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on March 4, 2016
Very disappointed in the product that I received. I believe that Luminox watches are well-made.. I thought it would be smarter to buy this watch instead of buying one from an authorized Luminox retailer. I was wrong. There's a reason that these watches aren't covered by the Luminox warranty. I received a faulty watch which was covered by the Luminox provided by Amazon by the product Asurion. The defective watch was covered by the warranty, although after sending it back (taking a total of 4 months to "repair") I received the same watch back- still JUST as broken as when I sent it in. It was like pulling teeth eventually getting my money back. The included 2-year "warranty" CLEARLY states that you'd have I'd either 1) get my money back 2) get a replacement/comparable watch 3) have my product. Upon requesting for the warranty to be honored, I was first told I'd get a 125$ amazon gift card instead (watch cost 179$). I was told that this was because the watch was purchased in 2015, and because the watch was not sold by amazon, that they couldn't offer me full price... when the warranty clearly states that it covers 2 years and as for the watch not being sold by amazon..... what?!?!?!?
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on May 9, 2016
I have always used G-Shock watches. My Stepson really wanted one of these Luminox Watches, and said he would pay for mine if I bought two with my Amazon account. That is how I came to the one I have.
Ok,'s nice. I like the fact that is is light weight like a G Shock. The band is soft, and flexible, and seems to be tough enough. I like that.
It's bright, and easy to see in the dark. Actually easier than a G Shock because there are no buttons that need to be pushed to light the dial. The Crown seems to be strong. At least as strong as a G
What do I not like?
Well, really not much. I am USED to the bulk of a G Shock, and it's overall size, which is usually pretty big. This watch, while not tiny, is not bulky either. That's really NOT a bad thing. Personal taste maybe?
I am also used to the cluttered dial of a G Shock. They can be so cluttered you can't read the time ( not really, but almost true). Truth is I don't use half the stuff that comes in a G Shock. I could, but I rarely do. That's just me.
The Luminox has none of that nonsense. Very clean and simple. It does have the, what do you call it?, time keeping ring on the outside. It works fine, and I have use it a couple of times too.
So....I like the watch. What can I say? Thing is, frankly, I could have had a decent G Shock for half the price. For the same price I could have had a the most expensive G Shock I ever owned.
I can't talk about it's durability. I don't plan to attack a Army on a Beach, or one in a desert somewhere. I don't even plan to wear it mowing the yard. I am sure it could do all that though.
Bottom line it's a nice watch, that is a little expensive for ME. I suppose the price it the only negative thing I can personally find wrong.
But then, you get what you pay for.
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on April 23, 2015
I own many watches, since I collect them and find some of these reviews helpful and others are just ridiculous. For example I own two expensive Chase-Durer watches, which are the official watch of the Air Force, but does not mean all pilots wear them due to pulling so many G-forces. But as far as our great Navy Seal guy's or Special-op / black - ops, they might endorse these watches, but due to night illumination, it "could" get them shot by a sniper. I know because I went to sniper training school. Any reflections from scope to a cigarette is likely to put a bullet in the Fatal T Zone. Or you will be dead before you hit the ground, trust me. Most guys like different watches, G-shock, Luminox watches, for whatever reasons Pro or Con.
I know plenty of military guys wearing these Luminox watches with special covers over them. My reason for writing this is to hopefully help someone. I like them due to carbon fiber case, and very lightweight. I even keep a extra rubber & PU link type strap in my kit. It comes down to preference, and like one reviewer wrote, do your homework. If want a stronger watch, make sure case is 316L Surgical grade stainless steel. I own plenty of Invicta watches that can take a real beating. As far as the crystal is concerned, mineral crystals are fine but, but Sapphire crystals are better in some respects. Mineral does not break as much as Sapphire. But Sapphire does not scratch as much a Mineral. Of course, if you hit your crystal against a brick wall, does not matter, you will break it or scratch it. Each has it's Pro's and Con's. I like Renato and Invicta watches , because I know my movements. The Luminox Watch usually has a Swiss Ronda 515 movement, and Ronda movements are fine and I never had any trouble with mine. I can go on for days here, but my main point is if you get a Men's Luminox watch, and you paid under $200 dollars you did well. You can make yourself nuts with warranties, and the such. I understand that guys/girls want a tough 200M water resistant watch. If you work in construction, you will be destroying most watches even like my dive Renato watch rated to 3300 feet. Submarines don't go that deep. It is bragging rights for a company just like Invicta Reserve collection watches that are tested to 500M or so. Most people even if scuba diving, you will do fine with a 200M watch. 200M or 660 feet is considered a dive watch and rated for scuba diving. Invicta watches and the owner have a patent on their crystal called, "Flame Fusion" . Basically he took the qualities of both Mineral and Sapphire crystal and fused them to get the best of both worlds. As far as Legal goes, I do NOT work for any of these watch companies. I just been a watch collector for many years, and have learned about my hobby. To get back to Luminox Watches, sometimes you get what you pay for, depending on your use. Watch guys know what a beater watch is, and they are purchased for that reason, you are going to beat the stuffing out of them.
I use different watches for different reasons or tasks. I love Luminox watches for night time and are lightweight. Deep Blue Watches, uses the same borosilicate tubes that glow for 25 years. It is a radioisotope that makes them glow, that is why shipping outside of USA, they will usually be checked.
I hope I have given you all a general understanding of watches. I will even put it another way for some that think a Rolex is worth $10,000 dollars. I rather spend $900.00 dollars and get a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 Automatic movement, then the Swiss movement in a Rolex. Just my opinion and homework. Plus, for that kind of money you can get many watches and if destroy it, throw it away, and put on another one. Just a different point of view. Do not get me wrong, I understand about warranties, movements, defective watches. They are moving amazing works of art in my horological opinion. So, next time want a watch think about what you are going to use it for, because no matter the cost, they all have Pro's and Con's. Just read reviews, "Google" or "Bing" yourself crazy, till find what you like for your money. You can not go wrong purchasing them from Amazon or now or formerly ShopHQ, or ShopNBC. One other point, Swiss Movements are great as long as quality control makes sure they are calibrated and keep correct time. All watches will lose or gain a certain amount of seconds per 24 hours. I have purchased many watches with different Swiss movements as well as Japanese movements, it still goes down to calibration and quality control of the watch company. In closing, I like my Luminox Watches and are fine for my use as a sniper for Navy Seals. But if you asked my brothers, you will get all kinds of reasons for their watch they use.
Peace, and hope this assists someone or more.
Thank you, Chief Petty Officer, Elliot.
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on October 28, 2017
This watch has been sent in for repairs 3 times for the same issue. The problem is the "sweep" hand does not hold correct time and lags behind. Each time I had to send it back based on Amazons watch policy/warranty claims to Asurion, Inc. Typical, overseas based company with very little understanding and customer support. In total, this model watch has been off my wrist and in the shop for 24 weeks for same repair issues all 3 times. Perhaps, I received bad watch but the process has been a nightmare.
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on May 15, 2015
Got this watch as a gift for Christmas, for use primarily in the field for hunting and fishing. First let me say if it were not for 2 issues I would give it 5 stars. First, as usual Amazon was great, fast delivery with prime and we'll packaged. The issues with the watch are that the blue numerals on the bezel have totally worn off already. This was one of the main reasons I wanted it because of the look. Today I pealed the remaining paint off because it looked terrible. The second issue is the size of the band. I am average size 5'10", and 170 lbs., and the band is way to big. I have it in the next to last hole and the band almost loops around and touches the bezel. They should offer a smaller band but they do not. The good points are that it is extremely light, the illuminated dial works great, and it keeps excellent time.
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on April 8, 2017
I love this watch it is my daily driver. The only complaint I have is the band decayed and wore out in less than a year or about a year's time. The rubber split around the metal shaft that holds it to the face. It developed a crack in the rubber there and of course the watch was unwearable until the band was replaced. I don't wear my watches in lakes, oceans, or showers - So this is why the band wearing out so fast baffles me. My watch is only on my wrist during regular daily activity. That said the Luminox mechanism and face are top notch and durable. I'm going to be picking up another one for my brother when he graduates boot camp.
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on May 21, 2018
So far 3 luminox watches I have ordered thru Amazon Prime have been exactly as advertised. A rugged basically waterproof watch that can be seen consistently in total darkness is unheard of at these prices. Totally satisfied.
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on October 2, 2014
The price offered on Amazon was significantly less than in stores, but came without the same retail warranty. I took the risk as the watch is well made. The only problems came with replacing the rubber strap that has broken three times over a few years of use. Replacing it with another factory strap made of nylon has rectified this problem so far. It's a wonderful watch and the glow in the dark feature is just one of many attributes.
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on August 2, 2015
I enjoyed this watch for the first 28 days. I have owned a Luminox 30003 for over 4yrs of frequent use and no problems. Luminox watches are great for sports and nighttime wear as they are so light and comfortable and have the best illumination going. Actually a cheap Timex with Indiglo is comparable. Unfortunately the seconds hand fell off on day 29. I am returning the watch and uncertain if I will order another one. The hands falling off seems to be a common complaint as I can now vouch for. If I order another one and have good luck, I will update this review.
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on February 22, 2015
I purchased this newer style blue Luminox divers watch for my father to replace his older 3000 series model. This new model seems bigger, and much nicer than the old style "Seal Diver Watch" was. The strap seems much more durable, and everything about the watch seems better. The lume even glows in blue to match the color of the watch, very awesome. My father is extremely happy with this watch. The last Luminox he had the strap broke withen 3 months of light wear, and the watch just stopped working after about 4 or 5 years. Hopefully the quality control went up, and looking at this new model, looks like Luminox is heading in the right direction.
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