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on March 4, 2014
I bought this book after finishing another Sandra Brown book, Envy, which I loved. The main thing I liked about Envy was the likability of the characters. For some reason I never connected to the characters in this story. They seemed one-dimensional and boring. I figured out who the killer was about halfway through the book, so there wasn't much suspense. I also found the sex scenes rather distasteful, but that might be because I just didn't care for the lead character and her weird intimacy issues. It seems like Sandra Brown likes to use the formulaic goody two-shoes shy girl and the bad boy as her romantic leads. It's predictable.

But the book is an easy read, it moves at a good pace, and it held my attention enough to finish it. If you like Sandra Brown, you may enjoy it, but it's definitely not her best book.
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on January 19, 2015
**Once again,bestselling author Sandra Brown does not disappoint with this excellent romantic thriller that contains a neverending mystery in all shapes and forms.........At the time, she thought she was doing the right thing by writing a true story based on her sister's murder but the last thing Bellamy Price never expected was the book to be a bestseller overnight. In fact, nobody even knew her real name until a sleezy reporter from a tabloid magazine recognized her and told the whole world who she was. Now, she is receiving frightening gifts and being stalked. Having no choice, she heads back home to Texas hoping she can put all this behind her. Can she? With her father being terminally ill, she hires a young pilot by the name of Dent Carter to fly the entire family to a medical facility, except theres only one problem when Dent recognizes them and he refuses to do it. Not only does he hold a grudge to this family but they feel the same way about him. Why? As she departs the plane, Bellamy leaves a copy of her book "Low Pressure" and advises him to read it except when he does, he's livid! Arriving at her house in order to return the book with some crude harsh words, Dent finds Bellamy distraught because someone has broken into her house. Could it be the same person in New York, she thought? Of course he knew it was over this damn book and someone didn't want the truth to surface. Demanding why she wrote it, Bellamy claims it was supposed to be therapeutic for her nothing more, nothing less. However, they both knew that the real killer responsible for her sister's death is still out there and the poor man in prison is totally innocent. At one point when Dent dated Susan eighteen years ago he was once considered a possible suspect. Being a wild child with his handsome good looks, a body made for sin not to mention having a bad boy reputation never leaving his motorcycle, Bellamy back then was secretly in love with him even if she was only twelve-years old years old but Dent remembered and he told her so knowing full well that she is holding something back like a lost memory especially since she was a witness and he refused to relent until he gets to the solid truth. What happened the day of the murder during that monster of a tornado? Why can't Bellamy remember? For once, Dent is going to find out one way or the other because that bloody book of hers is not accurate and this is the one chance to erase the negativity from his name. When sparks begin to fly between the two, they find themselves entangled in a passionate tryst and through their probing, Dent and Bellamy are mystified by the lies,discovering police corruption, people they thought they trusted, total betrayal and the one memory Bellamy wished she never had realizing the true identity of Susan's killer!...........this book was so intriguing that it was impossible to put down...enjoy!...thank you♡♡
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on November 4, 2017
If you like Sandra Brown, then you'll like Low Pressure. An easy and fast read that keeps you guessing. As always, a bit of romance thrown in. I wish she would write better dialogue for the lovers - the men always seen crass and the women, no matter how strong they are outside the bedroom, always come across as weak and needy. That being said, I enjoyed the characters and plotline.
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on December 13, 2017
Great read. One thing Brown gets right - sexy male leads. They are strong without being jerks and funny without being crude. And the female characters are strong without being insufferable and unlikable. The story was thoroughly enjoyable although I did hurt for several characters. No spoilers, though. I recommend this so much.
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on October 1, 2014
I'm an avid reader of thriller/detective mysteries and appreciate strong character development and writing that brings the characters to life. Brown' dialogue and character development were very limited, very two dimensional. The only thing that kept me reading was the fact that the overall murder plot was pretty good. I didn't guess the murderer until it was revealed. Bottom line: the book was okay - not worth the rating that it received from Amazon.
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on January 5, 2013
The plot was well constructed, but I was not impressed with her writing style. This author uses too many words that are used ouside of their ordinary usage. Some of the usage of these words I had never seen in the context she uses them. I looked up a couple just to see if they really fit the way she used them because it just seemed so strange to me. I guess if you really stretch the meanings, some of them might fit, but there is just no need for some them to be used when other descriptive terms would work better and be more familar to the average reader. I got the feeling she wants everyone to know just how educated she is, instead of just telling a story.
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on March 23, 2016
The mystery was mystifying and believable. The hero was heartwrenching. The other character were All selfish, self absorbed and mean......including the heroine. I really did Not see why the hero fell in love with her. As far as I could glean she wasn't at all lovable. I found it a challenge to finish the story because I was so totally fed up with our Berlin's selfishness and mean, Snotty attitude. The story and the mystery were well written but this book is really only a 3.5 in my opinion because dent and gall were the only characters you could invest in.
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on October 10, 2013
Eighteen years ago Bellamy Lyston Price was only 12 years old when she was involved in a family trauma from which she had never fully recovered. The day started with a Memorial Day party staged by her parents at a local park and ended in tragedy when a Tornado struck the park and her elder sister Susan was found dead under a fallen tree. The real tragedy was that Susan had been killed before the storm struck.

Denton Carter, Susan's boyfriend at the time of her death, had quarrelled with her that day. Despite being the most probable suspect he is cleared by the police. Another boy at the party who had been chasing Susan was charged and convicted. Bellamy suspects that the wrong person may have been found guilty of the murder.

Eighteen years on Bellamy writes a "fictional" novel based on the murder in an attempt to reopen the case and find the murderer. As her book becomes popular strange things happen and she realises that she has opened up things from the past that some people don't want exposed. Surprisingly Dent gets drawn into the action and helps Bellamy to uncover the truth.

This book shows why Sandra Brown is such a successful suspense novelist. The plot has many twists and turns and distractions and includes some enjoyable romantic tension between the Bellamy and Dent. The only things that become clear before the ending is who didn't murder Susan.
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on June 22, 2017
I really like Sandra Brown. She writes strong characters and I've been reading her books for decades. This is one of my favorites. I like the hero, the family drama and the plot is well paced.
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on May 10, 2017
WOW!!! Another great book by Miss Brown. I enjoy her writing very much. Great suspense, romance, adventure....... she outs it all in her books!!!
Enjoyed reading this!!!
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