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on December 12, 2016
I'm really impressed with this lutron remote control dimmer. Installation was a cinch, probably took me about seven minutes (though to be fair I'm a bit 'handy' imo); and remote works great. The grey button on the remote takes you to your favorite dimmer setting, the up button turns the light all the way up and the down button turns it off. The smaller up/down buttons control the dimming.

A few points:

Advertised for incandescent fixtures and that's what I got it for; I don't think it's fair to complain about it - it's really right there in the description.

Make sure your fixture is dimmer compatible, not all of them are, save yourself the headache and check first.

The signal from the remote to the dimmer are identical to one another so don't get one for every room in your house if you plan on using the remotes.
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on January 29, 2014
I have been looking for a good, reasonably priced, light switch to control with my Logitech Harmony remote. This works great for that purpose. Harmony has the code pre-programmed into their system which also makes it easy to set up.

Another feature that I like is that you don't have to be directly facing this switch for the remote to work. I can't promise that it will work in every situation, but I cannot see the wall switch from where I sit on the couch. It is on a wall that is going away from me rather than facing me. If I simply point my remote at the wall across from the switch, the IR still works fine. I don't have any mirrors or glass on the reflection wall either. Like I said this may or may not be the case in your setup, but this was a nice bonus for me.

I also love the "favorite" setting on the remote. I have my Harmony remote set up to send the "Off" command when I start up my TV. When I turn the TV off, I have it send the "Favorite" command so that the lights come on about 30% (which I set as favorite). I originally set it to come on full, and it was too bright after having the lights off. Overall this is a great device.
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on January 10, 2013
I have an open dining and living area with one bank of five LED overhead lights (Home Depot EcoSmart) and another bank of two. Each bank is connected its own single pole dimmer switch and the two switches are right next to each other - in a corner nowhere near the couch or the stairs to head to bed.

I chose to buy these switches for a few reasons:
-My prior dimmers wouldn't hold a consistent brightness level
-A dimmer switch with this level of functionality without the remote typically sells for about 2/3 of the price of these, so it was very little to pay for the "cool" factor and convenience
-These are typically the last bright lights I shut off before I go to bed and it can make for a dark walk. I keep one of the remotes in that direction
-I have a Logitech Harmony remote (any universal IR remote may work if programmed correctly)

Other reviews have stated that if you have two switches next to each other, don't by the IR, by the RF version of these switches. That way you can control them independently. I decided to go with the IR, as I actually saw it as a benefit - here's why:
-You can turn both on and off or dim simultaniously
-Compatible with IR universal remotes
-If you're sneaky, you can get the *majority* of configurations between two sets of lights. Since this switch has a "favorite" setting you can set your "favorites" as one of the dimmers being on and all the way up and the other being completely off. From there, if you dim the one that is on it remains the only light on, just dimmer. You can also brighten the one that is off without affecting the one that is already on, and then also dim both down.

These switches met all of my expectations. Most importantly, they offer excellent and solid control of my LED lights - although I will caveat that the EcoSmart brand has been known to be more dimmer friendly than some others.

One final note: these also come with a very nice wall plate, which is a nice bonus if you have an independent switch. I'll use them elsewhere in the house.
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on March 31, 2015
I was looking for a simple dimmer switch and saw this one with the remote that cost a very small amount more than equally good wall plate dimmer switch (as if it didn't have a remote). I figured I'd give it a try, but I kinda figured remote seemed so unneeded. I was wrong! The little remote is AMAZING to have. I can sit in my bed, which is far away from the light switch, and easily adjust the lighting. I can bring the lights all the way up, all the way off, or to my favorite dim level with a one button push. You can also adjust to any of the dimmer levels with the remote just as well as you can with the wall switch. So easy "mood lighting" without having to go to the wall switch. It's also easy to keep the lights dim while reading in bed, then then turn them off without having to get up. Or maybe in the morning bring the lights up just a little to help you adjust to the light first.
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on December 3, 2016
I have several of these and even use the remote. Some folks just can't figure them out and if you are not a regular user you may be frustrated by these. I love the double touch to get full light and single touch to get a previously chosen dimmed lighting. To use the remote line of sight important due the IR used. Never dreamed I'd use the remote but I do. Look for the used ones from warehouse as I think a lot of people return them cause too complicated for them. If you are technically challenged, stay away from these.
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on August 27, 2015
Why didn't I think of this sooner? My bedroom/home-office has always had a standard switch, giving me lots of first-world problems. This remote dimmer is incredible. At night I can dim the lights from my desk while I finish work, then read a book in bed WITHOUT HAVING TO GET OUT OF BED TO TURN THE LIGHTS OFF. That right there is amazing. Then, with the remote on my nightstand, I can turn on the lights as soon as I wake up in the morning.

The installation was easy, though removing the cover was a little tricky to do without breaking it. I just had to disengage the tabs manually from the back, rather than pulling from the front as the instructions suggested.

The IR receiver is very sensitive. The switch is mounted around a corner from my desk and bed, but the signal bounces off the wall and it works perfectly, even though there is no line of sight.

Also, the remote is very well thought-out. It's SIMPLE, but does everything I could want it to do. I especially like the ability to either turn the light all the way on or just back to the most recent brightness setting, with one button each.

We are building rentals in the nearby college town for students, and I am going to strongly consider installing these. What a fantastic product.
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on October 31, 2016
I had a little bit of a hard time setting these up, but it was my fault for not reading. Each switch is set up for 60W-600W if you have below 60W it'll flicker. I have 2 rows of lights in my room 3 light bulbs each row, each light only taking about maybe 12W each, so understandably I wired these up and they flickered. At first I was confused, but once I read the instructions, I bought new light bulbs and I've been really happy since. Funny thing is, I have 2 switches in the same room, but wireless remote CONTROLS BOTH. I LOVE IT. I wasn't expecting that but it's a HUGE plus.
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on May 8, 2013
I purchased this dimmer switch along with HitLights BR30 Dimmable 12W Soft White(2700K) LED Light Bulb, 5 Year Warranty and it works great from its brightest mode to its dimmest.


1. Easy to install (took me 10 mins after hitting the breaker).
2. No issues with the remote. Worked out of the box.
3. Remote is a good size, came with 2 pre-installed AAA batteries.


1. You have to point the receiver at the switch since it's IR (not RF). Not a huge deal because the RF version of this same switch is another $35 Lutron MRF2-600MTHW-WH Maestro Wireless 600-Watt Multi-Location Dimmer with Controller and Wallplate, White and not worth it to me for my home office.

2. The instructions say to double-tap the switch for instant on/full power ("Tap twice quickly - Lights brighten rapidly to full intensity" vs. "Tap once - LIghts brighten smoothly to preset intensity"). There's no "instant on" mode. Whether you tap once or twice, it still takes a few seconds for the lights to fully illuminate, so if you're used to walking into a room, smacking the switch and having full power, you aren't going to get that. For me, it's not a big deal because I was used to my old CFL bulbs which took a minute or so to fully illuminate anyway. WIth the new LED bulbs I'm using, which have the power of coming on full intensity immediately, this doesn't happen.
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on April 3, 2015
I've always hated having to get up to turn off my light when I'm tired and done reading myself to sleep or whatever reason I was in bed and don't want to get up. My body never wants to move.
I found this and read some reviews and was skeptical that it would work how I wanted it to. I have no electrical component knowledge and this thing was simple to install. The screws were a bit short to keep it secure to my wall but the hardware store had the right length screw and fixed it right up.

Now, when I am ready to go to sleep, I hit a button on the remote and my lights dim to a close. It's beautiful. And a wonderful mood setter for sexy time. :)

I velcroed the remote to the side of my be and now I always know where the remote it.
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on November 29, 2012
installed very easily.
Once installed I realized it does not work with CFL or LED bulbs and makes noise with regular incandescent bulbs. I decided to roll with that, based on the praise it gets.
To be sure, I tried it with three different types of LED bulbs. It does not work with 2 of them, just flickers and strobes, except the Philips Dimmable LED, which dims but not smoothly and its minimum brightness is still reasonably bright.
I tried incandescent bulbs but the standard ones all made a buzzing sound at lower light levels. I did some research and purchased special "rough service" bulbs, they work with the dimmer and do not produce buzzing.
Once the rough service bulbs were installed and the noise was gone, I was ready to enjoy this great dimmer, but immediately I noticed that the light intermittently fluctuates. This did not happen before I installed the dimmer. The intensity of the light decreases and increases at random intervals and significantly when the refrigerator comes on, but also at other times. I guess it needs so much juice that it complains if any other appliance wants any.

This dimmer has some sweet features. The remote is much better than I expected. I want to love it, but it is just such a power guzzler.

Update [January, 2013]: the Philips Dimmable LED bulb that seemed to work burned out after a few weeks of use with this dimmer. It left a burn mark on the light fixture. So, yes I got burned from not knowing that the Maestro CL dimmers are made for CFLs and LEDs not the THW dimmers like this one, and ROUGH SERVICE high energy con$umtion bulbs only, from now on, I swear!
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