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on June 21, 2017
TL;DR - I've attached a map to this review, that I hope if nothing else people look at prior to considering this unit.

This product already has one thing going against it. It seems from the reviews, most people expect it to replace an air conditioning unit in *ANY* environment.

I'll admit, I'm sure this has a lot to do with most people not knowing what an evaporative cooler is before seeing the product, and only reading the part about "lower your indoor temperatures by as much as 20° to 30°F", without looking at or understanding the other bullet point on "Best for hot & dry climates, where the air humidity is low" . Unfortunately, such a key piece of information is summarized in just a few words.

If you're in an area with low outdoor humidity, this could be a great product for you. Though the catch likely is if you're in an area with low enough humidity you may already know what an evaporative cooler is.

If you're unsure of the humidity in your area, search on the Internet for something like "humidity in {MY_CITY}" ( without the quotes ). As of this writing, "humidity in Phoenix" would show you ~16%, while "humidity in Miami" would show you 83%. I'm not sure if there is an exact cutoff, but at 83% , you'll want to stick with a typical (HV)AC unit, because those units are taking the humidity out of the home to provide comfort. Consider the map for reference, but know that it isn't iron clad.
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on April 5, 2015
Ok first off I live in Miami Florida and yes its very humid however this is a Godsend. I bought this for "cooling off" my area of the bedroom
and that is what it does. I did NOT expect for the room to cool 30 degrees less nor did I buy it thinking of not using my central AC...the idea
was to NOT use the second AC and so far I haven't.
If you go in thinking that this will take the place of ANY AC then do not purchase it. It is not for that purpose at least not in Florida.
The only con is the water tank needs to be filled more often that I thought, or maybe since its brand new it uses more. I will follow up.
I had to fill it twice in one day.
Its portable and light so it can be wheeled anywhere which is awesome ! It works by just plugging it in and following the easy instructions.
I do recommend this for anyone who wants to save on thier electric bill ,does not want a vent sticking out of their window ( bugs ugh), wants
a portable cooling system .
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on June 19, 2016
I ordered this evaporative cooler after reading the reviews. It arrived yesterday just in time for the first major heat wave here in So. Cal. I made some king size ice cubes ahead of time knowing that the included ice packs would take time to freeze. Here's my review: it was quick and simple to set up. It is tall and slender and easy to move on rollers. It's also light enough to pick up but I wouldn't advise it once you add the water or you might have a mess. I added the water and my pre-made giant ice cubes (while the ice packs froze), pre-wet the little filter and plugged it in. I like the swing option as its like a cool breeze. It did not get too swampy but if it does, I'll use a small fan to vent out the window. I've ran it continuously since I bought it and had to refill the water this morning as it was nearly gone. When you refill, wait a minute for the water to drain into the water container before removing it. Today it is 105 outside and it is 78 in my room. Not bad. It's cooler in my room than it is in the living room where we have a wall unit AC.
Pros: less cumbersome than a portable AC unit, you don't have to vent it out the window, quiet to run, it hasn't flipped my breaker like my old portable AC did, it's bound to be easier on my electric bill, great for hot and arid environments,
Cons: it is not AC so you won't get your room down to 65 on a hot day, it's good for smaller rooms....don't think this would work in a large living room, if you live in a high humidity area, may not be a good option as it would get swampy quick,
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on January 16, 2013
Edit: Originally posted this as a 5 star review. Unfortunately this broke after 2 years of use. I liked it up until that point and I think I got my money out of it but I can no longer give it 5 stars since I would expect it to a last a bit longer.

I noticed all the bad reviews on evaporative coolers but having lived in a dry climate most of my life (Colorado), I can tell you this is a high quality EC and any decent EC will work fine if you follow a couple of rules. Please understand these are coming from people in non-humid climates or people who are in dry climates and don't understand how these work differently than ACs.

TIP 1: Leave two windows cracked open for cross ventilation - This would be stupid if we were talking about AC's but if a EC is left running in a closed up house or room, it will make the room humid and not cool it down. You want to have dry (outdoor) air come in through the EC so it cools down the air and blows it through the room. When it cools the air down, it makes a little more humid than it was before so you also want a cross draft so the warm air and any humidity has a place to escape. I put my EC about a foot in front of a cracked window so it gets a fresh supply of dry air and I leave another window cracked open on the other side of the room so warm and humid air will escape. If it gets very hot outside I sometimes close the cracked windows until it gets a little too humid for my liking then open them again - this method works well for me but your milage may vary.

TIP 2: Use ice water in the water reservoir - Putting ice and or cooling packs in the reservoir along with water will help keep the water cold which in turn make the EC work more efficiently.

TIP 3: Clean your EC out occasionally - ECs will accumulate dust and dirt from the air so it if the air it's blowing out smells dusty or is causing allergies it probably just needs a good rinse. Fortunately this unit is very easy to clean.

LIMITATION 1: Won't work if it's humid. Get an AC if you live in a humid climate.

LIMITATION 2: Won't cool down 105ºF air down to 65ºF - No EC will do this or at least not in a reasonable amount of time. If you follow my tips though, you can get 105 degrees down to 78.

ECs are cheaper, more efficient and better for the environment than AC's but definitely have their limitations. If evaporative coolers are right for you, this a is a good buy.
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on August 18, 2016
Fixes the heat and low humidity problems with one machine. Inland California has dry heat, and an ac makes that drier. This uses way less power and raises the humidity at the same time. Humid air pulls heat out better than dry air, so you feel cooler. I always assume manufacturers over-estimate how much area their device will cool. This is doing a stellar job of cooling my 22ft x 8ft rv.

This could be used in combination with a small ac if humidity is too high or if there's not enough cooling with this alone.

This will not work at all in high humidity, and it works the best when I turn it on before the heat is unbearable.
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on June 8, 2017
Not sure what all the fuss is about, and by that I mean the scathing negative reviews. This is a portable evaporative cooler, nothing more or less. It is NOT a portable A/C unit, nor is it advertised as such. That being said, I received mine yesterday with the temp outside a mild 99 degrees. Brought the box inside, opened it up and found the ice packs, easy to follow directions and the cooler well packaged. About 10 minutes later, it was up and running and doing its job. In the evening, I refilled the water tank and put the ice packs in to see how well that worked. Lo and behold, there was a bit of a difference and the air was a bit cooler than before. Now the folks that complain about the water tank running dry quickly are likely running the unit with the fan set to its highest setting. I had it set to medium and got about 8.5 hrs out of it when I turned it off this morning. My wife liked the added humidity and I appreciated the cooler air. With the fan on this unit going and the ceiling fan helping out, I actually got a good nights sleep. That's all for now, perhaps I'll update this review at the end of the summer. I took a chance on it and have been happy so far.
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on May 16, 2017
Whoever says this acts like just a normal fan is not telling the truth. I work in a warehouse in Miami where it can get up to 100 degrees when the A/C malfunctions. A normal fan would blow the hot air on you. This actually cooled the air and works beautifully. Now, it won't feel as when you put your hand on an A/C vent, but it will cool you down for sure. I am planning on buying 2 more for my employees who sit a the computer all day in the hot area of the warehouse.
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on April 5, 2017
The Luma Comfort™ EC110S evaporative cooler is modern and stylish, puts out a powerful breeze and will keep you and your family nice and fresh.

Allowed me to start off by saying that after reading tons of reviews here on Amazon on various evaporative coolers, I was quite discouraged to buy ANY "evap-cooler" at all. However, I didn't allow the negative remarks and what seemed to me like dozens of unrealistic expectations to steer me away from purchasing a unit, so I pursued this model because of it's classy design, great features set and it's affordability. Well after a short period of time and a few test--trying this unit out, playing with different variations in settings (both on the device itself and in air-flow setup within my room), and in combining the cooler with either a floor fan or ceiling fan--I'm glad I purchased this model and chose this manufacturer.

Please note in the opening sentence I stated it would "keep you and your family NICE and FRESH" and didn't say CHILLED and FREEZING. To simply put it, those of you expecting air conditioning results from this unit should look elsewhere, or at an actual air conditioner. This device was not designed to deliver extremely cold air as that of an air-conditioning system. It is designed though to blast out humidified air that is several degrees cooler then that of the air currently in the room.

For what this unit was intended for, I think it works SUPERBLY. I love feeling the cooler air across my body and fill my medium size room. The area does get noticeably cooler, but of course not AC cold.

*** PRO. TIP *** Ensure that you open a window to allow the now moistened air to escape when necessary, less you suffer from an extreme humidity increase in your room. This is never comfortable and will cause an adversus effect, rather than the positive effect intended.

Device comes with two ice packs that you freeze and add to the water to increase the chilling effect.This is an added plus and was welcomed with open arms. The units operation is straightforward and fool-proof. It comes with a great feature set and even beeping notifications for low water levels.

My only complaint about the units, and the reason why I'm not giving it five stars, is the fact that unit runs out of water quite quickly. I wish that the manufacturer would have built-in a larger water reservoir to hold more fluid. Other than that I am well pleased and would recommend this device to any of my friends or family memebers. CHECK IT OUT!
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on August 11, 2014
I purchased this unit in June of 2013, and it worked so well that my daughter who lives in Los Angeles purchased one as well. This year I even purchased their larger commercial unit (which works wonderful as well). A couple weeks ago I started having problems with my unit purchased last year - the pump no longer wanted to work. Having hard water issues, I did a maintenance for the built up water scale, but it did not resolve the issue. The fan worked, but the water would no longer pump. I contacted the company hoping to purchase a new pump unit (and hoping that I would be able to install it myself). Realizing that it was purchased over 1-year ago, I knew that it would probably be a 50/50 chance to obtain workable parts. WRONG ...... This company acknowledged I was out of warranty but is honoring their product anyway and is shipping me a replacement unit AT NO COST!!!! I will return the defective unit in the packaging after the new unit comes. This was completely their suggestion as a solution to my problem. FABULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE BACKING THEIR WONDERFUL PRODUCT. I truly cannot say enough about what that means to me - LUMA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Lupita also for superb customer service and for truly caring about my simple e-mail asking about replacement parts - WOW!
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on June 21, 2017
This product technically performs its stated function well enough, but the removable water reservoir isn't really very removable. If you are elderly or in other way have difficulty with your hands or arms, this isn't the cooler for you. Also, if you're not very patient (as the man for who this was a gift is not), this is not the cooler for you. You have to push the reservoir all the way into its slot in order for the unit to turn on, but it fights you going in, and jams so it's impossible to remove without a screwdriver or other kind of lever/wedge, which over time repeated openings that way would definitely destroy the crummy plastic of the reservoir and make everything worse. Returned 8(
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