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LucidBrake Bicycle Brake Light

3.2 out of 5 stars 32 customer reviews

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  • Wires free: Deceleration detection light
  • Motion-sensing: Mounts to anything metal or plastic
  • Bright brake light: 2 braking modes and 4 awareness beacon modes
  • 8 bright LED's, octagon shape, waterproof, clip-on cover and no switches
  • 2 Speed braking detection (emergency and normal) - turns off automatically

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Product description

Product Description

Made in the USA

LucidBrakes are inertial BRAKE lights made originally for bicycles because bikes don't have brake lights - or if they do, it requires altering your bike in some way to get them to function. We invented a solution to both of these problems - creating the LucidBrake - the anywhere brake light!

LucidBrake mounts to whatever you are riding or driving and because it uses *SmartBrake Technology, it just knows what to do without having to be hooked to anything. The award-winning LucidBrake uses the latest technology to detect motion, adjust to how it is mounted, and react appropriately.

Think how insecure you are if you know the brake light on your car is out - you wouldn't drive a car without brake lights - so now you don't have to ride a bike without a brake light anymore.

* are BRIGHT brake lights with 2 braking modes (emergency/flashing and normal/steady).
* have 4 awareness beacon modes.
* are motion-sensing brake lights. No wires or altering of the bike is necessary!
* mount to anything metal or plastic. They simply press-on because they were designed with a flat back
* are wires-free - deceleration-detecting brake lights.
* have 8 BRIGHT LEDs arranged in the iconic octagon shape of a stop sign.
* are waterproof - their circuit board is completely coated and the clip-on cover is to help direct the light.
* turn off and on automatically - there is no on/off switch.
* use 2 AAA batteries - rechargeable batteries work well too. ***Not included - recommend using rechargeable batteries.
* are the most innovative, easy-to-use brake lights ever invented.

Do you - or anyone you know - ride bicycles in groups or in traffic?

GUARANTEED: LucidBrake is backed with a 1-year total satisfaction guarantee.

AWARD WINNING: Named Invention of the year at the Davinci Institute Inventor's Showcase.

* * * * * - I bought two of these brake lights before they were even finished being built. I live in Northern Ireland where the average rainfall is +/-50 inches a year. Visibility can really suck but these lights really do work!!! ~John/Northern Ireland

* * * * * - I highly recommend the motion sensing Lucid light to any motorcycle rider who wants to be better seen by the driver behind him and give early warning to them of his brake application. My Lucid light has been operating perfectly for close to 2 years now. ~Barry/Texas

From the Manufacturer

LucidBrake's flat back allows mounting almost anywhere

LucidBrake's 100% hands-free design lets you "set it and forget it" for maximum safety and efficiency.

LucidBrake's advanced motion-sensing circuitry is at the core of its computerized operation, with no wiring at all, and not even an ON/OFF switch to remember. When you park, it sleeps. When you ride, it blinks. When you brake, it instantly lets other drivers and riders know, with red light bright enough to be seen at several thousand feet distance. It really is that simple and easy to use.

You choose the blinking action, by rotating LucidBrake to one of four orientations as you press to attach it to your bike, backpack, or helmet. From bright blinking to slow blinking, or steady dim mode to no light at all while racing, these modes cover all known requirements for European standards and discerning bikers everywhere around the world.

An advanced three-axis algorithm lets LucidBrake ignore most bumps and rotations to detect braking action, again with no wiring or connection to your braking system at all. As a result, LucidBrake recently won "Invention of the Year (2015)" at the DaVinci Institute Inventor Showcase in Colorado, in the heart of biking country.

LucidBrakes can be used on many type of vehicles

LucidBrakes have been engineered and fine tuned for use on bicycles, whether mounted on the bike, your backpack, or your helmet, but almost daily new uses are being discovered and reported to us. The flat back and unique Dual Lock connectors allow LucidBrakes to be mounted almost anywhere

For example, a Segway dealer in Germany sent us a video showing a LucidBrake working exceedingly well, mounted on a Segway.

Several motorcyclists report successful use of LucidBrakes on their bikes, although we don't suggest their use on motorized vehicles that normally by law are required to have wired brake lights. Add the LucidBrake to enhance your normal street-legal braking lights.

LucidBrakes work very well on golf carts, especially when they are mounted up high along the back roof edges where they can be seen well. We are negotiating to provided more Lucidbrakes for golf carts in areas where there are large numbers of these. Note that most golf carts do not normally have brake lights.

Long loads, such as ladders or lumber sticking out the tail end of a truck are a great place to put a Lucidbrake. The blinking helps other driver take notice, and when the brakes are put on, the light lets you know. Again, if there are laws about hanging flags or other warning devices, we recommend these laws are carefully followed, but a LucidBrake can add to the safety factor.

Many other LucidBrake uses are coming to light on a daily basis, such as scooters, motorized wheelchairs, Ginnys (popular in Europe) and many other applications too numerous to mention.

Have a creative use where an ultra easy-to-use brake light would enhance your safety? We'd love to hear about it.

LucidBrakes are very bright - can be seen 1000s of feet away

LucidBrake's eight(8) ultra-bright LEDs are 40 lumens bright during braking, for maximum attention-getting warning aimed at drivers and riders behind you.

LucidBrake's unique faceted snap-on cover is designed to transmit some of this light in all directions, even forward, to help protect from side collisions too.

LucidBrake's choice of four mounting orientations lets you set one of four bright blinking beacon modes that flash between braking events, so drivers and riders can see you while in motion as well as braking.

A Segway dealer in Germany has found that LucidBrakes work great on these state-of-the-art devices, and other uses are being discovered almost daily. LucidBrake's primary design and tuning is targeted towards the hundreds of millions of bicycles around the Earth, but people are discovering they can be used a lot of other places as well.

Supremely easy to install - just press it on

There is zero wiring involved to install a LucidBrake. You simply attach your LucidBrake using the same Dual Lock connectors (invented by 3M) to install metal siding on buildings in Minnesota.

Peel and press to install your LucidBrake on your bike, backpack, or helmet, install two AAA batteries (rechargeables work fine), and simply ride! There's not even an ON/OFF switch, because LucidBrake sleeps when you park, blinks when you ride, and flashes eight ultra-bright LEDs when you put on the brakes.

Would you drive a car without brake lights? Of course not! So why in the world do we ride bicycles without brake lights? The answer lies in the complexity and low reliability of wiring lights to a bicycle's braking system. It just hasn't been worth the effort... until now!

LucidBrakes are so easy to install and use that we've placed them on the ends of long loads, as a temporary replacement for tail and brake lights on trailers, along the top edges of golf carts, and many other unique places where safety is enhanced.

Waterproof circuitry - even runs underwater!

We designed the circuit board with no moving parts so that we could encase it in a clear coating that would protect it completely.

The above picture is a LucidBrake submerged in a bowl of water. Where this is not the recommended use for the LucidBrake, we just wanted to demonstrate that it stays on and will work great even if it is in very adverse weather.

We thought way outside the box to create LucidBrakes, and in the process we removed all complexity and provided great reliability to create a true brake light for your bicycle that's super easy to use, and super reliable too.

The Dual Lock connectors are also waterproof and let you take your LucidBrake with you if you desire, or move it between bikes or locations with ease. Battery replacement is a breeze. Just remove the snap-on cover to access the non-corrosive, all-weather battery clips.

En-"light"-ening the world for safety and fun

LucidLights, LLC invented the LucidLight first, a single row of LEDs that you sweep from side to side to paint light on air. It is an amazing device and it has 64 possible 'modes'. One night, we programmed a brake light in one of those modes and realized how great a product a motion-sensing brake light could be and how many lives it could save. We spun off the LucidBrake product because we saw a need in the cycling community, not just for a brake light, but for a very bright beacon and brake light combined!

Our products are all LED or light-based. The LucidBrake will save lives. More products coming from the LucidBrake family are on their way!

We intend to keep manufacturing products that both entertain and serve a practical purpose - for 'safety and fun'!

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Wires-free Brake Light

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

The idea for LucidBrakes started at an outdoor music concert one warm summer evening. Several small gadgets based on LEDs were being sold, and it was fun to watch the colorful LEDs flashing throughout the crowd. During a burst of high energy music, a flash of insight and motivation surged through John, the inventor, leaving the thought that he could do something so much more impressive. In his vision he saw people waving LED sticks to paint messages and images in thin air and knew one day that vision would be real.

After many weeks of tinkering and experimenting, LucidLights became a reality! This fun product, not on the market yet, lets you paint up to 64 different messages in thin air using advanced motion sensing circuitry, a tiny computer chip, and no moving parts other than you, the user. We tried it out at the county fair, and the kids swarmed to us like moths to a porch light. But the story doesn't end there.

One day while working on enhancements to LucidLights, in a flash of insight that was definitely an "AHA!" moment, it occurred to John that the same circuitry could be modified slightly to create a no-wires brake light for bicycles. LucidLights are a lot of fun, but LucidBrakes can save lives and prevent injuries to some of the hundreds of millions of bicyclists around the world. As the lowest hanging and most important fruit, we shifted gears to bring LucidBrakes to market first.

What makes your product special?

If there's one important concept behind LucidBrakes, it's that we didn't hold back on "thinking outside the box" during it's conception, research, design, and product development steps. It truly is a very unique invention unlike any other bike lighting product on the market. Here's why...

The main circuit board is all solid state, with no moving parts, no switches, and no connectors. The entire board is sealed in the latest silicone coating used to protect solar panels on rooftops for over 20 years. It keeps all the weather and water out, but lets the light through very well. The only thing projecting outside this coating are the battery clips, and they are made of the same corrosion proof metals used for industrial kitchen utensils. You can drop a running LucidBrake in water and it keeps on flashing! (We don't recommend this, as the batteries will wear out faster in water.)

The multifaceted snap-on cover is made from injection-molded clear polycarbonate plastic that's very tough. The inside surface is etched lightly to diffuse the light a calibrated amount, and to route some of the light out the sides and even forward for greater visibility in all directions. The center of this cover provides an ideal surface for optional printing of custom logos, which we are doing for some corporations, clubs, and other groups.

An interesting feature of the LucidBrake cover is that it is intentionally not air tight. In fact, you'll notice small gaps near the edges, where any small amounts of water that get inside will drain through. This prevents fogging, keeps the unit clean and clear, and avoids any long term issues with gaskets wearing out or covers cracking or hazing over.

The LucidBrake's flat back works with 3M's amazing Dual-Lock connectors to allow mounting just about anywhere, such as on a backpack or helmet. Dual-Lock holds metal siding up on buildings in Minnesota, so it works well to attach the very light-weight LucidBrake to many surfaces. You can attach it directly to your seat post or other bike parts, or if you prefer a more standard clamping action, it attaches exceedingly well to the face of any low-priced reflector that in turn is clamped to your bike's frame. We designed LucidBrakes to be mounted just about anywhere!

Perhaps the most important feature of Lucidbrake is its simple operation. Just attach it and ride. No need to remember to turn it on or off, as it sleeps when you park, blinks when you ride, and flashes brightly when you brake. The two AAA batteries last many months when parked, and a long time when you ride. Any type of AAA batteries, including rechargeable, work great. We did indeed meet our goal of simple-to-use operation and 100% satisfaction-guaranteed, long term durability.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

There are many challenges for a startup such as LucidBrake, and there are many greatly rewarding events too. From day one, we made the decision to think outside the box to create an innovative new product unlike anything else on the market.

In late 2015, LucidBrake won "Invention of the Year" at the prestigious DaVinci Institute's Inventor Showcase, and that was the greatest (so far) startup experience we've experienced. Suddenly, the desire to think differently was rewarded. We knew we were on the right track, and all the questioning and wondering about the decisions we were making came into sharp focus. We knew then that LucidBrake really will be helping make the world a safer place!

The best part of moving forward without fear to get a startup going is what you learn in the process. We've gained valuable experience and knowledge about many topics, ranging from electronics and plastics design, to 20-year-lifetime waterproof coating technologies used for solar panels, and a host of other design and manufacturing issues. Perhaps our most important new knowledge is about marketing and getting the word out to the world. The most ingenious and useful new startup product won't get out into the world if nobody knows about it!

We appreciate the opportunity to play a part in Amazon's Launchpad program. It is a huge, positive step in our efforts to spread the word, and without doubt this tops our list as one of the best parts of our startup experience.

Product details

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 15 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
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  • Item model number: LucidBrake v3
  • Batteries 2 AAA batteries required.
  • Average Customer Review: 3.2 out of 5 stars 32 customer reviews
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #638,519 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
  • Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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