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on August 20, 2013
this is a film with excellent acting and noble intentions, and tells an almost mythical tale of a woman's rise and fall and redemption. the astonishing thing is that the story is real, and we're shown the costumes and sets, excerpts from newscasts and television shows, musical hits of the era to prove it. what's sorely missing, however, especially for viewers born after 1970, is a depiction of the historical predicament of women in the years of early feminism. when two police officers interrupt an abusive episode between lovelace and her husband, and she fails to ask for help, one officer actually asks her for her autograph. the scene doesn't read right unless the viewer is aware that the duty of police to intervene in domestic disputes was not established by law at the time and wouldn't seem to the officers the "correct" thing to do; she wouldn't ask for help knowing those facts. worse, there is no reference to contemporary feminist developments, even though the meager plot of "deep throat" turns on its heroine's demand that she enjoy sex as much as men.

without being lurid, the film dissects the depravity of an abusive marriage, the husband alternating between affection and violence. because this is the part of an abused woman's life often hidden from outsiders, the film tells a large arc of the linda lovelace story "from the outside", as served up by the film publicity events, then reprises the key scenes with "the rest of the story" -- how each of them turned violent or degrading or manipulative. a judgmental mother and ineffectual father fail to help her; she doesn't reach out to her closest friends; investors only see her as a product ... which leaves her husband chuck traynor to use her however he pleases. the mystery is why she put up with it so long -- for that you have to look to the expectations placed on her by her mother and her catholic upbringing, the coercion and threats from her husband, the allurements of fame, but most of all her naive compulsion to please and be loved.

the principals are excellent. peter sarsgaard is almost satanic as the slimy, manipulative, cynical and cowardly husband, cruel to his wife and fawning to men with money, and there's a fine supporting cast to play the pygmies of the porn industry. a scene near the end, when lovelace's parents see her phil donohue interview on TV and finally grasp what their daughter has suffered and their complicity in her affliction, is sad and very powerful. amanda seyfried is convincing where innocence and earnestness are called for, and her natural sweetness comes through in many scenes, but lovelace's real pain is fully revealed only once, in a late night plea to her mother for shelter, and it comes before we see much of the abuse she suffers and seems unmotivated as we watch it. (a later rape scene is also presented without sufficient buildup, so it is shocking but less painful to watch than it should be.) at other moments of desperation or despair, seyfried seems bewildered, as if unsure what the two directors wanted from her -- more likely they were unsure themselves, or how they should handle the script. despite all that, seyfried and sarsgaard give gutsy, ambitious and engrossing performances.
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on April 26, 2014
During the 80's "Deep Throat" was played at least 50% of the Bachelor parties I was invited to. I did see a movie/Documentary Inside Deep Throat" and from what I remember. there was conflicts in the script from interviews with the original cast members and directors. The producers messed up on the timing of the background music. The film was shot in 1971-1972. Hall and Oats and "BTO" didn't hit the carts until 2 years later. However I am a fan of Amanda Seyfried and I wish her all the best.
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on February 9, 2015
The thing that most people don't get, is that this movie is about Linda's story as she saw it and not the movie Deep Throat. It should have been called "Linda" instead of "Lovelace", but as always the producers of the film mislead everyone thinking the opposite. Based on the book written by Linda Boreman, it tells her story, from her point of view using as reference, her book "Ordeal". This is not what really happened, She used and got used, look at her bio in Wikipedia and you'll see what I'm saying. From that perspective, the movie fails to capture the essence of what Linda Lovelace was. Instead you got an average movie with decent acting, but it was not as hype as they would like you to be. The movie is okay, done in that classic 70's style, stag film, with deep colors 8mm kind of thing. I've seen Deep Throat and almost all of of her eight films, believe Me, She knew what she was doing! I'll pass this one and wait for E! to rerun her True Hollywood Story Documentary...
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on September 13, 2017
Explained a lot I didn't know about her as a person...I saw the movie "Deep Throat" when it first came out and wondered why she didn't do more movies...now I know and as a note...Sharon Stone...didn't even recognize her...excellent docu drama...!
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on April 17, 2014
The entire time I was watching the film, I had the feeling that half of it had ended up on the cutting room floor, leaving huge gaps in the script. The entire production felt rushed as we jumped from scene to scene, so I can't help but think the movie would have profited from an additional half an hour running time.

Though the era is recreated fairly well, more attention could have been paid to the spirit of the times--the sexual revolution and showing why Deep Throat was such a hit with mainstream audiences.

Linda's character, a wide eyed innocent, remains the same until the final minutes when we fast forward to the 1980's and the Donahue show. Peter Sarsgaard as Linda's sleazy husband does nothing that Eric Roberts didn't do better thirty years earlier in Star 80; James Franco is woefully miscast as High Hefner, while Azaria, Noth and Mazar are just about perfect in their roles--though lacking in depth and development.

Amanda Seyfried is as cute as pie and charming but gave a much more powerful performance as the young call girl in Cloe while Sharon Stone is surprisingly good as Linda's repressed, bitter and cold mother.

I say, skip it, and see the marvelously well done Boogie Nights or Wonderland instead.
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on July 6, 2014
I didn't really know what to expect when I started watching Lovelace, but to my surprise this film is well-written and well-acted. Amanda Seyfried has always been a mixed bag for me. In some of her other films, I think she's really great in and in others, she doesn't always embody their character she is portraying. This is why I was nervous about watching Seyfried take on the iconic and emotionally wounded, Linda Lovelace. Seyfried gives a subtle and yet striking performance as the ill-fated porn star of the '70s. Peter Sarsgaard also gives a knockout performance as Chuck Traynor, Linda's manager and physically abusive husband. And I didn't even recognize Sharon Stone who plays Linda's stern and religious mother. Stone really shows she's got the acting chops to pull off such a brooding, conflicted character. But it is Seyfried that really shines in Lovelace. She humanizes Linda and makes you feel that Linda was more than a sex object. This is a great movie but it might not be for everyone. This is the kind of film you have to take with a grain of salt and have an open mind about. I highly recommend it. Enjoy!
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on September 2, 2016
Amanda Seyfried done an excellent job in her role as Linda lovelace....The story was well written and I never realized that Ms.lovelace went through so much....The only reason I give this movie 5 stars is because 5 stars is as high as you can go.....
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on February 23, 2014
AMAZING acting and crushingly real character transformations make Lovelace a great film worthy of a bigger release than it received. MOVIES LIKE Lovelace: The People versus Larry Flint (1996), Boogie Nights (1997) and 54 (1998).
This is the story of Linda "Lovelace" Boreman, her 17 day career in the porn industry making Deep Throat, and her painful before and after.

Rising from prudish origins in 1970 Florida, Linda (Amanda Seyfried) is discovered go-go dancing at a skating rink by a deliciously sleazy Chuck (Peter Sarsgaard). Chuck is charming and cleverly manipulative as he caters to Linda's insecurity and emotional shortcomings. In no time at all he moves her into his home, "teaches" her the oral techniques that brought her fame, and infuses her with a sense of confidence and belonging that she clearly never before felt living with her abrasive parents (Sharon Stone and Robert Patrick).

Swiftly after their wedding, Linda learns of Chuck's (now "their") financial problems. So they meet with pornographers Butchie (Bobby Cannavale) and Gerry (Hank Azaria), both characters are performed superbly, impressed by her oral gifts.

All of the characters we meet in the adult film industry are charming. Not just smooth, silver-tongued devils wooing Linda into the industry, but properly kind, sweet individuals who are grateful to be working with her. Butchie and Gerry are nothing if not endearingly played. Porn star Harry (Adam Brody) is immediately likable. Her promo photographer (Wes Bentley) teaches her to feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera. And Hugh Hefner (James Franco) candidly impresses on her that she is more than simply a porn star.

As Linda is transitioning into porn stardom, and with every invitingly kind pornographer we meet, we find Chuck becoming increasingly jealous and abusive. He slowly becomes all of the things (and so much worse) that she was fleeing when she ran into his arms.

The hangover of her manipulated path to stardom--the revelation of the frailty hiding behind the illusions and the sadness behind the glamour--is all too familiar. The People versus Larry Flint (1996), Boogie Nights (1997) and 54 (1998) find their characters fragmented and their souls disarticulated before our eyes in crushing reality much as we find with Linda's transformation.

All of the actors embraced their characters and did an amazing job; AMAZING. This film received little attention or advertising regarding its release and this is a shame. I hope more people eventually find their way to this excellent film.

SAD FACT: Deep throat made $600 million. Linda made $1,250.
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on January 17, 2015
A movie worth seeing, if at times a little uncomfortable. Amanda Seyfried portrays the much abused Linda Lovelace with realism of a degree you feel your watching he real Linda living these events. The story of the making of Deep Throat is a very sad one and one most people don't know about. I remember seeing the movie when it first came out and had no idea of what the real story was. I must add there are fantastic supporting performances that bring the story to life, most notably, that of Sharon Stone as Linda's mother. This is not a porn movie but one about the early porn industry, before you could buy on cable from the comfort of your easy chair.
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on May 30, 2015
I finally got a chance to watch this DVD. It was nice but you need to watch it with your man if you are heterosexual. Male with female. Stimulating. I will watch it soon with him in bed with me tonight. Keep in mind, this is not like deep throat years ago movie. But it is again a nice stimulating dvd to watch with him if you feeling love......

The name was just used for this film, Linda Lovelace. Remember? Nice, Ms. Chippy
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