Customer Reviews: Lowepro Flipside Backpack 300 Arctic Blue/Black
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on April 29, 2009
I purchased this product for my Nikon D300. I have several lenses and other equipment in my photographic arsenal. These include:
* D300 Body
* 50mm
* 70-200mm
* 16-85mm
* 35-70mm
* Speedlight Flash
* Remote cable
* Extra battery and memory card
All fit nicely within the main compartment. I chose this model because I like the added security of the opening being next to the body and not where some passerby can easily get to the contents. In addition I do a lot of nature photography and having the ability to get to my camera equipment by just spinning it around and without having to lay it on the ground is also an added plus. I have seen other photographers needing to remove their camera pack, place it on the ground to get into their pack. While this may not seem like a big deal, when you are shooting desert photography, laying your pack down and getting cactus needles embedded against their back makes for an uncomfortable rest of the day.
I really love my Lowepro Flipside 300 pack and recommend it to others.
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on November 13, 2010
I was using the lowepro slingshot 200 before I bought the Flipside 300 and had trouble with the shoulder strap falling off my shoulder when I was hiking. This became quite annoying and frankly the slingshot was very uncomfortable on hikes. I want a pack that is lightweight, small and comfortable but will carry the essential photo gear when I hike. The Flipside rocks. The breast and waist straps keep the weight on the waist and not the shoulders. I love the tripod carrying option as well. It holds my Canon EOS7d with 70-300mm lens attached, 2 wide angle telephoto lenses, a 100mm macro lens and speedlight flash. The removable inside pocket holds an extra battery, charger, 3 polarizing filters, extra batteries for flash and a close up filter. There is also a water bottle pouch and a small zippered section for compact flash cards and a few personal items. Not a lot of room for non photo gear, but I cannot carry a lot of weight on my back, and I manage to tuck small bags of tail mix and dried fruit in the pack. I only want the essentials. This is not a backpackers pack it is a day pack and works beautifully for that purpose. The pack weighs about 20-25 lbs with all my gear in it, including the tripod. That's enough weight for me to carry. There is also the option to wear the camera around my neck and this opens some space for a light jacket or sweater inside the pack. Another nice feature is that is does not look like a photo gear pack and so does not attract attention in that regard. Also it opens from the inside so no one can pilfer without you knowing about it. I have used this pack on many hikes and find it suits all my needs.
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on August 4, 2008
I purchased this backpack for a trip to south america and the security of having it only open from the back is a big plus. The pack is rigid and well padded and I do not worry about my gear inside getting damaged. The pack feels as if was built to last with durable materials and solid stitching. I use this pack for day hikes and such and find that it holds all of my necessary equipment (XTi camera body, 2-3 lenses, a few filters, tripod, memory cards and various other accessories), while not be overly large and cumbersome to carry around all day. I would recommend this product to a friend.
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on July 10, 2012
Here goes my first review.

I bought this bag within the last year as I started to collect more lenses and wanted a safe way to carry and store them. I did a lot of reading on a lot of bags and, based on what I wanted, finally settled on this one.

What I was looking for in a bag:
- backpack style
- medium size with room to grow
- camera/lens accessibility
- customizable layout
- protection

Obviously, this bag meets my criteria for what I was looking for. I was indifferent as to how the bag was opened just as long as my camera was relatively easily accessable. Although the back entry seems to be a nice security feature, it's more useful purpose allows the bag to be opened without taking it completely off. By clipping the wasit strap, you can swing the bag around to your front side and let it hang off your waist, leaving both hands free to change lenses, etc. While this isn't the most comfortable position for long periods of time, it is a nice feature to have in situations where you don't necessarily want to put your bag on the ground; i.e. wet or sandy conditions. The layout is very customizable to a certain degree. It's somewhat fixed in the most logical general layout in the sense that certain things can only fit in certain places, but everything inside is removable. They have several sizes of this bag and this one seemed to be able to hold everything I needed it to without being bulky or compromising. The protection is very good with more than adequate padding on all sides and in the dividers. The back panel is also very heavily padded and almost pillow-like when on your back.

Pros (to me):
- chest and waist straps
- great padding/equipment protection
- small external storage for memory cards, keys, phone, etc.
- large pocket inside for misc things, filters, flash trigger, remotes, etc.
- additional interior pocket for cleaning kit, filters, etc. (no odd shaped things as you will feel them while wearing the bag here)
- strechy external pocket convenient for granola bars, 32 oz powerade/nalgene, etc.
- adequate space inside
- top handle is very useful
- well constructed and looks nice overall

But as nice as this bag is, it does have several misses. The shoulder straps are under-padded. I may have the bag over packed but I do find my shoulders to be sore after wearing it for extended amounts of time. The tripod holder is also poorly designed. I do like the inconspicuousness of it when it is not in use, but when you have a tripod attached as designed, you can't put the bag down on the bottom without either the tripod falling out or the bag falling over because the "leg pocket" hangs down lower than the bottom of the bag. This is not a huge deal to me because if I carry anything it's usually just my monopod, which I can deal with just by carrying it, but it is an issue worth mentioning. The chest straps really help in the comfort of this pack, but they don't seem to stay on well. Since they slide on to a piece of piping sewn to the shoulder straps from the bottom, they tend to fall off if adjusted too low or get caught on something as you lift the bag off the ground. I have since lost, and miss, half of the chest strap. I did see a one-star review complaining that the inside was hard to access due to the back panel not opening all the way, and there is some truth to that. Access to the lower part of the bag is not unbearable, just a little less convinent.

Cons (to me):
- shoulder straps seem under-padded (easy remedy is add some cheap laptop bag shoulder pads or something)
- chest straps fall off
- tripod mount is functional while on your back, but useless any other time
- no rain cover

All things considered, this is a great bag that holds everything I need it to. I don't think I could have found a bag that would of met my needs better than this one does and although it's a premium price, the quality, construction, and protection is on par with the cost in my opinion. I have taken it on planes, to the beach, on short (under 3 mile) hikes, and everywhere in between and I don't regret it at all.

I'm also including a list of what I carry so you can see how much this bag actually fits:
- Canon 7D body
- Canon f2.8 70-200mm is ii with hood
- Canon f2.8 16-35mm ii
- Canon f2.8 60mm macro with hood
- Canon f1.8 50mm "nifty fifty"
- Canon f1.2 50mm
- Canon f3.5-5.6 28-135mm kit lens
- Rokinon f3.5 8mm fisheye
- 2 extra filters
- cleaning kit
- lens pen
- wired remote
- 3 memory cards
- extra battery
- flash trigger
- macro filter
- extension tubes
- other misc stuff

Hope this helped!
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on August 20, 2011
Here's a list of what this bag will hold of mine:
digital SLR with 300mm lens (with hood reversed)
two additional professional lenses, wide angle and standard zoom
hot shoe flash
extra pouch where my battery charger sits and cleaning kit resides
extra open slots for filters
At that point she's basically full!

On the outside I have my Slik U9000 tripod attached. One reviewer said the tripod mount was worthless. His review is worthless, this thing handles a small tripod with ease, as well my monopod of course, but not both at the same time. Two of the tripod feet (folded up) sit in this pouch that peels out, and there's a strap with latch to hold in place. When you set the "backpack" down the tripod slides up since the backpack will set vertical on it's own, kind of nice!
Has a pouch on the onside with zipper for extra film cards, phone, writing utensils etc.
Elastic pouch on other side for keys I other more bulky items.
Carry handle as well as hook loop for hanging on wall on top.

You access camera from back of backpack so you cannot access it while walking.
This is really not a hiking pack, but a camera bag that you carry over your shoulder or both shoulders for longer walks like when on vacation or on just a walk. A hiking pack you'd expect to haul more junk than just your camera, but this is a bag that I will leave with my camera stuff in, and just grab and go, tripod included!! Very, very slick, and for only $80, I love it.

Good looking, well constructed. I have expensive lenses in this and I'm satisfied they are well looked after. I have been carrying multiple straps around for years because I don't like most camera cases because they are not good for any long walk. This is a much better solution by far. Even with the tripod attached to the back most people don't even think it's a camera case, but a backpack with a tripod attached for some reason. Silly yes, but it just doesn't look like an expensive camera case,but it is

Downside of tripod attachment is you have to rest bag on tripod to access camera, so it rolls around unless you first remove the tripod, which you can do because it's easily and quickly removed. Sort makes you go though, "Well, maybe I'll just leave the tripod off" Sure is nice to have the tripod with you when you need it. Nice at any rate to have the option, but it does come at a cost.

Accessing the camera from the back is a blessing and curse. Makes you leave camera around your neck a lot. But I'll give that up for the extra security it offers when you are in areas that are packed with people. I'm not worried at all that all of the sudden my camera will be missing right off of my back!

I'm not a hiker that needs lots of gear. I want a camera bag, and for me this thing holds all my gear essentially, with the exception of my monopod, and I can throw it over my shoulder, or both for a long range hike. It's also a handsome piece of luggage I must say. I'd pay double and it'd still be worth every cent!
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on December 30, 2012
The bag does what it says it will - I have an 80-400 Nikkor lens on a D800 (with the lens hood turned around so that it's not sticking way out) and the camera + mounted lens does in fact fit nicely into the bag. But if you take the lens off and put on a smaller lens (that you brought with you in the bag), I have not yet found a great way to configure the bag to hold the 80-400 in another compartment without having to re-configure the dividers. None of this is Lowepro's problem though - this is the down side of not going to your local camera shop and seeing if your gear does in fact fit. The quality is great though and I love the fit of the backpack on my back. Absolutely wonderful bag. Also, with this bag, the opening for your gear is against your back, making it more secure. Further, when you take the pack off and set it down in the dirt somewhere, you only get the back of the pack dirty, not the side of the pack you will have against your back when you put it on again (does that make sense?).
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on November 24, 2014
Fits enough gear you'd want to take on a hike.
it's not All Weather, so be careful if you're taking it out in heavy rain.
Lowe Pro claim it's water proof material, but I don't trust them enough to risk it.
I wish it had compartments for other items, like snacks, etc.
I attack a couple of S&F cases (utility bag + collapsible lens case) to each shoulder strap, so i can have extra storage for the couple of extra items.

this wont carry all your gear, if you get paid to shoot, but it will take vitals, you gotta decide beforehand what essentials you need on each trip.

I was planning on getting a Top Loader for shorter hikes, and a larger cases for photo shoots. I bought this thinking it will be a much larger bag, but i was pleasantly surprised by how versatile it is, it fit both bills, and saved me buying an extra bag.

I did attempt to buy Lowepro Flipside 400 AW, but that one could only fit same amount of gear, and was very uncomfortable, and cost twice as much. If you're comparing the two, I'd highly recommend the 300... if you're like me: like to travel light, still pack a lot of gear.
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on January 11, 2014
I had a Rosewill DSLR bag I bought from Newegg. It ripped at the shoulder and nothing would stay in place while moving around.

This Lowepro bag is deceptively roomy! I can store my telephoto lens in the bag and still have room for my 16-50 lens + 1.4x teleconverter attached to my A77 body! Honestly it's outstanding.

The concept of flipping the bag around while attached to your waist seemed almost gimmicky when I ordered it but in practice it works good. I wish the waist strap was a little padded or wider so it would be sturdier.

The carry handle is great as well. My previous bag had a typical U-Shaped backpack handle that ran from one shoulder strap to the other, pretty typical. The design of this carry handle makes more sense. It's so easy to grab the bag and go it's awesome!

I wish they included the accessory bag that clips to the shoulder.

My only con is that the two spots where lenses can be held at the bottom of the bag are difficult to access. But I can tell that if the back zipped down further you would sacrifice rigidity. I would rather have a bit difficult access.

My gear:
- Sony A77
- Sony 16-50 f/2.8
- Sony 70-400 f/4-5.6
- Sigma Hotshoe Flash
- Sony Action Cam w/ Case
- Action Cam handheld stick/monopod
- Timer remote (its about 6 inches long)
- Memory Card reader
- Spare Memory Card
- 1.4x teleconverter
- Caps for all lenses
- Lens Hoods (attached backwards on the lenses)

I'm sure i'm missing some equipment as well. Overall it's outstanding and you should buy it.
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on November 11, 2013
I've had this bag for several years now. I bought it primarily for the security aspects. When I go on trips I like the security of knowing that the contents of my bag are safe and cannot be accessed by pickpockets. The bag has held up in almost new condition while being exposed to various weather and crowd extremes. I've never had any problems with anything I put in the bag. I currently have it configured to travel with a Canon 7D camera, Canon EF-S 18-135mm and EF 70-200mm L II lenses, Canon 2X III teleconverter, multiple filters, spare memory and batteries, and other accessories. I can also put the 7D in the bag with the battery grip, but that does make things a little tight.

UPDATE - JULY 2015 - I've used this bag for almost two years now. I use it almost every weekend and it's been on multiple whale watching trips, a trip to Disneyland, three trips to Disney World, and multiple trips to various tourist destinations in North America. I take it on-board when traveling by air and use it as an under the seat bag. The bag shows very minimal wear after all of these experiences. The zippers are all still in mint condition and the bag still holds its shape. The amount and type of equipment I carry has changed over time (gotten bulkier and heavier!) but the bag is still performing like a champ. I would buy this again in a heartbeat - great product by Lowepro!
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on February 5, 2013
The Lowepro Flipside 300 is a bag I chose as a secondary camera bag after I got a 2nd DSLR body and a few more lenses. I needed something smaller than my current bag, but one that could hold a complete setup as my primary "go to " bag. This bag comes close to being excellent, but not quite. I like the build and quality of the bag as it is very good. The top handle is also very convenient to use, as I generally don't wear it as a backpack. It has a sliplock loop on each shoulder strap allowing you to attach additional small pouches. These loops though, are actually a bit too high on the straps and could use to be lower as my pouch sits too high and close to my face. When wearing the bag, you can leave the waist belt attached and slip off the shoulder straps and then 'spin' the entire bag around to the front. The waist belt is much too thin though and I wished it were much wider. With the opening to the bag actually on the back, this allows you access to your gear without having to remove the entire backpack from your body. This does work to do this, but it's not as comfortable and convenient as you might think to do this. The flap for the opening also is built such that it wants to keep flipping back down and you end up having to constantly hold it open, which is a hassle. I understand the rigid construction, but the flap really needs a way to stay open on its' own. Perhaps over time it will loosen up some. There is a single side pouch on one side of the backpack, but unfortunately it barely opens wide enought to store even the thinnest of items and is not extremely useful. There is a single storage pouch on the insdie too, which is nice, but it too does not offer a lot of space. Enough for a few batteries, cable release, and other small items. Overall, I wished the bag was about 1-2" longer and wider. I do wish the bag had an all weather option also, but it does not. I like that bag and can make it work, I just mainly wished it was a bit larger. It would still be smaller than my other backpack and be perfect. As it is, I would give this bag 3.5 stars if I could, but 4 is a good rating due to the build quality.

For reference, I have arranged the inside such that I have a Canon 5DMKIII with 24-70 f/2.8L attached with lens hood reversed in the bag sideways. I then have room for my 70-200 f/4L with reversed hood, a Canon 420EX flash, and a Samyang f/2.8 lens with a Canon 1.4x teleconverter squeezed in. I have 2 extra camera batteries, a Satechi wireless timer remote, and standard Canon cable remote in the interior pouch and it is packed tight. With all this gear, the bag is packed tight with no room for anything else of any size.
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