in the book. And poor Sam is looking for his father and coming up short. I feel sorry for him. There is also more action in this book and right when you are totally lost in the book,you come to the end and realize you don't have the next book in the series. Bummer! Did Caleb go back on his word and change Caitlin? I guess we will have to find out in the next book.Loved (Book #2 in the Vampire Journals)
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on March 16, 2016
This story could be really interesting but it falls short. I think the author has tried too hard to make the story line about young love but the main character thinks and acts more like a twelve year old than 16 or 17. The only interesting thing about it are the bad vampires. I doubt that I will read more than the three books I have already read.
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on December 30, 2014
you people who say its a bad book you peole are cazy those people who said its an awesome book you guys rock i agree with you i love how her and Jonah just automaticlly fall in love an he gives her his seat i loved this book i havent read the whole book but so far its awesome

Reveiwers like Rachel G. hated this book dont judge the book by other peopes review including mine rate the books by your own review but trust me on one thing the book is good i judged the other reveiwers by what they said and what i said about the book myself

Be true to your self base the book on what you think not what others or your friends think rate it and review the book the way you based it

just follow my advice an you will be able to say stuff about the things you want to without anyone elses words or opinions

Judge stuff in your own words not others like my friend she asked me which shirt she should wear i said i dont know you choose im not the one wearing it she said your right

You see judge stuff in your own words,opinion, and style not by others
If you are wise you will listen to me
P.S. my name is not mellanie shes my mom i go by Starfire on reviews and stuff

Thank you
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on October 7, 2013
While we don't expect perfection in a 'free' installments, I would expect a better editing job in books I paid for. Where is the 1st book caught my attention, the 2nd one failed to blossom in what it could have been:
- Caitlin has not evolve, as the One and with the help of a powerful vampire;
- the relationship failed to flow and develop - somehow it was all flat... one moment she is so unsure, the next she feels in love, then she remembers the 'other' boy, and finally the intimacy - and I felt a complete disconnect between those events (almost as though parts were cut off to make it for more younger audience(?))...
- Caleb failed as a powerful figure at the end of the book, which was completely unexpected and it was too easy for the opposition to get their hand on, especially when so many failed for thousand of years to get it and she was supposed to be the One;
- I found dialog very boring - too many 'like' and 'oh yea'... If this book was written for teens, even then I would expect a better communicative skills...

I expected better and this book came across as flat, but overall there is still hope... and so 3 stars as an advance for the next book, hopefully...
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on April 6, 2013
The series is riveting, and carries the reader on the adventure of a lifetime as the heroine follows her destiny. It carries you along at a fast pace you are unable to break. Morgan Rice has a vivid imagination that uses parts of history to add fact to her fictitious writing. If you like fiction you will enjoy this book for this merit alone.

I thoroughly enjoyed the series, but was a little taken aback with references to religous aspects, artifacts and associations. It leads one to believe that the fight of good/evil is fought on many levels.
What I don't like about this series of books in the Vampire JOurnals is the spelling when these books were converted to Kindle. The spelling is atrocious and makes the reader work harder to interpret what Ms. Rice meant to say in her narrative when writing this book.
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on December 29, 2011
After reading the first book in the Vampire Journal series; I simply needed more. This book picked up excatly where the first left off. I would recommend this series to any vampire novel fan. I love how the story gets more complex in this one. I cannot wait to see what happens between Caitlin and Caleb
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on August 6, 2013
I really enjoyed this one boundless I found with it is that u really need to finish it chapter by chapter for each chapter is a bout other characters and sometime it skips from one city to a complete different virtually together with the character skips. Overall a very good read And you don't necessarily have to read the previous books to fully understand this one. I would certainly Reccomend this one just read it chapter by chapter wouldn't recommend stopping in the middle of the chapter tho :)
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on April 29, 2013
Loved: The Vampire Journals, Book 2
This is the second installment of of Vampire Journals. It is easier to understand if you read the first installment. This book is short but exciting as the H/h go from place to place following clues, on a quest to find a magical sword. It is a story of good vs evil vampires. As in a lot of YA paranormal books, it is instant love between the H/h. And all hell is breaking loose and the heroine's main concern is 'Does he really like me?' 'Will he kiss me' Like the first book this story ends with a cliff hanger.
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