About Lovely Fresh

Love your pet?

At Lovely Fresh we love animals and believe they deserve the best care!Lovely Fresh, established in 2014, is a natural premium brand for pets that promotes healthy lifestyle and overall wellness of our precious four legged friends.Our goal is to supply a line of products to take the best care of pets and keep them healthy, beautiful, and live longer happier lives.We use natural ingredients that work well in our products and avoid strong chemicals.Lovely Fresh is also environmentally conscious and is promoting green living by using domestically made products and ingredients. We don't do animal testing and our products are cruelty-free. Our packaging is recyclable and our ingredients all come from natural sources that are all bio degradable.

Our "I Love My Dog Wellness" line currently includes a premium dog shampoo and deodorizer to keep dogs and cats clean and smelling pleasant at all times.We love hearing from our customers, so don't hesitate to contact us - we are here to help!