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on January 19, 2013
I got this case to replace one that would never properly pair with my Nexus 7. I've just unwrapped it and took it for a quick spin.

PROs: It appears to be designed for the Android platform. There are specific function keys that I'm finding very useful. The buttons are responsive and all the characters work (at least so far). The keyboard is attached with velcro so it can be moved/removed whatever you need.

CONs: its a small keyboard. I'm just stating the fact. I can't type on it like a do my laptop, but it's not my laptop.

Final Thoughts: This seems to be a great buy.
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on February 3, 2013
I bought this primarily because of the 'droid buttons and the TAB key. The keyboard itself looked more sturdy than the other ones in the same price range. The keys have very good feel, though, it takes time getting used to some of the punctuation keys.

I found no mention of it utilizing the Nexus 7's sleep function and thought that it didn't have it; however, I found that the position of the keyboard in the case was too far from the Nexus' magnetic contact point to put mine to sleep. Luckily moving it 1/2" toward the spine put my Nexus to sleep as designed. The cover will wrap around the back and the flap's magnet will hold it in place while holding vertically. The kickstand too has a magnet that pops it back into place when tilted forward.

I'm not sure how much more I would have paid for this, but I'm certain that I got my money's worth. Plus it showed up two days before it was suppose to.
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on March 10, 2013
When I saw the cost of this keyboard I was skeptical. It seemed too cheap. But my husband said to try it and if I hated it to return it and get the other one (three times the price). Boy am I glad I listened to him this time! I got a Nexus 7 through my job but found doing things like email, meeting notes, or writing Amazon reviews (not that I do this often!) were a pain on the touch screen. This is a small keyboard, and I don't home row type on it, but rather a modified home row/hunt and peck method that, while it would tick off my high school typing teacher, works wonders or meetings and such. The cover the keyboard comes in is very versatile - I can lay it all the way down, prop up the screen, flip the keyboard under and prop the screen up if I am reading in bed. Wonderful. It also has a tab key the some mini keyboards take out (and are needed for filling out forms online) and two shift keys for better access like on a regular keyboard, AND the apostrophe doesn't require a shift! It is also still easy to shove in a purse or bag, something my bigger tablet is not good for. The Bluetooth allows me to use this with any device easily! My only issue is that you have to push down a bit harder than with other keyboards and it took a bit to get used to. I hope that it will last, but then I could buy three of these for the price of the otheer one that was comparable!
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VINE VOICEon February 13, 2013
I received this in the mail yesterday and am typing this review on it. Overall it's a great little addition to your Nexus 7-great for productivity. The case is sturdy and the stand is an added bonus. The keyboard is removable-held by Velcro very firmly-so you can use it independent of the case. Of course it adds bulk to your tablet, the thickness of a small hardcover book. For some people the keys might be too small, but since I've been doing most of my writing on an Asus eee PC,I like the size. Speaking of keyboard, some buttons like the apostrophe are in a different place and the Caps Lock tends to stick if every so often, but I chalk that up to being brand new. My only issue thus far is that there were no instructions inside of the box, which means spending a little extra time in setting it up. Be very careful to select English as the language default or you will end up typing your essays in Serbo-Croatian. Overall, it's worth the purchase.
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on March 7, 2013
This is a relatively new addition to the growing list of Bluetooth keyboard cases for the Nexus 7. This one works well. It's a nice case, has a keyboard with a tab key and with function keys that actually work with Jellybean. What is more impressive is that the seller actually answers e-mail inquiries quickly and politely and actually provides useful answers to your questions.
the unit does not come with any instructions. The seller explained that this was because Bluetooth has a copy write on them and won't permit them to be included with the unit. If you ask the seller, he will attach instructions to an email and send them back to you. That said, it is easy to pair the keyboard and Nexus 7 without instructions.
Please note that the unit only comes with a USB cable but no charger. You'll have to use the one that comes with the tablet to charge the keyboard.
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on March 13, 2013
I LOVE this one.
Totally worth its price.

Great quality stitching and construction.. Overall no bigger than a book.
Keys are great on this one.. For average to smaller hands.

Perfect for gaming and cheating on GTA lol.. Plugged in the PS3 controller using OTG cable and punch in the cheat codes whenever i need to using this keyboard.. So it great for gaming.

But its also great for work as well..
If i plug in a mouse with OTG, it's practically a touch screen laptop!
I love it.

Great item,
Would buy it again as well as a Nexus 10 tablet if THIS EXACT CASE existed for the the Nexus 10.

I may buy one for my iPad 2 if I see one as well.

Thanks a bunch!!
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on May 16, 2013
This is my first tablet accessory purchase for the Nexus and it is essential. As a commuter student, I got tired of lugging around a 14" laptop and wanted something more portable. This keyboard and case makes it the near perfect substitute for a laptop while writing papers on the go. I did not want a metal hardcase and didn't want to spend a fortune considering I plan to get other accessories in the future. It looks like and folds like an organizer. The materials could be more durable and there probably should be a second row of stitching at least on the interior part which houses the tablet-you have to pull up on the inside (towards the spine) quite a bit to un-velcro the opening and pull out the flap in order to slip in/out the tablet which causes stress on the other side that has the stitching. Seems durable enough but go easy. Time will tell how that holds up. The frame that holds the tablet feels secure although parts of it aren't flush with the tablet-hopefully this will flatten over time. Overall the design is classic, streamlined, not bulky and looks great overall.

Performance: I've only been using the keyboard for a day but so far it's fantastic. I emailed the seller for instructions but I managed to get the pair to sync after a couple of tries. When I first plugged it in, nothing was happening but after letting it charge at least half an hour (probably should let it charge longer), it became "discoverable" and after trying a few passcodes, it started working. Even without instructions in the box, it's fairly easy to figure out. Love the designated android function keys on the top row: go-back button to previous screen, email key, select-all, copy, cut, paste keys (great for composing); not sure what the other keys do yet. Yes the keyboard is small but hello, it's supposed to be. I'm typing this review on the keyboard and it's a breeze. Doesn't feel too foreign. My hands are small so it's perfect. The only thing that could be improved upon is how the space bar is positioned. As you naturally use your thumb to press down on the space bar, you have to lift it up slightly and down otherwise your thumb will dig into the hard edge of the casing surrounding the keyboard. This is because the edging is higher than the keys.On regular laptop keyboards the area below the space bar and bottom keys are either sloped down or recessed so there's no pressure on the thumb. It's not the most comfortable but it's tolerable. Not sure if this will be a deal breaker for me- also since I don't have anything else to compare it to don't know if this is a typical design flaw for this product.Overall this is a nice looking, decent priced, and good functioning case and keyboard. Considering the pros and cons would not have paid more for it but I'm happy not to pay what other companies are asking for.

Update: didn't think about this when I ordered but I am wishing this model had a slit in the back where the speakers are on my Nexus 7. I was playing a video and realized it was hard to hear. That's when I noticed that some models from other companies have this feature. Is it worth returning the product because of this and other issues I mentioned above and risk something else might be "off" or annoying-just by reading reviews, it's a gamble. Since we are in the first wave of these types of products on the market, issues like these are bound to exist.
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on December 9, 2013
good overall case and keyboard. however, the keyboard is small of course, so if smaller keyboards bother you, this is not the one for you. also, you have to take into consideration that you need to be able to see the screen on this smaller device from the position you need it in order to type on it. just something to consider. if you are young and have no vision problems, or ergonomic issues, then no worries. if you are older and/or have to have the keyboard posittioned just so, but also need the tablet a certain distance or position in order to see, then take that into consideration. also think about how much you will be using it. for occasional use these issues may not matter. but the case is solid, and sturdy, and the keyboard and stylus are fine and work well. it is also a bit on the heavy side overall.
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on December 18, 2013
bought this to give my 1st gen nexus 7 to my girlfriend for note taking and paper writing. You know we all write in small secluded coffee shops and although i use the voice recognition to type my papers she seems to favor a keyboard. this setup would have made my return to college a lot lighter. It fits all needs. the space bar is hard to hit with my large thumbs. I have to use my pointer fingers to hit the space bar. All in all extremely pleased and I am sure she will love me even more.

the case is more than sturdy enough and to put on a small desk or table this works out great. simple to use and pair. best accessory for the nexus 7. I am waiting on the 2nd gen to come in with a hard keyboard case....

love my nexus products and the accessories made for them
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on May 14, 2013
After reading MANY reviews about keyboards for my Nexus 7, I finally chose this one. There were no instructions, but people who know how to set up Bluetooth probably don't need them. This is my first Bluetooth-using item so I emailed the seller late yesterday afternoon. (I want to know how to do this on my own before I travel and get out of reach of our office's IT wizard) This morning I had a reply,complete with a manual for set-up. Very nice reply with offers to help with any other concerns. The set-up was easy; the keyboard charged faster than the 4.5 hours I expected. Keyboard is responsive and has a lot of specialty function keys. A free stylus was included - a nice little surprise. I am really pleased with this keyboard case for my Nexus 7!
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