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on January 5, 2015
I wanted a stylish backpack that had plenty of space for normal items, and a designated space for my camera, this bag is all that and more. The camera compartment is removable and a flap comes out in the event that you just need a regular backpack. Also the all weather rain fly is very easy to apply and put back away. If I could I would rate this 6 stars and I definitely recommend. Happy Shooting!
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on June 2, 2016
I was looking for a camera backpack with a separate compartment for non-camera stuff that was small enough to count as my "personal item" on an airplane. This one fit the bill nicely, (technically it is 1 inch too tall for United Airlines, but no one seemed to notice). The only problem with the pack is the camera compartment is about an inch too small to squeeze in my 300mm lens. It is about a 50/50 split between the camera and other stuff areas. I'd rather have more room in the padded camera compartment. I had to take the removable camera compartment and rotate it 90 degrees and then distort the nearly square compartment into an oval before I was able to get the lens to fit. Then it took some other interesting orientations to get my older Canon Rebel DSLR camera with 18mm-55mm lens and another 50mm lens all in there. An advantage of rotating the camera compartment was it made room to fit the Manfrotto MMC3-01 Compact 5 Section Aluminum Monopod for Cameras (Black) inside the pack as well. I took the whole collection day trip hiking while on vacation, and it worked fine for that as long as I only brought two lenses so I could get everything in and out easy enough. It also doesn't look out of place on the trail like so many camera or laptop backpacks would, including the newer version of the Photo Hatchback.

The pack is well built with very sturdy water bottle pockets on the side, and the front pouch has two compartments, one that barely fits 8.5" x 11" papers and the other that is great for a tablet such as a Kindle Fire.
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on March 30, 2014
Without being able to touch and see different camera bags, I settled on this bag and couldn't be more pleased. The Lowepro website gives great recommendations for bag style. I wanted something easy to bring along, and keep up with kids. If I were to be more actively involved in hiking, I would be looking at the sport version, or some of the other Lowepro bags that have a more padded waist belt.

My Nikon D7100 fits great, with 18-55 lens attached, extra lens, charger and a little extra space. Love the front pockets for iPad (currently using for manual, writing notebook & pens)!

I had previously purchased the larger size (22L), but felt that it was too big, and the height of the bag felt quite clunky on my back (I'm 5'6").

The blue color is very pretty. The handle at the top has been quite useful, too!

For the camera section, I love that it comes out and is still quite protected if I'm using the bag for other purposes.

If the camera is situated at the bottom of the compartment, there is one padded layer, and then two layers of the bag, plus the all weather cover to add some extra protection.

For the side pockets, a narrow water bottle is needed.

With all the gear I mentioned I carry, there's still plenty of room in the top section to bring along a lightweight jacket, snacks, towel, etc.
As small as this backpack is, it can pack a lot!

Accessing the camera from the back seemed strange at first, but I actually like it--more secure, easy to open.

A few cons
Not all the straps have elastic to hold the loose ends (if you sew, you could easily add on)
Big Lowepro name printed on the visible side of bag--announces that it's a camera bag

I am so impressed with the quality of the backpack-the padding, design, & durable material. This is the third Lowepro bag we've owned for our cameras, and for the price, am one very happy 'enthusiast photographer'!
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on February 27, 2017
I really love this bag! I've had it for almost two years and it's been a life (and back) saver on multiple occasions. I'm definitely more of a photo enthusiast and far from a professional, so I don't carry a ton of equipment. The main items I keep in it are a Nikon D7000, the kit lens it came with, an 85mm Nikkor and a recently purchased Tamron 70-200mm. I can pack the camera with the kit or 85mm mounted in the padded camera area of the bag, but it's definitely not going to fit mounted with the 70-200mm. But that's not a big issue for me, as I can find other space for it in the top half of the bag or maybe even adjust the velcro compartments down low to pack it separately. That's what I love about the bag - the flexibility it offers. After packing the camera gear, I still have room up top for filters, chargers, camera card cases, my GoPro, other cables, etc. I've slid in a MacBook and iPad into the outer pocket on different occasions also. I will say I'm not a big fan of doing that for extended amounts of time, just because it feels like it puts a strain not only on the Mac stuff, but the zipper and fabric of the bag. I haven't had any issues with tears or holes and I'm probably just being paranoid, but it's a personal preference not to push my luck with it. Most of my bag's travels are pretty tame - mainly amusement parks, cheer competitions, school functions and whatever else my kids are doing that I'm trying to document. But it has been caught outside a couple of times in the wet, particularly one time at Arlington National Cemetery where I got caught in an unexpected downpour for about 15-20 minutes of good hard rain. I popped on the rain cover and hoped for the best. While I'll admit I had a bit of a sinking feeling as I was drenched to the bone, everything in my camera bag was perfectly fine! That was my clincher! Love this bag!
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on June 11, 2014
Purchased for an international trip, like the configuration, but found it too big to be comfortable for my 4'11" frame. I already had the 16L, so took that with my mirrorless camera and three lenses, and it worked very well, and returned the 22L. Not a lot of storage on top, but enough for a day pack and minimally enough for air travel. Brought my iPad, with Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover, which fit well in the front pocket. Really like that it has a rain cover. Adjustable, padded camera storage that is removable from the bottom. You can open the velcro separator and push long thin items behind the camera holder or use as a full bag with the camera holder removed. In my case the camera died and I did remove the padded case and put it in the suitcase. I can see using the camera insert in another bag at times as well. Waist belt and chest strap, which tends to come off if it slides down to the end of the strap. Recommend whatever is the appropriate size for your body type. 16L is tight for a DSLR with lenses.
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on August 13, 2015
This is a great camera bag, very nice design. I like the fact that you can remove the camera case insert and use it as a regular backpack. My only complaint is that the camera compartment is a little small. I bought this bag to use for an overseas vacation. I hoped that the 22L would allow me to bring my full-frame DSLR (Canon 6D) and three zooms (16-35, 24-70, 70-200) but it's not large enough. The most that you can fit into the camera compartment is body+lens plus another lens (after configuring the compartment many different ways, I was able to squeeze in my Canon 6D w/16-35 attached and the 70-200 next to it (a very tight fit for the 70-200). The 24-70 had to go into the upper bag area where there is little protection. I wish Lowepro had made the camera compartment just a little bit larger to fit everything, but it's still a great backpack and I plan to use it on my vacation.

UPDATE: I decided to travel smarter and leave the big, heavy glass at home. I bought a Tamron 28-300mm lens to replace my 24-70 and 70-200 lenses, kept the 16-35 for wide shots, and threw in a nifty-fifty f/1.8 for low light shots. Everything fits perfectly inside the 22L's camera compartment (plus my bag is 4 pounds lighter!)
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on October 15, 2015
My daughter is taking photo in high school. She takes our (it was supposed to be mine...) Nikon D3200 with her everywhere. SHe will not even let me handle it anymore....(Hint to hubby, I want a new camera please). She complains about the NIkon bag being too small to carry what she wants to take on trips, and the other camera bags that we have are just too big. She wanted a photo backpack, and so we went looking. REI had this in stock for about $100, and we were about to buy it, when someone reminded me that I am an Amazon Prime member. On prime it was less than $75 shipped. I normally would have just bit the bullet, and supported the Brick and Mortar store, but they did not have the Galaxy Blue color. Anyway, it got here in less than 3 days, so thank You Adaroma, and Amazon. Now I will feel more at ease when the Kiddlett goes on her trips with her Photo Teacher and friends
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on April 24, 2015
I have had a Lowepro sport 15L for a couple of years, and it has served me really well. I love everything about it until the birth of my son.

Being a parent means I have to carry lots of baby care items like diaper and bottles. I'd been searching for a solution, some kind of backpack that would allow me to bring photography gear with adequate protection and also allow me to carry non-photography related items.

I've thought about using camera insert and put it into a regular backpack, but access to gear is too difficult and level of protection is unconvincing.

I should mention that I prefer the opening to be facing me instead of outward to the sides or to the top. This is for security reason. I want the gear space to be enough such that I can carry 5dmk3,24-70 2.8, 70-300L, and an eos M3 with lens attached. The gear compartment of this bag does exactly that. The shoulder straps feel so comfortable that I feel like I can carry it all day. The weather cover is extremely important and is part of the purchasing decision. In this case the weather cover protects the entire backpack. Then inside gear compartment has a drawstring that allows you to close. Therefore you could have two layers of protection against bad weather. I also like the look of the bag. It's not dorky and doesn't shout camera bag.

I'm quite happy that this bag fulfills what is my wishlist. It would be perfect if the gear compartment can be one inch deeper. Right now I can't put my 100L vertically. And I can't put my mk3 with lens attached anyway other than what you see in the picture. Otherwise it'd be protruding and makes carrying uncomfortable. You'll see what I mean. The non-gear compartment is decent sized. I can probably put everything my child will need for a day. I do wish that there's extra straps on the outside such that I can hang a jacket but that's not a deal breaker.

Overall this bag is close enough to being perfect for my needs. There are limitations of course. I can foresee some people saying that the non-gear compartment is too small. Compared to a regular backpack, that's definitely the case. However, whoever is looking at Lowepro probably sees photo gear as top priority. So it's helpful to see this bag as primarily a camera backpack that happens to have extra room for other things. I hope this review is helpful.

An update:

I managed to stuff my mk3 with 70-200 2.8ii attached into the gear compartment, along with 24-70 2.8ii and m3 with 11-22 attached. Barely fit but I'll make do. Alternatively I can have the mk3 attached to 24-70. There'd be more room in that case. But I like to shoot wide angle with the m3 and tele with the mk3 so that I don't have to change lens. For the purpose of convenience I'll leave the arrangement as it stands now. I do enjoy having the flexibility to try out different configuration.

Another update:

I realized that I can clip the waist belt and then swing the bag around and set it in front of me. This makes changing lens easier.
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on November 15, 2017
Almost perfect design - I love how the camera section is safe from pickpockets because it opens against your back, so my only complaint is that the tablet section isn't very secure being out front with no way to lock it - I don't want people stealing my camera but I also don't want them stealing my iPad!

My iPad Pro 10.5 in ALMOST fits in the zipper pocket against the top of your back in the main compartment, but not quite. If that were half an inch wider it would fit there and be more secure. The placement of the tablet pocket isn't bad functionally but I'm worried someone could just easily unzip it and take my iPad. I would prefer if the iPad was against my back or if that section at least had a way to lock the zipper shut.

(I saw that there is a newer version of this backpack but the tablet pocket is still on the outside.)

Also would be nice if it had some straps on the outside back for attaching a jacket or similar on the outside.
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on June 18, 2017
After about a year and half:

The bag is comfortable, can carry a lot of gear, and the padded external pocket (tablet pocket) is convenient. The camera access is inconvenient as I haven't figured out a comfortable way to get my camera out without taking the bag completely off, but the removable gear organizer is pretty great.

Outside of the difficulty getting to gear with the bag on (as opposed to a side-access pocket), the only other issue I have with this product is the build quality. Day one, one of the side pockets got a hole in it from a large water bottle (one I always travel with and haven't had issues with other bags when using). It looks like the pocket was stretched too much and tore. The tear is getting worse with more use unfortunately. There's also way too much fraying on the stitching. I have flown with this bag less than 10 times and hiked maybe 15 times with it and do not think the amount of stitching issues are acceptable. I don't think I can depend on this bag to hold up to what I would consider normal wear and tear and am currently looking for a replacement
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