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on August 6, 2013
So many people are confused about what to eat, what not to eat, and why or why not.

As a cardiologist (with a master's degree in physiology of exercise), I have had to tip-toe through the mine-field of nutrition publications to help myself, before I could help my patients. I started to gain weight while doing triatholons and following a Mediterranean Diet. Then I decided to follow the same diet I recommended to heart attack victims, I followed and failed a rigorous low fat diet. I was worse, gained weight!

I realized then that my patients were not lying to me when they continued to get worse: more weight, higher BP, worse cholesterol and triglycerides DESPITE my recommendations. They told me they followed my dietary and exercise instructions and continued to gain weight, despite a dietary regimen of only breathing air and drinking water.

I was desperate. I was the Cardiologist who was becoming obese with metabolic syndrome. How could I be a reliable, credible teacher for my patients when I couldn't cure my own "disease"?

Yes, I crossed the forbidden line for cardiologists. I "went Low Carb".

I learned about the science, metabolism, and applied biochemistry of low carbohydrate nutrition from Eric Westman MD and his colleagues. I took a course involving hours of tutorials and reviews of hundreds of scientific papers. I was convinced that there was scientific merit. I became my own guinea pig.

It worked on myself. Weight came down, BP came down, Triglycerides went down and HDL went up. All as predicted. Now I offer this to my patients with confidence, and following a 60 pound weight loss, I feel better about myself and about what my patients can achieve.

This manual is the essence. I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to follow this regimen become very familiar with the contents, and bring the manual to their health care provider. If there are any medical conditions present, as there usually are, then this regimen should be done under the supervision of a health care provider who is familiar with Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic nutrition. If your health care provider is willing to go along with you, but has not had experience with a ketogenic diet bring a copy of this manual along with a copy of the book "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living" as a gift. You, and your health care provider, will be happy that you did.
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on March 5, 2016
The people that are giving this such low reviews are insane.

When you buy a book like this, you are purchasing it for the result it will give you, not for it to be a lengthy read.

If Dr. Westman can tell you in 15 pages how to lose weight in the best way possible (which is exactly what he does), why would you want more? It would just be fluff.

I have lost 60 pounds on this exact program, following only the advice in these 15 pages.

That's 4 pounds per page.

That its so short is a virtue not a negative.

I don't know about the other reviewers but I have many things I'd rather be doing than reading a bloated book filled with fluff

By the way I have not affiliation with Eric Westmam.
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on April 3, 2013
This manual is a simple and effective low carb diet program; the same one used at the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. With it, I lost 55 pounds in 16 months and continue to maintain that loss without hunger, calorie counting or extensive exercise. Even better, shortly after starting the No Sugar, No Starch Diet; moderate arthritis, other joint pains, skin rashes, and blood sugar issues disappeared. At 62, I am active, energetic and enjoy vibrant good health.
It is not a long book with four diet phases or net carb formulas, but rather, the strict 20g total carb ketogenic diet that works for weight loss and diabetes control. It has simple rules and a list of allowed foods in a little booklet format to carry with you. If you have seen Dr. Westman's YouTube video of his Clinic Introduction Class, this is the short manual you should have to go with it.
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on January 27, 2014
This manual not a book is somewhat a waste of money ,this looks like something you could get in your Doctors office that says Free take one. I would never had paid what I did had I know it contained very little information that probably most people already know. I ordered this not because of a weight problem but because I want to make better choices and be free from sugar .I don't consume sweets ,candy, etc but do drink a lot of coffee ,I wanted to make some tweeks.However I guess this wasn't ment for me since I am vegetarian and this manual explains that you can eat as much as you want such as Hamburger ,steak.hot dogs bacon etcI because these are not carbs. Also talks about what sugar substitutes you can use in you coffee.Any on a positive note I have known people who have tried this similar method and have lost lots of weight and are off a lot of their medicationsand my husband wants to try this just to get off sugar and to avoid sugar crashes,When I asked him if he would have purchased this on line ,his answer was NO way if you have a computer you can goggle info such is what they tell you in this manual .I do believe this works for some people I don't doubt that since I seen it with my own eyes the point im trying to make is you could save money by looking this easy info up on line .One website they use isLindas low -carb Menus and recipes at http://www.lowcarb.ca
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on August 8, 2017
This slim text has all the information and common sense you need to start and stay on a low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet. You won't have to wade through the author's life story or lab results, or page after page of theory from experts, just pure distilled information about what to eat, how much, and what not to eat.
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on June 21, 2015
Bought several books on this topic at the same time. Useful, but you have to determine for yourself how it all works in your life. Being very mindful of your carb intake/especially sugar intake will no doubt do more for your health than those consuming those low fat/carbo-loaded Snackwells. Get some reference books and decide for yourself, but it's a go for me and the weight that has plagued me all my life is simply sliding off with zero sensation of starving and without a whole lot of contemplation or feeling like I am going without. I'm eating very differently but have far more energy in my exceptionally demanding life, and honestly don't miss the stuff I'm willingly passing by. All good.
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on December 5, 2014
The bad reviews seem to ignore that this is $5. I have read Good Calories, Bad Calories. It is 468 pages. If you want a complete explanation of the history of dieting and why a low carb diet works, read that or any of the dozen or so other good books on the subject. If you want a simple way to just get started, buy this one. I have given it to or recommended to several friends and relatives who are suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, gout or diabetes. I explain to them what I have learned in my own research and try to get them to try a low carb diet. I was 41, 6' tall, and 252 pounds and suffering from gout. I lost 35 pounds in 6 months and then 17 more pounds in the next 5 months. I am now 42 and 200 pounds and have not had a gout attack since I stated a low carb diet about 11 months ago. I weigh less than I did in high school. My triglycerides are way down, and my blood pressure went from 128/82 to 97/65. I feel great. I am playing soccer again with no joint pain.

My friends and family have asked me how I did it and I tell them about the research I did on a low carb diet and give a lay explanation of how and why it works. They all say that's great, but they are not going to read a 468 book to do it. They will, however, read a 20 page pamphlet, so this book is what I recommend. (Make sure to tell any friends with diabetes to tell their doctor what they are doing before they try it).
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on April 18, 2015
Excellent info, though I would prefer a little more in-depth discussion. I believe it is a collection of the notes that they make available to their hospital clients, so understand that this is not intended to be a full-length book, but more of a take-home guide. If you just want cut-to-the-chase details on keto diet information, this is an inexpensive little pamphlet that could prove useful. If you would like more discussion and scientific detail, you might be interested in reading The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, by Volek & Phinney, or Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It, by Gary Taubes.
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on September 8, 2017
This is the manual Dr Westman gives to his patients. Takes about 15 minutes to read through. Pretty much an eat these foods as much as you need to feel satisfied. Other food items, such as cream, are moderated. List accepted vegetables, and list those food item to not eat. Totsl carbs of 20 grams per day
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on October 9, 2014
Very disappointed. I was hoping for reinforcement for what I've been learning about living a keto-adapted lifestyle in a simplified form. I purchased this b/c I recognized the author as the doctor who co-wrote Keto Clarity with Jimmy Moore, which I love, so I was expecting more.
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