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on March 7, 2014
I absolutely love this bag. You get a lot more for what you paid for. Honestly the pictures on the manufacture website doesn't reveal on all the little extras that you get. There are a lot of more additions that surprised me as I was unzipping and checking out every little detail.

I had a Quantaray bag and it was really too big and bulky to my tastes. I wanted something more compact and nimbler to carry around without it being a hassle. Plus I wanted a sling rather than a bookbag feel.

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on July 2, 2013
I'm writing this review because I couldn't find any precise information about the size of the bag relative to the side pocket. My scope is restricted to that aspect and nothing else, as I haven't yet had time to use it enough to form a complete opinion about it as a whole.

Before ordering this bag, I wasn't sure if my Nikon D600 would fit in the bottom compartment accessible by the side pocket. The camera is 4.4" high, whereas Lowepro's website lists the bag's internal depth at 3.9" and I couldn't tell exactly which model the Canon camera in the video was.

Luckily the D600 fits fine, even with a Joby quick-release plate attached to the bottom of the camera, and without any bulge on the outside of the bag either. The side pocket is also wide enough to pull the camera out without much trouble, though it's clear that it would be a bit smoother with a narrower APS-C body. I have it in there with a 50mm f/1/8 lens (hood attached), and there is enough room left in the bottom compartment for the 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens (hood inverted), another lens of equal size (not a huge wide-angle zoom or anything like that), and perhaps a battery charger. Of course you can fit a decent amount of other stuff (flash units, filters, batteries, etc.) in the other pockets too, but I'm just talking about the main compartment excluding the top portion.

The bag should also fit a Canon 6D, which is nearly same height and width as the D600. I think that a Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800 would also fit in the bag quite easily, but trying to smoothly pull either of those cameras out of the side pocket (the main distinguishing feature of this bag, in my opinion) would probably be an exercise in frustration unless you have rather small hands.
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on March 24, 2015
I've been looking nearly forever for a bag that could serve me as a daily driver for my Nikon d3300 and I'm glad to say, I've found it, this is the perfect bag.

The Lowepro 250 AW is compact enough to easily bring around in travel and hit a nice equilibrium in terms of looks and functionality.

(This is a rather lengthy review of the Lowepro Transit Sling Bag 250 AW. If you do plan to read this in full, please take a step back and grab a cup of tea or coffee as you slowly read through the review. Thank you!)


- Reasoning behind purchase -

My main objective was to find a camera bag that would serve also as a mini carrying bag for important stuff such as passports, phone, battery bank, etc but nothing too big so that it will end up being a nuisance in fast travel.

I was originally extremely skeptical about the size of the bag. In the photos shown upfront, it looks a bit too big and this was fine with me as I have a rather large body figure but when it finally arrived, I was actually very surprised that the bag was actually quite small. I would say it is slightly under double the size of the square camera bags normally provided and/or sold by camera manufacturers.

To those asking, why not a backpack or *any other bag*? Well, I'm sure you're looking at the Lowepro 250 AW mainly because it's a sling bag with easy access to your gear and this was the same reason for myself as well. I heavily dislike the standard square sling camera bags and while there were other options, they were either simply too bulky, too small, or looked ugly in general. In the end though, convenience was a very large factor in this decision and a backpack is simply not a very convenient solution.


1) Small
2) Can fit most gear easily
3) Has many side pockets for other things

1) Small
2) Can't fit large gear easily
3) Many side pockets can only fit limited things (I'll explain this in the end)

So the pros and cons are the same things but would differ depending on the user's needs. It just so happened that it fit my needs perfectly so it leans towards the pros side but to some other people that carry large equipment, this might not be what they are looking for.

--- ---

The good:

To my situation though, this bag seemed to strike a perfect balance between just being compact enough to be easily brought around but at the same time, big enough to fit all my equipment. To those who are curious, this is what I normally bring as follows:

1 x D3300 Body (Normally attached with a 55-300mm lens)
1 x 55-300mm lens
1 x 18-55mm lens
1 x wall battery charger
1 x travelling wall adapter
3 x lens caps
1 x extra battery
1 x notebook
1 x book (if possible)

I was rather amazed that this actually all fit with a bit of room to spare. While I would have loved a bit more room on the upper section of the bag where I can store things such as say my passport or other small belongings, this should do good enough of a job for any other user.

Since I don't carry a tablet with me, I was pleasantly surprised that I could, not only fit a notebook, but also a book into the back section for the tablet! While the book and the notebook aren't very large, this was a nice serendipitous find since I was never expecting them to fit in the first place. (On a side note: It is actually a really tight fit so your mileage may vary depending on the thickness of your books)

The front zipper is not very large but was very useful as a quick access pocket for things such as an extra camera battery or even say a storage spot for keys or cash. Sadly, since this is kind of a tight squeeze, don't expect much to fit in there.

The quick access zipper on the side of the bag is a complete godsend and I have been using it non-stop. The convenience of this quick access method is simply amazing and I wouldn't need to go through a lot of movement to be shooting photos in no time compared to say other bags wherein you would need to either put down the bag or open the entire thing to get the camera out. A big no-no when moving around very quickly in travel.

Since I don't normally go out during rainy days to take photos nor do I take a tripod with me, I found no reason to use the raincover or the tripod loops but it is a nice addition to the total set of the bag which could potentially be a big plus to potential users.

Last but not least, the dividers meant for your gear is detachable thanks to the velcro. Due to my configuration, I have found out I didn't need 2 of the removable velcro dividers provided by Lowepro. This actually provided me with ample spacing and lot of breathing room for my gear without everything being too cramped which in my book, would be considered a plus as well.

--- ---

The bad (maybe?):

To start off, I noticed that the slot that the DSLR (with lens attached) slot was rather large. This actually made my D3300 move quite a bit if I don't use my camera strap to fill in the remaining empty space on the other side of the bag. This problem though is a very unique one to myself and should not actually be counted towards the determent of the bag.

Another problem I encountered was that I could not keep my DSLR (with 18-55mm lens on) in the slot without actually moving my larger lens into the compartment at the top of the bag. The reason behind this is due to the fact that the clearance of my 55-300mm lens is too large so the bag will not close if you have the lens in a standing configuration as shown on the product page of the Lowepro 250 AW. (As shown in attached photos)

While one could argue that I could have the DSLR (with 55-300mm lens on) standing on the same length as the bag (as shown in the picture on the product page), this would actually defeat the purpose of me buying this bag so that I can carry around my camera gear + some small other unrelated things, such as maybe a passport, phone, or even a wallet.

But as mentioned earlier, this is all problems that are rather unique to myself and might not be with other users and should not be considered a bad thing for the bag.

--- ---
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on September 6, 2014
I chose this bag because it appeared to fit an iPad and camera with lenses with ease, while leaving a little extra space for other items.

I have an iPad that is in a Zagg Profolio case (leather case with an ultra thin keyboard). This makes it VERY hard to slide into the dedicated iPad sleeve. If the zipper was just SLIGHTLY longer, then the iPad would slide in an out with ease. I have to work very hard to get my iPad in and out, BUT it does go in with work. My guess is the bag is designed to hold an iPad that is NOT in a case. (who does that?!)

The strap is very odd feeling on my chest. As I read from another woman, there's no way explain it nicely, but to say that the straps do not work with breasts. This is probably not a good choice for women...there just has to be a better bag for a woman than this.

The strap adjusts in length, but does not have a buckle; therefore, you have to "crawl" through the sling. It's awkward for me, as it always gets caught on my pony tail. If it had a buckle (like most sling back-packs) it would be much easier to put on.

The bag is very well sewn with nice material.

The inside is easily velcro rearrangeable to hold what you need inside.

The sewn in rain cover is very convenient and looks like it will work well (I haven't needed it yet).
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on May 17, 2016
I'm using a Canon 5D3 with a Tamron 150-600 zoom and wasn't sure it would fit. It's a tight fit, but it does fit even assembled. The rain shield worked great schlepping around Manhattan in the rain for a day. The back got wet, but that can't be helped. I was even able to carry my 24-105 lens as well. The right clip-on strap (what's the proper name?) worked well to keep he bag in position on my back. The extra pockets carry extra batteries, rain sleeve, etc. Build quality is very good; zippers all work great.
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on February 28, 2014
So while looking for a small-medium bag I came across the Vanguard up Rise II series (34/43) and the LowePro Transit Sling 250AW. Both where about the same size and had the side compartment and could hold additional lenses and a flash. The price was around the same as well. What sold me on the Lowe Pro was the fact that it could hold a 10" tablet and a tripod.

Choosing a camera bag is like choosing a pair of shoes. You’ll try quite a few on before you find one that fits and you like. I have researched many bags before choosing the Transit Sling. I made the mistake of purchasing a Kata bumblebee ul 222 which is the nicest camera bag I have ever seen, but it’s the size of a baby elephant. While this is great for taking everything you own to a big shoot or on a safari, it was way too big for day to day photography.

Now for the review.

The bag is well made and the straps and zippers appear very durable. It's comfortable and doesn't hurt my shoulders or chaff my neck. It has a cross strap, but I don't use those.

All the zippers (except the tablet compartment) have a string pull which looks like they can be replaced. The main strap is padded and has the breathable mesh. It is adjustable and has place to clip accessories on. It also has a clip that connects to cross strap. The strap itself feels durable but I can't tell if it’s double sewn. On the top of the bag is a handle, but it looks somewhat flimsy. I guess it could support the weight of the bag when full.

The back of the bag is padded very nicely and is breathable. The right side has the strap for the tripod. You have to pull the foot out from behind a flap to use the tripod holder.

The left side has the quick access section. It can fit my canon 70d with an 18-55 lens with the straps. No way a battery grip or a quick release plate will fit. Getting a 70d out is not the easiest thing to do. But if you have small fingers it will be a breeze. Me personally, I feel that the opening could be 1/2" larger all around.

The front of the bag has a small compartment with a curved zipper opening. Useful for small, flat nit knacks. The compartment could be more useful if the opening was larger.

You open the main zipper to access the main compartment. It’s broken down into a top compartment and a camera compartment. The flap has a small zippered compartment that can fit keys, change, etc. It's too small for a wallet, but id and credit cards could fit. The top compartment is roomy and can hold personal items or camera accessories. If you wanted to, a 70-200mm lens could fit in here, but not much else. This compartment also has an elastic mesh pocket to hold things as well.

The camera section holds your camera with lens. 1-2 extra lenses, a flash and other accessories. I'm going to be honest...with an 18-55mm lens on, this section can only hold 1 more lens and 1 small flash. To be able to hold a flash, you have to remove two dividers. But I could just as easily put the flash in the top compartment. You can also convert the main compartment to hold a camera with a 70-200mm lens by folding the divider with the red flap down and putting the divider with the cutout beneath. In this configuration, the body rests in the top compartment with the lens protruding into the lower compartment. To fold this flap down you have to remove the divider with the cutout first, then put it back when the divider with the red flap is folded down. It's also a lot easier to remove the other dividers. You can fit the body with a 70-200mm lens and 1 flash (or 2 lenses.). It fits with a ring mount, but if you are using a lens hood, you will have to reverse it. And of course you do lose the quick access.

There is a zipper on the top left for the 10" tablet. The zipper opens in a curve so it cannot fit an iPad 3/4 with a case. Out of the case they can fit just fine. Lowepro should have made the zipper open up further on the top or on the side. This is really my only issue with the bag.

There is also a rain cover on the bottom of the bag to keep the bag and its contents dry during wet conditions.

All in all this is one of the best small/mid sling bags on the market. It's stylish, comfortable, configurable, and light and holds just what you did to take beautiful pictures.
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on February 6, 2014
I bought this bag because I needed something a little smaller for a trip to South Africa. I have a Tamrac Evolution 8 which is an awesome bag that holds all my gear, but the problem is, when fully loaded, it's HEAVY. I wanted something lighter because I knew I would be wearing it all day. I'm only planning to take two lenses and a flash, and this bag fits everything perfectly. My big lens is a monster, (17-300mm Nikkor) and with the camera body measures 8" long, and there was still room for my battery charger - fitting it width-wise into the bag, (accessible from the side pocket). Not sure about the strap, etc for a tripod, by monopod is pretty long, even when collapsed, so I'm not sure that will work well, but everything else is great, and I'm very pleased with the quality/workmanship.

I'll be taking this bag on my trip next month so I'll let you know later how it worked out.

**Update** Back from my trip!

I just upgraded my original review to 5 stars from 4 stars because I was so pleased with how this bag performed.

I wore this bag on my back everyday for 3 weeks, and I must say, it became a part of me. I was the only one on the trip taking pictures, so I knew everyone was counting on me to document everything, (I took 2500+ pics!), and this bag made it easy for me to make sure I always had my camera along. I can't think of a single negative thing to say. The fabric held up well, the zippers functioned without a hitch, it protected my equipment from damage, and I always had everything at my fingertips. I especially love the ability to swing the bag around and access my camera quickly through the side compartment.

If you're looking for a small bag for quick trips - BUY THIS ONE. Planning to take it the UK and Scotland in a few weeks - more great shooting opportunities.!
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on August 18, 2015
I have been using this bag for over a year now and it is still as good as new! This bag is great for caring all the camera items I need as well as extra pockets for anything else. The tablet pocket is a great addition to the versatility of this product. And I absolutely love the rain jacket that packs flawlessly into the bottom of the bag for storage. I just wish this smaller version also had two straps like it's larger counterpart instead of just the one across the chest. Otherwise, perfect for all my needs.

I carry:
1 DSLR Camera
1 point-and-shoot pocket camera
2 lenses
camera charger
1 tablet (or books instead)
and of course, snacks :)
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on December 6, 2014
Many people have problems buying camera bags, and according to Dave Dugdale (search him on youtube) the most returned item on B&H is bags. So I was afraid that this bag won't meet my expectations, but it did! I am really impressed with this bag. The built quality is great, and it's not bulky with a lot of zippers like other camera bags. It's simple and compact. My only complaints are thta the the zippers don't of te front compartment don't go all the way, so you can't open it ll the way without bending it, and there is no pouch you can put a water bottle. Other than that, great camera bag that fits my 70D, 50mm 1.8, tokina 11-16, LED 160, cleaning tools, intervalometer, batteries and chargers, small table tripod, and a compact tripod on the side of the bag. I also the compartment for tripod to carry my glidecam.
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on August 10, 2016
Love this bag. Looks great, and seriously holds all of my gear. I have bumped it pretty hard, but it seems to protect everything inside pretty well.

I keep my:
Nikon 18-35G
Nikon 70-300 VR
Nikon 50mm 1.4D
Nikon 85mm 1.8G

In it, as well as 2 filters in their cases, a self made cleaning kit, and wired trigger release. Doesn't look bulky with that in it.

Don't try to hike with this thing on. It hangs too funny for that and will cause back pain.
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