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on June 13, 2015
I'm on my 6th cycle with this thing and I will admit, there is a learning curve. I was dedicated to learning how to use this though because pads and tampons are gross and a hassle. At first, so was this cup. I was going to throw in the towel but I recently figured out the trick to making the leaks stop.

First, let me say that I was putting it in "correctly" according to most directions. The cup was not empty nor was it overflowing when I had major leaks. Furthermore, my leaks seemed to only occur on my heavy days. I never had any problems at all on the first or last days of my period. The cup was opening and there was definite suction. I could hear the suction break when I removed it (see, I told you this was a TMI post). So why was it leaking?

Here's the trick ladies, FIND YOUR CERVIX. It's gross to do, especially while you're having your period but hey, in for a penny, in for a pound right? I already committed to this cup and dropped $40 on the thing and damnit, I'm not a quitter. So sit on the toilet, put your middle finger in there and bear down a little. There, you will find a small dimple. That, my friend, is your cervix. Aim the cup at your cervix. You may find that your cervix is not dead center, but off to one side. You might also find that your cervix is high or maybe it's low. All these things matter because it turns out that the suction you need must be around your cervix, not just to your vaginal walls. I now use a C-fold, insert the cup, and gently push it up angled toward my lower back while using Kegels to give a boost if necessary (my cervix is high) then let it "pop open" and tilt it toward my left hip (my cervix is slightly off to the left). BAM! Leaks have stopped completely (unless my cup gets too full). Now, instead of some getting into the cup and some running down the side of the cup, it goes directly into the cup because the cup is aimed at the source (the cervix). I don't need a backup pad anymore, not even at night!

I know this was a lot but it really helped me figure this thing out and not go back to toxic, smelly, irritating pads and tampons. I hope it helps someone!
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on May 1, 2015
This is my second menstrual cup purchase, the first from Lunette. My previous cup was a Diva Cup Model 1 (pre-childbirth or for women under age 30), which I found very uncomfortable. I stopped using my Diva Cup after a few cycles, because of the pain I had when using it, and the difficulty I had inserting and removing it. So, I went back to tampons and pads. Pads felt bulky and left me feeling less than clean, and the tampons gave me anxiety over toxic shock syndrome. There had to be a better way, or at least a better menstrual cup!

I found Lunette when I was researching other menstrual cup brands. A reviewer remarked that the Lunette Model 1 was much smaller than Diva Cup's equivalent, and easier to insert due to it's being made with a more flexible silicone. I was hoping it would be more comfortable than the Diva Cup, because I love the idea of not having to wear pads or tampons anymore. I was initially concerned about the price, but then I remembered I bought my Diva Cup for about the same price, and calculated how much I spent monthly on pads and tampons. I was sold!

Like the Diva Cup, the Lunette comes with a storage bag to keep the cup in when not in use. The Diva Cup's bag is stiff cotton-y material, but the Lunette's bag is satin-y. The plastic of the Lunette cup is much more flexible, so it was easier to insert and remove. The Lunette Model 1 is also shorter than the Diva Cup Model 1; and after trimming the stem of the Lunette I could not even feel it when using. The Diva Cup caused me a lot of pain when wearing because of it's length and inflexibility. I forgot a few times I was even on my period when I used my Lunette!

Before your first use, you should disinfect and then clean your Lunette. I boiled on the stove for 20 minutes, then cleaned with soap and water. You can also used rubbing alcohol to soak it, or wipe down with. It took some practice to insert without pain, but learning about the different folds helps immensely. They show three folds on the little instruction booklet in the box, a "C" fold, a "punchdown" fold, and a "7" fold. Do some research on YouTube--Lunette makes videos of all the different folds, and there's way more than those three. The "triangle" fold works best for me because it really decreases the cup's size, making it easier to insert. You want to slowly push it in, aiming towards your back (not upwards). Once in, just feel around to make sure the cup has popped open. Some say they can feel it opening, or hear it, but I just relied on touch to make sure. When open, the sides of the cup will feel firm when touched lightly, and the cup should feel secure in the vagina.

To remove, wash hands first, then reach in and remove by pinching the bottom of the cup and wiggling it out. Do this over the toilet and dump the contents of the cup in the water. Rinse with cold water first (to help remove stains and odors), then with soap and warm water. They recommend a pH balanced soap, and nothing with dyes, oils, or scents, to clean it. I didn't buy their wash, I just used Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, and it seemed to work great. Re-insert and you're good to go!

I changed mine two to three times a day, and even wore it to work. I did have to trim the long stem, because it was uncomfortable and poking me the first day. After I trimmed the stem, it became the most comfortable thing on the planet. Way more comfortable than using tampons or pads. If you're scared of a leak during your first use, wear a thin pad or panty liner. I didn't have any leaks during my period. I really enjoyed using the Lunette Cup, especially after my first foray into the menstrual cup world with my Diva Cup. I actually can't wait to use my Lunette again!

So, to sum it up:

-Eco-friendly (no more tampons/pads ruining the environment)
-Way more comfortable than other brands

I'll include a photo for size comparison with the Diva Cup Model 1. I will definitely not be going back to tampons, pads, or the Diva Cup. Thanks Lunette!
review image
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on February 12, 2016
This is the best internal protection I've ever tried and I'm never going to use anything else. Thanks, Lunette!

This is my first cup, so I was most concerned about insertion and removal, but it was so easy. If you are familiar with tampons or sponges, this is very similar. The stem is just like the string, and it's plenty long enough (in fact you may need to trim it). I had absolutely no discomfort at all, and actually I find it much more comfortable/forgettable even than sponges. Plus, the cup is SO much better at preventing leaks than sponges are due to its suction. I wore reuseable pantyliners throughout my period but I didn't need to because aside from during removal I never saw any blood. Using a cup gives you so much more control over your period. Everyone should use one!

But my favorite part is how lazy I can be on my period now, and still be totally sustainable! Like even though I'll be on my period for an upcoming vacation, I know it wont be that terrible thanks to my Lunette, because it is so low maintenance. I'll only have to worry about changing every 10-12 hours even on my heaviest days, so it wont interfere when I'm out having fun. And I have a sterilizing tablet for the end of my period and the cup's cute drawstring storage pouch. I love to hike and camp too, so my period is never going to be an inconvenience anymore!

Since it's my first cup I cant compare it to other brands, but ultimately I went with Lunette after comparing a variety of sizes. I liked that Lunette is smaller than most other models like DivaCup, I like the size of the suction holes, the stem, the size of the rim, and the overall shape of the cup. It works perfectly for my body. I'm not sure how other brands would compare, but I'm extremely satisfied with my Lunette!

PRO TIP: The best tip I've received for my Lunette is, if you boil yours to sterilize at the end of your period, I highly recommend inserting your cup into the interior of a whisk like in the photo. I found this helped immensely with keeping the cup fully submerged in the boiling water while preventing it from touching the bottom of the pot as well.
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on August 6, 2015
Ok, where do I start... You are looking this cup up, so you are already doing your research and probably know all the benefits of using menstrual cups. So I am just going to tell you why I chose Lunette as my first menstrual cup and what I like about it. I am 32-yr old, and have normal flow (I change pads every 3-4 hrs during my heavy day). I decided to ignore the under-30 and over-30 recommendation for choosing a size and went for the smaller Lunette. Since I only have 1 heavier day, I figured in the worst case I had to empty it mid-day.

Here are some of my favorite things about the Lunette cup:

1) Size vs capacity - Great size for the capacity of this tiny cup. It holds about 20 ml which is pretty much what 3-4 regular tampons hold for me (basically enough for the entire day). The reason it holds this much fluid is that the suction release holes are right under the rim of the cup, unlike other brands that have the holes lower.
2) Mid-range firmness - Firm enough to pop open easily and soft enough for comfort and to make it easy to break the seal and remove.
3) Nice grip rings - both on cup and on the stem. Push and pull it and shove it and rotate it , you will never lose grip.
4) It just looks prettier than other cups in my opinion :)


1) Don't get disheartened if you can't insert it properly the first few times, especially if you are doing dry runs. I did 2-3 dry runs and I was never happy with the result ( I used lubricant too). I managed to get it open on my first try during my period.
2) If it feels uncomfortable, the chance is the stem is sticking out and rubbing against your skin. Even if it doesn't bother you when standing , try sitting down and moving a bit while sitting and check if you still can't feel it. If you feel it, you should cut the stem a bit. Always cut a tiny bit at a time. I cut mine right after the first grip ring and I could still feel it so I cut it right after the second grip ring. I also tapered the edges with a nail cutter because I am fancy like that :) If you can get away with it, you may want to leave at least a bit of a stem so you can locate the cup. This is the first step in making sure the cup is positioned properly - checking if the stem is pointing in the right direction.
3) Try different folds and find the one that works for you. I find the C-fold to be too wide in the beginning and punch down to be too wide towards the end. My favorite fold is a variation of the labia fold and it worked great for me. It is makes the full length of the cup relatively slim. I will add photos.
4) Make sure it is properly opened by running your finger around it. It is very easy to feel any folds. If you feel a fold, press the bottom of the cup under it or try moving the cup up and down and rotate a bit until it pops open.

Bottom line is I absolutely love my Lunette! I can't imagine ever going back to disposable products!
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on November 24, 2012
Why use a menstrual cup?
Imagine a tampon that:
- That you can insert & leave in all day
- Is (practically) infinitely absorbent
- Has ZERO CHANCE of TSS (toxic shock syndrome)
- Won't get mangled in your bag/backpack/wherever you keep your feminine products
- You can insert ahead of time without worrying about wasting it.
- Produces no waste (nothing to throw away/flush)

Now imagine...
- Never going to the store b/c you're running out of pads/tampons
- Never having to worry about "Is it getting near my time of month?" / When should I start carrying pads/tampons?
- Never having to ask your friend/coworker/classmate under your breath if they have a pad/tampon you can use, then calculating how much time you've got before you can get home to change it.
- Never having to waste luggage space packing a box of pads/tampons (you might not use anyway).
- Never spending money on feminine hygiene products again.

Sound good?

If your period is irregular, it doesn't matter.
If your flow is unusually heavy/light, it doesn't matter.
if you leave it in/forget to take it out after more than 6 hrs, it doesn't matter.

Also- camping & hiking. Need I say more?

With proper use, this thing can solve ALL the problems that make periods well, a problem.

Downsides? Yeah, there are a few.
1) You have to be comfortable inserting your finger(s) into your vagina.
2) Until you learn to use it properly (practice makes perfect), you WILL experience leakage. Keeping some pads with you during your first few periods with this thing are a good idea. Here are the difficult parts to learn:
- Insertion: You must make sure the rim of the cup is "popped out" and not still folded the way it was when you were inserting it, otherwise the seal will be incomplete & it will leak.
- Knowing the suction/seal is present: experience is the ONLY thing that will help you here
- Removal: You have to find your own personal method of removal that works w/o spilling the fluid inside the cup. Gently (steadily) pulling on the stem & reaching one finger up to break the seal generally works for most people.
3) The feeling takes some getting used to. When you first insert it, you will notice that it's there. Ignoring it becomes 2nd nature eventually though.
4) (This one is purely personal preference) It can get messy when you dump it out if there's no sink nearby to wash it. Washing a menstrual cup (before reinsertion) is unnecessary, but some prefer to. In a pinch you can just wipe it clean w/some toilet paper.

Notes on this specific menstrual cup
- The holes on the Lunette are positioned higher up than other cups, enabling it to maximize the amt of fluid it can hold (cups only start leaking once the fluid reaches the lvl of the holes)
- The stem is SOLID (not hollow, unlike other cups) making it very easy to clean
- The inside is smooth, once again making it easy to clean
- The Lunette Model 1 is supposedly more flexible than Model 2 (& Lunette cups in general are supposedly more flexible silicone- especially when compared to cups like the Diva Cup Model 1 Pre-Childbirth). This makes them more comfortable.
- High quality silicone increases the comfort level. Most cups you have to cut/trim the stem b/c it irritates the labia skin, but this one isn't a problem. I've heard of people who have a whole collection of cups w/removed stems where the Lunette is the only one they never bothered to cut.
- The Lunette is more expensive than a lot of the cups out there, but it's worth it. I've seen far more people switch TO the Lunette than switch away from it.

- CLEANING: Standard soap and water is sufficient to clean the cup. (Some menstrual cup instructions recommend sterilizing it between periods via boiling, but you REALLY don't have to.)
- CLEANING: Make sure the HOLES are CLEAR. This is absolutely necessary for the cup to work properly.
- CLEANING: Placing your (clean) hand on top, then squeezing will force water out through the holes, clearing them out w/o the use of a toothpick.
- QUESTIONS: If you're having trouble using/understanding the menstrual cup, YouTube is your friend.
- PRICE: $35 is a really good price for this cup. I got mine when it was $40 & would gladly pay it again for how useful this thing is.
- SIZE: If the cup ever starts consistently failing you (after you've learned how to use it) consider the Lunette Menstrual Cup Purple Cynthia - Model 2.
- MIGRATION: If upon insertion, you find that several hours later it has moved further north (up into the vaginal canal) don't worry about it- that's normal. As long as it's catching the fluid, it's doing what it's supposed to.
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on February 10, 2011
I pre-ordered the Lunette last year when they were still waiting on their FDA approval. I've had it for about a year and am very glad that I got it.

Prior to owning the Lunette I used a size 1 (pre-childbirth) Diva Cup for 3 years and liked it because it got the job done and I didn't realize there were other options. I was able to find the Diva Cup in my local health food store, and at didn't think to research different brands until I became pregnant.

After the (vaginal)birth of my baby, I needed a new menstrual cup and found a very useful channel on YouTube called MenstrualCupInfo. The woman who created the channel, Melissa, does a wonderful job of comparing all of the cup options that we have here in the US and Europe. She even has a few cups from farther reaches of the globe, but for practical purposes, I focused on the brands I could feasibly purchase. I know that another reviewer mentioned this channel too - please check it out for yourself - it really is very helpful.

Utilizing her comparisons I chose the large Lunette Cup, and have been very happy.

Based on my experience with both the Diva and Lunette here are the reasons I like the Lunette better:

- The Lunette has a solid stem to pull the cup out, while the Diva's is a hollow tube. The Diva's was a pain to clean out every month.

- The Lunette has larger suction holes at the rim. Also easier to keep clean. I always had to clean out the Diva's suction holes with a sewing needle because they were so tiny.

- The Diva cup has a really pronounced rim where the top measuring line is. This was also hard to clean and would easily collect 'build-up' under that ledge. The Lunette is much more streamlined and doesn't have any dramatic ledges or crevices.

- The Lunette's silicone is firmer, so it's easier to get it to open once it's inserted. I also get fewer leaks with the firmer cup.

So basically, the Lunette is easier to keep clean and insert, in my opinion.

The Lunette is also shorter and wider than the Diva Cup. I feel like the Diva cup was harder to get inserted properly when I first started using menstrual cups because it's longer. I was constantly readjusting the fit so that I could get it into a comfortable position where I wouldn't feel it. I still have the Diva as a backup, though. It's not a 'bad' cup, but it's more of a 3 star cup for me. .

Though I love my Lunette, I realize that it won't be a good fit for everyone. Please do some research so that you're more likely to find a style that will work with your body!
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on February 19, 2017
I am 28 and gave birth a year and a half ago, so once my period returned, I knew that I needed a new cup. I had a Diva Cup size 1 and it worked great before giving birth, but after giving birth, I couldn't use it at all. It was way too small. So I bought the Diva size 2, but unfortunately, I couldn't get a good seal (I think it's just too narrow for me now) and it would leak all the time, even after trying different ways of inserting it. After a lot of research, I chose the Lunette and I have been very happy with it so far! I've only used it for one cycle, but it was a complete difference!
I get a VERY good seal, so all the leaking has stopped completely (yay no more ruined panties!). I did have to trim the stem like I did with the Diva, but I did find the Lunette stem to be more comfortable than the Diva. The holes in the Lunette are bigger, so they're easier to clean and be sure that they're clean. I also like the ridges on the Lunette better. They are easier to grip. The Lunette requires a little more effort to remove, but I don't mind that; I'd rather have to apply more effort than be leaking all the time. Oh, and the colors - I love having a blue cup (and they include instructions to avoid any discoloration or staining, which I found nice). Overall, I'm very pleased with my new cup and hope to use it for a long time (assuming the next baby doesn't make me get another new cup!).
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on December 18, 2016
I was worried to use a menstrual cup. It seemed kind of gross to wash it out in a sink and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it in/out correctly. After watching a million videos and reviews I bought this to give it a shot. I LOVE it. This amazing invention makes being a women so much easier!!! This is a breeze to put in. You can YouTube different methods. The most important thing is to make sure it is sealed. You can do this by inserting your finger and running it along the inserted cup to make sure it has popped open. You can also do some kegal exercises/squeezes to pop it open inside you to get it to seal. This does take a few extra minutes in the bathroom but you only have to do it once or twice a day. You can go 12 hours with no worries. I haven't had any leaking issues. I do wear a panty liner just for an extra measure but it really is unnecessary. You can not feel this cup once it is in properly. And cleaning it is very simple. Not as gross as I thought it was. It does't bother me at all. When I was using tampons and pads I thought I had a heavy flow. Since switching to this menstrual cup, I can see that it really isn't that heavy at all. Menstrual cups are truly life changing. They are healthier for your body, better for our environment, they save you money in the long run, and they make life easier. Its a win in every way! I no longer have to stash feminine products everywhere "just in case" and figure out how many tampons I will need on my weekend away from home. I no longer have to worry about getting to the bathroom to change every 2 hours.
I bought the Lunette and fell in love. I wanted a second but was feeling cheap. I bought a DivaCup to save a few bucks. I do not like that brand at all. I think it is just the wrong shape for my body. It is longer. So even though I highly recommend every women tries menstrual cups, try a few brands before you cast them away. The Lunette is perfect for me. Give it a shot! It is worth the money!!
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on February 10, 2016
I'm sorry to say this, but I really hate the menstual cup. I was really looking forward to using it and loving it and I gave it several attempts and looked up countless tutorials, but it is nothing short of excruciatingly painful to insert. I can't get it in all the way and can't imagine it ever fitting let alone being comfortable. If it works for you, awesome! I wish it was something I loved but I think I'll stick with tampons for now.
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on February 21, 2016
Okay people, I can't say enough good things about this cup. I tried it ready to just be DONE with tampons; I liked that this was a healthier alternative that wasn't super messy. And let me tell you, I forget I'm on my period (besides the cranky, mood-swing bound, general b*tchiness that comes with this time of the month). Seriously!!! It is amazing, and I've noticed now that I've been using the lunette cup for almost a year, I actually have less cramping during my periods than I did before. I don't know if it's related, but hey, I will take it! I love that I can put the cup in before I go to work in the morning, and wear it all day without having to change it until I get home. It can be a little gross changing it, but so are tampons. You just wash it, put it back in, and you're good to go.
I got this model even though I've had four kids; I can't use super tampons, so I worried about getting the larger size...I'm glad I went with this smaller size, it seems to fit fine. There IS some trial and error as you figure out how to wear this thing. I recommend cutting the tip so it's not so long and poky. I had problems in the beginning with it leaking, or just fitting really uncomfortably. I figured out that I need to wear it up inside me further than they tell you to; that's just where it fits comfortably on me with no leakage. Be patient with the process, after a period or two you will be a pro at it, and I guarantee you will like it!
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