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on March 19, 2014
I purchased two of these for our fat-bikes, with the intention of mounting them on the handlebars. Packaging and mounting hardware was great, they are well designed and extremely bright. One light worked perfectly, however... the second light, after I charged the battery and connected the power cable, would not activate when I pressed the power button. After several presses I got the light to activate, and it immediately shut off. Several more presses got the light to turn on, but on only one of the three brightness settings. I believe this was a manufacturers defect, and emailed Lumintrail customer support for advice. I will wait to see how they respond and address this defect, and will adjust my rating accordingly.

As to the light that works - I love it! It's incredibly bright, lightweight, small and easily mountable on handlebar or helmet. Be sure to adjust the beam so it won't blind oncoming traffic, and definitely avoid looking into the light - it's painful! The beam pattern has a good, wide throw (spillover) and decent spot at distance. Street signs are brightly illuminated several blocks away.

Good product, hopefully their customer support will be just as good.

UPDATE: I was contacted by Lumintrek, they apologized for the issue with the defective light and told me to use Amazon's return process for a replacement. This was my first experience with an Amazon return. Well.... Was I impressed! The process to get a printable return label and instructions was easy and fast, and I had a replacement light on my doorstep in 48 hours - free of charge, no shipping costs. I boxed, labeled and brought the defective light to my local UPS shop, no charge for the return shipping. Very, very impressed with the return process and almost immediate replacement.

The replacement light works as it should, so I am very pleased with Amazon and this Lumintrail TB-1000 lightset. Great product at a fair price (much lower than the competition for similar lights) with excellent customer service.
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on September 8, 2012
Hands down the best power for the money, and a very well made American product. This light gives me the visibility and safety I need day or night. Having biked for my entire life and been hit by a car, you learn visibility is your only ammunition as a bicyclist. Motorists are just not quite at the level of road sharing we need them to be. So make yourself seen!!! If you're even thinking about buying a 50-60$ AA powered light @ 100 lumens at your favorite outdoor retailer...think. For 20$ more, you can have this - a state of the art headlight for your bike as bright as a car's. I ride every day no matter the weather and at night. The weather in the where I live can get rainy and dark during the day, especially in the winter. It is also extremely bright during the summer, and this thing is 100% visible (and still bright) in sunny daylight. This light is as bright as a truck headlight on hi-beam, no joke. The max setting is so bright you have to take extra care to aim this light DOWNWARD as to not BLIND people! When installing, find a large clean wall and back about two car lengths away from it. The top of the beam should not be higher than a rear view mirror, or you'll end up scaring the driver in front of you! Also be respectful of other bikers and pedestrians - as this will blind them too. Think of this as light weaponry - it will valiantly keep you safe but you must use it responsibly or you will blind many people. Stay safe.
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on November 3, 2015
It has been 3 years since I bought this lamp and mounted on my bicycle - and I absolutely love it !

The beam is strong - on it's highest setting it easily has 1000 lumens ( as manufacturer claims ) - I had oncoming cars flashing their high beams at me when the lamp was on it's highest setting

It has a very nice feature that I like - the ON button located on the back of lamp glows in 3 different colors depending on how much power battery has left ( GREEN - full , BLUE - around 50 % , RED - low , time to recharge )

Battery pack is excellent - holds the load great and it is long lasting ( on it's medium setting I rode for more than 10 hours ) ; over these 3 years I recharged the pack a lot of times - so far I did not notice any drop in performance

Another good thing is that they provide an extension cord - I used it to mount the battery pack on my back rack ( neatly out of the way - see attached pic )

Now , I agree with some reviewers that the provided mounting O-rings are weak and cause the light to droop when riding over bumps - but this is a very easy problem to fix ( that's why I kept the 5 star rating ) - instead of O-ring I used a plastic zip tie ( see the attached pic ) - my light stays solid - doesn't move even on very bumpy roads

One last point - I bought this lamp 3 years ago for $ 90.- - now I see it goes for $ 70.- on Amazon - that's an excellent value - if my present light ever breaks I will buy the same one for sure

Based on my personal 3 year experience I highly recommend this product !!!
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on August 30, 2013
My sad tale begins with a Spoke Grenade 1000 lumen light which I loved that was destroyed by someone trying to steal it off my bike. I can't find that light anymore, so I tried a few of the cheap Chinese built knock-offs and had nothing but terrible luck with those... wouldn't hold a charge, wouldn't charge at all. So I bit the bullet and went for the Lumintrail model featured here.

Positives: Solid and dependable... the wires are heavy duty, the charger is first rate, the housing for the LED is thick and sturdy, the battery holder is heavy cordura with a grommet where the wire comes out and two heavy duty Velcro straps to attach it to the frame, handlebar stem, etc. There is a green - blue - red indicator light in the push switch... and most importantly, the light is blazing bright. Three steady settings that work for most situations. The battery holds a charge really well. Right out of the box, it took about 2 hours to top off the charge and then held it for almost 2 hours with heavy reliance on the maximum beam during that time... and speaking of the box, it's an actual box with labels, foam padding inside, a real instruction manual / warranty booklet, and written in the King's English no less.

Negatives: The switch to go to flashing mode is pretty bad. I typically use the flash mode when I need to get some texting knucklehead's attention, especially at night when approaching a driveway, intersection, or turn lane. The Lumintrail requires you to push and hold the button... after 2 seconds, the light shuts off... then keep holding it for 2 more seconds until it gets into the flashing mode. That's a lifetime over-the-road at night. Just clicking the switch once when it is in flashing mode puts it back into high-beam steady mode. Also, the flashing mode is rather slow; ponderous. It's not an attention getting 'strobe' effect but rather a flash ......... flash ......... flash kind of vibe.

I've paired this light with a wide angle lens insert also bought here on Amazon to increase the side-to-side illumination.

I still give this light 5-stars because there's just no substitute for quality, but I really hope the Lumintrail guys/gals take another look at that switch and come up with something like full steady -2/3-1/3-full strobe, rinse; repeat with a 2 second hold to switch the unit off. Just my 2-cents.
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Top Contributor: Cyclingon December 23, 2012
I purchased this Lumintrek TB-1000 for multiple uses. Attached to my mountain bike handlebars, this light rivals many car headlamps. I have no problems navigating unknown single-track on a moonless night, thanks to the brightest setting. I added a Wide Angle Lens for MagicShine, Gemini, and many other Bike Lights / Headlight to facilitate light "spill" or "flood", as opposed to settling for the stock light pattern. The lens fits perfect. Without the aftermarket diffuser, on high, this light throws a beam out 100 yards to the stop sign at the end of my street. When I ride with my local club, I rarely exceed the low setting, and it is still brighter than most of my buddies lights. Battery life seems to be excellent, I've ridden with it on high for a couple hours before the indicator showed a dip in available power. Once the indicator changed colors, I simply dropped to a lower setting and and took my ride a little slower which gave me plenty of charge to get back to the trail-head. I keep a cheap back-up headlamp just in case, but I haven't needed it. I charge the Lumintrek weekly, or after about 20 hours of variable use.

The lamp comes with a longer cord to allow for mounting the battery pack on a belt or waistband so you can use it helmet mounted. I use it helmet mounted while kayak fishing at night, and there is no other headlamp that gets the attention this lamp does on the water. I use it helmet mounted for exploring the caves and caverns of southern Virginia.

I like the battery indicator being the power button, and I don't mind that it stays on when you turn the light off. I quickly got into the habit of unplugging the cord when I finish using the lamp. I've had no problems with the O-ring mounts slipping. I velcro the two battery pack straps around the front underside of my stem, and its barely noticeable.

The Lumintrek may offend some motorists at night if you ride with it on high, but motorists are wrapped nicely in their steel cocoon. I like the retina splintering power the Lumintrek TB-1000 offers because I feel it offers the best visibility for the price. About 5 years ago I purchased a 90 lumen Petzl headlamp for $90.00. I paid the same price for this lamp and it comes with a helmet mount attachment which I think I can retro fit to a Petzl headband for "dome" mount use without a helmet. If you have any questions regarding the product, feel free to ask, and I will answer best I can. Thanks.

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on March 16, 2014
I bought this, along with the Wide Angle Lens for MagicShine, Gemini, and many other Bike Lights / Headlight (, so that I could use my bike to commute yearround and in the dark. I ride partly on a road and mostly on an un-lit bike path. i wouldn't have been able to do this commute without this light as my other light was more to "be seen" rather than actually "see." The light is pretty bright, and I try to angle it down when passing another biker coming towards me so that I don't blind them (one of the first times using it, I thought someone was wearing white face paint because they were so white... then I realized it was the light). I like the different colors of light that tell me if I need to charge it... although mine frequently goes down to blue or red then back up to more battery and confuses me. My biggest complaint is that the rubber ring that is provided to attach it to a bike doesn't stay on tight enough and therefore the light flies up when I hit a bump. It needs something to actually fix the light in place. Overall, very satisfied. Would recommend the wide angle lens too, as it makes a big difference as to where the light goes.
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on September 30, 2012
I have had several bike lamps over the last 20 plus years. This is the best by far. I can't imagine getting close to better than this for under $200. I commute in the dark,so I can't vouch for this lite on the single track. For the large sized university town I live in it is great. Lots of drivers who don't know our crowded one way streets, driving with their heads up their collective...Anyway they now see me and I see EVERYTHING in my path. Very bright! I really like the led colors changing to let me know how much juice is left in the battery. The only weak link in this lamp I find is the mounting. It is easy and very universal, but the rubber O rings that hold it on will have to be replaced. Luckily I have a good hardware store locally that I'm sure will have something that works.
Had it a few months now and still love it. It has another week link. The velcro that holds (held) the battery pack is not attatched well at all. Not attatched at all now. Had to improvise with an older more well built battery holster. Luckily battery technology has come so far that the lamp and battery both fit in the 'new' battery holster.
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on September 17, 2014
Bought this light to use for both mountain and road biking. Amazing light at an incredible price. Have used it for about a year. I rarely have to use anything stronger than the lowest setting while riding on the road. On the mountain bike I usually use the highest setting, which really lights up the trail and provides great depth perception. Battery life is excellent. Really nice feature of having the light indicator change colors to tell when the battery is starting to get a little low. Several of my riding friends bought similar lights a few years at about 5x the price that I paid for this one.
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on September 5, 2011
Very bright light that I needed not only at night but in the day time too. Like motorcyclist, I want the other guy to see me all the time. This light is very bright and lasts a long time. However, I keep my CatEye in the ready in case I do run out of battery energy. That would be the only downside but I knew what I was getting. The charge does last but be advised that you can't just charge the battery on the move. You would need a separate charged battery for that. I haven't checked into buying a chargeable battery but that is what would need to be done. It's a great light and is exactly what I needed. When riding in groups I do get stares and "...where did you get that light?" on occasion. If I had to change one thing, I would add the option of blinking lights. It doesn't seem to have that.
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on April 21, 2012
I ride almost exclusively at night and after a near collision with a walker, I needed something brighter. The TB-1000 is certainly that. I no longer over-ride my lighting, even on low (25% duty cycle) power. The battery life is fine and the only quibble I have is a wish for some beam shaping. The lens just throws a circular spot, so a lot of light spills into the trees overhead. Since I don't worry much about lurking leopards, that's unnecessary. If the beam were clipped a bit above the centerline to make a broad, flat beam it would be better and more useful. Still, it's a fine light and apparently very well made.
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