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Lowepro Passport Sling DSLR Camera Bag
Style: Passport Sling|Color: Black|Change
Price:$50.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 3, 2017
Disclosure: I've had this bag for 24 hours. My plan is to use it for every day, as well as on a flight/trip I'm taking next week. I have a Fuji X-T1 with 35MM lens and a 50-230 lens. I could put the zoom lens on and it would fit well in the bag but it's not my walk-around lens so I won't at this point. I packed my camera, two lenses, charger, long wallet, Kindle and Kindle Fire into this thing and they all fit perfectly without having to unzip the extender. Some pics are attached showing it with my wallet, camera and lenses, as well as the charger which fits perfectly into the little velcro pocket inside.

I also have a kid and with a kid comes the need for constant food and water. In the section where the wallet is, I can fit a water bottle and snacks, along with the wallet. I have yet to find another bag that fits my camera AND my stuff AND is this comfortable until this one.

Some reviewers have complained about the outside pockets. While I don't see myself using the one that wraps around the back that much, it is handy for dropping my keys into. All of the pockets are nice and deep. The main side pocket is perfect for my Galaxy S8 phone. It drops deep enough into the pocket that I don't have to worry about it falling out. Once I drop my phone (on its side) into the pocket, I have a little more than 2.5" of space from the edge of the phone to the top of the pocket. I personally like an open pocket for easy in and out of the phone.

This bag is great...if you have a need for a low profile bag that can do more than carry your phone, I highly recommend it.
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on March 13, 2017
I really like this bag! It fits my camera with an attached lens plus one additional smaller lens along with several other items in the bag and pockets area. It fits nicely across my body just like a messenger bag. It is very comfortable on the shoulder and you can remove the shoulder padding if you don't like that piece.

My one wish would be that the actual camera side of the bag be slightly taller and easier to zip. It is a little short for a Canon 6D with a 24-70 lens attached. It is sort of hard to zip with that combo inside because the camera is too tall/big.

I love the color that I chose because it doesn't scream camera bag while I am out and about! It also fits quite a bit in the other side especially when you unzip the side zipper to expand the bag out. You can easily fit a water bottle, lightweight rain coat, journal, wallet, phone, makeup, etc. There are a couple of little inside pockets for chargers, SD cards, phone, lip balm, etc. And then three outside pockets that fit slim items.

This is an excellent day bag for walking around and having fast access to your camera.... versus a backpack which you cannot easily get a camera in and out of without taking your bag off. This bag keeps your camera right at your waist and keeps sticky fingers off of your bag as well since you can swing it around to your front/side.
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VINE VOICEon May 10, 2013
I bought this for a trip to Kaui, and used it with a Nikon D600 and 24-85 and 70-300 lenses. I wanted something that was easy to pack in a suitcase, weatherproof, and did not look like a camera bag. The color of mine was Mica, and the picture made it seem light gray. In fact it is more of a greenish gray

* Strap is wide and reasonably comfortable.
* The padded interior cube holds a full size DSLR and medium size zoom.
* It has 2 small, Velcro closed pockets inside for a spare battery and a few memory cards.
* It expandable if you have extra to carry. However, when expanded it does not add a whole lot of more storage.
* While not overly bulky, the material seems substantial. It is weatherproof. I was caught in a couple of rainstorms and the interior stayed dry.
* Compared to my other cameral bags, it folds fairly well for packing in a suitcase.
* The exterior pockets have no closure and are not very deep. Items in them easily fall out unless the bag is kept upright. They also expose any item you have in them to the elements. For what they charge for this bag, they should have added small flaps or Velcro closures to these pockets
* While the padded area will hold a DSLR and attached lens, if you bring a second lens there is no padded storage for it. This was a disappointment.
* There are no attachments for Lowpro external accessories such as bottle, flash, or lens carriers. I have a couple of these accessory pouches and was hoping to use them on this bag. No such luck.
* The bottom has the same material as the rest of the bag. It is not reinforced, nor have extra waterproofing. Given the padding for the camera body section is rather thin, you defiantly do not want to drop this on a hard surface.
* I wish it had a couple of extra internal pockets for small items. There room for other stuff, but there is no way to organize it

Summary. I think Lowepro cut some corner when making this. If this was a$20 or $30 bag I'd expect that. I do not expect that on a small bag that retails for $75. Despite some gripes this is not a bad bag, and I will continue to use it on trips. Would I buy this again if I had it to do over again? Probably not.
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on February 15, 2016
First off - Amazon Prime One Day Shipping is awesome - 4 extra bucks, here the next day - just in time for my trip.

Now, the bag is a good camera bag. It doesn't offer a ton of padding, but for my purposes, I didn't want a bulky bag. I already have bulky, non-intuitive bags and I was looking for a Run-n-Gun style sling. We were headed to Florida for a long weekend trip and I wanted to be able to pack my DSLR, battery pack, extra batteries, extra SD cards, 4 lenses (18-55, 14, 75-300, 50), 3Dio Audio Microphone and H4N recorder (with 10 ft of cabling).

After some serious re-arranging, I achieved success. There wasn't much room for anything else (other than my boarding pass and wallet) but it worked well and I was able to manage everything quickly. I was also able to slip a water bottle on the end pocket easily.

Next trip will probably be NYC. I am really looking forward to using it there because low profile, Run-n-Gun style shooting is very important, especially with a Toddler in tow. My previous bag was a backpack and taking it off and on to get the camera our was a pain. This will be SO much nicer because I can handle it all by myself - snapping pictures quickly.

4 stars because the padded pocket portion is kind of useless. It takes up a lot of room and doesn't function extremely well in little space - plus after all the room it takes, you can only fit one or two useful lenses. The other fault is the lack of padding anywhere else. If you run your camera in the bag portion, be careful putting it down. There is no padding between your camera and the ground. It doesn't really accommodate a DSLR (I run a Canon) that has a body pack (Battery) attached to it. I had to take mine off and on to make it fit correctly. An extra few inches of fabric on the top of the bag would have enabled this to be a feature, but it zipped up snuggly without the batt pack attached to the camera.

Looking forward to using it more. I think it'll be much more functional than my previous bag and for the price so I'm not going to complain. I'd recommend it to any hobby shooter who needs a quick travel companion for their DSLR and a small amount of additional gear. Worked great for airplane travel because it rides directly behind you when you walk, so it doesn't bump seats or people sitting.
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on July 21, 2014
I ordered this bag because I wanted something that didn't scream CAMERA BAG!! but also wasn't a frou-frou girly purse-looking camera bag. The price was right and I needed something quick, and I'd say overall I'm relatively happy with it. However, there are a few things that could be improved:

1. First off, I absolutely HATE the strap adjustment system they have going on. Instead of using a normal buckle strap that takes up the slack of a shortened strap by basically doubling the strap onto itself, for some ungodly reason the manufacturers of this bag decided that you just pull the strap down to the length you want, push a clip down to hold it in place and then tuck the extra strap length into the front pocket of the bag (the pocket that's marketed as a water bottle holder). Now, this might work if you're short and have a ton of extra strap length, but I'm 5'8" and only needed to shorten it a couple inches. Well, that's not enough strap to tuck into the pocket but it's enough to flop around outside the bag and irritate me. They also decided to put this part at the front of the bag instead of the back, so it sticks out like a sore thumb. I get that the zipper part to expand the bag is in the back, but this is just a really poor design flaw. I can't imagine making a strap that lets you double it up on itself like every other strap in the world would have cost that much more.

2. This weekend I carried my Canon 70d with one lens attached--either a 17-40L or a 15-85--and I actually had to take out the middle part of the divider in order to fit the camera in there with the lens on it. If I left the divider in there I couldn't put the camera in body first, and putting it in lens-first meant the back of the camera sat up too high to zip the bag shut. I wouldn't call either of those lenses large, but now I know there's no way I can carry both with me since instead of two compartments I just have one.

3. I wish the area where you can store personal items was at the front of the bag instead of the back. I found it kind of annoying to have to rummage through the part of the bag that was behind me in order to find my wallet or phone, and this could have been made a bit more user-friendly by putting that part at the front.

4. The two inside compartments that have velcro flap closures inside are basically useless. They're too short for an iPhone 5 or newer to fit in there and have the flap cover them, and they're not wide enough for any other phone that's bigger than an iPhone. I'll probably end up using them to store chapstick and maybe a small charging cable.

Taking all this into consideration, though, considering the price this is still a decent bag for carrying around a small amount of camera and personal gear for a day or two. The bag is comfortable--I'll probably even take off the shoulder padding since it just slides around and doesn't do much anyway. And it looks more like a messenger bag than a camera bag, so I'm not worried about it being obvious what I've got going on in there. I'll probably still continue my search for the perfect daily camera bag, but this one will work in the meantime.
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on March 26, 2017
I was looking for a walk about bag to carry gear while travelling. This bad is a perfect solution. I carry a second body, three lenses, and a handful of extras small items. It is easy to get in an out of and it provides decent protection. It is extremely well made and I expect to get many years of service. The size is interesting; it cannot hold everything I travel with but it certainly can handle a walk about with more than I need. It is easy to carry and access the contents. My only complaint is that it could use a few hook loops so that I can hand a handful of gadget bags on it. I solve this problem with cheap carabiners; one large one on and main strap allows me to attach too small bags for my wireless and wired shutter releases.
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on November 19, 2015
Very nice camera bag! The padded insert sits on one end, leaving the other side of the bag for extras. On that empty side is also a zippered end to open for expanding the bag. A windbreaker, gloves or hat could easily fit in the expansion area. The padded insert is held in place by Velcro and can be removed to just use the bag as a day bag while out and about without the camera. A Nikon P900 fits in the the padded area hanging with the lense face down or sitting sideways. My other camera / lens combinations would all be two large (battery grips and large lenses). But I bought this for traveling with the p900 so it suits my purpose.

I was worried the open exterior pocket was one big long baggy pocket. But in fact it is sectioned into three exterior pockets to slide in a water bottle, a small notebook, a pen, a travel guide or map, etc. They seem tight enough that things will not fall out while walking.

As others have noted, the shoulder pad is not effective. It is too short, it's not contoured, and as a result it doesn't stay in place. It almost looks more like the hand grips you buy to wrap around shopped bag handles so your hands don't hurt carrying them through a mall. I'll be replacing the shoulder pad.

This bag would be 5 star if the shoulder pad was usable.
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VINE VOICEon February 26, 2015
I just got this bag, so I haven't had the chance to give it a thorough field test yet. Here are some first impressions. It looks more like a general purpose bag rather than a dedicated camera case - which is a good thing if you want to avoid getting your camera equipment stolen. It seems to be well constructed with strong seams and a sturdy looking zipper. The strap can be adjusted to wear over your shoulder or across your chest. One really nice feature is how easy the strap is to adjust. It has a toggle type clasp so you can easily adjust the strap length and then fold up the excess and tuck it in. There is a wrap-around foam pad on the strap for added comfort that can be removed if you prefer. There is another zipper on the side of the bag that you can un-do to expand the bag and increase its carrying capacity. On the inside is foam padded box with a foam separation that divides it into 2 spaces - one big enough for a camera and the other will fit a lens. My Canon Digital Rebel SL1 with the kit lens attached and a medium size spare lens fit nicely into these padded spaces with some room to spare. This padded box attaches to the inside of the case with Velcro so you can remove it if you like. Also on the inside are a couple of small pockets that close with Velcro flaps where you can store small accessories like memory cards, your charger, etc. There are also 4 pockets on the outside of the bag, 2 on each side for additional storage. The case is light, comfortable to carry, and seems to offer good protection for your camera equipment. The only down side I can see is that neither of the 2 internal pockets with Velcro closure are big enough to fit a wallet and the external pockets don't have any type of secure closure. If one of the secure interior pockets had been big enough to fit an average size wallet, or if one of the external pockets had some type of secure closure, like a zipper, I would have rated this bag 5 star instead of 4. That said, it is a very nice bag that seems well worth the price.
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on April 17, 2015
I really like this bag. Ok so the color is boring, but other than that I think this will be the perfect bag for a trip to the Happy place in Orlando. I can carry my Canon T5i and an extra lens in the padded area and there is good room to stick some sunblock and an extra t shirt as well as my cell phone (without so much room the whole family thinks I should carry their extra jackets and cokes and hats and free weights). I also feel like this looks enough like a purse I can take it to dinner and not worry about it looking odd. The strap is easy to adjust and the bag sits comfortably on my hip or tucked behind me, or even across my chest or bag. I like the fact that it doesn't scream camera bag, and yet still allows great access to the camera and lenses.
I'm really excited about this as a trip bag. I also go the Caden bag for nearly the same price. That one is much more in the action man vein. I like it, but it has less room for non-camera essentials. The Caden also has tripod straps where this one does not. Caden also has little accessory organizational areas in surplus, where this one has a few as well as the open areas on the outside. I believe I will keep both, and use this one for more city-side travel, and use the Caden for my camera storage and travel bag, especially to beach and mud bound areas.
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on March 26, 2011
I This bag is well made and durable. I am a stay at home mom to a 2.5 year old. I've been using this bag every day as a purse/diaper bag/camera bag since I purchased it. Without even unzipping the extra area it holds

In the padded area:
My Canon Xsi with a lens on it
an extra lens or my speedlite
cleaning pen and blower
extra memory card

In the unpadded area:
two diapers
occasionally my speedlite in it's original protective case
my wallet
my keys

In the outside pockets:
wet ones

There are a few minor things that can make this bag better
-The strap pad is not very effective and after carrying it for an extended period (ie a 3 hour zoo visit)it starts getting uncomfortable and chafes because the pad does not stay where I put it
-It would be more convenient if the padded area was slightly larger and could carry one more item so I could fit my speedlite in there when I want to carry an extra lens.
-If the outside pockets had some way to close them (button, zipper, velcro) so I could comfortably put my wallet or keys in them. Also, they are interconnected inside so belongings tend to wander from pocket to pocket.
-A Camelback sized water bottle doesn't fit comfotably in the end pocket when the padded box is holding my camera. It only needs to be slightly larger (maybe a cm or 2.
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